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Rachel Weisz: James Bond Villian?!

Rachel Weisz: James Bond Villian?!

Rachel Weisz is currently being considered to play the lead villain in the upcoming James Bond film, Bond 23!!!

Cinema Blend reports the British actress, who turned 40 earlier this month, could soon play the boss of the evil organization Quantum in the new 007 flick. This would be a very interesting casting choice because

1) Daniel Craig and Rachel are already friends — they are working together on Dream House

2) Rachel had a personal relationship with would-be director Sam Mendes, who recently split with Kate Winslet

3) Rachel is an amazing actress!!!!!

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  • lexy hates bilson

    JJ – nice to see the beautiful and talented Rachel on your board…as opposed to the other out of work woman claiming to be an actress/fashionista!

  • me me me

    yay to that! i think she would make a great villain, and she has that beauty and class perfect for bond movies.

  • alec

    Rachel is a plain looking woman who always gets miscast as the beautiful object of desire. Enough of this charade.

  • Stacy


    You sound jealous Alex, which i find pretty pathetic. By the way, met Rachel Weisz in Torondo last month and she was really nice and more beautiful in person.

  • Brian

    This would work out perfectly in my opinion!!! Can’t wait!!!

  • mike

    Perfect casting, Weisz is a great actress and beautiful as well.

  • Fran

    This would be the best Bond film ever, love Rachel Weisz.

  • at “Laurence Olivier Awards”

    Rachel said
    “I’ve been filming with Daniel in Toronto. We’ve been getting on really well and yet I still haven’t had an offer to be a Bond girl — but if he asks me, I’d definitely do it.”


  • Slim

    Rachel Weisz is such an incredible and versatile actress, probably the best we have today. If this is true, i would be first in line opening day.

  • Sam

    There you have it folks! According to the multiple comments posted undoubtedly by her publicist’s office, Rachel is endlessly talented and beautiful. Second only perhaps to the legendary beauty, Maggie Gyllenhaal.

  • pita bread

    I would love to see her play a villain, it would be a nice change. Will wait and see.

  • London

    really? because when I saw her in person she just looked hairy

  • Danny

    Great actress and a great choice., i would love this see it when it comes out. Hopefully it would be better than the last Bond film.

  • MichelleX

    I would love for this to happen, its about time we got a real actress for a Bond film other than Judie Dench. Rachel Weisz as the bad guy would be a great twist to the series.

  • phill

    Love Rachel Weisz and i love Bond films, this just made my day:) Can’t wait to see it.

  • Venom

    I like Rachel Weisz.
    Excellent actress.
    I say go for it.
    She really made The Mummy movies awesome.

  • mrwhite


    Anything would be better than the last Bond movie. Casting Rachel Weisz however would be a selling point for me and probably bring back some of the class of the other films. Beauty brains and sass, Rachel would kick butt as the villain.

  • LeviKlein

    LOVE LOVE the idea of a strong female villain in the series. I hope this will work out.

  • jerry89

    What a step down from Sophie Marceau. I suppose Weisz can make fugly gals feel good about themselves though.

  • Carol

    If this happens, i will buy my movie ticket now. Rachel Weisz is awsome.

  • Jo


    A step down? Talk about a major step up. Rachel can act.

  • Guinness

    If anyone wants to know/talk, I am staying at the other thread…jj can’t get hockey pictures of Dan? All other celebs have up to date photos…

  • aj

    Her villain name should be the Unibrow. Her films make no money yet she keeps getting cast.

  • Ted

    This would be great if its true, Rachel Weisz is my favorite actress.

  • Catalina

    how about Saffron Burrows or Monica Bellucci instead. they’re both gorgeous and talented.

  • Molly

    This new James Bond movie sounds like its going to be great. Weisz would be the best baddie.

  • KMcG

    I like Rachel well enough, although Monica Belluci would be an inspired choice. She’s smoking hot, and she always, always makes the bad girl look gooooood.

  • yoyoy

    This would be a great thing for Bond, Rachel would be so cool.

  • primrose wilts

    Rachel and Sam together again? How nepotistic. Don’t expect any hot sex in Bond 23. Sam couldn’t handle directing Kate and Leo together in RR. Any chance of cinematic excellence will be lost with his inflated sense of self importance. Ask Kate about that!

    “Mendes had to leave the room and direct using a monitor while shouting instructions to DiCaprio that included: “Don’t bang her head so hard against the kitchen cabinets,” and: “Could you not do it for so long this time?” According to Mendes, DiCaprio asked: “Like, how long?” The director replied: “About 45 seconds”, only for the star to give him that wry smile that has set female hearts throbbing and quip: “Only 45 seconds?” Mendes claimed he chose to ignore the comment”


    As to Dan, he’ll just stand by wondering what ever happened to his vision of art as a craft.

  • to guinness


    Jared won’t post the hockey game photos of Daniel and his cute new “friend”. Wonder why?

  • mailey

    ok, she would be horrible in a role like that. she’s not really a good actress. yes, i know she has an oscar. not deserved imo. boo. next.

  • Chris


    Sounds like a personal problem to me mailey.

    Getting back to the subject, Rachel Weisz would be perfect to play the role. She’s a terrific actress, a stunningly beautiful woman and has the range and guts to put Bond in his place.

    Count me in.

  • fighter

    what is meaning personal relationship ? is it mean friendship or love? i am asking cause rachel married with director darren aranofsky.

  • to 33

    Rachel and Sam were in a relationship before Sam met Kate. Rachel is not married to Darren.

  • to fighter

    it says HAD a personal relationship. They were together back in 2001.
    And she is not married.

