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Alexander Skarsgard: Honolulu, Hawaii for Battleship!

Alexander Skarsgard: Honolulu, Hawaii for Battleship!

Alexander Skarsgard carries a single duffle bag as he arrives at Hawaii’s Honolulu International Airport via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (July 5).

The 33-year-old True Blood actor is in town for his new Peter Berg-directed movie, Battleship, opposite Friday Night Lights hunk Taylor Kitsch.

Alex will play a straight and narrow naval officer while Taylor will be the wildly spirited naval officer who idolizes his brother.

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  • Carla Nelson

    Now you all understand what I have been saying all the time. AS is full of crap he is in on this too. He does not want to stop this attention he can get rid of them if he wants to. I have been convienced for a while but this puts the icing on the cake. He gets of the plane and right away the pap is waiting. He’s phony all that Cochella incident were he pretended he didn’t like the paps was just an act to the fans. The way I look at it he could have went another way when he saw the photos being taken. I know you won’t be able to run all the time but this is a set up. Who can afford to follow you around the world and take pictures of you unless they are getting paid big time. Think about it they must be paying top dollar to have the attention on them it’s probably the same photographer that takes these pictures all the time.
    He is paid to cover them only.

  • Jam


    LoL thx man, this might actually scare of the crazies once and for all… lol

  • miscalculation

    We may not get a Kate sighting this weekend after all. Alex is going to be off to Sweden by next week. He won’t be there long either. His role in Melancholia is minor, and he has to be back in Hawaii by the end of August.

  • I can do without

    @miscalculation: Oh no, we are going to miss a KB sighting. I am so concerned and upset about that. – NOT. :)

  • N.P

    @100 & 101


    I have noticed that there are two posters who are questioning the validity of the information that I have been providing recently. I do appreciate your post and I can understand your comment.

    As a university student I would never copy and paste articles, pictures, videos without providing a link. As students we are taught to research which I have done when posting on JJ.

    I have never been on the purse forum. I am assuming it is also an Alexander skarsgard forum that also provides the same information and links that I have been providing which has caused you to be very suspicious. If I do take information from any Alexander skarsgard websites or forum I would always acknowledge and give credit to them in my posts.

    Thank you

  • Forget them

    @N.P: Hey N.P. forget those comments. They are probably not happy because in the past you have posted links that are neither pro nor anti-Kate, and you know most everyone here is going to bash someone who is not completely about Katehating. Personally I like to occasionally read more than just pure bashing. Who cares where you got the link from??

  • splash
  • @ Splash

    Thanks for the link. Now I know where my old Barbie clothes ended up.

  • heidi

    LAX ALWAYS has paps lurking. It’s one of the sure bet places to see celebrities. No one has to call paps to the airport.

    And as far as whether he qualifies for paps following him, the more hits a website gets for photos of a star, the more they are worth. Alex’s photos get hits, as this site always shows.

  • @heidi

    @heidi: I am starting to wonder about his hits. Most of the comments are about Bosworth, and the post did not even mention her. I really don’t think he is as intriguing on his own.

  • Vanessa

    What’s so amazing about this guy? Why do women feel the need to harp on about howww “sexyyyy” he is.

    I can see his appeal in TB because Eric is a very mysterious bad ass character…but in real life? He’s very plain, unkempt and has horrible fashion taste. That and his track record of womanizing and how big his ego is. I think girls these days are a bit shallow and look passed all this just because he’s so “hot” …this is coming from a girl btw. He ain’t all that.

  • Carla Nelson

    I responding to the #112. Girfriend I see your point. He never was all that and a bag of chips. I”ve seen sexy and it ain’t him. Different strokes for different folks and I can give credit when it is due but in his case it aint. He is not handsome or sexy. I will give him an okay on an average looking guy. Even in TB he is not that all that becuase in the books as I recall Eric was handsome. Now if you want to really pick a character he could have had both looks and sex appeal in TB. I got a closer look and the new guy name Joe to tell you the truth he looks better than AS. What has brought him down is the weight loss. What little sex appeal he did have thats gone now. To me he is just a walking ladder.

