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Ziyi Zhang: Omega Constellation Art Exhibition!

Ziyi Zhang: Omega Constellation Art Exhibition!

Ziyi Zhang receives a bouquet of red roses at a press conference for the Omega Constellation Art Exhibition held at the Nicolas G. Hayek Center on Thursday (April 22) in Tokyo, Japan.

The 31-year-old Chinese actress was accompanied by President of Omega Stephen Urquhart and actor Naoto Takenaka. You can read a little about the installation here (sorry for the poor translation).

Ziyi recently donated $40,000 during a charity drive for drought stricken Southwestern provinces in China, according to Chinese media.

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Credit: Jun Sato; Photos: Wireimage
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  • annuk

    wow, so pretty!

  • European

    Beautiful and classy

  • Mia

    She’s beautiful !

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    @European: Sorry, word on the street is that she’s anything but classy, and slept with everyone to get to where she is… Apparently everyone in China hates her.

  • European


    Just talking about her looks, I don’t know her personally…

  • girl from china

    I’m from China, it is true that most people do not like her, but I like her, I think she is a great actress! And I think most people said bad thing about her is because she is successful as an actress — female. People are getting jealous more easily especially in China. Anyway, I like her! Talented actress!

  • Ms Anonymous

    She doesn’t sleep around, and she was one of the reasons why HOFD and MOAG are such great films, she has talent.

  • kaye


    Yup, it’s true. And not jut in mainland China… even in HK, she doesn’t have a good reputation. Although AT least a couple of years back, she used to do good movies, now… she’s more known for either “wanting to mingle” w/ the rich & famous, attending fashion shows in Paris and frolicking around in the beach w/ her bf.

    And btw… I’m Chinese… so no one give me flack about being racist or anything.

  • brother weiwei

    I am a chinese man. And I love Zhang Ziyi! I am a big fan of her!~~she is the most beatiful woman in the world in my opinion !

    but it is true that there are a group of anti-fans of Zhang Ziyi in china too, they do whatever bad things to Zhang, it seems like that the most important thing in the world to them is to make Zhang’s career over or even see her die! I can’t understand that very well but it is true.

    Zhang has been having a hard time in china last two mouths ago because of a event called”the donation gate” , and it is a piece of good work that anti-fans have done! . Luckly she is turned out inocent in the end .

  • http://stanley stanley

    ziyi zhang is amazing! love her

  • David

    I am from china. It is not ture that every body in China hates her .
    She is one of the most popular super stars in China.
    Even those people in China who don’t like her would admit that she is beatiful and graceful.

  • Coldplayer

    She is so purdy! I only remember her from the Memoirs of a Geisha Movie

  • Sam

    She’s so beautiful

  • Leslee

    Wow, so pretty

  • sara

    I think she is goegeous and classy.

  • sara


  • skaur

    nice actress but not that prretty

  • Sarah

    Isn’t she engaged to that Russian billionaire? I don’t see a ring on her finger.

  • strawberry

    Shame on you!!
    You can not represent everyone for China.
    People around me all think Ziyi is the best Chinese actress and we are pround of her.

  • Strawberry

    Zhangziyi is the best Chinese actress ever!!
    Shame on you
    You can not represent everyone from China.
    People around me all think she is pretty and kind person. We are pround of her.

  • hong kong

    @Strawberry: Im Chinese 2, and she is really good and pretty but not the BEST chinese actress ever lol!!! What about Gong Li, Maggie Cheung, Annita Mui??? LOLzzzz

  • Bea

    She is looking old now and showing her age. Not pretty. She has passed her peak, and her double chin is starting to show at 31!

  • LOL

    Laugh out loud!!!! Nobody cares about this Chinese girl. Whatever her freaking name is. . She’s NOT famous here in the United States. I watched her in Rush Hour 2, she looks okay not that pretty. I can tell this girl is trying to be famous for the Western, it’s not going to happen.

  • DUDE

    Her name sounds weird when you pronounce it!!!

  • Me

    She’s not pretty without those makeup on!!!

  • ME

    A lot of Chinese actresses had plastic surgery done to look pretty, especially many of them having double eye lids or getting their eyes bigger.

  • Richard

    so~~~~~~~~~~pretty!!!! love her

  • fact

    A lot of Chinese actresses had plastic surgery done to look pretty. A lot of them would get their eyes done bigger or to have double eye lids.

  • fact

    A lot of Chinese actresses has plastic surgery done to look pretty. A lot of them get their eyes done bigger or to have double eye lids.

  • Stella

    Love her. She is so gorgeous!!
    Especially, she has a beautiful mind.

  • begood


    I don’t want you to speak for me , which means you are not representative of Chinese people, you are just yourself. That’s all.
    For me, Ziyi is a beautiful, elegant and brave girl with sweat heart.

    Don’t you bad-mouth guys feel embarrassed?

  • takeeasy

    Ziyi is not one of them. she is natural.

  • takeeasy


    ziyi is not one of them. she is natural.

  • 林青

    I like ZI yi very much.
    chinese like zi yi very much.

  • josephine

    it’s zhang zi yi, not ziyi zhang. the surname comes first!

  • Lily Ling

    You know sh-t! She is the most graceful actress in China and is loved by millions.I am Chinese and I witnessed her career path every step of the way.

