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Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies

Leonardo DiCaprio is surrounded by ladies as he makes his way around Miami, Florida on Sunday (April 11).

Earlier this month, Oliver Stone began negotiations to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in Travis McGee, a potential franchise project based on the shaggy hero of 21 detective novels written by John D. MacDonald. Stone is about to open his long-anticipated Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps.

Leo will play a “salvage consultant” who helps his clients on recover lost property. The Fox movie will be based on the first book in the series, The Deep Blue Good-by, which tracks him reluctantly leaving his houseboat to search for treasure hidden by a soldier after World War II.

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206 Responses to “Leonardo DiCaprio: Loved By Ladies”

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  1. 126
    gimmeabreak Says:

    Yea #125, what the HELL is wrong with you???? Get off of this thread! You have no business being here!

  2. 127
    gimmeabreak Says:

    As for Leo and Bar, it won’t last. I don’t even care anymore if they are together, I know they won’t last. Look at all the celeb couples that are breaking up and getting divorced. You will Never convince me that they have what it takes to stay together… they are no different than any other celeb couple, these on/off things never last. these kinds of relationships end up on talk shows. and it’s still too early, they just got back together, and they weren’t even in his home, they were traveling most of the time,and doesn’t he just look miserable?? I know everyone here sees it. After 5 years with G, he was happy and talked about how happy they were together. IF they (leo & Bar) are happy, that’s great, I’m happy for him, I just don’t think he looks happy. for someone who just got back together with his gf, you think he would have some inner joy that would be spilling over. he just seems so empty inside.

  3. 128
    Bunches Says:

    @gimmeabreak: he doesnt seem very happy to me either.

  4. 129
    lol Says:

    I found this quote today and apparently it is from Leo. Someone should read it back to him!
    “Your attempts to be happy fail when you don’t move on. I’ll never date the same person twice.” – L. DiCaprio”

  5. 130
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: End you actually belive that Leo said that???????????? this is REALLY pathetic, to belive that its really him!!! you cant be that dump, come on….

  6. 131
    lol Says:

    @131: What the f*ck is your problem? Obviously you don`t wanna believe it since you are a fan of his sk*nk! Now that`s what I call pathetic! lol Your spelling is horrible…

  7. 132
    ..... Says:

    was there a laker game on last night? and if so was leo at it aka ar there any pics of him at the game??

  8. 133
    gimmeabreak Says:

    There are games coming up sunday afternoon ABC, and tuesday night TNT. The Western Conference is starting, whatever the hell that is, but alot of celebs I’m sure will be going. Jared will probably have another post next week. I don’t think there was a game last night. Getty images usually has all the pics and they haven’t posted anything since March. They haven’t even posted the ONE pic from this week. I hope he goes to these games, and I hope he goes with friends or somebody he can have fun with. It’d be nice to see him smiling and having fun. That last pic was depressing, but I’m pretty sure he went alone, atleast that’s what it looked like.

  9. 134
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak @ lol.. LEO said in an interview that intelligent Women intimidate him!! So ….Maybe that’s why he only dates models… Barfy gives Models a bad name….their not all Stupid… But Leo knows exactly what he’s doing!!! He’s sees her when he wants a BED WARMER… Lol and when he wants Someone to TRAVEL with!! It’s Funny how Leo’s has NOT been back to Israel since 2007?? BARFY and Irmelin never shop or Spend time together??…. No Candids Unless Leo’s around!! Barfy is slowly sucking the life out of him…. He used to have THAT SPARKLE but now it’s dimming!! Also losing his Grandmother must have been heartbreaking… And Barfy was not around !! She was too busy being a FAMEWH*ORE!!…… her ONLY TALENT!!!

  10. 135
    CandycottonmadlyinlovewithBar Says:

    Your only talent is tracking Bar’s every move. You are obviously in love with Bar and want her badly. BAR, BAR, BAR BAR, BAR that is all you think about it! You are nothing but a useless piece of garbage.

  11. 136
    CandycottonmadlyinlovewithBar Says:

    #132 WHAT THE F*CK IS YOUR PROBLEM? You are also a fan of Bar since you all you do is talk about her. You would know about being a sk*nk wouldn’t you? Your spelling is also horrible. Lisa Rose is a foreigner. What’s your excuse, stupid?

  12. 137
    lol Says:

    @137 FYI English is my second language and I doubt my spelling is horrible.
    If I`m fan of the sk*nk what can we say about you and Gisele. I saw your stupid comments on her thread trashing her. Are you a fan of hers? lol
    Get lost and take lisa rose with you!

  13. 138
    gimmeabreak Says:

    @136 & 137 i don’t think anybody here cares what you think. it’s leo’s thread.

    @135 Agree, she definately seems to fill a need, just not emotionally. I think we all see it lately, no sparkle. nothing, and yea, I don’t think she’s the type to care about him losing a family member, she was too busy shaking her butt in spain-didn’t look to me that she cared about him at all. and Israel? yea, he won’t be going back to israel any time soon!!!! He’s too famous and I think he can see she’s not worth all of that. and yea, he never spends time with his mother! i completely forgot about that!! Interesting because G and her are so close. Interesting. Ya know, when you get along with family members, it’s usually not too far fetched to start thinking of the person like famly. Gisele is family. His mom and her definately bonded. I don’t think bar is anywhere close to being a part of the family, much less bond with his mother, the one person he loves more than anyone!! He seems to spend time with her family, but she doesn’t seem to be included in his. hmmmmm……Again, it’s all about HER. No wonder he looks so miserable!!

