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Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Lovebirds in France!

Jennifer Lopez & Marc Anthony: Lovebirds in France!

Jennifer Lopez and husband Marc Anthony hold hands and enjoy a stroll on the dock in Antibes, Frances on Saturday (May 22).

The 40-year-old Selena actress was in Monaco earlier in the week for the 2010 World Music Awards. Cuba Gooding Jr. presented J-Lo with the Legend award and said, “No one person seems to sing again after having twins. Your dances are spectacular and your music better everyday!”

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony enjoying some romantic time in France…

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  • AutumnM

    Can’t hide that big ass no matter how much you try J.LO! Sorry lol

  • Yoga_Instructor

    u mean someone can’t sing after they have twins.

  • janette

    I don’t know where to put this but I HATE THESE POP UPS ON THIS SITE. Why is it necessary? You have a list of the days post below. I don’t need to see a pop up message of the post about J. Lopez when I can see that post on the front page. There is too much crap on this site.

  • Rooker18

    She and he suck! Hotless careers!

  • sandra

    she still looks so young for 40.

  • Handsome Rockstar

    Weird, two individuals. Guilty.

    His children from her are ugly, like their ugly father.

  • Jennifer

    She looks old!

    Too many plastic surgeries she did. Deny, deny, deny.

  • Mandy

    Actually, she’s old.

    Too many plastic surgeries she did. Deny, deny, deny.

    You know, they’re both annoying!

  • Ms. Anonymous

    Leave them alone, you guys. At least they are happy together that’s what counts. So stop being biter and shallow.

  • denine

    She always looks nasty.

  • sea

    Yes Janette, I do agree, too much crap. Pages are so heavy and my pc becomes very noisy. Annoying!!

  • Kelly

    Jlo is so beautiful and happy, I adore this couple.

  • Doug

    Jennifer is like fine wine she gets better with time.

  • Doug

    I wish I was in Monaco too, enjoying the sun and the company of someone like jenny

  • linda

    @<a href=”/2010/05/22/jennifer-lopez-marc-anthony-lovebirds-in-france/comment-page-1/#comment-169358

    But not as nasty as you silly blogger

  • Mery

    She’s really beautiful & naturally & her ass is a killer. (in a good way)
    no matter what u say .. first achieve what she’s doing & then u talk about her on this way..

  • happy girl

    i’d love to have her butt for a day. very nice and curvy and firm :) girl crush. nice couple. like these two.

  • Sarah

    The estimates for Friday, May 21 is that The Backup Plan came in at #11 and was beat by a Bollywood movie called “Kites” that was shown in ONLY 208 theatres and came in #10.

    That has to be embarassing for JLo when a Bollywood movie with unknown actors scores more of an audience than she does.

  • lynda

    They’re so FAKE .You can tell they’re posing for the camera JLO is staring at the camera.She goes on and on how much she’s changed and lives a private life .BS! She ‘s still the same diva and the fame whore she’s always been.Ben tried to get her out that life and to be more humble.I’m glad she’s with Skeletor now.They deserve each other.They both has beens

  • Jamie

    SELENA! actress, wow, what a diss to JLo Jared.
    I am not sure what JLo is up to here but her career is tanking.
    She hanging on by a thread.
    Selena? lol

  • Great Couple

    What a great couple!

    Hi haters! Did it ever occur to you that they do not care what you think.

  • Marc left his baby in diapers

    All little boys need their father, but Marc Anthony didn’t think twice about leaving them to be raised alone by their mother so he could make a life with JLO. How a man could walk out on his own baby still in diapers and a 2-year old is beyond me, but he sure dotes all over those kids he had with JLO. Those $6M pictures they took with People mag, they didn’t even include his other children. I hope his two boys don’t grow up with emotional problems or feelings of being deserted by their own father. Marc Anthony’s behavior is what is to be expect by a man that’s a rotten father and less than a man.

  • Realistic

    @janette #3

    Thank you it is too much unecessary stuff popping up on this site. I know on some blogs you can get paid for ad space and all that jazz but this is ridiculous. If that Ashton Kutcher big, pink promo box pop up one more time….. No one forced me to be on here though and its not mine so I kindly click the red x in the corner and keep it moving when it becomes craptastic.

    What happend to the “view all” button? That is what needed to stay. Also I wish more people would post in topics no matter what their opinion are facts maybe their responses are what make the topics interesting to me.

    I like a few of her songs but J-lo has always been over-hyped and over-rated!

  • Leslee

    So glad they’re still 2gether

  • lkeno


    the movie did not tank it has made over 40M which is more than the original investment of 33.5M; therefore it didn’t tank, besides it is not a new release duH!

  • Ugly duo

    Such an ugly couple no wonder they had such ugly children. Look at JLo leading her drug addicted hubby along because he is always too stoned to walk on his own. Her huge flat behind looks gross and her jiggly thighs are horrendous.

  • Dani

    jajaja YOU WISH BABY!!!

  • bad fat a$$ed mother

    Look at that enormous a$$! She’s such a pig. Where are her old looking babies? With their real mother, the nanny.

    Is this awful vile horrid devil ever going to leave Monaco and France? I bet they can’t wait for this self absorbed trash to stop stinking up their country and leave!

    What will this trash do next? Have a sleazy affair to further her career? With who? A record company, film or TV producer? Just wait, her precious ego can’t take all the failures. I bet she turns to TV, and pops up on one of those CSI shows. The only talent she has is on her knees, or back. She must have a trick pelvis and no gag reflex. Just sayin’.

  • Free Speech

    “Yes, dear…my thigs and behind ARE bigger than yours…!”

  • Free Speech

    “You are right, I can’t spell worth a damn also!…”

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  • tamta

    Tey ar sweetest cupple!!!
    fuc you All!

  • tamta

    They are sweetest cupple! Love :-) :-*

  • http://1tamta8 tamta

    They’re the sweetestn cupple!!! :-)