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Jaden Smith Lets His Hair Out At BET Awards

Jaden Smith Lets His Hair Out At BET Awards

Jaden Smith arrives at the BET awards held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on Sunday (June 27).

The 11-year-old Karate Kid was joined by his actress mom Jada Pinkett Smith and sister Willow at the awards event.

Jaden also shows his support for Justin Bieber who is nominated for Best New Artist. The pair worked together for an exclusive song for the Karate Kid soundtrack where Jaden raps!

Other nominees for Best New Artist include Melanie Fiona, Nicki Minaj, Wale, and Young Money.

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Credit: Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • um

    not a good look. HI smom looks ok though

  • snotty

    what the f… is she wearing ???? what ever that thing is that is not looking good

  • Mia

    he always looks so smug. must be nice born into a rich famous family and have everything handed to you

  • KellStar

    I’m all for Canadians getting recognition but why is Justin Bieber being nominated for best new artist at the BET awards?

  • HEY

    @snotty: Its his hair what else its not plaited so when his natural hair is unplaited its an afro. Black luv respect

  • Asha

    Where the f*** are her pants?

  • julia

    I think his hair looks good like that.

  • Sam Reiki

    Jaden is really a good actor. He played his role excellently! Whatever fame he received right now is just the result of all of his hardwork for his movie.

  • Kirsten

    They are a beautiful family but they are so cocky. I love natural hair but I think his afro would look better with a trim. Call me silly but I am not a fan of Willow’s look because it looks to mature. The style is cute but she is only 9.

  • xoxo

    Holy never one to say anything about short shorts or short skirts/dresses..but this is the length of a shirt!!!!…seriously…YOU HAVE KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lalal

    where are his moms pants? =\

  • T pain

    Wacky Scientologists…

  • Jasmine

    Crazy fashion but a beautiful family!

  • yo sista

    WTF is she wearing? Oo

  • ccc

    jaden can’t help the fact that he’s a privileged kid was born to will smith but he does need an attitude adjustment. his interview with david letterman was a disaster. can’t believe his parents let act smart with his elders. i bet he talks like that to his parents. if you guys haven’t seen his interview w/ david letterman then go check it out. it’ll make you want to smack the crap out of him.

  • Alex

    Never liked Jada much. Nice bathing suit, mom! She tries to act all hard and fierce. I think she controls everyone in that family. Being controlling comes from insecurity, not strength. She’s a phoney! The kids are cute though. Hope they turn out like Dad. Oh, and Jada, nobody wants to see your chicken wing lookin’ 40yr old body.

  • Cassio Campos

    ihe is exactly like the Sideshow Bob, from The Simpsons…

  • Sean

    by putting on a jacket over a bathing suit doesn’t make it OK as a dress…

  • boo

    Is she wearing a onesie??

  • Gino

    i hate how spoiled and fame obsessed these kids are. yack

  • VNY

    Um…Jada needs to go put some pants on lol! I like this family though, they seem like good people.

  • Miss Tolerance

    Spoiled? I’m not seeing it. Assertive and confident, sure! Nothing is wrong with that.

  • Ish

    This family is really getting on my nerves. That Kid needs a slap upside the head!

  • b

    I am so sick of this family.

  • offtheproperty

    I saw Jaden on Letterman and I thought he was gracious enough. The main disconnect seemed to be the age difference and I’m guessing Dave’s not a fan of cornrows. Otherwise the usual blacks and whites talking past each other, offending and taking offense was in effect.

  • Ethan

    Anyone here seen any good movies lately? Not karate crap… which reminds me that there was no karate even in the movie… so why call it karate kid? They should have called “My daddy bought my movie.”

  • Donna

    Arrogant family…… I have never liked her.

  • kayohko


    because black people listen to justin bieber too

  • boo


    snooty was asking about what she was wearing, not Jayden’s hair. Learn to read

  • zzzz

    Money does not buy taste or class. And swimsuits plus heels equal tacky, esp. on the red carpet.

  • Oh, nooooooo!

    Somehow, needing to get a bikini wax to wear your dress seems kinda wrong.

  • Amazed

    Think of your daughter would you let her out of the house in
    a swim suit !!!!! i think not.
    Put some clothes on and leave the bathing suit wearing in public
    to Lady gagag

  • yvette

    I swear will is the only normal one in this family. What is jada wearing! Not normal clothing! Ugh the ridiculous things women present themselves in these days. And what is with jadens hair! And that little girl needs help. She wears the most ridiculous things. Come on, act your age, you can be a mini rihanna some other time in your life.

  • Thanks #15

    Thank you cc #15, you inspired me to check out Jaden’s interview on Letterman and I thought he was adorable, funny, intelligent and probably has a long career ahead of him in acting. His parents must be very proud.

  • http://h Kaz

    like perants Hair

  • http://facebook nunu

    omg i wish i was to c him he is sooo cute

  • Iffy Miffy

    Pic number 4 says it nicely – money, money and yet not an ounce of class, grace or style … horrid.

  • GossipGirl

    Oh man…it looks like Jada has a tiny little peen in that onesie/dress/thing…

  • leno

    he did great on Letterman and he is still a kid don’t forget.

  • Smith Jaden

    They have whites , black and Asians at all the award shows…you know the real people with talent.

  • Fay

    Poor Jada, she is trying so hard to keep Will Smith interested, personally I think he is just not into her anymore…watch this space.

  • Claudette

    When stage parents push their offspring on stage it never lasts for very long. Child stars rarely make it in the business when they grow up that;’s why is is better to wait until they reach a later age to decide for themselves if they want a life in showbusiness. If rich children are spoiled and exposed to too much too soon, blame the parents not the kids. If kids think their parents have cool jobs then they naturally want to do what the parents do. It is up to the grown-ups to say wait until you are of age. By the time Jaden is 18 he will probably be sick of the entertainment world because Jada encouraged him into it too soon. Will is not as much of a stage parent as his wife it appears.

  • me

    i love this family. Jaden is a touch arrogant but then so was his dad at the start….he’ll grow up and gain some humility. Just let him enjoy it now. his parents are great and seem very down to earth and interesting. I love Willow….she’s got such swag for a 9 year old.

  • me

    I love this family. Yes Jaden is a touch arrogant and cocky but then so was his dad at the start….he’ll grow up and gain some humility….again just like his dad. Willow has such swag for a kid her age…very creative. I love it. Let them enjoy doing what they clearly love.

  • laverdadduele

    Looks like omebody left the monkey cages at the zoo open…

  • jaye

    Hahahahahhahahaaaa! OMG you certainly can’t equate money with taste. Mom and daughter need a stylist and the boy has his smirk on as usual.

  • Dear Mom, thank you for never going out with me with no pants on and sorry for ever complaining about insignificant things. Seeing this I know you are a GREAT Mom. Love, your daughter

  • CanadaGirl

    This family is too cool. Jada, girl, you are lookin’ fine.

  • no fans of the afros

    this family is a bunch of ghetto crap and the kid needs to have his hair shaved and she i dont know what the hell she needs but its SCEAMING HELP

  • Alex

    Will is still famous. Jada isn’t. So she’s riding her son’s back like Zorro so she can say, “Look at my baby”, and remain somewhat relevant.