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Jessica Simpson: Sunset Sexy!

Jessica Simpson: Sunset Sexy!

Jessica Simpson throws on some shades and steps out into the hot summer sun as she heads to Sunset Towers on Thursday (August 26) in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old Irresistible singer donned a form-fitting dress as she headed to a Dior beauty luncheon benefiting Operation Smile in West Hollywood.

Jess has been dating former NFL football player Eric Johnson who last played for the New Orleans Saints in 2008.

15+ pictures inside of Jessica Simpson looking sunset sexy…

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jessica simpson sunset sexy 02
jessica simpson sunset sexy 03
jessica simpson sunset sexy 04
jessica simpson sunset sexy 05
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jessica simpson sunset sexy 07
jessica simpson sunset sexy 08
jessica simpson sunset sexy 09
jessica simpson sunset sexy 10
jessica simpson sunset sexy 11
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jessica simpson sunset sexy 13
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jessica simpson sunset sexy 19

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  • George

    She’s a totally cow! hahaha

  • George

    She’s a totally cow! XD!

  • Sophia

    Look like short version of Anna Nicole Smith on drugs or a cheap blown-up doll.

  • Roxanne

    ^ I agree … She’s so fat. I never saw Jessica like that. My goodness!!!!!

  • Tata

    She reminds me Brigitte Bardot on these pics!

  • Andrea

    Oh my! Jessica is a gorgeous woman, But that dress does nothing for her.

  • sea

    Yes, BB with 30 kg extra




    SEXY? /NOT

  • emilie

    she looks like crap

  • josh

    its’s easy to judge people but i guess that it’s need more courage to be chubby that skinny in show business…jessica is a strong woman and i think that she realize that beauty come from inside. i found her really beautiful!

  • MKhay

    I love Jessica most of the time but her boobs look massive and her hair needs a little comb.

  • nessnos

    put on weight much?
    i’m sure she could wear something a little more complimenting than this

  • emakpaini

    I’d think that the anna smith rose again from the grave

  • Shan

    What has happened to Jessica? Seems like ever since her divorce she just let her looks go…not trying to be mean but honestly when I first saw these pics I thought it resembled Miss Piggy….and I feel bad saying that too but just being honest

  • Ashley

    wow i’ve never seen her this big! needs to loose some weight but shes still beautiful! I think maybe she might be pregnant!


    @Ashley: she is not pregnant , she just had a little too much depressing comfort food

  • Atrium

    No Judgement,

    but Jessica, all that You Don’t Have
    Is Your Own Desire to Look Better
    (Not Time, Not Money, But Desire)

    Look at Madonna at Her 50′s…

  • gill

    Man, I’m not a hater and I dont care for her much but what happened to her body? She used to look good as Daisy Duke. She needs to stop eating too much.

  • karla

    what i don’t get is why people would say christina hendricks (who is probably bigger than jess) is beautiful/has a great body but would say jess is fat.

    i think she’s gotten much bigger since the whole ”grandma jeans” incident. it must’ve really hurt her self-esteem.

  • Lala

    She does look like Anna Nicole Smith in these pictures, I didn’t believe it was Jessica at first…

  • coachhandbagsonsale

    looks like she’s having a bad hairday! but celebrities going really fat is yesterday’s news lol

  • memememe

    I have long been astounded as to why anyone cared about or liked this woman, but seriously some of you people are appalling the way you discriminate her for putting a little weight on. Sure, she doesn’t look so great here but it has nothing to do with what size she is.

    Speaking as someone who has the figure of a lightpost,- straight up and down, no curves whatsoever -. i can tell you that body mass has nothing to do with how good you look. I look just as terrible when i choose a outift that doesn’t suit my body type, as someone who is a little bigger does when they wear something that doesn’t suit theirs.
    I’ve known bigger girls who looked AMAZING when they wore stuff that fit them properly – and they can wear stuff that i can’t (tops that accentuates the boobs for example) Being skinny is not automatically the answer to being able to carry off everything.

  • normal

    horrbile@ u dumb why shes nt sexy ?!!! cuz she didnt wear a nude clothes or bikibi WHAT THE F U C K !!!!! U STUPIDjust look at body and dont take a look at face!!!!! soooo stupid!!!!

  • alex p

    looks like drew barrymore in these pics… and yep she has meat on her bones but i still wouldn’t call her fat.. more like heavy?

