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Rachel Bilson is Sea Foaming

Rachel Bilson is Sea Foaming

Rachel Bilson gets a friendly kiss on the cheek by a mystery male at LAX airport in Los Angeles on Tuesday (September 15).

What a big bag she’s carrying!!!

The 29-year-old actress recently shared that one of her new obsessions is a $480 Electrabike “Amsterdam Original 3i” electric bicycle in sea foam. “Bikes are a super form of transportation,” she told InStyle. “And this one
lets you ride in style.”

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rachel bilson sea foam bicycle 03
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Credit: Deano; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • Liv

    What is that bag, even? It looks like it’s made from garbage liners.

  • jenn

    r u fukkn srs??? i can’t stand her anymore. she needs to pay some other site to “post” about “her”!! ’cause over here, we don’t give a shtt about her!!

  • Warren Mallard

    Wonder who that could be

  • air kiss

    Air kisses are so lame and truly pretentious, so very Hollywood chic. Why is she doing this? The puckered lips in the air are even more annoying than the trash bag, but together? UGH!

  • kelly

    The dude she’s not kissing needs to pull his pants up.

  • periwinkle

    Hey BratChel, JG still NOT responding to your hype hooked-up messages for him?!
    Wake up now… JG prefers actresses who works & can get acting jobs LOL

  • Alyssa

    Jared, I hope she pays you well to post about her so much.

  • Lola

    Can someone please explain to me what this girl does to warrant so much attention? The paparazzi can’t find Sandra Bullock but they can find Rachel Bilson?

  • ++Logan++

    I have nothing against her, but she needs to get some new dammnn sunglasses!!!

    I am so sick of seeing her ray ban wayfarers every single day for the last 3 years!! Mix it up a little, especially ur the brand ambassador for a sunglasses retailer!!!

  • leimore

    Oh no not again… this Ret@rded Parasite again?!

  • Brightside

    LOL at the Electrabike no one has ever seen her ride! Also, what a lazy way to ride a bike! Pedal power is a fantastic way of getting around and getting fit…I have an old sit-up-and-beg with a shopping basket on the front for when the fishing dhows return with their catch…but if you can’t be bothered to pedal then why get a bike?
    I’ve never seen her in anything other than a car!
    JJ I think the mystery male may be one of her equally mysterious brothers come to pick her up. She has to be picked up from an airport by someone…it’s not a thing she can do by herself, apparently! I don’t know why because all airports have long stay and short stay parking. It’s mostly safe unless it’s Thiefrow. I had my car stolen from there some years back.

  • burt

    Who is Rachel Bilson?

  • Pussyman

    I want freida’s pinto now.

  • Pussyman

    I want freida’s p*s*y now

  • Lexy loves bilson

    Wow what a great beauty!!..i want to look like her

  • Lexy loves bilson

    Rachel bilson is the most gorgeous women in the world.All actresses looks very ugly when compared to her

  • Lexy loves bilson

    All u haters of bilson can go and suck ur grandpa old d*c*

  • Lexy loves bilson


  • G.F or E

    Love it. look at the twats with the hate lol.

    Jared keep the posts coming! Get that $$ for the hits from these dumb haters hahha

  • Bright side’s hairy anus

    I love bilson

  • mediocrity

    VACUOUS, thy name is Rachel Bilson.

    I’m sure her fans are going, “what does vacuous mean?”


  • chi

    Back to wandering aimlessly around the streets of LA

  • Lexy loves bilson

    @lola: no one cares about 40+ grannies like sandra bullock or that black w*o*e halle berry.That’s why they aren’t followed by paps as much as our fashion icon bilson

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Lola – b/c Sandra is a talented actress who has NO problem getting jobs so she doesn’t have to tip off the paps to her every move. Also, I don’t think she lives in LA. Also, LAX has a special exit/entrance for REAL celebs to go through if they don’t want to be bothered.
    Hey to all these Rachel “fans” is that one of her long lost brothers?? Why does she always have someone pick her up at the airport? Can’t she afford car service?

  • lexy hates bilson

    Hi guys im a ugly fat american b*t*h.My only job is to make hatred comments against gorgeous bilson in this site

  • lexy hates bilson

    Oh Arabian Nights – you’re not fooling anyone. And speak for yourself dear…if you are fat & unemployed I suggest you go the gym and look for a job. I’m sure there are parks & roads in your neighborhhood that need to be cleaned. And you’d be surprised what an hour running on the treadmill will do for a person…Surely one of your Klu Klux Klan friends can hook you up??

  • lexy hates bilson

    Any guys wants to taste my dense forest(p*s*y)?? feeling very horny now


    Lexy Hates Bilson/Lexy Loves Bilson, you have a serious dissociative identity disorder, and yes Lexy we do know what vacuous means.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @Hales: why do you act like a nasty s*u*?


    @lexy hates bilson: How on earth is my behaviour/demeanor even relative to the behavior of S-L-UU-T-S?

  • the truth

    @Lexy loves bilson: Rachel is not all pretty compared to ones that have jobs. Even other actress that are normal looking can get a job.@Brightside: We have never seem one are brothers pick her up at all. It could be jake for all we know. And rachel and her people keep putting that rumor about them dating.Evertime Hayden get attention she does that. Her people need to keep doing that. Why not wait and let jake tell it himself. And stop using it for personal gain.If she is dating him stop bringing it up all the time. And let the people see her with him. This isn’t the first time she rebound with a guy . when she just broke-up with someone.Its ok caus jake’s Ex has moved on anyway.

