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Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Playdate Pair

Jennifer Garner & Violet Affleck: Playdate Pair

Jennifer Garner carries her 4-year-old daughter Violet into the car after an afternoon playdate at a friend’s home on Sunday (June 27) in Santa Monica, Calif.

Last week, rumors were flying that the 38-year-old actress and mother of two daughters was pregnant again.

However, according to People, her rep confirmed that it was only a rumor.

Jennifer is absolutely not pregnant,” the rep said.

This summer, Jen is slated to head to New York to film a remake of the 1981 comedy Arthur. She’ll be joined by costars Russell Brand, Helen Mirren, and Nick Nolte for the new film.

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  • soniaintown

    OMG!! Is Jennifer pregger??

  • whereskatie?

    She’s VERY manipulative if she’s NOT pregnant or just wants a lot of attention (I hope she is pregnant otherwise she’s so shady). She wears flouncy tops like that KNOWING the pregnancy rumors so she can lead on her fans and the media? Nice Jennifer…real classy of you. Need much attention lately?

  • lisa

    Her rep said she was not pregnant. I don’t think she is. Whats with you whereskatie? HOstile much?

  • Amy

    to whereskatie.

    Huh? Maybe she just likes loose shirts. My god, get a grip. She is living her life,playing with her kid, staying comfortable and loose.

    If she were trying to look sexy you’d be calling her a slut and a bad mother. Live your life and let Jen Garner live hers. Deal?

  • whereskatie?

    oh Lisa, yes so hostile that hostile enough for you? : ) USE YOUR BRAIN – knowing everyone is talking about you and then she wears a maternity blouse like this? Give me a break. If you believe that this isn’t planned I have a nice bridge to sell you in Alaska.

  • whereskatie?

    lisa + amy = same drank the kool aid jen garner fan.

  • anon

    Violet is a cute little girl, I am beginning to like Jen a lot now that I know she is involved in many charitable activities. I can see she is down to earth and good nature.

  • Sheri

    She sure looks pregnant to me, regardless of what her reps. say!

  • johnnie lover

    @whereskatie?: duuuude!!u have sme real issues!!!y shldnt she dress the way she wants becoz people like u are gone come to conclusions????i reaalie can never undersand people like you and ur complainin!!! real talk!!

  • Athina

    She isn’t pregnant but she sure needs a makeover or a stylist. Her clothes are atrocious. I like her a lot, just think she needs to dress in more flattering clothes. Where does she find these awful things she wears on a daily basis?

  • Boa

    @whereskatie – - Hail to the chief!!

    However, let the lady wear what she wants (I think she is pregnant and it’s no one’s business but her’s and whoever she wants to tell).

  • Boa


    Not to mention adorable Violet’s dress (and this isn’t the first outfit).

  • Reinhardt

    In pic 5 you really can’t tell if the person is either woman or a man. Scary.

  • Cheyenne

    She is so cute and such a cool mom plus a great actress. A complete package.

  • nia

    Her rep did denied she was pregnant and I bet the rumors must get tiring for her but wearing these kind of tops dont help Jennifer

  • Bella

    Jen is a great mom, why do people comment badly on her, she always thought of education for her kids rather than go “SHOPPING EVERY DAY” and she was heavily involved in charity activities (as “anon” said) especially education for children, because she learned from her mother who was a teacher that education the most important thing for the future, and her kids always dress appropriate for the weather.

  • lucylui

    yes a complete package of awfulness. she might be a nice lady and all, but she dresses awful and is quite manly looking, although she does scrub up ok sometimes.
    this is not what cute looks like by any stretchof the imagination!

  • really

    love her!!!!!! naturally pretty family!!!!!!

  • Slig

    Hay baby cute

  • Jade

    It’s nice to see such a hands on mum in Hollywood who doesn’t prance around in high heels and little dresses (aka Victoria Beckham). Jen & Ben seem like a very down to earth couple and great parents.

  • http://h Kaz

    Violet soo cute

  • chan

    mhhh…..she looks pregnant. but her reo denied it. i don´t know! maybe she won´t tell it the world now and comfirms it later…..

  • JenFan

    At least Jen G. wears clothes that are comfy and kid-friendly and isn’t afraid to get down and actually play with her kids! I’d take her over that over-the-top-ugly-snob of a woman- victoria beckham. At least Jen G. interacts and actually appears to be enjoying her girls’!

  • boo

    she IS preggers!

  • Pattycake

    We have absolutely no idea what type of parents celeb’s are until we start to see the results. Being photographed with one’s kids does not mean good parenting. @JenFan: Victoria B’s boys might adore their fashionista mother who still comes to their games and takes them to parks and the beach. As for Jen’s taste in clothes, I’d never dress like that to go out in the streets, but I’m not pregnant, which she surely appears to be.

  • Sues

    Oh, geez, another spoiled celebrity kid brat who cannot walk, at 4 1/2, but must always be carried. What’s with this trend in Hollywood, anyway? Will she be carried into Junior High? She can’t walk from the house to the car??
    And yes, Jennifer most certainly is pregnant. One look at this atrocious blouse ought to convince us all …

  • Soniaintown

    Hey, whether it was simply the wind or the blouse!! I don’t care!
    Guess I am kinda wishful thinking for Jen and Ben make beautiful babies.

  • omg

    I am surprised she said she is not pregnant. She looks pregnant . It is time to takes care of herself and lose the belly fat.

  • Jill

    When she needs to glam up, she glams up.
    My theory is she is trying to deter the psycho paparazzi from harassing her.

  • a realist

    Jenn’s pregnant. Maybe they will have a boy this time.

  • sorry

    I can’t stand her phony wooden personality and baby voice. Her lipfillers look ridic too. I know she has a super thin top lip before but it just looks bad now that she keeps re-injecting.


    KATIE CAN DRESS THE SAME AS JEN. SO lets do it man
    super size the remarks.. shall!!! Jen is not that bad
    but every time.. boy.. If you could only see Katie in Toronto dressed
    like a bum with her 14 dollar nightgown daughter in her arms..
    PLEASE …

  • keep that to yourself

    O MYG If she isnt prago… It sure looks like a prago

  • buddy

    Her rep is as honest as Jennifer herself. Ben needs her as a wife, whether he likes it or not, and it was all by PR design. Ben looks like his life force has been sucked out of him(has for a long time). There is NO WAY Ben would have eneded up with a woman like Jennifer Garner had he not been forced to do it. NO FRICKEN WAY. And I’m not talking about her getting herself knocked up, i’m talking about his PR people. I swear to God, she must get dressed with the lights off in a pitch dark room. Who pays that much money on clothes to look that horrible?

  • michile

    whatever she wants to wear while running errands is her business :-) she dresses for comfort unlike other hollywood celeb moms out there..
    i truly adore and love the garner-affleck family, they’re so down-to-earth people.
    violet is really pretty just like her mom jen!!
    jennifer is beautiful inside and out…