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Christina Aguilera: No Business Like Show Business!

Christina Aguilera: No Business Like Show Business!

Christina Aguilera goes rocker chic as she attends the official 2010 MTV Movie Awards after-party at Soho House on Sunday (June 6) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old powerhouse singer wore a t-shirt emblazoned with the words “If you don’t like it, f–k you”.

Spinning the party all night was DJ duo Show Business, which consists of Clark Duke and Chris Holmes. They were also spotted DJ-ing the Kari Feinstein style lounge at Montage hotel on June 4 in Beverly Hills.

10+ pictures inside of Christina Aguilera at the MTV after-party…

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christina aguilera show business 01
christina aguilera show business 02
christina aguilera show business 03
christina aguilera show business 04
christina aguilera show business 05
christina aguilera show business 06
christina aguilera show business 07
christina aguilera show business 08
christina aguilera show business 09
christina aguilera show business 10

Credit: Michael Bezjian/Rebecca Sapp/Amanda Edwards, Anthony; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, Wireimage
Posted to: Chris Holmes, Christina Aguilera, Clark Duke, Jordan Bratman, Show Business

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  • Audrey

    I love what she’s wearing.
    Her performance at the Movie Awards was AMAZING!!

  • gina

    she was awesome what a voice a god given gift and yes christina you tell them they dont like it to fng badf!

  • Kimbee

    she is pretty

  • SurfingEagle

    Only the classiest of women wear t-shirts like that. She’s really working hard for that mother of the year award. Hey, she’s almost the big 3-0. Isn’t it about time she grew out of her teen angst phase.


    Her husband always looks like the scuzzy kid that bags my groceries………….there is something fckd up with that whole thing.

  • Ellie

    She looks so stupid.

  • ew

    she looks fkn RANK

  • nadya

    Did she cut her hair? Isnt it about time she started dressing her age?

  • She reminds me of Adam Lambert. She’s pathetic. She definitely has a voice, but the rest of her just f-cks everything up.

  • RuPaul

    Dang, what an ugly tranny.

  • olivia

    @nadya: @nadya: loool 29 is old?
    damn do you have to be that stupid on the net?

  • miss infamous

    I love her look/outfit

  • xxxxxxx

    So Fierce. Looking hot

  • Jason

    I’m glad Xtina took her tattered dress back from Miley.

  • Kanye

    @: Eh. Why does she remind you of Adam….elaborate? Aside from the fact that they’re both amazing vocalists.

    Does campiness & sensuality bother you?

    CAMP: willfully over-emphasizes certain elements of a genre or theme, creating an almost self-satirical milieu.

    Campy: being so extreme that it has an amusing and perversely sophisticated appeal.

  • Selen

    @SurfingEagle: did you srsly just put christina and classy in the same sentence? rofl

  • beesbo

    People dismiss Pink for having a tough attitude, I was watching a new Christina interview and she was so patronising and fake I had to change the channel. Even her laugh was disingenuous. She’s a b!

  • lol.

    @: The rest of her f—ks her up? What’s that supposed to mean? The last time I checked Adam was an absolute sweetheart, what is your damage? I <3 and appreciate every singe diva we have, and especially fierce ones who can SANG, put on a show AND know how to get dirrty. Is there ANYone who loves Gaga, Brit, Bey AND Christina like me? It’s like you have to hate one or the other.

  • bjorkson

    @: Keep hating on talented people. At least they’re all doing something with their lives.

  • Sacha

    @lol.: i do :) i even love rihanna. i like most people. with the exception of miley c.

  • Katie

    I love her

  • Goo

    “Rocker Chick”?! LMAO!
    She looks like that lame girl in 200 Cigerettes (a movie set in the 80′s)
    Christina is soo over.

  • Diggy

    She looks like an a s s h o l e.

  • NY

    @: Riiight. He has people like Queen, Slash, Burton, Spielberg, LedZep, Marshall, Paul McCartney, Linda Perry, Halford, Gaga, T&G, The Scissor Sisters, Madonna….Muse…on his side. Them > you. People who understand ridiculous tongue in cheek satirical tacky-chic glam-rock, humor and performance art. I wish I were “pathetic” lmfao. And while I don’t care for Christina’s style & don’t find her particularly authentic, I adore her pitch perfect voice. Her talent is freaking fabulous and she seems to have a brain up there too.

  • Jack

    @lol.:They should duet, their vocals would be minblowing together. Didn’t he say “I think we would get loud ;)” and she said “anytime, anywhere Adam”


    She looks like a hooker slu.t !!!!

  • Jenna

    Her husband is a cutie.

  • lovegame

    adam’s a vocal-visual chameleon and christina’s a vocal chameleon. what’s her range?

  • laverdadduele

    Damn! the husband is FUGLY.

  • Sweet

    Now I know why her child is so ugly!
    They both look like rats.
    People like them shouldn’t have kids.

  • Ms. Anonymous


    Leave the kid out of it, jerk.

  • Powerhouse

    @lovegame: Christina had an octave of exactly 4. She is a Spinto Soprano.

