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Gerard Butler is the Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler is the Machine Gun Preacher

Gerard Butler dons slicked back hair, a leather vest and a sleeveless Harley-Davidson Motorcycles tee while shooting his new movie, Machine Gun Preacher, on Monday (July 12) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish actor plays Sam Childers, a biker preacher-defender of Sudanese orphans.

In this scene, his character returns home and his daughter is waiting for him with a “Welcome Home Daddy” sign.

10+ pictures inside of Machine Gun Preacher star Gerard Butler

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gerard butler machine gun preacher 01
gerard butler machine gun preacher 02
gerard butler machine gun preacher 03
gerard butler machine gun preacher 04
gerard butler machine gun preacher 05
gerard butler machine gun preacher 06
gerard butler machine gun preacher 07
gerard butler machine gun preacher 08
gerard butler machine gun preacher 09
gerard butler machine gun preacher 10
gerard butler machine gun preacher 11
gerard butler machine gun preacher 12
gerard butler machine gun preacher 13

Photos: GSI Media
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  • Kelly


  • BEAN

    Lets hope he’s staying Scottish and not putting on that ridiiiiiculous American accent he does.

  • Jams

    I get that this is for a movie but he looks soooooooooo dorky!

  • lucy

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  • Darren

    Onion breath and STDs is all I see everytime I see a photo of this greasy ******

  • Manny

    Thanks JJ. Great piccies we haven’t seen yet. Bravo! *applauding*

  • fame is a b*tch

    Ridiculous. This man was so cool before. But now, not. He is infected by Hollywood fame and it hits him badly.

  • sukar


  • Now Then

    He’s got an 80s quiff ha ha. He looks like a 21 Jump Street reject.

  • guess

    guess what..they are probably filming scenes from the 80s…you people are really something

  • Manny

    @Now Then:
    I gotta admit the pompadour definitely would make Elvis jealous. I notice there are extensions in the back for length. Are these the earlier years? Thank God they didn’t fauxstache him to. hahaha

  • Jams

    @guess: That’s obvious, doesn’t make it less dorky.

  • Simply Hopeful

    Can’t believe we have another new thread already! Great pics JJ…Love his hair longer!
    Waves to the regs!

  • guess

    well…dorkiness is in the eye of the beholder…

  • JewelryMaker

    A new thread already? Yay. He will probably get the ‘stache in later scenes.

  • Stacy C

    This just proves that the mullet can even make a hot man look horrid. DEATH TO THE MULLET!

  • LauraS

    it seems like lately we only have hair threads in GB Land :)))
    no parties, no Starbucks, no kissing threads…..just hair!

  • Manny

    @Stacy C:
    I now have Mullet Man to the tune of Elton John’s Rocket Man going through my head. Thanks. hehe

  • LauraS

    @Stacy C: so true! I’m looking at him and he seems a completely different person…I blame the hair!

  • cubedweller

    Great pics – thanks JJ!

  • Now Then


    Uh uh uh Lmao

  • sukar

    For me, he looks good even with the mullet :)

  • fairy
  • *eyeroll*


    “…a completely different person….”

    I think that’s the point. It’s ACTING and he’s disappearing into the character, they way he used to be able to do so completely that no one recognized him from one role to the next. Which just might mean this movie truly is a return to form for him, to which I can only say “GOD I HOPE SO!”

  • Old Mia

    When did JJ sneak this in on us? I apologize for doubting the pap.

    Wow. Butler looks tough as nails in that costume. Good job costume and makeup. The rest is up to G.

  • lol

    sometimes he’s kinda of adorable in a hopeless way….but he’s FAAAAR from hot…whatever floats your boat hahahahaha

  • Manny

    You magical creature. Again you find what we can’t. *mwah*
    BTW in that pic of him walking away… I notice his ass is missing again. hehe

  • LauraS

    @*eyeroll*: I didn’t say “different” was a bad thing….I agree with you 100%
    *hoping GB will act the h*ll out of this role

  • Gracey

    I think this part of the movie is set in the 90s when their daughter was a little girl. Gerry looks just like bikers around some bars in my area. I don’t like the look personally, but he’s got it nailed for the movie.

  • Old Mia

    @Gracey: I was just thinking about the same thing.

    There are a variety of biker types in the world. Preppy bikers, weekend middle-aged bikers, rich bikers, poor bikers and the type of biker that Sam was at this time of his life. It’s a culture of it’s own, and of course the look isn’t what many people find attractive. But that was Sam’s culture and that’s what’s G is portraying. I think some people seem to think he should pretty up the role. This is about a real person. No need to whitewash it. I can’t wait to see what the look in Africa will be.

  • long time lurker

    Evening JJers

    Feels like I’ve been away for ages but it’s good to see a new thread. I’m looking forward to this movie and hoping G does a fantastic job

  • dd

    He looks like an older SHIA LABOUF…

  • Tammee

    Is Butler still with that French reporter?

  • The Doctor Is In

    Nice mulletude, Butler.

  • Nuts

    Is that Lynn Childers talking to him (the woman holding his face, and he has his hand on her waist? She looks like she’s giving him guidance or something.

  • Nuts

    And…I’m liking this look.

    My, my, my.

    I was never the one who liked the bad boys but since finally noticing Gerry I’m suprised how much I’m attracted to them. (With age comes wisdom?)

    Anyhow, loving the biker look.


    Nice pics, but they need to thin out his hair on top a little, so its not …so high. When I look at the pics my eyes to right to the hair.


    …go right to his hair. Sorry. Need edit button.

  • Old Mia

    @Nuts: I wondered who that is as well. The woman has the same kind of hair as Lynn. Could be.

  • *eyeroll*


    I’m thinking that’s Kathy Baker who plays Sam’s mother. It’s def. not Michelle Monaghan.

  • ALS

    He’s amazing. Even his body type changes with different rolls. His arms look like a real biker’s arms, not like King Leonidis or even Mike Chadway or Milo.

  • Manny

    I have to agree. His arms have the biker flab going right now. I miss his beautiful defined guns. *sigh*

  • *eyeroll*


    but I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before. lol

    Damn! Really need an edit button!

  • spanky

    d.listed has a few different pics over there if anyone is interested

    nice to see Laura S. and Buts back

    morning jj’ers

  • gossiphound

    But you can see Michelle Monahan in a few of those shots, she is wearing a short flowered skirt or shorts.

  • Manny

    Our Gerry is even looking a little soft in the belly dammit.
    What i want to know, is why does the stunt double have better hair than the star? hehe

  • LauraS

    @spanky: hey you!
    you all know I love GB but today I’m really loving this (sorry for all uninterested but this made my day :)

  • spanky

    your right manny….lol ……….

    gerry went for the hair gel i guess, or last night’s KY

  • Old Mia

    @Manny: Did you read the ‘article’ that goes with the dlisted pics? The Cyrus-ized part and the El Camino and … I laughed until a cried. Sorry, G. You know I love you, but that was some funny stuff.

  • fairy