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Beyonce & Jay-Z: French Fans Friendly!

Beyonce & Jay-Z: French Fans Friendly!

Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z walk across a boardwalk to hop onto a yacht while waving to a crowd of awaiting fans in St. Tropez, France on Tuesday (August 24).

The married couple was joined by their nephew Daniel, son of Beyonce‘s sister Solange Knowles.

Bey and Jay have been making their way around Europe this week. On Monday, they were aboard a yacht in Monte Carlo, Monaco and over the weekend they visited Portofino, Italy!

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • bajan


  • MlleF

    Saint Tropez is really a stupid city with anything to do in it, it’s all little, it’s only for people who wants to show their money, or their fame…I know I’m french, and I used to live next to St Tropez.

    It’s not even a real city, it’s like desert on winter….

    I tought BeyoncĂ© and Jay Z were a little more intelligent…why showing, and what showing….okay okay, we know, you’re rich, use it for good cause instead of wearing stupid things to show your .ass.

  • youvideo_eu

    I love Beyonce she always looks good

  • youvideo_eu

    I love Beyonce

  • BEAN

    Those shorts don’t do her body any justice

  • fatu sankoh

    i love bey and jay i am glad they are having funthe work hard and give a lot to help i love what bey is wearing bey look so fine

  • lia

    yeah the shorts do not look good one her.

  • pickles

    I don’t know where anyone gets off thinking they “look good.” JZ doesn’t look unusual in any way. He looks very ordinary, American tourist. Fine. No problem. Nothin’ to it. But Beyonce’ looks ridiculous. I am sick and tired of pictures of her looking all glammed up like a hoooker, or all tricked out like a dammmned clown. Those shorts do not fit her. Look at the crotch! They are way too tight. She doesn’t look sexy, to me, jjust uncomfortable…and like she’s trying too hard. They have hundreds of millions of dollars. She should pay someone who is not related to her, to show her how to dress. Her fans will understand. Really.

  • Ava

    Money will never buy class. Beyonce looks like a clown. And the shorts don’t fit.

  • yo sista

    she looks ridiculous and her style is trashy

  • sasha

    I know people hate these things, but if you can check out this awesome hair totorial video. For people who want an amazing hairstyle, trust me YOU WILL LOVE IT

  • alyssa

    jay z and beyonce looks beatiful but im sorry those shorts just aint kicken it to tight!!

  • to sasha

    If you know we hate it, why post it? This commentary is about Beyonce, not your hair thing.

  • alyssa

    but i love da top and poket book.

  • DEE

    Thats not Beyonce’s nephew, that Jay’s godson.His father is one of Jay’s bestfriends and hes also on vacay with them.

  • zzzz

    I agree with MilleF, as usual. San Tropez is exactly as she describes it, and is loaded with nouveau riche showing off their abominably bad taste and $$$. Unfortunately, it looks like this talented couple are no exception.

  • zzzz

    Where is our friend Tim Gunn? He will surely get a migraine when he sees Beyonce’s ensemble!

  • um, nice shorts

    Geez, huge gold chains, leopard bag, lace top, psychedelic blouse, and shiny, skin tight hot pants, all at the same time! C’est incroyable!

  • jennab

    Picture #2 shows why they went there in the first place.

  • not me

    Glad they are having fun. Didn’t know she was famous in France too (may be they are american tourists???)

  • XOXO

    I love Beyonce’s style, she always looks glamorous. I could never pull off that outfit, she’s so fierce and gorgeous always

  • usilang

    This is the way to attract attention during your vacation. Wear something inappropriate for the occasion. Choose accessories that scream your presence… tsk… huge gold chain. Tacky, not glamourous at all.

  • boston61

    She always looks like she smells. Maybe it’s the huge legs rubbing together.

  • fs

    that is not jules jj look again.

  • No, Really?

    I agree the shorts are not cute on her at all. @MlleF: Intelligeince has nothing at all to do with vacationing in a place that you like. In fact you sound a little bitter much? @pickles: Obviously you are a fan, don’t tell me you would waste precious minutes of your life posting and making comments on someone you don’t like, only stoopid people do that, right?@yo sista: but yet yo sista, every article on OMG and other websites you are up and in every Bey thread, get a life you hateful beotch, hating on another sista. I bet your braids look like ish@Ava: I’m sure Ava she has more class than you. I don’t think she needs to buy any, pray tell me, what does class entail? Coming onto a website of someone you do not like to say that she has class. You jealous itches, you can’t talk about her private life, so you are so jealous and you dog out the way she looks. Please show us pictures of your ugly azzez. You won’t..and the sad thing is that most of you are black women, witches go hate on yourself, and your self esteem issues.@boston61: really?little racist white boy, you probably look all of 2 inches when people see you, and I don’t mean your height.

    If you dislike her, stop coming into her threads to post your insanely jealous comments.

  • Flairfive

    One word for the shorts….ugly! She is a talented and I’m sure very nice person but those shorts are way to tight and super ugly!

  • jen

    you would think that someone who is so pretty and who has so much money could dress better, but that outfit is horrendous, ill-fitting, and plainly tacky/trashy. For the love of God, B, do yourself some justice.

  • Amazed

    Hmmm Beyonce’s hips thighs and butt looks ginormous on another blog but not so here! Hmmmm

  • SD

    Beyonce is so sexy. She can make a potato sac look fashionable! Love that booty. Jay-Z is cool too, although he’s uglier than a mud fence.

  • O

    @SD: lmao delusional lame stan

  • Mercy Me

    Beyonce GIrl…. Words cannot Describe.

    Can’t Hate on you though Mamma.

  • Werk Bey

    Loves It!

  • Explorer

    Will Jay-Z still be married to Beyonce when she’s the size of Aretha Franklin? Just wondering…….

  • meme

    wth is she wearin?! smh

  • oi

    i love how everyone calls her fat “curves”. well then, she has very curvy thighs and legs… not sexy at all, fat and big woman, im not impressed,and these pictures show her great taste…
    ok, she is a star, she is a good singer she is famous, maybe has pretty face, but awful body. she is fat people, she is not curvy. i know that it is easier to believe that men love fat women…sorry, curvy women, but they dont! and she really is going to be the size of aretha franklin! will she be curvy then as well?

  • LMAO






    You K-Mart shopping dweebs crack me the fluck up. You’d never understand this level of fashion when your icon is Martha Stewart. Your tops are all of pastel colors and the bottoms are khaki’s or mom jeans. LMAO. Even the kids dress like soccer moms. LMAO! Of course, you don’t get that she’s WERKING you with this outfit.

  • HAWT

    LOVE her outfit! Beyonce knows how to dress when she’s on vacay. Jay is ever so sexy as usual. Love them!

  • MEI

    I love how the shorts fit. I love how the whole outfit fits. I’d LOVE to have sex with Jay ;o)

  • ciara

    jay z always got his hands on her ass just look