  14. 139
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: Sorry, that I’m form Israel, and English is not my first language!! or my I say that I’m sorry that my English is not as good as your’s!! LOL I would like to see you write something in Hebrew.
    what I wanted to say to you is that, I really that stupid to think that Leo would actually write somewhere (you didnt even said where you read that) that he “will never date the same person twice”?? you are just hurting the intelligent of Leo when you think that he would tell such a things. (and I’m not even talking about your intelligent, cus you prove us your VERY low intelligent a while ago)
    Leo is A PRIVET person, you know?! even if you dreaming in your sweetest dreams that Leo would say such a thing about Bar- its will never happened!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 140
    Lisa rose Says:

    @Lisa rose: **you really that stupid…

  16. 141
    Lisa rose Says:

    @gimmeabreak: I care from what #136-137 has to say!! CandycottonmadlyinlovewithBar I like your comments, at least someone here have some sense, you are so right they are all OBSESSED with Bar!!!

  17. 142
    Lisa rose Says:

    @lol: Stop with all of this obsession with Bar Refaeli!!! STOP STOP!!!! its not healthy!!!!!!!!! I guess that all of the walls in your room is full of a photos of her…. if poor Leo will ever see you he’ll run away from you!!!! you are too obsessed!!!!
    and I really wouldn’t be surprise if you second name her is ‘French’!!! LOL

  18. 143
    @140 Says:

    I don`t try to write anything in Hebrew but if I would give it a try first I would make sure I know how to write correctly before posting it.
    Do you know what hurts Leo`s intelligence? Dating Barf. He said things before but later changed his mind about them. He could have said something like this when he was younger and before dating both Gisele and Barf on and off. This statement is general and I never stated that he said this about Barf. Or do you see anything in my previous comment that says otherwise? Read it again! And you question my intelligence… lol
    @139 Honestly I see the lack of sparks but not just lately. It`s been gone for quite a while. It was there years ago but nothing now and it doesn`t matter whether he is around her or not. I assume that is why I personally can`t accept the fact that he is dating Barf. He is not the same around her as he was with Gisele and that makes Barf very unlikeable for me. I believe I saw only one photo of Irmelin and Barf together ( no Leo ) but I cannot remember where. They were waiting to cross a street. They weren`t even standing next to each other, Barf was standing behind Irmelin. Like two strangers.
    You might be right about her just filling a need but the longer it lasts the worse for Leo.

  19. 144
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I think your on to something candycotton!! you never see her with his mother…interesting. Does he still spend time with his mom? You never see much of her, oh yea, she went to Berlin while he was promoting S.I., she’s so cute!! Her are G are so close, and G became part of the family and I think G will always be a part of the family. Even Leo and Gisele seem to be friends. I found this article posted Jan-19-2010. This is interesting, this was right around the time Leo took bar to a basketball game. I wonder if he had to do that just to make “her” happy. Probably why he looked so miserable sitting next to her.

  20. 145
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more. Doesn’t surprise me that Leo’s mom and bar looked like two strangers. Leo and Bar look like two strangers. I agree, It just wasn’t like this when he was with G. He seems much different now, and I don’t like it either. I don’t think Bar makes him happy.
    Here’s another happy Leo pic, this time it’s with his mother.

  21. 146
    jennifer Says:

    I think the problem with Leo is that he starts to date Bar in a wrong time because he knew her in november of 2005, just one month after end up with Gisele, isn’t time enough to forgot someone you are with 5 years, I doubt he was able to get her out of his head in that time. Was a mistake of him, I think he starts to date to forgot Gisele, that old history, a new love to forgot the old one… but things were too far, until today with Bar, wasn’t love or passion that moved him to be with her, probably he saw Bar in that party and thought she was beautiful and hot and starts to flirt her but look where it goes… nowhere! so I think Leo and Bar aren’t made for each other, and in my opinion they have to follow their lifes separated for good of both!

  22. 147
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak Exactly… No photos of them having dinner shopping Nothing…. Irmelin loves GiGi!! And remember when Leo saw Gisele for her birthday…it was a few years ago…hah !! He does not even see the BED WARMER for her birthday??? SHe always back in Israel!!! And i should have known LISA ROSE was from Israel that’s why she’s worships BARFY….lol and agrees with what ever a BARFY FANS say She’s got multiple personalties!!!! And not to Mention that Other FREAK!! Lisa rose Speaks Hebrew WHO CARES!!!!! …..LEO’s BORED WITH THAT MORON…!!aka BED WARMER!!!

  23. 148
    french Says:


    “Hot and beautiful ” i don’t think so, i think he thought that she was perfect to be a fake girlfriend because she just wanted to get attention

  24. 149
    gimmeabreak Says:

  25. 150
    Candycotton Says:

    @gimmeabreak….Barfy pics Yuck I just Ate!!! Does she ever shop at any HIGH end stores??Guess NOT!! I think Emily is better looking than BARFY …!!and actually looks Her age!!! …..Those WHITE PANTS very unflattering… Well WHITE PANTS FOR WHITE TRASH!!! Hah!

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