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Kingston Rossdale: Edun Front Row at Fashion Week!

Kingston Rossdale: Edun Front Row at Fashion Week!

Kingston Rossdale sits front row at the Edun Spring 2011 fashion show during NY Fashion Week on Saturday (September 11) in New York City.

The 4-year-old son of style icon Gwen Stefani got in a little father-son bonding time with papa Gavin Rossdale. The twosome was sandwiched between Edun designer Ali Hewson, and Pop Magazine editor Dasha Zhukova.

Gavin tweeted, “There is nowhere better to be than nyc today.”

You can follow Gavin and Just Jared on Twitter @GavinRossdale and @JaredEng!

FYI: Both Gavin and Kingston are wearing AllSaints! Gavin is wearing the “Accost” boot, while Kingston is in a Children’s Span Tee and Children’s Suede Cuff Military Boots.

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kingston rossdale edun fashion week front row 01
kingston rossdale edun fashion week front row 02
kingston rossdale edun fashion week front row 03
kingston rossdale edun fashion week front row 04
kingston rossdale edun fashion week front row 05
kingston rossdale edun fashion week front row 06
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kingston rossdale edun fashion week front row 08

Credit: Johns PkI, Saleem Elatab-Ahmad Elatab, Jerritt Clark; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Wireimage
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  • Jim

    Style icon? With such an ugly child? She must be mortified.

  • Leed

    what a retard! Yeah, 4 year old so love watching fashion shows! How about a playground where to play wit other kids??

  • Get Real Gavin!!

    Did Gavin dress Kingston today? He looks like a out of work Chitty Chitty Bang Bang construction worker. WTF is with those boots on that kid? That can’t be comfortable on his little feet!

  • Sahie

    OMG look @ him what a lil style icon in the making my son will dress so good!!

  • Moon’

    That’s not a cute style for a 4-year-old child!!!

  • plk

    Y asi se hace a un niño tonto del nabo…

  • Alaia

    @Jim: She is a style icon. One of the first few pop singers to do ‘avant garde’ before Lady Gaga was around.

    @Leed: I take it you’ve never seen candids of them before? Gwen and her children are always at the park. It’s not like he’s attending fashion shows every week! People shouldn’t be so critical all the time. Are you really going to call that bad parenting?

  • Sara

    Like Shiloh, Kingston is exhibiting signs that he is gay at this age. Pretty normal. Gay people will tell you they knew from very early on that they were gay.

  • scarjo



    I wonder if you would make such comments without the computer being your mode of..HEY I”M STUPID..

    Please for the love all that is normal.


  • jaye

    If what a child wears is a sign of being GAY or Transgender, then Chasitity Bono should be heteros*exual. She wore frilly clothes as a child. I guess people feel free putting tags on celebrity kids because they don’t know them, but only a child would make such a statement of ignorance.

  • it’s 2010!!!!

    oh stfu people! seriously just stfu! it’s 2010! it’s expected! it’s fun! you all are so rigid! I wish you were all born in the 19th or 18th century where you belong ’cause of all those absurd rules and rigidity and boring traditions!!! again, it’s 2010! and as time goes on, more unusual events, moments, and happenings are going to keep popping up! just be free and be fun!

  • rhonda

    one of my favorite pictures of my girls are them beings nerds. so cute and so is Kingston

  • kirssyy

    omg he is 4!!! how the hell is a 4 yr old supposed to dress! leave him alone, hes cute!

  • http://. True or Not

    Is it true that Gavin had a relationship with a guy prior to Gwen?

  • jake

    I agree with the other posters….he’s 4 years old..let him do what 99% of 4 year olds do–play with toys, parks, etc. his get up is not cute. the problem with kids and parents nowadays is they want them to grow up sooo fast…don’t expose them too soon on adult things.

  • TuRnItiN!!

    we are seeing in live action how birth order affects a child’s behavior..I feel sorry for Zuma who might turn out into a dammaged soul walking into bigger bro Kingston foot-steps..Celebrity parents invest too much attention on their first child, and I cannot imagine Celine Dion’s son Rene Charles sharing any attention with the unborn twins..He’s spoilt too much, doesn’t play with kids his age and goes to bed when he wants when his show biz parents put out the lights

  • boston61

    Yes Gavin was in a relationship with a male drag queen for several years in the 80′s. But he grew out of his homosexual phase. LOL

    Most little boys are not interested in nail polish. Maybe he is trying to emulate his feminine father? I don’t think they are pushing this stuff on him. I think he likes it.

