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Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Rent Lunch!

Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens: Rent Lunch!

Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens look happier together than ever, holding hands as they grab lunch on Thursday afternoon (July 29) in Hollywood, Calif.

The cute couple was accompanied by Vanessa‘s Rent co-stars Skylar Astin (Mark) and Aaron Tveit (Roger). Van will play Mimi, Roger’s love interest, starting Friday (August 6) at Hollywood Bowl. The trio will be joined on stage by Wayne Brady (Collins) and Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger (Maureen).

And earlier today (July 30), Vanessa was seen heading to an L.A. studio carrying a salad and a Diet Coke.

10+ pictures inside of Zac Efron & Vanessa Hudgens’ Rent lunch….

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zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 01
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 02
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 03
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 04
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 05
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 06
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 07
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 08
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 09
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 10
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 11
zac efron vanessa hudgens rent lunch 12

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Jenny

    cute couple :) hope they last.

  • louisee

    f**k vanessa hudgens, skank!

  • louisee

    that was meant to say sk**k!

  • nathalia

    zac and vanessa a lovely couple
    more pictures of them smiling

  • wtf at the title..

    LMAO, Vanessa is frowning Jared.

  • amy

    Very sweet couple <3

  • ha.

    Zac does NOT look gay at ALL…………

    I’m looking forward to the day he comes out. Just to see all his fangirls’ reactions. Hopefuly Ness already figured and is posing as his beard, don’t want her to be heartbroken or anything.

  • Leila

    Vanessa always looks so comfortable.

  • Zanessafanforever

    YAY!! Zac & Vanessa are the best!
    & the sun is just in Vanessa’s eyes, if you saw the other pictures you would know when Zac met up with Vanessa, Vanessa looked exhuhberently happy, so HA!

    Zanessa Forever :]

  • lexy hates bilson

    What a cute couple!

  • nah, click the other pics

    @wtf at the title..: it’s just the sun…

  • katy

    Those leggings…..were they at the gym or something?

  • peggy

    @wtf at the title..

    Look at the rest of the pics and there are plenty more on other site.

    Now she’s not frowning she let him her sunglasses and she’s walking in the sun. In the other pics they look so happy

  • BOJI

    Ahh, the happy young couple, I’d say they are exemplary of how couples should be. Love them, love their support of each other.
    Those posting on this thread with their name calling, have you heard of the proverb” The pot calling the kettle black”? Live in Love, I say and the world will be a better place.

  • birdie

    @katy: She’s rehearsing for Rent. She has to be in comfortable clothes. It was very sweet that Zac came and took her out to lunch. They’e two very beautiful people, and I agree there are much more flattering pictures
    of them from yesterday.

  • sunny

    Why does it all seem so contrived these days? Ah, the old day,,,where have they gone?

  • Leila

    @birdie: Um, I meant it in a positive way.

  • JC

    He won’t be smiling when the Charlie St. Cloud numbers come in for the weekend and he’s one flop closer to going back to making bubble gum dance movies.

  • http://J Ivanka

    They are so cute

  • H728

    Not a big fan of either of them, but I have to admit that they make a cute couple! Look at how happy and genuine they are together, this is how a real couple should be. ;)

  • Malia

    Vanessa looks really pretty with her hair back off her face like this:

  • Malia

    I’m curious why Zac is pointing in some of the pictures. And why are they are looking upward? Sky writing for Charlie St. Cloud? LOL

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    They make a very lovely couple, I’m so glad they’re hanging out with Aaron and Skylar. Vanessa looks really good. Love how she and BF walk in sync.

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    They make a very lovely couple, I’m so glad they’re hanging out with Aaron and Skylar. Vanessa looks really good. Love how she and BF walk in sync.

  • BOJI

    Saw Enews and they were listed in the top 10 hottest couples. Don’t agree with their rating at no. 10, I’d put them at least at no.2 but it’ll do. If it were the hottest youngest and longest lasting couple, without a doubt they’ll be numero Uno on everyone’s list. Can’t beat them.

  • my3cents

    @JC: … and I suppose that will make you feel good. Whatever comes out of the mouth comes from the heart and negative comments usually come from people who grew up in an unhappy home. They’re usually vexatious to the spirit and most of all are cynical about love too. Sad.

  • Katty


    I saw Charlie St. Cloud and it was great. Zac’s acting was amazing, and his chemistry with Amanda, Charlie, and the rest of the cast was great as well. I believe the numbers for Charlie St. Cloud will be very good, and even if it doesn’t come in first, doesn’t mean it wasn’t bad. I think it will come in first, personally, it isn’t going against any good movies, and I loved it.

    Besides, I doubt you saw the movie, are a Zac Efron fan, and this being so, you are saying that because of the fact that you don’t like him.

    Whether or not the movie was good (which it was) Zac’s acting was still great, which is what matters, and he has more than four movies on his plate that he has already signed onto and is working on, so he won’t have to go back to bubble gum movies anytime soon.

  • pit

    is Skylar the son of John Astin and Patty Duke Astin?