  • yup

    @Vanessa-i wonder the same thing, why are people so hung up on him? hes pretty blah if you ask me, its only when you see him in Eric mode does he appeal to you, and its a constant struggle to find that hotness in him cuz hes so grungy. Hes tall and lean, and he could seriously dress to kill if he wanted, yet he choses to wear pants that sag from his a$$.

  • evathediva

    @Jam: while it might give the other crazies a false sense of hope. Mmm, like you Hans..LOL….Good gracious he’s a drunk swede and European..@Carla Nelson: yes he has lost ALOT of his hotness. Joe will probably give him a run fo rhis money but he needs to amp it up and fast. He is a sexy mutha thoughLOL@@heidi: @Forget them: however I don’t see where Kate is intriguing at all. Alex is loosing his steam for sure, but Kate is like an old yellowed newspaper ,she’s such old news. She’s trying to stay relevant.

  • evathediva

    @N.P: well being a member of the several AS sites, they are very protective of their information. I have been taken to task also for posting links from them. However it was taken down so apparently no one did their research. The NY Post has gotten ahold of it and splattered it over the front pages.…KGvFGy3e8KONmO

    SO hence the Nelly Fang and gay and bi rumors will star again, I’m sure, and who knows maybe he is. Dang his ish blew up since he has left town. He needs another PR firm they are screwing him around big time. Taking all his money….:)

  • yup

    @Evthediva–NyPost took it down as well! what a bummer..luckily i saw the pics before they went down, and umm they were quite disturbing (?) alot of people say that that’s how Europeans are when they get drunk, i really dont know what to believe. BUt i really think he may be bi, and i dont know why he wants to hide it, because i’ve seen him interact with guys and hes like almost blushing when talking to them and it kinda creeps me out. Like for True Blood he did the Trubie and Newbie interview with Dennis O’hara (?) (Russel edington) and Alex was really acting weird, he was like (referring to Dennis) “he’s so cute” and he NEVER took his eyes off dennis.

  • evathediva

    @yup: really? I am going to have to look at that interview. Yeah I was surprised when looking at that video, I’m wondering what he is saying about it. I guess it touched a nerve with someone, because they have taken it down everywhere. hmmmm..Wow!!1

  • evathediva

    @yup: Really? I must look at that video. Well I heard he has been making good use of his trailer on set, LMAO. Apparently that video touched a nerve with someone, they have taken it down everywhere. MMMM… I guess Kate does not need to worry about fangurls only, she might need to worry about the fanboyze also? Wink Wink…..just kidding ladies.. LOL

  • yup

    i guess it is true, PR people do surf the web-i wonder if ALex got a wind of that video, wonder what his reaction might’ve been. He looked quite happy, he never looks like that with bonesworth, not even a fraction of it. So, if he’s happy then it really shouldnt matter if his preference is guys more than girls, or any guy over bonesworth. lol

  • heidi

    Guys, the video is one of the extras on the Beyond The Pole blu ray. It’s not some secret footage outing Alex. Rhys isn’t gay, either. They were drunk as skunks and dancing to Queen and that’s entirely suitable to a Queen video. (-: The Beyond The Pole guys obviously thought it was very funny of both actors–and it is! Let’s not be humour impaired about it. The video was most likely removed because the Beyond the Pole people want people to buy their product–that’s usually why videos are removed from youtube.

  • JM

    Wow! They moved fast didn’t they?! I’ve seen lots of strait men drunk and NEVER have any of them draped themselves over one another, licked their friend’s back, nuzzled their friend’s neck or bit their friend’s bum. Must be a Swedish thing.

  • heidi

    From many of the comments on fansites–it is! Apparently when you see drunken Swedes on holiday, personal space does not exist. Lots of cultures are much more relaxed about men expressing affection or teasing each other than North American. Also, remember they are dancing to Queen, and Freddie Mercury mixed glam rock with anthem rock. He was the epitome of androgynous flamboyance–well, maybe David Bowie in his Ziggie era takes that title. When you are three, four or five sheets to the wind, the inner glamrocker comes out!

  • evathediva

    Seriously I think he was drunk and having fun. I do not think he is gay and if he is its his personal business. He seems like a very fun loving guy to me. I do know that I’m sure this is not what he bargained for, his life or adventures being plastered everywhere.

