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Orlando Bloom Takes Flight!

Orlando Bloom Takes Flight!

Orlando Bloom races back to his car in order to catch his flight at the airport in Los Angeles on Thursday (June 24).

The 33-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean star had stopped by a Wanna Buy A Watch shop in West Hollywood before flying out.

Earlier this week, it was announced that Orlando was engaged to his girlfriend Miranda Kerr. Although a date hasn’t been set yet, it looks like the planning phase is well underway as Miranda was spotted scouting out some churches.

25+ pictures inside of Orlando Bloom getting ready to take flight…

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orlando bloom takes flight 01
orlando bloom takes flight 02
orlando bloom takes flight 03
orlando bloom takes flight 04
orlando bloom takes flight 05
orlando bloom takes flight 06
orlando bloom takes flight 07
orlando bloom takes flight 08
orlando bloom takes flight 09
orlando bloom takes flight 10
orlando bloom takes flight 11
orlando bloom takes flight 12
orlando bloom takes flight 13
orlando bloom takes flight 14
orlando bloom takes flight 15
orlando bloom takes flight 16
orlando bloom takes flight 17
orlando bloom takes flight 18
orlando bloom takes flight 19
orlando bloom takes flight 20
orlando bloom takes flight 21
orlando bloom takes flight 22
orlando bloom takes flight 23
orlando bloom takes flight 24
orlando bloom takes flight 25
orlando bloom takes flight 26

Photos: Fame Pictures, Flynet
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  • Ed

    His hair is awful

  • Kris

    Is your bride to be giving you back your balls now?

  • lol

    He ain’t that cute anymore.

  • Kaz

    Like bathtub hahahahaha

  • http://whatabeauty... he…

    …looks beautiful and happy and i think he still has all his body parts in the right place…with a beauty checking them for him…thank you very much.

  • miss infamous

    Does he even act anymore?

  • @he…

    Yeah and she must have given him the best blo****s of his entire life to have him marrying her, that’s all this is about!

  • What happened?

    He’s lost his good looks. He might still be a sweet guy, but I would have thought he’d have aged better than he has. He was so pretty just a few years ago.

  • Billy

    The first pic is soo cute! He is gorgeous and sexy.
    I love him. Orlando looks so happy, Miranda makes him so happy !

  • Orlando loves Miranda

    He’s so happy because he’s marrying the stunningly beautiful Miranda, they make a gorgeous couple.

  • yes!

    He looks healthy, happy and gorgeous!
    He and Miranda are going to make beautiful babies!

  • omg

    After they finally get married he’s just going to be the kazillionth “actor married to model” in LA.

  • mailey

    he used to be cute, what happened?

    u know he hasnt looked good since he’s been with that frog faced aussie. just sayin.

  • @13

    I think that says more about YOUR attitude than it does about his looks.
    just sayin

  • Berry Sprite

    He has beard, cute smile though

  • @13….mailey

    meow meow!…..jealous much???….just sayin….lol.

  • awww

    He looks so happy!
    And I’m so happy for him!

  • Huh?

    @#16: Why would I be “jealous?” I’m female. I honestly used to think he was gorgeous (LOTR, POTC, KOH days) – but now, I’m sorry — he just hasn’t got ‘IT’ anymore (IMHO). Has nothing to do with the girlfriend — I happen to think she’s very pretty.

  • @18

    You called her “frog face”.
    And now you are saying that you think that she is pretty?
    Huh? is right.

  • Epic

    I like him… I hate Kerr though… -_-*

  • @19

    Nope, sorry, WRONG poster. I never referred to her as “frog face.” Get your facts straight before you accuse.

  • @21

    Then why did you respond to #16′s post that was directed at #13?
    Not too bright, are ya.

  • out of experience

    I cant believe he would marry someone as shady and manipulative as Miranda Kerr. He is either a complete idiot or just as bad she is.

    And dont even bother calling me a hater, cause I’m actually very impressed that she managed to get him so far as to marry her. There is nothing stupid about her, but of course having a sweet cute face helps when trying to make people believe you’re just an innocent sweetheart.

  • RUN!

    Lol, these pics are so cute.

  • @23

    You judge someone that you don’t know, and label her as shady and manipulative, then claim to not be a hater?
    I would hate to see what you would say if you didn’t like the girl.

  • out of experience @25

    I just said she is smart and impressed me. I dont think that constitutes as hating.
    I would hate to see what you have to say if you read a comment that was from a hater.

  • Jayne

    Orlando looks so good and he has not lost it. I would to meet him again i would love to look in to hes eyes again hes just sooooooooo lovely. You are the best orlando and still got it.

  • @26

    Oh, so calling someone shady and manipulative is a COMPLIMENT!
    Silly me.

  • sara

    I have a theory.
    just a theory, mind you.
    I think that they have been engaged since Paris. That’s when they both started to wear those little gold bands on their pinkies. They’ve worn matching jewelry before (bracelets, necklaces, etc) but I think that they used the traditional gold bands as a symbol of them taking the next step. I think that the rings were something special between them, until they were ready to reveal their engagement. It’s just too much of a coincidence that those rings showed up around the time a lot of rumors were circulating, and around the time of some very loving PDA.
    It’s just very interesting to me.

