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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Model Workout

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: Model Workout

Victoria’s Secret model-turned-actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley gets in a good workout at a private training studio in Los Angeles on Saturday morning (June 12).

The 23-year-old British beauty, who replaced Megan Fox in Michael Bay‘s Transformers franchise, is training for all of the intense action sequences in her debut movie.

Of course, Rosie toted around her favorite brown Alexander Wang Coco Duffel Bag.

20+ pictures inside of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley‘s model workout…

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rosie huntington whiteley working out 01
rosie huntington whiteley working out 02
rosie huntington whiteley working out 03
rosie huntington whiteley working out 04
rosie huntington whiteley working out 05
rosie huntington whiteley working out 06
rosie huntington whiteley working out 07
rosie huntington whiteley working out 08
rosie huntington whiteley working out 09
rosie huntington whiteley working out 10
rosie huntington whiteley working out 11
rosie huntington whiteley working out 12
rosie huntington whiteley working out 13
rosie huntington whiteley working out 14
rosie huntington whiteley working out 15
rosie huntington whiteley working out 16
rosie huntington whiteley working out 17
rosie huntington whiteley working out 18
rosie huntington whiteley working out 19
rosie huntington whiteley working out 20
rosie huntington whiteley working out 21

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  • ymselenafan

    hopefully with makeup…she will look better in the film. this girl’s got nothing on megan fox.

  • Donovan

    I didn’t realize it was ok for models to have bad skin.

  • Elizabeth

    And she’s supposed to replace Megan Fox? Huh?

  • deadpool

    She looks HUMAN and the fact that she doesnt hide her flawed skin like the rest of us is refreshign to see. esspeically for a super model. She even lkook like a sweet girl, unlkike megan whose face was no where near as natural of even kind looking. I wish this girl the best and hope she treds carefully. MEGAn Farce is over because of her mouth and bootlegged beauty this actuyally looks intellegent. VERTY refreshing….and I LOVE redheads

  • slambang

    That is one looong neck.

  • sune

    I remember when models were attractive


    That is a big zit. I want to pop it. Tyra had a segment about popping them on her show. The best way is to take 2 q-tips and squeeze until u see white goo explode out of it. Unless you get the white goo orgasm, the zit is not gonna go away.


    the word above says o r g a s m – oooooh a bad word!

  • Lorena


    Jezz, deadpool, give it a rest already. No matter how you word it, you’re still admitting to the fact that Megan Fox is hotter than this chick.

  • az

    first off Megan Fox is faker then a 3 dollar bill, her lips are pumped out to sh*t, her skin looks likes it’s been burned to a inch and will become plastic any day now, I don’t know if it’s peels or laser but her skin is looking freaky fake and if I recall Megan Fox had acne scars that’s why she does so much crap to her skin, and her noise has been tweeted like Angelina Joile’s but Megan went a little over board , now her noise looks like a piece of sculpture,…………… not that I care but let’s not pretend that Hollywood ‘ beauty queens” are natural beauty’s.

  • Vera

    Ok, Megan Fox looks better than her. I am not a megan fox fan but in general she has more appeal than this girl. Yes Megan is not natural, but its hollywood I don’t want to see average. I like my models/super models to actually be “HOT” sorry I googled pics of this girls with make up I’m not seeing it!

  • Melissa

    bay wants extra rehearsals

  • Sofia

    This girl is pretty , she is just in one of those days of the month, you know…before the period , it is common to get some acne and bloating.

  • riri

    This is the era of “non- pretty” models.
    Gisele, Alessandra, this girl as well as others, don’t even have a pretty face, and they all got somewhat masculine figure and/ or facial features.

  • .

    How is she replacing Megan? It’s a different character/role.

  • lisa

    rosie looks stunning

  • welcome to reality

    Every model is not seen everyday people… no one no one is perfect… not then, not now, not ever!

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l…

    …This blogger will do anything he can to make this fugly thing a celebrity. LOL.. `I’ll enjoy watching him fail, like he did with Lucas and Putz. Hahahahahaaaa..

  • raena


  • American

    Another American who knows how to sell her flesh but with no brains at all. Ask her about makeup and she knows it all. Ask her about economy and politics and she knows shi t

  • deadpool

    @Lorena: Megan Fox will never be attractive, she has no eyebrows and her bikini shots made me nausiated the girl doesn’t even have boobs SOLMEBODY FEED THAT SAD GIRL. She’s full of genetic disorders from the toe thumbs to the collapsing ribcage to her vomit/diareia coloured hair that is actuallblonde and orange skin. Now she did that god awful PS for interview and she’s ULTRA PHOTOSHOPED and humping her clone. That girl is just stupid and is nothing but a joke.