  • annie

    wow there must be a lot of big chicks out there. bilson is nothing compared to all the otherTALENTED ACTRESSES out there and her looks r only ok. we love hayden. maybe she will ride her bike to another world.

  • JacksonRivs

    lol to all the funny comments haha, “lexy loves bilsons” thats just hilare!!

  • FoamingSky

    @air kiss:
    oh somebody call the police, she puckered her lips!! damn, you b!tches are so picky, quite moaning about down $h!t like that.. its piteous

  • FoamingSky

    dumb*************************** 8)

  • yup.

    Based on the 35 empty comments here, positive and negative about Rachel Bilson, it’s safe to say that there is absolutely nothing interesting to say about her. All the comments are done by mental cases.

  • yup.

    FoamingSky: maybe we have nothing else to say about her because, well, she kinda does, nothing…

  • MissAnthropica

    OK “LEXY LOVES BILSON” is clearly a troll supporter of Bilsons.
    If you are going to support Rachel please be my guest its your right to support whomever you choose……
    but dont steal someone elses screenname to do it and act like a complete cyber troll.
    A troll is a troll even if they are a FAN TROLL or a HATER TROLL either way its still a troll.
    Hales I can understand you support Rachel but fighting with that Lexy person isnt going to make more people hate or like Rachel so your wasting your time fighting with Lexy really,
    Just be a Rachel fan ignore Lexy’s comments or pass them over if you dont like them.
    Annie its fine to be a Hayden fan which you clearly are but why come all the way over to a Rachel post just to bash her and talk about him? We get it you dont like her you like him. Good for you Annie nothing wrong with being a Hayden fan of course but by coming all the way over to the Rachel thread just to bash his ex and talk about him is just going to make the Rachel fan “trolls” start things up again.

    They are over…… be happy hun :) they broke up….. enjoy it or whatever you wish
    and stop dragging it back up again its old news.
    It isnt helping the threads on here and it isnt helping Hayden the person your a fan of if you think about it.

    Personally I dont ” love” or ” hate” Bilson I dont care either way and its not worth my time to love or hate anyone like that.

    The big bag she is carrying is most likely some “swag” she got in NYC before heading back to LA.
    I am surprised to see her head back from NY fashion week so soon it doesnt end till friday and the biggest shows from the biggest designers are on thrusday and friday.

    Guess she was done with the events she had tickets to and couldnt get tickets for those events.
    Well those shows are harder to get into I must admit.

    As far as the mystery male it could be one of her brothers it could be a new boyfriend. Either one is very possible.
    She seems like she wants to attach herself publicly to a new guy as soon as possible so it looks like she moved on first so you never know who the mystery man is . Only time will tell.

    Have a nice day everyone and a little message to both the “FANS” and the “HATERS” on this thread.

    Stop being a TROLL and a NOOB it makes you all look psychotic lol
    Sheesh. ^.^

  • Foaming At The Mouth

    To all the haters. You sound like your practically foaming at the mouth. Don’t you have a life, job, etc? I will just post this one time.

    Love Rachel’s outfit. She looks cute and stylish and that bag!! Woah!! That bag is bigger then she is! She’s adorable! Haters are obviously jealous. =)

  • SugarMagnolia

    I read InStyle and that bike comment is from an old issue. Why is it relevant now? Maybe she could have ridden the bike from the airport…

  • Dee

    I did not know who Rachel Bilson was until I read she was dating Jake Gyllenhaal. When I researched her, she seems like the most pretentious, spoiled, self centered woman. Jake seems like a down to earth guy. She seems to high maintenance for him

  • rumor

    Both Jake and Rachel’s reps denied the rumor about Rachel and Jake daying last weekend on another blog. Rachel’s rep states “They have not and are not dating”. Jakes rep states “these reports are false”. On August 28th or so Jake’s rep laughed off the rumor and said “not true”, Rachel is seen all the time out in LA, they would be seen if they were dating, and they have never been seen together. This rumor started because they were in the same yoga class at a gym. Amazing what people will believe without ever having seen any evidence of it.

  • Esme

    People Magazine 2010 list of the top ten best dressed is:
    Zoe Saldana – The Red Carpet Queen
    Gwen Stefani – The Hip Mom
    Rihanna – The Daring Diva
    Diane Kruger – The Runway Renegade
    Lea Michele – The Newbie
    Olivia Palermo – The Uptown Girl
    Jessica Alba – The Mix Master
    Jennifer Aniston – The American Classic
    Rachel Bilson – The Denim Darling
    Kate Middleton – The Princess in Waiting.

  • Shy

    Oh finally. There is your money cow Just Jared. Because i was beginning to worry where she’s gone. It’s been like whole two days that you didn’t post her so called “candids”. I thought that maybe she forgot to write you a check :) But thankfully she is all good and we can enjoy another series of meaningless post about this worthless idiot.

  • hoho

    I adore rachel :))))
    thanks to JJ for posting every day :) yeeeea