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Katie Holmes: Slippers for Comfort!

Katie Holmes: Slippers for Comfort!

Katie Holmes keeps it comfy in a pair of Ugg Australia slippers, t-shirt and sweatpants as she makes her way to the set of her upcoming film, Son of No One, in Queens, New York on Wednesday afternoon (April 7).

The 31-year-old actress was seen waving to fans.

Meanwhile back in Manhattan, daughter Suri Cruise was seen being carried by an assistant into a waiting SUV. My guess would be Suri‘s on her way to visit mama Katie on set!

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  • http://Ilovejenniferandbenbothgreatpeopleiwishthemthebest movies1223

    wow katie looks really young she looks like shes 24 in these pictures

  • suria

    No Katie!! What are you doing??

  • FM

    GEEEEEZ. kind of bored seeing her

  • Lydia

    I think you’re delusional movies1223!! She looks like she’s in her 40s!!

  • Where did mavrick go?

    Where is tom?

  • Where did mavrick go?

    Place your bets on what Tom is doing. I think he’s looking for a replacement wife

  • rebekah

    shes so not wearing a bra

  • ck

    She’s actually looking a lil younger in some of those pics. There – I said it.

  • Kate’s a Crappy Mom!!!
  • Mrs. Cruise…

    looks massive! what is she eating?

  • Tom Abandons Suri

    when does he see her?

  • lululu


  • to #9

    i didn’t realize that suri was by herself in front of the paps! sick.


    Finally, the REAL Katie.

  • Susie#1

    Katie is still a mess. Here’s a link that shows Suri facing the paps alone with the handler. People are asking if it’s illegal to stalk a child – probably; but if the parents are calling the paps, does that make it okay?/

  • Susie#1

    Katie is still a mess. Here’s a link that shows Suri facing the paps alone with the handler. People are asking if it’s illegal to stalk a child – probably; but if the parents are calling the paps, does that make it okay?/

  • elsa

    RUN TOM ! RUN !!!

  • Shawn

    I saw those pics of poor Suri walking to the car all alone. What a stupid, piece of crap Mother Katie is!!!!! She couldn’t pick the kid up at home or atleast have either the nanny or the bodyguard carry the child to the car?!?!?! How did the paps know Suri would be coming out right then!?!?!? Because her Mom had someone call them, thats how!! Katie is a miserable incompetent mother. She doesn’t dress the kid properly (going out in the same nightie 2 days in a row is the latest) and now forcing the child to face the paps without being with someone she trust knowing how nervous they make her! I absolutely HATE Katie Holmes for what she does to this kid and Tom Cruise is no better. Where the hell is he!?!?!? If his wife is a moron he needs to be there for the baby!! They both suck. Suri is a beautiful little child but she stands NO CHANCE of being a normal, healthy adult with these two losers as parents. And don’t even get me started on the cult thing!!

  • rainbow

    You guys are ridiculous. You always critcize Tom and Katie for carrying Suri, and now you’re criticizing te bodyguard for NOT carrying her. And she was not “by herself”; she was escorted to a restaurant by the Cruise family’s personal bodguard and driver where she met up with her mother after work. I don’t see what the controversy is. Geez, some of you are acting like Suri walked out of the apartment by herself and hailed a cab.

  • de Cosmos

    Where is that child troll of hers today?


    Totally agree Rainbow. She just keeps going with her life as a mother and as an actress. I am a huge fan of her. Love Katie!!!

  • to de cosmos

    more than likely sitting in a corner somewhere wondering how stupid jackasses like yourself were ever let out of the barn

  • to de cosmos

    what happened. dear. did you somehow loose your minder. why did he/she ever let your off your leash.

  • cassie

    I agree with you, she does look younger in those photos. she looks really good. I don’t know why someone said she looks 40. ridiculous shi t I’ve ever read.

  • Shawn


    No. You’re the one who’s “ridiculous” and you’re either not a mother or not much of one. Take a look at Suri’s face. She’s scared to death. Whoever these people are who are criticizing Holmes for carrying Suri, I’m not one of them. The child is frightened by the paps. Either her mother should have been there or the bodyguard or a nanny should have carried her to make her feel more secure. You pathetic disgusting fanatics are so happy to see pics of that poor kid that you couldn’t care less if she is frightened or unhappy. The only ridiculous people around here are the delusional Katie fans who don’t have a shred of Mothering instinct in their entire bodies…..just like Katie Holmes.

    By the way…..stop lumpimg people who are critical of Holmes together as if we all think the same. I, for one, am smarter than that. You obviously are not.

  • Leah Lee

    #/s 19 and 21 to 24 are all the same poster. The writing is identical. Even the same words are used. Pathetic. I think KH has one fan left. LOL

    Like #25 said, you are the RIDICULOUS one. LOL

  • suri wants her nanny
    scroll down to see Katie holding suri and suri reaching for the nanny


    check the message board. thats what real adult women with kids have to say about krazy azz katie

  • cassie

    @Leah Lee:

    omg you’re so funny! I’m not the type of person who would go on and post comments under a bunch of different names. I just don’t do that, a lot of people do that though. it’s dumb and it’s not me. but hey say whatever you want , really it’s not my problem what you think and it’s really sad ya’all can’t be a little more positive. it’s all negative negative negative neagative neagative and a million more times negative, like really? what’s the point? it’s getting old, seriously. like grow the fuc k up.

  • rainbow

    Well, Shawn, even if you think the guard should have carried Suri, how is it Katie’s fault that he didn’t?
    And no I’m not an obsessed fan can’t live w/out pics of Suri. I actually like it when she’s not photographed so that she doesn’t have to be scrutinized by judgmental creeps on the internet who think they know her and her family.