    This girl has a smile and I LOVE to look at her, her eyes are warm and full of life ulike Fox with her TNY TINY dead eyes and soulless face. This girl for some reason gives me the impression she’s going to be a breath of fresh air. She’s got her flaws and doesnt hide them but have NEVER gone under the knife or needle to get what she has naturally. ..again unlike Fox.

  • callie

    this chick is a less hot version of miranda kerr

  • Nadine

    She looks good even without make-up. I think she has nice skin.

  • nadine


    um sorry those girls are better looking than the aliens and freak looking models. hate big alien bug eyed bloated faced models. eww. rosie is pretty.

  • lyn

    the Big nose is back !!!

  • Meganisinshape

    Honestly, Megan is more beautiful than this girl. She has a terrible acne. And you don’t know if she isn’t using makeup to hide her skin’s problems. And you don’t know is she done any surgery.

  • Bryony

    Agreed. Megan has an OK body, but an amazing, unique face. I don’t think she had as much surgery as people has said she has. Nose job and lip plumpers definitely, but eyebrow lifts, liposuction, cheek implants, and her chin done? I think that’s going too far.

  • CanadaGirl

    Okay, who cares about the Rosie broad. Let’s talk about the SHOULDERS on that TRAINER! Wow. I’d let him press on my pelvis for awhile. Waa-waa-wee-waa!

  • Rolling My Eyes

    megan has horrible skin too.

    I remember everyone flipping out when those photos showcasing the craters on her skin were posted.

    I swear the only reason this girl gets so much hate is because people hate change.
    everyone used to hate on megan too so I bet when the movie is actually released these comments will sound a lot different.

  • @20

    She’s not American, idiot.

  • L

    If they’re gonna go with VS models… Candice Swanepoel is SOoooo much HOTTER than this chick AND Megan Fox!!!!!!!!!

  • ++Logan++


    i could understand if it was a singer or an actress, but a MODEL has a career that is solely based on looks. Her body and her face are her assets, so no, it is not “refreshing” to see a model look like that.


  • peahcy


    megan unique face???? really???? its pretty yeah, but unique no. come to america, you will see hot girls like her with dark hair and sexy looks all over the clubs in New York,Miami,and Los Angeles,Vegas lol. she has a very american look. Id say Rosie is farrrrr more unique looking. pretty is not unique. its boring. I like rosies look far more even if she’s not seen as “pretty” as megan. The only thing that made megan striking was dying her hair jet black to (appear to look “exotic”) when really she was born with a plain jane white girl face. and plumping her lips and getting her knocker fixed.

  • Mary

    GO GIRL.

  • fashionistar

    FOR ALL THE HATERS OUT THERE !!! please start being smart and stop judging , if you have nothing nice to say , say nothing !!!
    I met Rosie when she first arrived in NY , the girl is fresh , sweet and extremely beautiful in person and YES NATURAL !!!!
    Those pix are awful . As you might all notice on yourself , just a mm too much on the right , a funny yellow light ….and you look at your pix and think you are so ugly , well Photography is an ART for a reason and top photographers are paid top$$$ cause they know how to capture beauty . Photoshop is sometimes over used , I agree on that but its A must , photography makes pimples look 10 times more visible , you lose about 5 inches and gain 10 pounds , not fun at all ..all is a matter of not over abusing …Regarding Megan , I have not much to say , she looks good on camera , haven’t seen her in person .

  • rullestilladser

    Thank you for this site. Thats all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something speciel. You clearly know what you are doing, youve covered so many corners.kind regards

  • Dillon

    rosie i way hotter taller and has a nicer body than megon fox and rosie looks fine without make up and megon fox looks frumpy without makeup

    megon foxs looks ugly some thimes and rosie always looks hot

    i rather have a tall, pretty,and sexy girl (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley)

    than a shorter not as nice body somethimes wierdlooking girl (megan fox)

    rosie has DSL

    and megon has a small thomb

    megan fox can not compeet with Rosie Hutington Whiteley

    the photos you see are jest a liitle bad
    think about how megan fox looks without make up

  • Bo

    Im sure some of you ladies would like better than her without make up

    but slap some make up on yourselves, as well as on Rosie, well see who looks hotter then….

  • Hannah


    right because you probably have perfect skin and hair and a perfect body so you have a right to judge?

  • klsd

    Wow, how about you guys Google Rosie Huntington-Whitely BEFORE making all these judgments on her appearance based on these photos. I mean, she’s on her way to WORK OUT– I’m sorry she’s not glam enough for you. Rosie is a gorgeous girl with a great body. Megan Fox is attractive.. in a trailer-trashy kind of way (Example: Eminem video anyway? That’s her to a t).