    I don’t think they are feminizing him because I believe gays are born gay. Some strait men are very creative.

    I do think if he was not a celeb kid he would get beat up in school.

  • aw!

    Damn he is adorable. He looks so much like his dad.

  • I’m confused,

    @True or Not:He did, what has that got to do with anything….?

  • boston61

    @I’m confused,:

    Because some people think they are feminizing Kingston. People naturally wonder if the boy could have inherited homosexuality from his Dad. And because we know it is impossible for a gay man to change into a straight man and bisexuality is a crock of sh*t this seems like a good hypothesis even if it is not PC to say it. IMHO

  • MissVampireDiaries

    poor child.

  • god

    He’s so cute! Look at his little face! lol.

  • http://www. C

    @boston61: ‘feminizing Kingston’ ? Uh, he’s wearing flat boots, glasses and a suit…..what on earth are YOU seeing?

    I find it hard to believe you’re a gay man Boston, the way you casually continue to dismiss other peoples’ sexualities. You’d think someone like you would understand but you’re so ignorant, and you are so obsessed with Bisexuality it’s bizarre. Did your man leave you for another woman? Is that it lol? Do you also believe Pansexuality doesn’t exist? How old are, by the way? Genuine question.

  • http://www. C

    @boston61: Oh, and while we’re on the subject, I guess you don’t believe in Asexuality either? Hmmmm.

  • Leila

    kingston’s such a gorgeous kid, if he doesn’t get into music, I bet he could be a model when he’s older, so cute >.<

  • hailei_2007

    He’s terribly cute, the way he is dressed! And he looks SO much like daddy!

  • crappy parent

    Nothing like teaching your kids about unabashed consumerism at a very young age. Disgusting.

  • boston61


    I am a die hard liberal because believe in individual liberty. Most boys do not want to wear nail polish. His Dad is homosexual so he may very well be too. Sorry if you cannot handle the truth. Straight men do not have sexual relationships with other men. Never. JMHO

  • Shannon

    He looks like a mini-Gavin. So adorable! Great style.

  • Frida

    AW, that is freaking adorable! He looks just like his dad!

  • http://. True or Not

    @boston61:.I agree with your comment. If you are having same sex relationship then you’re not straight and there’s nothing wrong with that but the person should be honest to himself or herself about it.

  • lol

    @boston61: Good thing he’s BISEXUAL! Not gay, not straight. THAT’S what Bisexual means. Did you skip education?

  • fkn morons

    @crappy parent: ‘Crappy parent’…….you sound like a GREAT person! YOU fkn disgust me.

  • Luabloe

    Are oversized shoes über-cool now???

    Wow, didn’t know that! Poor kid, he’s like a little muppet, a doll his parents take to their superficial Hollywood stars stuff. He’s 4 ff’s; he has plenty of time to attend stupid fashion shows…


  • Rattlesnake

    This is one cool family, that kid is adorable …. !! Go Kingston ! !

  • Bela

    Gavin did not grow out of his homosexual phase. He’s secretly Roger Federer’s lover.

  • lily

    This kid has mad steezy.

  • Bree

    I love how the negative comments get hidden here because people don’t like them! Can’t people be critical? This is a celeb gossip site for crying out loud. I won’t say anything about ramifications in sexual orientation because I don’t know enough about it, but I will say that Kingston looks very uncomfortable and even sad. Indeed, let this kid be a kid, but injecting this “bad ass” and rebel persona into a child at such a young age (see Kingson newborn photos until now, hair bleach, nailpolish etc.) is extremely harmful and even overbearing. It’s actually the same kind of restrictive overbearingness some of us experienced as children but in a different mask.

  • t

    Chris is cuter than Kingston. Gwen where do you really get your fashion ideas from? hahaha i know, you creep.

  • peeing movies

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