  • Forget them

    @evathediva: But that’s just it, as individuals one might care less, but when you put them together it becomes intriguing. You analyze interaction, clothing, smiles, grumpiness, everything. It doesn’t matter if you hate them together or love them together, it is still the same type of analyzing. You may come up with different conclusions, but still it makes you think. When AS is alone, I hardly give him a glance (unless he is in a suit/tux… then I might take another look), but AS+KB means I will click on the gallery, zoom in, etc. KB may not be relevant, but the combo is still thought provoking and no, it is not just because people don’t like her.

  • Hmm

    @evathediva: I think the only thing the video/pictures prove is that Alex is very different behind closed doors. I don’t think he is gay or bi, but I think he may act very differently with Kate when they are alone.

  • Alex we hardly know ye

    @Hmm: yeah, I agree. What do we know about him really? We see him walk ahead of her and think it means something for those few minutes, but really I can see him behaving differently when it is just the two of them or around his friends. Once again, it’s Alex that seems to have opened a whole new dimension.

  • Clue

    It’s more than likely he behaves very differently when they’re alone. Who knows? Or really cares at this point? In their business public perception is everything. Regardless, he still behaves like some drunken, juvenile frat boy instead of an almost 34 year old. I find it difficult to believe that Smith, Clooney, Damon, Cruise, Farrell or any other A list actors behave like that or if they did would allow it to be filmed. On the other hand, I would have paid to see a stoned, naked Matthew McConaughey playing the bongos.

  • He is very typical

    From viewing the video I saw two guys drunk on their butts, having fun with the rest of the people there. It looked like everyone was having fun, and AS looked like it would not take much for him to pass out. Who cares how he acts in private with KB. I just think its weird that he walks 20 ft in front of her when the cameras are out. If they were a real couple wouldnt he be proud to walk next to her. This is my girlfriend, but no we do not see that. We see weird photos of her always following him around.


    Oh baby, Let the fun begin!
    After THAT video that got yanked, you just watch, there’s gonna’ be some really “impressive” PR salvage work coming up next !
    Ah-h-h- YES , BLUE (Crush) Hawaii is gonna’ be such a beautiful backdrop for our next dose of “Believe It Or Not”!

  • Clue
  • JM

    @ Clue
    You’re fast but “the others” are faster. The clip is already gone but the stills are still there.

    Just wanted to clarify myself on my last post. I’m not saying Alex is gay/bi (although now I’m more inclined to believe the rumors). I’ve just never seen strait men act like that drunk. Since alcohol does tend to bring out things you supress when you are sober, it appears he may have those tendencies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, a man would be a step up for Alex.

    @ Get Ready Folks
    I’m with you. I’m sure there will be some sort of show over the weekend. If no Hawaii pics emerge, I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Although, I do love the free entertainment I get from reading the comments.

  • CuteChef

    Yes, the streaming video is down, but there is a link on that page to download the video *evil grin* I saw it yesterday before it was removed, and very happy I was able to download it.

    Here’s the download link:

  • heidi

    “I find it difficult to believe that Smith, Clooney, Damon, Cruise, Farrell or any other A list actors behave like that or if they did would allow it to be filmed.”

    Really? Clooney’s party habits are legendary–he just hasn’t had a clip released on the internet. And Colin Farrell’s partying ways almost sabotaged his career. Lots of people have drunken parties with friends in their past. And when you are stranded in Greenland in the winter, a wee nip of whiskey probably goes down well.

    Hopefully Alex is cool enough to have signed off on the video–I can’t imagine it would be included as an extra if he hadn’t. I love how confident he is in himself. And how sexy he is, even smashed!

  • Jury’s Still Out On this One

    The first time I see ABSOLUTELY ANY video of Alex touching,feeling, licking, or draping his body around an actual HUMAN FEMALE will be the day that I believe he’s straight !!!!
    Sorry to say thou, that evidence so far seems to point to the contrary!


    @Jury’s Still Out On this One: I TOTALY AGREE WITH YOU.

  • Jam

    @Jury’s Still Out On this One:

    I see… So you are saying that gay people in general act this way? lol

  • Jam’s The Man!

    Oh, Jam you are so adorably troublesome, such an epic little fire starter,I could just kiss you…..Which set of cheeks do you want it on?…Oh wait, I guess that’s self explanatory!

  • Blackcat99

    The video is back up at the New York Post.I just watched it.

