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George Clooney: Emmy Awards with Elisabetta Canalis!

George Clooney: Emmy Awards with Elisabetta Canalis!

George Clooney and his girlfriend Elisabetta Canalis pose together in the 2010 Emmy Awards Trophy Room at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday (August 29) in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the evening, the 49-year-old actor picked up the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award for his history of motivating those in Hollywood to rally together and provide aid and assistance in times of tragedy or disaster. Julianna Marguiles received the honor of presenting the award to her E.R. co-star!

George, who wore a Giorgio Armani classic tuxedo, most recently organized the Hope for Haiti Now telethon after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

10+ pictures inside of George Clooney accepting the humanitarian award…

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Credit: Jason Merritt/Kevin Winter/Matthew Imaging; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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110 Responses to “George Clooney: Emmy Awards with Elisabetta Canalis!”

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  1. 51
    anonymous Says:

    Very insightful post, CharlieHorse.

  2. 52
    H.P. Lovecraft Says:

    Do other stars attract comments like this or is it just Clooney?

    Man! he needs some serious security if this is his normal fan base.

  3. 53
    to 52 Says:

    george does have serious security around both elisabetta and himself. after all, there are a lot of crazy people out there

  4. 54
    anonymous Says:

    George doesn’t have security around Canalis. No one cares about her, and she’s not even his girlfriend. She’s a contracted fake girlfriend. Although he will need a restraining order against her crazy cokewhore ass when the contract ends.

  5. 55
    dr Says:

    People, the contract does not exist, George is in love. Their relationship reminds me of the movie Pretty woman. The contract would be terminated despite all the signs in the newspapers, but it does not, we must accept the fact that George is in love and Elisabetta lucky girl.

  6. 56
    anonymous Says:

    I’m going to share part of a comment on D-Listed with you, “dr.” Enjoy!

    “This is SO not a real photo. This is SO not her and George Clooney. They are in fact their doppelgangers that are paid by the tabloids to pose as frigidly and miserably together as humanly possible, because everyone’s so jealous of their happiness.”


  7. 57
    Anonymous Says:

    Especially Brad Pity must pray!… because its real pity

  8. 58
    Nickomania Says:

    Every woman if she wants to have good kids must hang a Portrait of Nick Clooney in her bedroom… for xerocopying!

  9. 59
    Janine Says:

    It’s true she looks fabulous in some photos and like a man in some others. I don’t like her at all gold digging fame merchant, he could have anyone and this is what he chooses. Good luck to them I guess but it would be better if he doesn’t bring her out in public anymore – I would like to see how long it lasted if he said no more awards shows and red carpets, she’d be gone in a flash….I hope he finds someone that has their own career and has class.

  10. 60
    Eli Says:


    oh bravaaaaaaaaaa e che diamine …… can’t stand these stupid american envious’ conversations

  11. 61
    American Flag Says:

    To hate America the same as if to spit into the sky!!! Good luck in “The American” premiere tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!******!!!****

  12. 62
    ily Italy Says:

    George please, keep her with you in L.A., that if she comes back to Italy and also the aliens abduct her then their return her to us saying: “sorry but we were looking for a intelligent life form!”
    they’re very penous, all know Cocanalis now, all left her as soon as possible (Vieri, Reginaldo, Ronaldo, Dogbra, Seedorf, V.Rossi, Muccino, Rombolotti, N. Oddi ecc.ecc.), only GC performs as a trophy a aged, now she’s so ugly, skinny, used. in these photos she looks very sad, emaciated, wrinkled…

  13. 63
    Anonymous Says:


    “I went through a horrific divorce myself and I am on the same page with George” One should always watch carefully who he marries. People don’t really change. And if the girl is focused on the material side it is reasonable to draft a right contract.

  14. 64
    to Anonymous Says:

    you keep talking about a contract. so, ok where is your proof that one even exists. and what are you going to say if, heaven forbid, these two people are still together two years from now.

  15. 65
    to Anonymous Says:

    i decided to ask some people here in LA , who know more about what’s going than they will ever say, what they think about this “contract” idea of yours. after they stopped laughing, which took a long time, one of them said that “if this anonymous person believes what he/she posted then that person is gullible enough to buy a gator infested pool”. these people told me that if i ever should want to know how it really is then i talk to them first.

  16. 66
    anonymous Says:

    It seems that Canalis’s nutjob people are still boasting on these boards.