  • lexy hates bilson

    She looks SCARY!!
    Fine she’s put on a few pounds but why not wear clothes that flatter her figure?? Also, where is she going with all that makeup and her hair all puffed up??? She needs a stylist ASAP!!!

  • kh

    all she needs is a dress that fits

  • lololol

    what the…doesnt even look like her at all

  • http://JustJared zosha

    Gosh memememe, I’d put money on it that you are a heavy set person yourself. If one is not ashamed of themself and there obesity then why when an obese person is called fat like Jessica Simpson, does one goes on the defense. Besides getting bigger by the months just what kind of talent does this broad have…she’s dabbled in about everything and it’s flopped. I wish the paps wouldn’t photo her anymore.

  • Gaetane

    It’s true that she’s not as fit as she used to be.
    She said it by herself, weight is for her a big problem.
    People shouldn’t be that mean with “fat” ( OK because obviously, she’s not THAT fat) person.
    I don’t especially like her, but I like the fact she’s not in anorexia like other girls.

  • Laura

    NOTHING she ever wears does ANYTHING for her! Is she completely brainless?! She has no sense of style. She has no idea what works for her body. She is totally clueless in life. If she was really comfortable in her own skin like she says she wouldnt have to hold her arms that way while covering her body with a shopping bag. I love Jared, but face it, she doesnt look sexy, she looks ridiculous as ALWAYS.

  • mari

    I don’t care that she is not skinny, but she could actually wear something more classy.

    She looks like she can’t even breathe without the dress blowing up.

  • court

    Here’s a tip that apparently j’s stylist obviously hasn’t shared with her: skin tight clothing does not make you look thinner. They makes you look larger!

    She’s not fat, she’s not a cow, BUT she is wearing something that only accentuates her curves. Plus, she looks extremely uncomfortable!

  • gill

    man she’s thick.

  • !!!!!

    OMG she is HUGE!!!!

  • Katsaridoula

    Oh my goodness… I am saying no more as I am speechless…

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    …c’mon, i don’t understand why so many comments got a ‘thumbs down’.. she looks…thick, in that outfit. that’s not a bad thing, not at all. not every chick needs to be bony. ahahahahahaha.. that outfit just fcuking sucks, and it makes her look like she has zero ass.

  • Katsaridoula

    yuck, just zoomed in and noticed she has double chin :-O Nothing sunset sexy about that, jj!

  • carolina

    the point is respect each other, every type of body is beautiful in its own way , why women disrespect each other not only making feel bad the curvy woman with “fat girl” or the slim women with “she must be anorexic”. i am for example really slim and i would love to be more curvy but well i am not and people feel the need to say” she must be anorexic”, thats disrespectful too

  • What a mess

    If she wants to keep her new man she should clean herself up. WTF is with her hair? And she could lose 30 lbs or so. Very overweight and for some reason thinks she can hide it wearing skin tight clothing.

  • Ladyb

    She’s going for the Bridgette Mardot/Marilyn Monroe look. I have been criticizing her to lose weight but I must say she looks good. If only she can get a movie role that shows off this body, then nobody will be telling her to lose weight.

  • jen

    well she has obviously put on a lot of weight but I have to say, that skinny or with extra pounds, she is a pretty woman. Her problem is: she can’t dress to save her life. Always wearing ill-fitting clothes. The dress does not suit her figure at all. Jessica, you need a new stylist.

  • buzzybee

    I can’t believe the garbage being spewed here in this column. Sad that so many have to be so jurgemental. Its everything Jessica is against is judging others. Its everything she is trying to change is acceptance of others bodies & who they are.
    Your opinion of who & what you think she should be is not what she feels for herself. She is a beautiful woman with absolutley a huge heart & soul & compassion for others.
    Many say she has no talent & what is she good for. Take & look & maybe do some reading & learning of your own. She is an absolutley brilliant buisness woman. She gets it believe it or not.

    I wish Jessica well in LOVE & Happiness. She absolutley deserves it.

  • rak

    That’s not Jessica Simpson, ppl!!!

  • ka-blamo

    I guess they really did photoshop her in that last magazine cover.

  • ihateph

    holly sh*t I think her and mariah have been hanging out… her ass looks bad

  • slambang


  • Tammy

    Moo!!!Got Milk?

  • edna

    She’s gaining weight… maybe is something hormonal…

  • yo sista

    she’s not ‘sexy’. PERIOD