  • Asa

    Haters or shippres, loving or hating, real or PR (I think they’re real shagbuddies though) they definately get some attantion finally and I think it’s so sweet of Miranda to say aloud that she NEEDS to announce it. She is so private all in all, she talks about it all the time.
    I think they will be happy together, they don’t see each other all the time, when they see each other they are happy because it’s obvious when you miss someone you want to enjoy the everyday moments.
    When they live together casually, for a longer time, life will hit them hard,like it ihas hit people getting engaged/married on distance.
    I, myself, would like to congratulate both Miranda and the Kerr’s. They must be so excited and overly happy to talk to media right now. Well done guys!

  • bob’s your uncle

    As usual I like his smile. Any posts featuring that sunny smile is fine by me.

    Why do people care about his engagement? The venom is amazing. Who cares? Orlando is a sweet blast of fine eye candy. What more do people need from him?

  • Hubbahubba

    He’s gorgeous and happy and has still got it! He has matured in a beautiful way and is just the sexiest man. I’m glad he found love with someone HE chose. It’s not for us to decide for him. Time to let the bitterness go people.

  • @30

    When did Miranda say that she “needed” to announce it? She actually said that she wanted it to come from him. Which he did (through his reps, which is how it’s done for celebs).
    His family is talking about it, too. And why shouldn’t either family talk about it? Both sides seem thrilled. Orlando’s mum is very happy about the egagement, and even said that she knew that they wanted to start a family right away. Is there a double standard when it comes to her family and his?
    Double standard. Where have we heard that before?

  • ?

    It’s funny because if you think about would orlando be with miranda now? If he got to know that girl from the play . Orlando may have been with that girl now and not miranda?

  • @30

    In which reality does she talk about it all the time??

  • Asa

    In her Facebook reality.
    His family is not thrilled but I know, that everyone here knows better. So I think, you do know better.
    That’s ok.
    and for once I think it is wrong when Miranda’s family is opening their mouth yet again in media because it’s just sad, all in all it is their celebration But nothing hapens without a reason.
    I am off from this discussion so speak up your mind as much as you want, you are probably right.

  • Asa

    Once again, man it’s so pathetic that I write on JJ.
    I’m sorry for my previous message, I think you’re all right and nobody knows what is up.
    I just think it would be nice if we leave his family out of this because they have never really been involved in Orlando’s private life that much and I think they wouldn’t like to be discussed whether they are happy or not happy.

  • @Asa

    His mother said she’s very happy, praised Miranda and said the couple want to start a family soon….this is not me being right or knowing better, it’s just a fact that she said that and I couldn’t change that even if I wanted.
    I still fail to understand what’s so terrible about saying you’re happy for your son’s/daughter’s wedding, or about wearing your engagement ring….I must have a very bad code of ethics I guess.

  • Melody

    I don’t personally like Miranda, but if she’s what’s making Orlando’s face light up like this, then, okay. As long as he’s happy. He’s not getting any younger and he probably got tired of being alone—and he seems to adore children. So I wish him the best. I’ve gotta say, he looks beautiful here, his hair has always been his crowning glory.
    And just because he’s getting married doesn’t mean he will abandon his fans, I’m sure….he’s always been gracious and kind towards them. I still plan to meet him someday and pose for a picture with him, Miranda or no Miranda.

  • @Melody

    I don’t think he’s had time to get tired of being alone. He’s only been alone for one year, between Kate and Miranda.
    But thanks for showing you can not like Miranda and still be mature and accept that his personal decisions are his and only his to take.

  • @Melody

    I have to agree, i will still like him with or with out her. And if they do end it. And if miranda does say bad thing about orlando i will be on hes side i have a funny feeling she will if it ends.

  • yuck

    He gets uglier and uglier as the years go by. He was never that hot but now he looks awful. Ugh. Comb your hair once in a while and change your clothes. You can afford it!

  • @@Melody

    You can bet she’ll sing like a bird when it’ll be over.

  • @43

    They’re going to get married so for the moment everything’s far from being over

  • @44

    Yeah…she’s still virgin and he’s Prince Charming!

  • @45

    No, they aren’t. But they’re going to get married.

  • @46

    No doubt on that! Go get your dress done for the occasion!

  • c’mon

    He’s happy.
    Miranda is happy.
    His family is happy.
    Her family is happy.
    Why does this make some of his ‘fans’ so unhappy?
    He, and his family (who OBVIOUSLY know Miranda better than you THINK that you do) love her. So why is it so hard to accept the idea that maybe, just maybe, she isn’t the harpy that you describe?
    People that KNOW her, love her.
    If you can’t accept that FACT, then maybe you should just move on to worship/judge another actor.
    They are happy, in love, and getting married. Nothing that you say or do will change that.
    Get over yourselves.

  • Jayne

    @ 42 orlando is not getting uglier he looks good now and than thank you. If you dont like the way he looks than DON’T look at him and go away because lots of girls fined him to be very HOT. @ Melody i agree i will still love him even with miranda and why should’nt you still meet orlando, you go for it i hope you get your day.

  • Lohan

    what a hottie