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Stephen Moyer Jumps Into Ocean At Wedding Reception

Stephen Moyer Jumps Into Ocean At Wedding Reception

Newly married Stephen Moyer is seen out and about Los Angeles with his son Billy on Sunday afternoon (August 22).

Last night, the 40-year-old True Blood actor and his co-star Anna Paquin, 28, got married at a private residence in Malibu.

The reception was held at a beach house across the street, where Stephen changed into a pair of board shorts and jumped into the Pacific Ocean. Talk about making a splash!

Celebrity guests at the wedding included True Blood creator Alan Ball, costars Ryan Kwanten, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley and Carrie Preston (with her husband, Lost‘s Michael Emerson) as well as actor Elijah Wood.

15+ pictures inside of Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer‘s wedding reception…

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stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 01
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 02
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 03
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 04
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 05
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 06
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 07
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 08
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 09
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 10
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 11
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 12
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 13
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 14
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 15
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 16
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 17
stephen moyer jumping in the ocean 18

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  • JM

    As much as I love this couple and wish them loads of happiness, enough is enough JJ. They married in what they thought was a private ceremony. The pictures are blurry enough to know they did not plan to sell themselves to the highest bidder. Please give it a rest and leave them to their privacy.
    Don’t worry though. Askars birthday is 2 short days away. I’m sure Bosho has already given you the full itinerary.

  • Sasha

    As much as I agree with you…I’m happy that JJ posted the pictures.I freaking love True Bloods cast <3
    The reception is obviously awesome ;D

  • leah

    yeah i totally agree with the privacy thing,but if JJ didn’t post the pictures,then someone else would have and then people would think JJ wasn’t very good,if he wasn’t posting ALL the latest gossip and celeb news,and then JJ would lose hits and could lose money from things like advertising who would think it wouldn’t be worth the money to advertise on a site no one even though its an invasion of privacy,he’s got to ake his money some how and try beat the competition.

    Plus ryan Kwanten is so freakiinn Hot!

  • Marga

    Stephen looks very happy!
    I love them!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Nothing is sacred any more, even weddings. Come on guys, let the couple enjoy themselves on this day, why take pictures?!

  • S@n

    I wish the best for them!!!

  • Nikki

    I agree somethings must be should be left alone if they wanted the papz there there would be better pictures and not grainy one’s.
    And this couple like’s their privacy so this is out of line to me I would have hated it if I was in Anna;s place and so would my husband its a special day and have your close family and friends around you as a couple not a bunch of leeches.

  • http://j ivanka

    @leah: totally agree

  • Lou

    How cute that Stephen, his kids and some of the guest jumped into the ocean at the reception! Best wishes to the happy couple.

  • Spanish gir

    They are not famewhores like ASkars and her “girlfriend”

  • Mrs. Pot, Meet Mrs. Kettle

    Ok, fellow Truebies. You can protest and complain about the violations of privacy, but you are feeding the machine that makes these violations of privacy so very lucrative for Just Jared (and TMZ and X-17…) If you don’t like it, don’t view it. I’m sure Just Jared is able to advertise to its sponsors the number of hits the site gets per day. Quit being one of those hits if you’re so disgusted by the whole thing.

    As a complete aside, I am so pleased that they seem so very happy.

    Give the wedding coverage 2 more days, max. I’m sure ASs and his hag will be parading themselves in a highly inappropriate way in a day or two.

  • tal

    u absolutely right… in the end of the day famous people like to be watched and being talked about and none of them would give that up… if they in the spot light they get more roles and more money so thats the price to pay…. other than that- i just love them and i love the show

  • Cali Girl

    To Stephen: Gross! Please put a shirt on! Isn’t it enough I have to see your wide waist and flabby belly on TB every Sunday?!

  • Gay Tony

    I really like Bill’s character on TB, but his body’s just no longer hot. I dunno if its cuz of his age or if it’s the way his body’s always been but it’s not appetizing at all.

  • I love TB

    I wonder if Anna has naughty thoughts every time she has love scenes with Eric? She’s had to film several dream sequences and in Season 4, Anna and Eric are supposed to have sex! Poor Beehl! I’d definitely be sweating bullets if I was him :(

  • No celebs at this wedding???

    “Celebrity guests at the wedding included”… HAHAHA THOSE AREN’T CELEBRITIES! Jared, are you blind?! So basically there was NO ONE attendance who was really famous, only B-listers and C-listers. And where the heck was Askars?!

  • Disappointed

    I cannot believe Anna wore a Marilyn Monroe prom-style ankle-length dress to her own wedding!!! And with black pumps! What is wrong with her? She looked absolutely horrible. What a clown.


    I feel bad for them that all these pics were taken from a pap in a helicopter! I’d be furious. And not trying to be a hater, but I agree that every time I see a shirtless Stephen, it makes me cringe. Reminds me of my 40 something year old dad or uncles. NOT SEXY.

  • Snooooze

    It seems the only celebs were some of the casts members of TB and Elijah Wood who’s a well known actor here in the U.S. but not really “famous”. He’s not known internationally around the world like real celebrities are. Kinda boring guest list. Honestly, I thought it’d be a lot more interesting!

  • Johnny UCLA

    I guess Beehl finally made sure Sookie doesn’t leave him! LOL. Seriously, I hope Anna’s not too tempted with the actors that play Eric, Alcide, and who knows who else in season 4. Plus they’re always giving her young male actors in the movies she makes when TB is on break.

  • Alfons

    Joku pēteri

  • poly

    i love stephen! hes amazing, i totally see why she married him, i would too

  • Pixiedust

    Wow. ASkars is like the only principle cast member not there. Wonder if it has anything to do with his trash ‘girlfriend’

  • creamlive

    Like Trueblood! Great that they have married. :)