  • WHAT?

    How are you guys not making a bigger deal out of this?? I could not watch past 56 seconds. I do not want to see him like this. Sorry any amount of KB is better than that. I do not even understand what he was doing, and no I don’t think he was behaving that way because it was a Queen song. He didn’t even look that drunk. And it isn’t about the amount of partying, sure that happens. It is more about the WAY he parties. Juvenile.

  • Bring her back


  • Blackcat99

    Alex is fixing to turn 34.If this is how he acts when he gets drunk then I think he might want to slow down on the drinking.You can tell in the video that Rhys is not all that comfortable with what Alex is doing after a few minutes.Also,do you really think HIS COSTARS or Friends were laughing with him or at him!Rhys just looked like he was happy to have caught it on film I’ve seen a lot of drunk men and I’ve never seen a straight man hang all over a man like this not even in fun.I still love Alex and weather or not he is gay or not I do not care.If IF he is gay or Bisexual I do not think he should have to hide it.As far as Kate is concerned I still can’t stand her.I’d rather see him with a man if it made him happy.

  • Too much

    That was just excessive. My perception of him has changed completely. I don’t think he is gay, and I don’t think he is with KB for PR either. She does not need him to get onto gossip or fashion sites. Designers want to dress her, and they are not going to stop. Nothing has changed for her. He is getting much more attention with her, for whatever reason, but it is still true. They are like a middle class Jake and Reese. People were probably evenly split on that relationship but they wanted to see more of them. Nobody cares about Rachel/Hayden, Kristen/Dax, Anne Hathaway and whoever, but this couple garners attention.

  • Turnoff

    Look if he is gay, it does not affect him on TB as Eric. But if his desire is to attain leading man status over here, that is not going to happen. I have no problem if he is gay, but I will stop lusting after him.

  • @Too much

    I disagree about Kate. Fashion sites will always post her but outside of JJ most gossip sites could care less about her until she started dating Alex. JJ was the only site posting about her regularly no one else cared. Everything has change for her as she has been in the press more with Alex than her last bf James. And for the record people don’t want to see more of Kate/Alex they just want to understand why Alex is going out with someone that goes against everything he claimed to want in a woman and goes against eveything he stood for as a person. We all wish she would just go away.

  • More

    Found this blog interesting:

    Here is the best line, “Don’t get Alexander Skarsgard drunk around you or he’ll try to rape you like a horny T-Rex.”

    However much you may not want to admit it, this is so much worse than the KB relationship.

  • Stills are worse

    @More: After viewing the still photos from the video, I think they look worse. I am sure he does not like this type of photos out, unless he does not care about his image. SInce he walks a mile in front of KB when the paps are in front of them, then I am sure this must not make him happy. Maybe he needs to quit drinking, at least when the cameras are around. T-Rex comparison- that was funny.

  • heidi

    Most people seem to get it’s a drunken cast party, I think. Rhys talked about this video at one of the festivals and he said it was a case of being stuck somewhere where there was nothing else to do but drink and harass each other. So they did.

    This is an extra on a DVD. Obviously the filmmakers did not think they were outing Alex by releasing it. No one does that to their actors. They’re expecting people to think it’s funny. It’s like the extra on The Lord Of The Rings where Viggo Mortensen kisses Billy Boyd to encourage Sean Astin in his kissing scene. When people are together on an isolated and close film set, they get very comfortable and very silly with each other.

  • Bad move

    @heidi: Here’s the thing, they may be expecting people to think it’s funny… but it wasn’t. From the comments here, which is pretty much AS friendly, nobody thought it was funny at all. I can imagine maybe people behaving in that manner for a short duration, but over two minutes was just way too long. A kiss is just a kiss, no big deal…. but Alex was all over the place and his face in that ass, well that is not going away. People had a hard time when he grabbed Arlene Moon’s head between his legs at Coachella, but this is something that goes beyond getting drunk in an isolated location where there is nothing else to do. Not funny at all.

  • yup

    @Bad move:
    Who’s Arelene Moon? I know she was the crotch grabber, but other than that who is she??

  • Bad move

    @yup: Apparently, she is someone who works for Coldplay’s management company. She and Kate are close, and from the looks of it Alex knows her pretty well now also.