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Gerard Butler: Bridge Cafe Preacher

Gerard Butler: Bridge Cafe Preacher

Gerard Butler and a female friend head to the set of his new movie, Machine Gun Preacher, on Monday (July 26) in Detroit, Mich.

The 40-year-old Scottish stud filmed scenes at the Bridge Cafe (130 South Fort Street).

Earlier this month, Gerry, his co-star Michelle Monaghan, and pal Demi Moore went karaoking together at Rockstarz Karaoke Bar in Garden City, Mich.

15+ pictures inside of Machine Gun Preacher star Gerard Butler

Just Jared on Facebook
gerard butler bridge cafe 01
gerard butler bridge cafe 02
gerard butler bridge cafe 03
gerard butler bridge cafe 04
gerard butler bridge cafe 05
gerard butler bridge cafe 06
gerard butler bridge cafe 07
gerard butler bridge cafe 08
gerard butler bridge cafe 09
gerard butler bridge cafe 10
gerard butler bridge cafe 11
gerard butler bridge cafe 12
gerard butler bridge cafe 13
gerard butler bridge cafe 14
gerard butler bridge cafe 15

Photos: MavrixOnline
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  • craigy



    mass phannie suicide alert


  • athena

    Love him. Hate the clothes and the hair.

  • redOctober

    @craigy: …mass phannie suicide alert…

    ; D

  • redOctober

    Dear Sukar…I bow to you! ; P

  • lady friend

    looks like Laurie.
    a little skinny but pretty.he on the other hand looks gross.

  • Old Mia

    OMG. Guess that answers the question. Sukar, are you here?

  • LoveIt
  • N.

    Looking forward to Machine Gun Preacher. Also looking forward to the end of filming so he can cut that hair. ;-)

  • status quo


  • gossiphound

    if it is you know who her timing sucks she should have been here before they made the announcement about the morning show

  • identity unknown

    The hair is very much Laurie’s but not one shot of the face to confirm the identity. Laurie should be a little taller than this lady.

  • Gilda the Good

    It’s the end of the world as we know it. Hehehe. I’m amazed she came here. I figured he’d go to Paris on his way to South Africa. Guess the good behavior is because he is in a relationship.

    Now, let the ripping her apart begin… She must know what’s ahead. I’m sure he’s explained it all to her.

  • Gilda the Good

    It’s the end of the world as we know it. Hehehe. I’m amazed she came here. I figured he’d go to Paris on his way to South Africa. Guess the good behavior is because he is in a relationship.

    Now, let the ripping her apart begin… She must know what’s ahead. I’m sure he’s explained it all to her.

  • observation

    @identity unknown: Laurie just wears very high heels most of the time. Remember the beach photos. She’s not that tall.

  • Nuts

    Pretty bold of him to have her out in the open. He must be comfortable having her seen. How long has she been there (and isn’t she working right now).

    Next stop Paris?

    It would have been nice to see them holding hands in a candid (not staged shot) to confirm a romance.

  • david

    Hmmmmmmmmm. If that’s Laurie, it must be serious. Butler hasn’t brought out a girlfriend this publicly in years – if ever. In fact, I can’t remember him ever having someone on set. He must be making a statement. The Phannies will be divided. Some will love it, some will throw away their Merek dolls and go into a deep depression.

  • Old Mia

    Well, there’s nothing romantic in these photos. She’s following at a respectable distance, but I’m pretty sure she wouldn’t have come to Detroit from Paris just to visit a ‘friend.’

  • mailey

    yuck, he looks gross.

  • cubedweller

    HaHaHaHaHaHaHa! ♡…I…LOVE…it!…♡
    Dear Sukar
    I’ve always found your obsessions with Kristie and Laurie annoying, if not slightly demented. I hereby humbly apologize to you. You must have seen something many of us did not. Good for you.
    I sincerely wish them genuine happiness. And for her, a very thick skin.

  • frenchfry

    make you wonder, does she actually have a kid, how old and who is the father really? maybe someone thinks the time is right to ‘fess up?

  • charies

    Manny just might jump over a bridge over this.

  • Simma
  • Slig

    Jared u brother here gerard

  • Kaz

    i know u imitation me kaz .ur a moron

  • Old Mia

    @frenchfry: No she doesn’t have a child. There was a photo of her with a child but it was in connection with a TV show she did. She was quoted in an interview and part of her statement was “I’m not a mother yet.”