  • Karen


    No he isn’t. They have two sons though who are both actors, Sean and McKenzie. But John has about 3 sons from his first marriage and I too wondered if he may be one of those sons but could not find anything to confirm that. Plus, I think this guy is too young to be one of those sons.

    I saw CSC today and I don’t care what anyone says about Zac because there is no way anyone can legitimately say that boy cannot act. He was wonderful.

    AND lastly, I believe there should be a separate credit added just for Zac Efron’s eyes in that movie! LOL

  • Paul

    Gay boy.

  • Esj

    vanessa is pretty..ahhh
    dresses well each time…i hate zac lol!

  • florence

    The look on Zac’s face i the main picture that JJ put with this story, he looks so smug and cocky. Like yea look at me I can embrasse my gf as much as I like and I’ll be forgiven.

  • Ryan

    Zac is still bearding. Right in time for his new movie opening this weekend!

  • Rio

    Zanessa rules:D
    wish them happy
    BTW good luck CSC!

  • Hannah

    cute as couple!

  • kyle

    Sweet couple.

  • Who Cares

    As happy as ever means not very happy. These kids look miserable.

  • Karen

    There are a lot of pictures of Zac and Vanessa together this day from this time which they look very happy but are not posted here on JJ. So give it up people for those of you who just want to make trouble.

    And you people who really think Zac is gay and Vanessa is his beard, do you REALLY THINK this sexy young woman would be with some guy who is gay from the age of almost 17 to the almost 22? That’s like saying she has no urges at or her hormones don’t work the same as every other young woman’s. And given the way the paps track her and people tweet every time they see her it woud be very hard for her to be seeing men on the side. And IF Zac was trying to shield himself he would be like so many that are trying to keep their homosexuality hidden and be seen with every young female out there or be telling the media he just hasn’t “found the right one yet” OR at the very least played up his trip to the strip club last weekend in which he didn’t have a girlfriend to call and ask if it was OK to go there. Quit sounding so asinine.

  • Tiptoes

    Great to see them happy and supporting each other.

    I wish them the best in their respective projects – RENT for Vanessa and Charlie St. Cloud for Zac. I have seen CSC and since i like drama and romance kind of movies, I enjoyed it.

  • ze

    @Ryan: She is waaaaay too hot to be a beard for anyone. I can see why people think he’s gay though or just careless when it comes to his gf’s feelings though.

  • florence

    That’ justy i he does’nt care how his remarks hurt huis gf feelings, people say say she does’nt get hurt, she may not show it to the outside world, but she is human after all and I’m sorry but nobody would be pleased at some of the comments he comes out with, especially in such a off hand way with a stupid smile on his face like that makes it alright.

    Look at his comment about the relactionship ‘ serves him right now’. That was a very rude comment to come out, which made Vanessa look she was just a fling for him until someone who catches his eye and other parts of his body comes along that he can’t and won’t stay away from. It will happen one day and I’m guessing pretty soon.

    He’s supposed to have been so well brought up, well the things he says and does does’nt make it seem that way, instead it shows someone who feels he can say what he likes without thinking of how they affect people close to him. Some great PR and management team he has there, just get yourself noticed Zac and never mind anybody else.

  • Matthew Graham

    The two really look a perfect couple. Just seeing them acting normal in front of the public can make you smile. Imagine even if they are celebrities, they don’t care how other people will react with their affection to each other.

  • vfan

    Awwww, they are so cute. :)
    Vanessa is really pretty, zac is lucky. :)

  • alam

    very trendy and stylish couple, but it probably won’t last they’re young and it is hollywood.

  • pit

    thanks Karen – I was just wondering with the last name spelled the same !!

  • http://JustJared Jan

    Not feeling the love with these two, not since day one. He touches her like he is gay. Its a body language thing – everything about him seems gay. She doesn’t look interested in him either – ever.

  • pita

    i LOVE THIS COUPLE!!!Zac said one his magazine interview,he says Vanessa has his back I was a little nervous so she makes me a little less nervous, it means a lot to me she is my inspiration.Zac called Vanessa A good partner in sweat he is!!!!.

  • BOJI

    Me thinks some people on this thread have Gay phobia. What’s with the gay bashing? What’s wrong with you? Having a gorgeous girlfriend, visiting Strip clubs and taking the initiative to french kiss a female actor on film is not enough? Why the persecution? If he happened to be gay then, nothing wrong with it. It would have been his preference but to bash him as one when he is not. How about accusing a Gay guy for behaving straight?. It just doesn’t equate.

    Karen and the rest of you who have seen Charlie St Cloud, I agree that Zac is a very fine actor from the word Go even though I have yet to see it. Would love for him to do a period piece in the future.

  • http://justjared telma

    zac wowless as always but vanessa wow wow and wow

  • Tiptoes


    you sound like a jealous and insecure GF of Zac, which YOU are NOT.
    get over that – Vanessa is fine with it as she has also been to these clubs.

    Here is cute blurb about them :