    Lambert is a 3/4 range Tenor with an overall range of 16 ½ steps ( meaning he taught himself to strengthen his voice to a 4.

    Mariah has a 5 octave range. 4 is incredibly rare. Five and 5.5 are extremely rare. Six to 8 practically unheard of.

    Excluding falsetto, the average untrained singer has an octave of 1-2 (often strained). Britney has an octave of 2.5.

    Professional singers (with extensive training) have a practice singing range of about 3 octaves (unstrained), and a performance range of 1.5-2 octaves.

    Of course, merely hitting the lowest and highest ranges doesn’t instantly make you a good vocalist. Filling in the textures inbetween and nuance is equally as important, which both Christina and Lambert are fond of, and seem to be able to do more or less with ease when warmed up.

  • kelly

    @Powerhouse: what’s gaga’s range please? :D

  • seriously?

    …………why the F is she wearing a shirt with her own lyrics on it lmfaaaao

  • Hitch

    Always trying hard to be someone; From Britney to Madonna to Lady gaga….

  • kyle

    @Kanye: sorry.not a fan but i understand lambo enjoys being camp and knows his style but floptina dont know her own style at all, even still. n i dont think she has the sense of humor to embrace anything with a wink like gaga or glambert do either. if you made up a rumor about xtina having a d*ck she would get defensive and b*tchy, whilst gaga took it with a smile and stood up for people mid-surgery. floptina is a burlesque wannabe but just comes across as trashty **** trying too hard. shes a mom she needs to stop with the blinking vag sh*t, facepaint and all and just SING. theres nothing eccentric or creative about her, she cant pull that off

  • Luxton

    @Hitch: She jacked Gwen Stefani’s style. And she can’t pull it off.

  • PopularCulture

    @: Now Adam’s been compared to everyone and vice versa. Gaga, Christina, Beyonce, Muse, Freddie, MJ, Plant, Rihanna, BK……..why is everyone in the music bizz compared to everyone else ?

  • RDJ

    Bluh. Adam’s my perfection. <3

    His interviews own E V E R Y one’s. Watch his candids back to back and tell me he isn’t the most layered, interesting person. Amazing life outlook, kind of hippie-esque. I have mad love for his free spirit. Interviewers respect him because he always always LISTENS and looks interested. He’s such a good listener, and so flippin’ articulate. So colourful and spirited and sunshine-y even though he’s laid back and fierce and sarcy. He can so so much with his voice, and has so many looks to mirror that vocal versatility “something to listen to, something to feel, and something to look at”. His band are badas$. Monte is a guitar LEGEND. And his dancers are fierce.

    I enjoy Gaga’s voice, songs, music videos and style experimentations (well, most of them) SO much. I’m really fcuking glad she exists. LOVE her and all her albums. She enjoys the same tongue in cheek campiness Adam does, and is also eccentric, moreso. LOVE her.

    I look past Christina’s…..image (and somewhat lack of identity ?) because I love her voice. I respect her talent.

    Pink’s great albeit (some) of her songs do annoy me (it’s just a taste thing, we all have differing taste) and I find it a LITTLE hard to warm/connect/love her….but her vocal tone and her live performances are pretty incredible.

    Rihanna’s gorgeous. And sweet. I can’t hate on her.

    Beyonce’s fierceness is untouchable. She is insane live.

    Madonna’s queen.

    Kylie’s lovely and her songs are perfection.

    Most of the above are rebels. Some of them sweet rebels. I listen to more classic rock and retro stuff but I love my divas.

  • slambang

    That HAIR! Is she trying to look like Rihanna now? ICK.

  • roxanne

    wow! i love her t-shirt….!

  • Shaun

    @: That’s wack. Which one have you seen in concert? Neither? Christina’s show was very very Vegas from the lights to her dancers to her outfits. Adam’s was like an escapism/ethereal rock universe with soft trippy lights. He is very tongue in cheek and knows himself to the core, she is very cheeky but she doesn’t consider herself Camp like he does. What’s the comparison aside from the fact that both are powerhouses?

  • jessica

    lol. the more ppl hate on christina the more it makes me like her

  • Jermaine

    @:Dam.n I always miss everything. When did Lambert start walking around in a shirt only Tila Tequila would wear with his own lyrics on it and start wearing pink flashing hearts on his

  • lol

    Her husband looks sweet……..he also looks scared of her :/
    I feel like Christina would be a nightmare to live with…..

  • julie

    She looks ridiculous. Apart from clothes and blinking crotches (WTF!!!), her face is so hilarious… What the hell is that? Make-up? LOL!

  • rpatzfan

    she is going to flop so hard ,her album is s h i t , is trashy ,lame and tasteless.
    Get back to sing you ballads w h o r e ,your not Gaga ,not even Britney,

  • Notmyselftonight

    Yeahh IF U DON’t like … F– VK U

  • Aguilera

    F—K ALL HATERS HERE… the un-educated persons ! LOVE XTINA… SHE IS THE QUEEN Of the queens

  • dolls

    @ … You’re entitled to your opinion. But if Adam’s personality (or style) resembled Christina’s even remotely, I would not be a fan.