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Gerard Butler & Goga Ashkenazi: Couple In The Works?

Gerard Butler & Goga Ashkenazi: Couple In The Works?

Gerard Butler reportedly is trying to woo London-based Kazakhstani billionaire Goga Ashkenazi, according to NY Post.

The possible pair met at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival last month and he was spotted visiting her West London mansion last weekend.

A source reveals, “Gerard was spotted chatting up Goga at a party in Cannes and they exchanged numbers.”

FYI: Goga is a close friend of Prince Andrew and is an Oxford graduate with a gold-mining and construction company.

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Credit: Dave M. Benett, Nick Harvey; Photos: Getty, Wireimage
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  • Tonto

    Caption, “I can’t take it any more! Starbucks just went out of business! Oh, the tragedy of it all! ………

  • Tonto

    Sorry, hit post before putting in the link. Just having some fun with the pics over at Gals.

  • Belle

    @Phantom: The Phantom’s here!

  • Gia

    what do u mean the laugh tracks?

  • Manic

    Wow, his utter disregard for a female’s appearance is just baffling. What an ugly bitch.

  • T-dot

    I looked at some of her other google pics and an in an interview about her lifestyle .Honestly by the looks of it her real temporary butler dresses better than Gerry .

    IMHO he should officially change the profession on his passport from Actor to something like this .

    Name : Gerard James Butler.
    Nationality : U.K ( I know he is Scottish but technically it’s part of UK.)
    Profession : Gigolo / Lothario / Player / Sex Addict
    Fine print : Ex Actor who made 2- 3 decent films and then lost his way in the world of Dumb Rom-coms and Sweaty bodies which led to a life changing decision of his successful current profession.

    If I were directing MGP or was in a position to decide the cast I would consider changing the cast and having someone else who is more talented and serious about their career as an Actor play the part currently given to Gerry . Last minute changes are fairly common in Hollywierd . I don’t think he has done the requisite preparations required for a stellar performance in MGP.

    * Waves to the Regs*

  • what means…

    What are pigeon toes??I read that before but have no clue to what it is.
    Please excuse me for asking, I am not English by origine and some words are in need for translation.
    He does have crossing legs doesn’t he?A odd shaped mouth and sometimes his eyes look a bit apart.
    He is pretty but not flawless.

    I like reading all the posts here.

  • pigoen toe???????????????/

    What are pigeon toes??I read that before but have no clue to what it is.
    Please excuse me for asking, I am not English by origine and some words are in need for translation.
    He does have crossing legs doesn’t he?A odd shaped mouth and sometimes his eyes look a bit apart.
    He is pretty but not flawless.

    I like reading all the posts here.

  • Cora

    @what means…:
    To say someone is “pigeon toed” means that their feet turn in slightly when walking or standing.
    Some people walk like a duck, with feet turning out slightly when they walk, while others like Gerry, walk like a pigeon with feet turning inward.

  • Frankie

    Damn she be ooogly Gaga Ashcan nazii

  • Sh/itStorm

    I was so distracted by TrannyMannyGooGoo’s pic up there that I didnt even realize what a FUGLY pic of Gerard that is.

  • thank you


    thank you Cora.
    That is why I like this place, people will always try to answer a question.
    I thought it had something to do with is
    I know will pay extra attention.
    thank you

  • Mellifera

    @How do I put this?…: An Evening with King Leonidas..Hilarious!! Love it :-)

  • Mellifera


    We gotta work the kilt into the routine though eh

    *Spits drink all over keyboard*

    OMG! The pic that launched a thousand Phannies…

  • redOctober

    Reunited, and it feels so good
    Reunited, ’cause we understood
    There’s one perfect fit
    And, sugar, this one is it
    We both are so excited
    ‘Cause we’re reunited
    Hey, hey



  • michele

    Don’t know if this article was posted already but the Goga is denying the rumor: This from the DailyMail UK

    “Gerard’s a no Goga zone

    Lurid reports have linked Goga Ashkenazi, one of London’s more intriguing bachelor girls, with handsome Scots-born Hollywood star — and noted ladies man — Gerard Butler. They are, alas, wide of the mark.