  • pr person

    How is it Katie’s fault… ummmm… isn’t she supposed to be her mother? As Suri’s mother she should be advising her staff in how BEST to care for her daughter, especially when the paps are concerned. Katie KNOWS that her daughter has ‘fear or anxiety’ issues when it comes to a boat load of paps. She also knows that the paps are camped outside her door waiting to take pics. So as she KNOWS this… she should be making arrangements to be certain that her FOUR YEAR OLD daughter, for example… is not walking HERSELF to the waiting car. Can you imagine the anxiety level, at that moment, for that poor child?! Disgusting!

  • emma#2

    Even in sweat pants and T , Katie looks great.

  • Shawn

    @ Rainbow

    How is it Katie’s fault? SHE’S THE PARENT!! What about that confuses you!! She is directly responsible for Suri’s safety and security. No one else other than her father shares that responsibility. If the people SHE HIRED didn’t do the right thing, SHE IS RESPONSIBLE.

    The only one here who is a creep is you. First you ASS-ume all people critical of your obsession think alike and then you are too clueless to realize that it’s Katie’s responisibility as a parent to be responsible so that her child is not unnecessarily frightened by the paps. The paps are wrong for photographing a child without her parent and Katie is even more wrong for allowing it to happen to HER CHILD. She’s a complete and utter failure as a Mother.

    As for you, you’re so incredibly clueless, I sincerely hope you NEVER become a parent. You have less natural ability and Mother’s instinct than Katie Holmes and thats saying along since Katie is a piss poor parent.

  • to crazy emma

    “Even in sweat pants and T , Katie looks great’

    Um no she doesnt. She looks fat and old. she has the fattest legs and ass evah.

  • dani

    She’s emulating Spears more and more these days. Is a break down next???

  • Shawn

    @ Rainbow again

    Might I suggest that you STOP calling people names……first it’s “ridiculous” and then it’s “judgemental creep” when you are such an imbecile yourself. You started the personal attacks here. Don’t forget that. Shut up because you’re obviously out manned intelligence wise by myself and PR Person.

    GOD…..the level of idiocy by Katie Holmes fans AMAZES ME!!!!!!!

  • @ crazy emma#2

    ‘Even in sweat pants and T , Katie looks great.’

    uh are u high?? she looks fat and old. she has the biggest azz and legs evah.

  • jessiejane


    I think one doth protest too much. ;-)

  • rainbow


    Ok Shawn, your’re right. She’s a horrible mother because she didn’t specifically tell her bodyguard to “carry” her 4 year old to the car instead of simply walking with her. She didn’t even look as scared in those photos as she normally does, just a little shy and nervous.
    I’m not even going to bother to responding to your nasty pesronal comments about. You obviously have a lot of anger if you feel the need to lash out at me like that just because I dared to disagree with you.

  • rainbow

    Btw, “judgmental creep” was not specifically directed at you or any other specific poster. I was simply making an observation that there ARE a lot of judgmental creeps on the internet who say nasty things about children. You are the one who assumed that I love to see photos of Suri even if it causes her distress, so I was simply explaining that I do not.

  • Cameron


  • !

    Rainbow : Don’t bother explaining, you’re not communicating with normal people here, really you’re not!

  • Shawn

    To Rainbow

    I know I’m right. So is PR Person. You started it with the personal insults right from the start. Now that someone is giving it back to you you’re surprised?? Please. Stop being a clueless biotch and others might treat you with the respect your first posts do not deserve.

    You are correct…..SURI LOOK NERVOUS. Why should she be nervous?? She should not be!! She’s a child. Its not her fault that her parents are in a profession that involves the paps. It is HER RESPONSIBILITY to make sure Suri is NOT NERVOUS. PERIOD. Whether you like it or not there was no excuse for her to let that poor kid walk the gauntlet of photographers because SHE and her husband chose to be actors and PR whores. She should have been there or instructed the nanny or bodyguard to carry the poor child. No excuses and I guarantee every Mother on this board (who is really a mother, not just saying they are) would totally agree with me.


    And that goes for you too # 42. If you agree with Rainbow, you’re a big of an arse as she is.

  • dani


    Katie/Tom’s apt. building has parking. Why didn’t they just bring the kid thru the garage to the car and then out the garage? Actually why doesn’t Katie do the same? Or leave by one of the alternate exits?

    Gee, could it be because they would miss most of the pap pic opportunities by not going out the front door?

  • ++Logan++

    she is dressed casual on the set. looking cute as always.

  • jessica

    All these comments make me sick.

  • !

    @ Dani
    Have you been to their apartment building to know there is parking…and do you really think that that would stop the paps … hasn’t before.
    Personally , I think that they should get another place somewhere, even if the drive is a bit longer. It’s convenient being in the city, but those paps are living outside their building 24/7. Suri must have had the best time in Australia, the paps wouldn’t have found them where they were staying with all those different levels of parking. Then again it’s only 1 min of the day when you think about it, that the paps give Suri a hard time.

  • lol

    Love how the ‘GET THE LOOK’ advert pops up when the cursor hovers over the Homely one’s dismal choice of attire. For only $274, YOU TOO can look like a dowdy, old, unwashed slob! And first Suri with the nightclothes during the day…now Katie in slippers and what could be nightwear? What is going on!?

  • Xenu


  • rainbow


    nope, I never made any personal comments about your life. I simply disagreed with some posts. Apparently, you couldn’t handle that so you had to lash out and make all sorts of nasty assumptions about my life. It just smacks of insecurity on your part
    @Xenu, no I haven’t posted under any name besides Rainbow. I stand by my comments and don’t feel the need to hide behind different names.
    @! Thanks, I agree with you.