  • to aj

    i happen to disagree with you. i think rachel would be great for the bond villain. sorry to disappoint you but her films do make money. however, she is only be considered for the role. until there is an official announcement made by eon and barbara b i wouldn’t get too upset

  • Bob

    I think Rachel would be fantastic as the head of the evil organization. She’s a great actress and she would bring a lot to the James Bond franchise.

  • Errmmh… very soon – 23 Bond?

    Mmmm, very good news –
    this Thurday MGM will make a decision….
    “decide a course of action….”
    sounds good for 23 Bond.
    “More than 100 MGM lenders will meet Thursday to decide a course of action in the wake of disappointing bids for the Century City studio, says THR.”
    I think, if MGM couldn’t sell anything so they have to get money from earnings of Bond, Hobbit and other movies, otherwise there is no other way.
    As for investing money in the movies, MGM has not money but investors around have the money.
    So that, this Thursday they have to decide to make the movies.
    You will see what happens next days and how they decided.
    I say, in the end of April or in the beginning of May they’ll announce 23 Bond. Just wait…for the bomb news.

  • Errmmh… very soon – 23 Bond?

    sounds good for start of 23 Bond as well….

    Despite the financial situation with MGM keeping production officially on hold, Sam Mendes is understood to be working on planning the movie, although he is performing this duty as ‘consultant’ rather than director until the studio can fund the film, or until EON can produce under a different banner.

    With the first draft script from Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Peter Morgan complete, thoughts have reportedly turned to casting. This despite the fact that female lead casting for recent films has often been finalized just days ahead of shooting, or in some case, after shooting had actually started.

  • Errmmh… very soon – 23 Bond?

    sounds like nepotism for Rachel Weisz….
    When I talked about Tina Turner that she would be boss of the organisation, you all disagreed with that and now, Weisz should be the head of Quantum?
    Weisz is a friend to Daniel and ex of Sam and that has to be the reason why she can be placed in the bondmovie?
    If she didn’t work with Daniel on Dream House, so what happens?
    Does she play in the bondmovie? Certainly not, it’s Hollywood – doing career and get a job through ex bf or a good friend as usual.
    Vomit, nepotism, just like Craig Mitchell.

    “Weisz is actually friends with Daniel Craig (in fact they’re working together on the upcoming movie Dream House) and in the past she had a personal relationship with would-be Bond 23 director Sam Mendes. She has before expressed real interest in doing a Bond movie with Craig. So why not give her something substantive in the movie, something that won’t reduce her to being 007’s latest conquest? Why not let her play the villain? Our source says that’s exactly what they’re discussing behind the scenes of Bond 23. In fact, they’re considering Weisz to play the head of Quantum.”

  • Castle

    @Errmmh… very soon – 23 Bond?:


    My opinion, casting Rachel Weisz as the head of Quantum would be the best thing to happen to the Bond series in quite sometime. Finally, a really talented actress to match wits with James Bond.

  • STW
  • to 42

    why do you post this here? This thread is nothing about Satzuki.
    you have posted the same on the other thread. Both times too dumb to post a pics which goes along with you silly post.

  • to Castle: yo?

    Tina Turner would be a villain thousand times better than Rachel Weisz and she could sing the Bond theme million times than Lady Gaga. Where we are that they want Weisz to be the head of organisation Quantum and possibly Lady Gaga to sing for Bond theme. If Weisz and that Gaga will be involved so it will be worse than Quantum of Solace and totally tasteless. Just they can add Sandra Oh to be a Bond girl and they think it’s perfect.

  • to 43: jay

    Daniel just sees one beautiful woman with green eyes and that is why he looks at her with mouth gaping, don’t blame him. He just fell in love with the woman so let him alone and let him live his own life in calm.

  • Zapp

    I love the idea, Rachel Weisz would be great.

  • hmmmmmmm…..?

    Gina says hello to all,
    Hmmmmmmmm…. what then we have here for news?
    Look, what I have written in my post 38, 03/31/2010 at 2:27 pm:
    “I think, if MGM couldn’t sell anything so they have to get money from earnings of Bond, Hobbit and other movies, otherwise there is no other way.
    As for investing money in the movies, MGM has not money but investors around have the money.
    So that, this Thursday they have to decide to make the movies.
    You will see what happens next days and how they decided.”

    And look, cited from Mi6:
    “Creditors presented a plan that abandons the idea of a sale of the entire studio and involves a mandate for MGM to make six to eight movies a year and requires large amounts of capital, after the studio was disappointed with bids it got in a second-round of bidding last week, said the sources, who requested anonymity because they were not authorized to speak on the record about the negotiations.”

    VERY SLOWLY BUT SURELY…. I am winning my bets that in the end MGM won’t be sold at all,
    and I have always said that MGM has to make Bond if they need to make money necessarily.
    Provisionally, they announced making six to eight movies a year,
    and you can bet as James Bond is included, they will annouce 23.Bond soon – I bet in the end of April or in the beginning of May.
    Just wait and watch news.

  • Daniel and Olga

    According to articles,
    Daniel is gonna work on Cowboys in Juni,
    and Olga Kurylenko works on a movie with Chris Bale in fall.
    If I win my bet that MGM really decides to start 23. Bond shooting in May so Daniel has to refuse Cowboys as I said it many times before, and there is room in Olga’s schedule in May, Juni,
    she would play Camille if Babs and writers added her part again.
    Hopefully, they didn’t add Camille but if they did…
    we find out next days, so then just wait and watch news.

  • H

    Rachel would be a great in the role, great casting.

  • Ursurla

    Love to see Rachel do the role. She’s an fantastic actress with a lot of range and she would bring greatness to this series.