    The Kazakhstan-born beauty, a close friend of Prince Andrew, was said to be enjoying a tryst with the burly star of The Bounty Hunter after they met at last month’s Cannes film festival. And ­Butler — who was reported last year to be dating actress Jennifer ­Aniston — was said to have been spotted leaving Goga’s palatial Holland Park home.

    But glamorous Goga, a billionaire who made a fortune in oil and gas, is mystified by the rumours. ‘She knows many actors and actresses, a number of whom she met in Cannes this year, but she is categorically denying anything is going on with any of them,’ says a pal.

    As for Gerard visiting her home, the friend tells me: ‘He has never even been to her house — she is 100 per cent single.’

    Good news for many a jet-setting would-be suitor.

    Read more:

  • redOctober


    ….”become a big star because those incrediable looks of his.”


    …sorry to disagree but looks are not enough as we can see through his last movies. He’s making money but is he considered a serious actor?

  • michele


    Butler just finished filming Coriolanus with Ralph Fiennes which was a drama . I think he is in the right frame of mind to do MGP He also signed onto this project over a year ago so I am sure he already knows the script. Butler’s biggest problem will be the accent, he is a good actor but his acting is hampered when he has to do an American accent. Sean Connery was never able to do accents and Butler seems to have the same difficulty.

  • Sin

    He’s with Laurie u idiots

  • Kelly


    yeh, sure, whatever. If you believe this, than “idiot” right back at you

  • T-dot


    I am aware that he just finished filming Coriolanus with Fiennes . I also agree that Butler can be a decent actor when he wants to be. The problem is not just getting the American accent part but also training for biker lifestyle related stunts as the film is due to be filmed in S.Africa . currently Buttler’s MO has been that of a Partyboy / Lothario and considering his sexcapades and touring all over Europe etc I don’t see how he would have the time to do all the required training including training with the dialect coach . I work in the Film biz in the post production side of things as a VFx Artist and have worked on couple Zack Snyder films as well so I have seen and am aware of the kind of training the serious actors put into a film. I don’t think Butler is a method actor but those who are serious method actors like DeNiro prepare for roles such as these for atleast 6-8 months . So unless he has been taking video conferences with his dialect coach and training with Bikers for Bike riding and guns or other required training coaches with him on his world tour I don’t think he has given it enough time to prep himself . I guess we will have to wait till the film is released to see if he gives a stellar performance .

  • redOctober


    ITAWY. Let’s wait and see.

  • gossiphound

    @Sin: Laurie has two new TV shows and apparently building her career at France 2 and she’s not going to give it up to be a Butler concubine, she seems too smart for that. And unless you are with this guy 24-7, you aren’t going to be the only horse in the stable.

  • gossiphound

    @T-dot: Butler must have done some motorcycle training though for Tomb Raider and there is a site that features the motorbikes to be used in Machine Gun Preacher, can’t find the link right now, I am not sure if that was for the movie or the reality series or both, that reality series is causing some confusion, but GB is in one of the photos at the motorcycle shop along with Sam and his mechanic friends. GB may have been visiting with Sam more than we realized and Sam has been in LA back and forth working out the details his reality series which he is now filming. GB has played a gang member in the past albeit your British variety gang member, not just RocknRolla. He’s had tons of training in all kinds of weapons over several movies, that is why he was a good casting choice from the get go.

    It looks like this movie is starting mid July according to the latest casting calls so he has a month and to be fair we don’t know for sure how he may or may not have been prepping since January when things were firmed up.

    The accent is probably more important than anything. You wonder how much Sean Connery may have missed out because of his inability to do any other accent or did he? Well I guess GB is in good company if you look at it that way.

  • Belle

    @Sin: Are you the same person that told everyone on the previous thread to go suck an egg?

  • Nuts

    *arms folded, tapping foot impatiently*

    Okay…he’s been in LA for a couple of days.

    Where are the Starbucks photos?
    Where are the walking Lolita photos?
    Where are the sidewalk chats with random lovelies?

    C’mon people. He’s on home turf. Shouldn’t he be out and about?

    *shakes finger towards west coast*

    Scotsman! Don’t ye dare be messin’ with us. Show that face!
    We’ve put up with the having to track your moves on The Shag Tour 2010: “The Butler Serves Europe” while debunking the relationship rumors.