  17. 67
    youknowwho23 Says:

    Clubs for which Canalis worked in Italy are under investigation for organized crime involving cocaine and prostitution. That’s not a theory, it’s a fact that’s been reported in Italy’s most respectable newspapers. Mafia is just the Italian term for organized crime. Organized crime exists in every country, including Italy and the U.S, and some of the organizations operate in both countries. This is simple verifiable fact. The most common charge in federal court in the U.S. is conspiracy, which is just another term for organized crime. Canalis has long been involved with organized crime in Italy, but she’s not actually a member of it in the sense that she runs anything. She’s just a hooker who does what they want for drugs and money. The American and this season of Leverage were financed by the same Italian group. Canalis was chosen for the publicity contract to help sell tabloids, the sales of which would be fueled by her photo ops with George and the role she was given in Leverage. George must have assumed she had at least some acting talent when he agreed to all of this, as now the way things look people think the only way she got the Leverage job was via casting couch. I don’t think that’s the perception he was going for. But that’s one of the chances you take when you make deals with the devil to date someone as a business arrangement.

  18. 68
    Answer GOC Says:

    I think George is a sly old buddy…He doesn’t want to take risks twice and he let his real girlfriend go, so she would be totally convinced in her decision. She has already met the young boys and it made her feel seek of them. Why do I think this is a cunning move, because George’s last fakegirlfriends on their intelligence, age, tattoos and other signs are pretty much resemble of last her two boys. The first was light Maori, the second Italian. Maybe George even deliberately arranged this SkunkHumanitarianDisaster so she would’ve realized how important he is for her, and rushed to save him. She is very worrying about him destroying his career only to prove something to her. But there is also other problem, she can get an inheritance on the paternal side marrying only on a man of their clan, not an American. So for the love with George she loses all inheritance, and it is a real fact. We must pray so she would come to a right decision, because Love is always the most important thing in life! She knows the mistakes of her ancestors, and what trail of consequences follows with this. Indeed she has well-known last name, but now she lives not under her own name and wants to build her life and her name. She would even kill somebody for simple family life!

  19. 69
    KO Says:

    @Game’s Over, Cornball!:

    The section on “The One” is dead on

  20. 70
    Never Say Never Says:

    The have only one thing in common: Edward (Twilight) the same as George has gone to Italy to perish there.. and Como/a is not an allegory. Valtures slipped Canalis to him, they are hunting for him.

  21. 71
    Kikka Says:

    @Eli: Grazie, per il resto no comment, ciao

  22. 72
    anonymous Says:

    Someone must have prayed as requested, because it’s helping. Thank you and God bless you.

  23. 73
    Prefer to be called PAM Says:

    I know everything there is to know. I am not a paranoid schizophrenic, promise. You see I was a temp at Warner Bros. and I fell in love with george because I was told he likes black women in their 40′s. What I didn’t know is that he doesn’t go for the ones who are overweight in walk with a cane. But truly, all I wanted to do was help his love life. So I had to talk to him and Stan about it, but they just wouldn’t listen. So then I wasn’t even allowed to be around him. And then they let me go as temp, so I started a lawsuit against them for wrongful termination, just as I had against my former employer through Starbucks. But all Warner’s could do was come up with a settlement to get me to shut up, but I wouldn’t take it and so now I am being offered even less. George’s ex, Sarah Larson, stalked me at my apartment and now Elisabetta has too. So I brought it up to my attorney that my dog had been killed and people are sitting in their SUV’s and staking out my place and following me to the library and to the bus station. I can’t have it any more. George, you have ruined my life and all I wanted to do is tell you that I love you and you can do so much better than these women. I promise, I am not a paranoid schizophrenic, despite what everyone else and their brother are saying or are beginning to believe. I promise. Just ask Stan. He will tell you that “Pam” is 100% sane and not a stalker.


  24. 74
    Mandy Says:

    I couldn’t care less about Elisabetta but I really liked George’s speech and Julianna Margulies looked so gorgeous (wish she’d won). I had happy Doug/Carol flashbacks when she and George hugged onstage.

  25. 75
    LauraStar Says:

    well, canalis has been found in a cocaine scandal and i happy to know even you guys in the us doesn’t like her coz she’s simply a *****.
    And as we think clooney is gay it might make sense to him stay with a trans-like LOL

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