  • Merlin

    Laurie is indeed very tall and in the only pic we can see this woman clearly she’s a lot shorter than him and she’s wearing heels… Then this one is very dark-skinned, Laurie isn’t “that” coloured…
    Ok, I’ll say one of the Brazilians… so next stop Rio??
    * * *
    As a wizard… I can foresee a phannie mass suicide… actually everybody can foresee that… lol
    * * *

  • sukar


    Lol thanks :) But are there any face shots? I can’t see her face.

  • Dusty

    Let the speculating begin!!!

  • david

    @Simma: OH, yes. That’s definitely her.

  • Merlin

    I think we’re all here just to speculate… when we have nothing to speculate about…this place is pure boredom!!
    By the way, if he’s happy… who cares? I’m just rofl at the thought of the motherships sinking like the Titanic tonight…
    *grabs popcorn and grabs a seat in front of the laptop until late night*

  • Simma

    What morning show?

  • Hancock

    The pic at Post #23 pretty much shows it’s Laurie alright. But if history is of any guidance, Gerry rarely appears in public with his real girlfriend. Why wound he make an exception for Laurie? Can’t a friend or FWB visit him on set? PR for Laurie for the third time? Questions questions.

  • sukar


    He would make an exception for Laurie because she’s a serious gf and he wants his fans to know. He’s slowly introducing her to the public. Pretty simple.

  • Cookie

    Holy crap, this Laurie girl has got to be the ugliest girl Gerard’s ever been associated with:
    Can you say horse face?!

  • Hancock

    Yeah, “introducing her to the public” equals preparing her to be roasted. lol

  • A Fan

    All quiet on the GALS front so far. No one has put the pictures up yet. Probably lots of behind the scenes hand wringing going on. ‘What to do. What to do.’

    Yeah, that big photo definitely clinches it. This is Laurie. No use trying to make it not so.

    And, I agree with others … if it weren’t serious he would not have her out like this in front of everyone at work, paps and public. If it were casual they might be seen at dinner somewhere, but this is really blatant for him.

  • JL

    Have Laurie and Gerry been seen together since Paris? Anyone know?

  • Tonto

    Hey, Merlin my favorite wizard! How are you? I missed you, a lot! You are right though, this place goes at a snails pace without some GB scandal. I hope he’s happy if this is in fact the real deal. Time will tell, I guess. His relationships tend not to have a very good shelf life. He’s at an age now where he should be thinking about his future and where he wants to be and with whom. Anyone want take a poll to see how long this one lasts?

  • N.

    @Kaz – That made no sense. I’m not here to harass people like you are. I just commented because the premise of the movie sounds good.

  • Karen

    It’s definitely Laurie. It’s easy to recognize her very long face in some of the pics.

  • sukar


    Yeah I am sure he’s prepared her and being a journalist herself I am sure she knows that he’s a big movie star and many women drool over him every day.

    Anyway, why do they both look so miserable in these photos lol.

  • gossiphound

    A French morning show. Check out the last thread. Erica posted some stuff about it. She didn’t get the morning show but apparently she got yet another hosting job along with a new series that was announced the last time she was seen with Gerry, on the Cannes vacy. Oh wait so Erica found out she got yet another hosting gig, maybe she celebrates all her professional triumphs with the G man.

    The kid issue, though, didn’t people from this board check out her Facebook when the first Paris photos came out and she listed having a child? But then it disappeared from her Facebook page, and posters came on this board saying she had a child by one of Gerry’s friends who acted like a deadbeat and Gerry and friends were giving her a hand? Of course she could have been one of the hidden girlfriends from as far as back as Miami Jan 2009.

  • TB Fan
    That has got to be the ugliest face shape I have ever seen! Jeez :0

  • sukar


    So she will be hosting two shows in the fall? I guess she will be incredibly busy. I wonder how they will keep the long distance thing going if she’s working so much? Oh love sweet love :)

  • gossiphound

    They may not have wanted to be photographed. Gerry has escaped the paps in Detroit for the most part, maybe they got a tip off. That looks like an LA based photoagency took these photos or some Detroit peeps got smart and sold their photos. Or maybe they are in town following Miley. LOL. Or Hugh or Gere or Demi or Topher?

    GALS considers JJ paparazzi photos so they have to be “cleared” before posting.

  • Laetitia C

    Not that it matters but just out of curiosity; what’s Laurie’s ethnicity?

  • Hancock

    She looks better in videos than in still photos. I have to say some of her photos are downright ugly while some are ok. None of us knows her and maybe she is a nice smart person.

  • This board is going to get really entertaining all of a sudden. And It’s way past my bedtime dammit.

  • Lizzie

    I see the tearing her to pieces has already started. I hope she is prepared for how bad it could get. In some photos she’s very attractive, in others not so much. But in videos she does look good.

  • observation

    Gerry looks tired in these photos. Must have been up all night …