    You owe us one shot of you in the c*ck hat as you walk Lolita while holding a starbucks cup, chatting on your cell phone and checking-out a lovely passer-by.

    It’s call multi-tasking.

    Don’t make us come out there…

  • Guest

    I mostly lurk on Butler’s threads, but I have to say those posters who are his apologists and who call people out for buying into this story need to realize that the problem here is Gerard himself. I agree that entertainment/gossip “reporting” is more about speed and salaciousness than accuracy these days, but the old saying that if you stand near a fire don’t be surprised when you get burned rings true too. Butler is his own worst enemy since he places himself in a position for these stories to have some traction. Someone brought up Lohan and she is actually a good comparison for Butler too. Her biggest problem isn’t the legal system or her addictions, it’s the fact that she hasn’t owned up to anything and isn’t taking any steps to prove she can be trusted and is getting her life on track. Look at Robert Downey Jr. – people love a come back when the person involved had potential, but only when that person owns up to their indiscretions and proves that they have recovered, moved on and are able to be trusted again. If Lohan stayed home instead of going to clubs every night, and checked herself into rehab and treated it seriously, whatever legal repercussions she faces would be forgotten eventually. Gerry himself said that wherever there is smoke there is at least some fire, so no wonder gossip sites and tabloids run with stories about him and every girl he comes into contact with. I don’t believe every story about him or that he has had as many hookups as the media would suggest, but the problem with Gerard is that he is constantly caught in the press out partying, in cubs, with different woman surrounding him, kissing girls seemingly at random, etc. He’s 40 – what other actor his age and status or higher do you see doing the same? Does he really need to be out clubbing as much as he is? Does he really need to make friends and schmooze with every questionable character that he comes in contact with or gets introduced to? If he was really taking his position and career seriously and wanted to be seen in that manner, he would not provide the photo and story opportunities for the press that he does. I’m not saying he can’t enjoy himself and have a good time, but there is a time and a place for everything. Heck I’m more than 10 years his junior and though I could go clubbing every night if I so desired, I know that I would be doing a disservice to myself, my career, my friends and family, etc. if I did so. And his production company is simply another excuse for his recent time in Europe – what other celebrities with production companies do you see or hear cavorting the way he was just to secure money? Things don’t work that way. Most reputable celeb companies have deals with major studios for one (so that those studios are partners or assist in the production of the films). Then most additional financing (when needed) is obtained through other proudction companies, financial institutions or companies with history in the biz. Private donors/backers are not a common occurrence. If Butler put half of the effort people think he is putting into securing financing into his actual work (training, accent, scripts, etc.), then we might actually see a glimpse of the actor he first showed himself to be. But for now he isn’t reaching that elite level in Hollywood not becuase of his film choices (the real players in the industry respect comedies as much as dramas when you are talking about A-listers who deliver the goods and treat their careers with respect), but because of the company he keeps and the choices he makes. If I was Alan or BloAss I would be trying to get him to see this, but perhaps they already are but to no avail. You can hire the best advisors in the business but still look like crap if you don’t heed what they say.

  • redOctober
  • Belle

    @Guest: Well said, but I disagree on one point:
    I think Alan, this Joy character, and his assistants are also part of the problem.

  • Nuts


    Why aren’t my posts registering?

    *lifts up keyboard to see if Alan and Joy are lurking there*

  • Curious Carla

    Someone isn’t up on their Gerry knowledge. Gerry has, in the past, owned a motorcycle. He rode one in his past college years, and I think until recent years, still possessed a motorcycle. So he knows how to ride. Don’t think that will be a problem for him. Also, he may not still be in LA, as on Saturday, I think, at least in the next few days, the US Soccer team will go against the UK team, the first time in 60 years – the last time in 1950 (which was the subject of the movie The Game of Their Lives – a.k.a. Miracle Match, in which Gerry played goalie Frank Borgia). This will be a monumental match, and I’m sure Gerry will be there for it, as well as for the Brazilian team when they play. Legend has it that Gerry doesn’t support the UK team (only Scottish teams in tournaments), so he would most likely be on the US side. I’m sure he will also be there when Brazil plays, if his time permits.

  • Nuts


    Alan, yes. Joy, yes…but his assistants are merely employees.