  • ME


    Totally agree with you…she’s probably a nice actress but not that pretty. Here in the US, she would just consider okay looking.

  • ME


    Yeah, sure that’s what they all said. “NATURAL”

  • aiya

    she is sh*t in china now because she embezzled the donation she collected for wenchuan earthquake in china in 2008.
    and she is also in the scandal of sleeping with other women’s husbands.

  • Goodbigbaby

    Everyone hates you. Not our Ziyi. We love her.

  • Layson

    I like Ziyi!

  • ziyi liar

    who can forgive zhang ziyi?
    earlier today i read a news commentary about zhang ziyi and her fake donation scandal. the commentator touched upon many aspects of this issue. he asked in the commentary whether zhang ziyi should be forgiven. probably forgiven is a wrong translation of the actual meaning of the commentator. t

    well, my response to his question is a question i want to ask: who is in the position to forgive her for her fake donation that has spiraled into such a scandal? who is in the position to forgive her? those who believe in god would probably step forward and say that only god can forgive her. if i understand the rationale behind this statement, i can probably say we are all sinners and we should be excluded from the list of people qualified to forgive her.

    she did offend my sense of justice and honesty. but when she didn’t give as she had promised she would, i was not hurt materially by her tight-fist choice. i would not have benefited from her donation. my honest, my image, and my reputation is not hurt. does not suffer from her dishonesty. most, if not all, of the people who have bashed her bad behavior are not victimized by her. zhang ziyi didn’t hurt them directly. and the public is not the group she should apologize for her misdemeanor.

    all i can say is that she was morally wrong. she damaged her own image. she let people know about her sense of honesty, her sense of honor, her idea of fortune, or her sense of negligence, or her sense of carelessness, or her sense of public good. in my eye, the person she hurt worst was herself. if she needs to apologize to anybody, she should apologize to herself. and to people who donated in full and on time and in good faith. she should also apologize to these people because they came under suspicion and they felt disturbed when the public scrutinized their donations too. the public looked because they wondered whether zhang ziyi was the only one who didn’t honor her promise of donation.

    she needs to apologize to the public for the amount of the money she failed to donate and for the morally wrong she probably committed by not paying up. she needs to apologize. she can correct her morally wrong by apologizing to the public and by honoring her promise.

    now i understand that i am nobody and i am in no position to say i forgive her, and that i do not really matter in this matter. no i don’t. so it is not even up to me to say that i forgive her. so whether i forgive her or not is not an issue here. i am not qualified to forgive her. god qualify if there is god. i don’t qualify. people like me don’t qualify either.

    so whom did the commentator ask to forgive zhang ziyi? ask the commentator. not me.

    probably the commentator meant that those who knocked at zhang ziyi should let her go and should stop bashing her. sure he can put that call out. but i wonder who he is to ask people to forgive zhang ziyi and ask people to hold back and let zhang ziyi go.

    i disagree with him again on this point if it is one of his points.

    if one doesn’t want to issue criticism against zhang’s regretful fake donation, or whatever it was, okay, one can stop doing it oneself. but asking other people to stop their criticism? who has the right to ask people not to criticize when they are criticizing in good taste and in a respectable way? even if one airs his view in an inappropriate way, all other people cay say is that the way the view is issued is inappropriate. how one says something and whether one is entitled to his right to say something are two totally different matters and they are not to be confused or dismissed together.

    i tend to think it is up to everybody himself to consider one’s own stance on zhang ziyi’s donation scandal and ask himself whether he has something to say and whether he wants to say it. if one wants to talk about it, one should go forward and air one’s view. it is advisable to air one’s view in good taste.

    well, what if forgiveness is not an issue the people should consider in this matter? what about tolerance? tolerance is a big issue. i am not sure how i would associate tolerance with the call to forgive zhang ziyi. let me think about it and try to figure out something about it later.

  • ziyi liar
  • ame

    LOL, her dirty money starts to work again. Big liar. Tell us where she put the raised money for earthquake in 2008. Those nice celebrities in cannes and US donated that money for earthquake, not for her. How can she keep that money? By the way, don’t say other people are jealous of her. For what? Tons of scandals? Chinese is nice. If a celebrity did the same thing in US, he or she should be in jail. In China, she still showed around. What a joke. It is good to know FBI is investigating her.

  • Yubear

    Just be honest where her fundraising is? It is truly that she is not that welcomed as her PR metioned in news. She is too snobbish and such a liar! She manipulated media by using “absolute positive news’ agreements.

    Charity scam, fund embezzelment and tax fraud! Just be honest and offer sincere apology. Stop cheating! Dont take advantage of disaster victims!

  • detach

    In China it is not a secret that nowadays Ziyi Zhang’s name is related to “greed, vain, and lies”! On February 9, 2010, which ironically happened to be her 31th birthday, three different programs on the CCTV (China Central TV Station) exposed her misconducts in the fake charity case, discussed its negative impacts on charity business in China, and how the legel system should improve to prevent such events to occur again. It is pretty amazing that somehow she still manages to keep good relations with International brands such as Omega and have the courage to keep showing up, pretending nothing has happened at all…. For that, she has earned a new nickname in the Chinese online commuity, “the coakroach”, ugly, dirty, and yet very hard to get rid of!