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Gerard Butler & Goga Ashkenazi: Couple In The Works?

Gerard Butler & Goga Ashkenazi: Couple In The Works?

Gerard Butler reportedly is trying to woo London-based Kazakhstani billionaire Goga Ashkenazi, according to NY Post.

The possible pair met at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival last month and he was spotted visiting her West London mansion last weekend.

A source reveals, “Gerard was spotted chatting up Goga at a party in Cannes and they exchanged numbers.”

FYI: Goga is a close friend of Prince Andrew and is an Oxford graduate with a gold-mining and construction company.

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Credit: Dave M. Benett, Nick Harvey; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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@Manny: @gossiphound: I was quite busy lately so I didn’t really keep up with GB’s globe trotting (shame on me :) so thanks for the clarifications….
Hello again JJers

Bless you… *mwah*

let’s see …counting fingers……

we have a fame H.o

a money H.o

and that makes a Publicity H.o

H.O- H.O- H.O Christmas came early at Evil Twins!
Ka ching Ka ching.

truth from NY @ 06/09/2010 at 1:50 pm

@Lisa: How do you know that he’s drinking again? Proof?

Well, Goga seems a bit classier than some of the other women he’s been hanging with
Classier?….she’s posing topless and she is neither an actress or a model….means she wants attention and it makes her an attention wh*re just like G…he also poses topless from time to….♥♥

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The Doctor Is In @ 06/09/2010 at 2:03 pm

Can you say Thai ladyboy?

Rachel…Hi Guido or Guido’s friend…♥♥


let’s see …counting fingers……

we have a fame H.o

a money H.o

and that makes a Publicity H.o

H.O- H.O- H.O Christmas came early at Evil Twins!
Ka ching Ka ching.
Always funny my Spanky…lol…333333333333…♥♥♥♥

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gossiphound @ 06/09/2010 at 2:13 pm

I forgot Heidi Klum spawned with Flavio Briatore, now that boy gets around.

I see his PR team is throwing us bones again. Keep up the good work, keep them fans guessing.

from the observation deck @ 06/09/2010 at 2:19 pm

Now Manny is switching her hate of Aniston to Cholewa? Anyone he may be really connected with, Manny takes off after. I think Laurie is stunnning. And how does Manny know Laurie’s PR put out those photos? Give me a break.

The man is a whò-re after all, and some of us have better things to do with our time than try to keep up with the notches on Gerard’s bedpost. The man has ladies in every city – and it seems that Gerard is a real “out of sight, out of mind” kind of guy. No sooner did he drop that random Serbian “model” than he was in Cannes with all of his favorite dark-skinned ladies (it’s his type: darker skin, long legs, long dark hair). God knows who he was boning when he was actually in Cannes (hint: every woman that wanted it),
* * *
This part had me rolling on the floor… Gerry, will you ever be back to acting in movies?
*waves at CJ and Spanky*

@from the observation deck:
Stunning???? If possible Cholewa is even uglier than Aniston… To each his own…. Let’s not discuss tastes here…

How do I put this?... @ 06/09/2010 at 2:25 pm

i think his reputation would be less tarnished (and would have gotten more money) if he had just thrown a One Night Only Giggle Fest: An Evening with King Leonidas type thing and charged an outrageous admission, only afforded by The Real Socialites/Famewh*ores of Planet Filthy Rich (and phannies w/ savings to blow).

Oil up, a little lip biting, chest rubbing, hip swirling, booty popping,
Go into the audience and drag a grocery store rose across some of their still-swollen post-op lips, flash a crooked smile or two,
Spittle”My Bonny Lass, I dream of only you and Scotland” in his worst American accent,
They grab for him, he backs up, shaking his finger “No, no, no. That’ll cost you extra, my highlander honeybun”
They flip over their purses, emptying out all cash, credit cards, jewelry, house/car keys, etc.
Sign over deeds, wills, accounts, and insurance policies.
Alan swoops in, ejects them immediately, while BloAss quietly sweeps the proceeds into the other room, so the 2nd show can start.

Oh how the sparks would spray….

And, yes, I have seen strippers. It was…for research. Yeah. Research. X-P

No way is that woman getting Butlered. She looks like a 50-year-old who has had too much plastic surgery.

@How do I put this?…:
That was fokkin’ hilarious, really!!
*posted crazy vid in Cameltoe palace*

gossiphound @ 06/09/2010 at 2:40 pm

@How do I put this?…: LMAO. He could have had a great career as a grifter. Maybe he already is.

Ewwwwww. Ashcan is fugly. Her eyes are too close together.

@from the observation deck:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA… how long has your observation deck been closed?
I don’t feel anything for Ass Apple at all… okay maybe a little sad for her getting used and dumped but Butler has left a long string of those behind him. She is just a person making her way in life and getting PR any way she can. Why is that called hating?
I answered LauraS’ question about why the press isn’t concerned about Ass Apple any longer… BTW Ass Apple is the nickname we gave her which is French for Booty Call… Do you think I hate BloAss too? Or Yoda/Gogo?
BTW – as far as Ass Apple’s PR/Station putting out the stories, makes total sense. It only appeared in France and didn’t even make it across the pond into print. French press would only benefit her. And also… 2 + 2 still equals 4. ;)
@How do I put this?…
Brilliant. Hey I have a bunch of singles in my wallet… do you think he does private parties? :)

I wish Alan and Co. would come out and tell these rags and sites to cease and desist. Alan did it when the Lohan rumor got started. It didn’t do much good, but at least it put them on record as denying it. These fabrications are getting intolerable.

question mark @ 06/09/2010 at 3:03 pm

OT or not. Do you think he’s a member of the Mile High Club?

How do I put this?... @ 06/09/2010 at 3:08 pm

Thanks! Hope I made you smile wickedly, sad Merlin. Told you to hold off on the spell…

Hmm…I think EVERY actor is a grifter, and every grifter is an actor…of sorts.

@How do I put this?…
Brilliant. Hey I have a bunch of singles in my wallet… do you think he does private parties? :)
Yea. But he prefers rolls of quarters.
He likes how they make his leather cod piece stick out, all “Is that a rolled up script of a blockbuster hit in your front pocket or are you just happy to me?”

Leopard print g-strings are for commoners and novices.
He’s a professional, you know.

@How do I put this?…: should I break my piggy-bank for this? will that circus tour any mall parking near me? :))

this is from the comments on Celeb*tchy:

Just Jared has like, CSI-type individuals…NOTHING gets past them.

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gossiphound @ 06/09/2010 at 3:16 pm

@redOctober: Where do you get that Red, sans watermark?

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