  • Curious Carla

    Incidentally, the US teat England in the World Cup in 1950, 1-0. So it’s going to be interesting to see how this match plays out this time. History does tend to repeat itself sometimes.

  • Curious Carla

    That was “the US BEAT (not teat) England” Sorry, I didn’t proof read my post before I clicked on submit.

  • Old Mia

    I just checked, and the U.S. and U.K. play June 12 in Rustenburg, South Africa. I can’t imagine him making that marathon trip from LA, unless he also has MGP business to take care of in South Africa.

  • Nuts

    I would hope that this is “meet-with-dialect-coach-and-update-therapist” time in LA.

  • @OldMia

    @Old Mia: There’s no UK team in soccer. There’s the Welsh, the Scottish, the Northern Irish and the English team.
    The US is playing England on saturday.

  • Manny

    @Old Mia:
    The match between England and the USA is being carried on a major network here the States. This will be a fun match to watch.

  • long time lurker

    @ @OldMia

    Spot on. There’s no UK football team. Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland failed to qualify for the World Cup Finals (as did the Republic of Ireland).

  • Fritz the Lion

    T-DOT! I meant to tell you a while back…I enjoy your posts.
    *waves back*

  • Nuts


    Yes, and the guys here will be watching it and hollering their heads off…over pizza, wings, sandwiches, etc. Party Time!

    On The Butler Front: I hope he’s sequestering himself with a good dialect coach and doing some real script study.

  • Curious Carla

    If you will notice, I did say the US versus ENGLAND in my posts as well. I KNOW there is no team that covers the entire UK, I just tend to substitute UK for England sometimes, just out of habit. So please forgive my blunder, it was an honest mistake, and I DO know better.

  • T-dot

    @Fritz the Lion:

    Thanks Fritz ! I have always enjoyed your posts as well :)

    * Waves *

  • Guest

    @Belle and @Nuts

    Definitely agree that Allan and crew (who have any power in their position with Gerard) could be part of the problem as well. I only suggested that the possibility remains they might be advising him otherwise and he isn’t listening. However, if I was in their position and had a client like Gerard and they weren’t taking my advice I would probably want to end our association, not continue on in vain. I know people will argue that as long as they can get money from Butler, why leave, but to me that wouldn’t be enough. Especially since their reputations are at stake along with Butler’s. Imagine working for someone and having to clean up all their messes (ones that could have been avoided if they had heeded your advice), and having to confront on a daily basis that though you know how to advance all of your careers, this person is constantly sabotaging your efforts and making you look inadequate at your job in the process. It’s probably right then that Allan and Co. are part of the problem and not the solution!

  • Love to know

    I would love to know how he ever met Alan. Their kind of a strange pairing.

  • spanky

    >>>>>>>…………….OFF TOPIC ………..>>>>>>>>>>>>
    The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup after 49 years!

    Congrtulations HellothereGB, you have won the hockey pool and 20 bucks to go to your favorite charity, and if i don’t hear from you soon it will go to KKC.

    Hey folks, If hellotheregb approves this will bring the JJ/ GB board donation total for KKC to a whopping 60 bucks.

    good onya, pat yourselves on the back and puff out your chest with pride i say…and Gerry’s loyal fans think we are just rehabilitated, heartless, cold ,cynaical former phannies with cracked rose tinted glasses, that live on JJ 24/7, ready to roast Butler and his groupies with healthy doses of sarcasm, reality and wit. We have feelings people! Group hug!

    HA ! , take that GALS and nutters we have thrown the gauntlet at your feet.

    ok good feeling gone….

    @Manny I wonder if we are making Gerry scream?… lol….*wink*

  • Love to know

    oops – meant they’re a strange pairing.

  • how they met

    @Love to know: Gerry mentioned at the LAC premiere in London that he came to the US to do a commerical in 1997 and someone set him up an appointment with Alan who was already an agent. However, Gerry said he got drunk and blew off the appointment, but when he got back to London, he called Alan to apologize … and the the rest, as they say, is history.

  • redOctober

    @Love to know:

    …..strange pairing…..

    I’ve always felt the same about them…but, oh well, just MO.

  • Nuts

    No new romantic links announced today…???