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Isabel Lucas: Waiting For Superman

Isabel Lucas: Waiting For Superman

Isabel Lucas walks the red carpet of the premiere of Waiting For Superman at the Paramount Theatre on Monday (September 20) in Hollywood.

The 25-year-old Aussie actress helped premiere the documentary, which is a look inside the education system of America, its flaws and what’s being done to fix the problems inherent to the system. Director Davis Guggenheim undertakes an exhaustive review of public education, surveying “drop—out factories” and “academic sinkholes,” methodically dissecting the system and its seemingly intractable problems.

Last week, Isabel attended the Calvin Klein VIP post show dinner at NYC hotspot The Lion.

10+ pictures inside of Isabel Lucas at the Waiting for Superman premiere…

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29 Responses to “Isabel Lucas: Waiting For Superman”

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  1. 1
    zzzz Says:

    I love her natural, not tons of skin look, it’s so unusual for Hollywood. I hope she stays that way.

  2. 2
    mailey Says:

    ick, she looks gross.

  3. 3
    Marieme Says:

    This girl is beyond fug. What the hell has she done and why is this dumb site so obsessed with her? Isn’t it enough we have to see Troll Bilson and wet weasel all the time? G-damn.

    Well, just means I spend less and less time here.

  4. 4
    Dubya Bush Says:

    Very pretty girl, I just wish she had a better style or a stylist.

  5. 5
    I n F a m o u s l y C o o l... Says:

    …she looks like a recovering meth addict.

  6. 6
    Chloe Says:

    Huh? What relevancy does a 25 year old Aussie have to do with our education system? Whatever.

  7. 7
    Status Quo Says:

    She’s hideous…never understood they hyped her up so much for Transformers 2…

  8. 8
    Jessica Says:

    she doesnt look pretty

  9. 9
    Jessica Says:

    I really don’t get her appeal…

  10. 10
    Lex Says:

    What does this girl get out of Hollywood? She always looks like a doe in the headlights caught jerking off. Her style is kooky, she has a laughable body of work but somehow manages to show up to the opening of an envelope if she could. Hope she uses her earnings to splurge on a personality, because she one she has clearly doesn’t translate into photos or interviews, for that matter.

  11. 11
    Dubya Bush Says:

    My GOD! You girls on here are soooooo transparent! Can’t you at least admit she’s gorgeous? Y’all can’t give credit to nobody for S HIT!!

  12. 12
    Spitwave Says:

    @Dubya Bush:

    Good god… to each their own mmkay ? I think she look hideous with that haircut. I really dont like the haircut and i think that hair color doesn’t suit her very well too. Im not even going to elaborate on the granny cloths..

  13. 13
    MissAnthropica Says:

    She is best known for being the girl in Shia Labeouf’s car when he got in that bad car accident in 2008 and hurt his hand severly while filming Tranformers 2.
    She also had a small role in the Transformers 2 film, she looked alot different in it
    I must say that if you didnt tell me this was the same girl from that movie I wouldnt believe you.
    She is even thinner to the point she looks like she is living a ” hard” lifestyle.
    Also she is best known for dating Adrian ( spelling?) Gernier( spelling?) from the show Entourage…. .
    Other then that she isnt known for much else she is just one of those girls that gets papped alot and shows up at any event with cameras.
    Like this documentary’s premiere.
    Now you know what she is ” known” for not much really but its what the girl has going for her I guess.

  14. 14
    amy Says:

    she looks hella scary !!!!!

  15. 15
    longchamp Says:

    she has features that may be borderline pretty on their own, but when put together, just somehow flop

  16. 16
    Ms Bar Jolie Gaga Says:

    uhhhhhm. no comment.

  17. 17
    Fact Says:

    fulgy tramp

  18. 18
    hahaasdfjk Says:

    fug fug fug.
    like hello SMILE HUNNY.
    and whats up with the grandma clothes?
    ew. who is she anyway?

  19. 19
    ewww Says:

    If she washed her hair and reshaped her eyebrows, hired a stylist and then put on a nice dress she would look lovely.

    Right now she just looks gross.

  20. 20
    goop Says:

    Is she the new Rachel Bilson

  21. 21
    Nicky Says:

    What the hell happened to her, i’v only ever seen her as Tasha from home and away (who I loved) and as far as I can tell hasn’t done much else. Which I really wouldn’t mind but what has she done to herself, shes so god damn skinny, that haircut isn’t doing her any favours and i’m pretty sure shes had her lips done too. And no i’m not just hating, I thought she was great in home and away, and proberly would be in anything as I think shes a good actress, but really shes changed so much its hard to believe shes the same person here.

  22. 22
    Marieme Says:

    MissAnthropica @ 09/21/2010 at 8:15 pm #13

    Thank you for explaining. Just what I thought – a no merit “celebrity.” Ugh. And I’m not trying to be rude because an interesting actress is understandably followed. But this one’s a hot mess and sooo not interesting. If she’s doing drugs it explains a lot. I wouldn’t cast her in anything unless she got rid of the pilgrim clothes and stopped looking like a deer in headlights as someone so aptly put it. I won’t even get started on those brows. Fug.

  23. 23
    Whitecatthorn Says:

    she looks 100 times prettier with blond hair!!

  24. 24
    Sami Says:

    Not sure why people on here dislike her. She has done a LOT of work for humanitarian issues and even got herself arrested in Japan with Greenpeace re whaling. She is a lovely person and as a fellow Australian, I watched her all the time on Home and Away (she did look better with long blonde hair; she was stunningly gorgeous). She is one of those celebs who are known more for humanitarian work (anti-whaling) like Jolie, than she is for being an actress. So refreshing to see someone who isn’t a prima donna Hollywood bimbo, and who actually CARES about world issues.

  25. 25
    annie Says:

    She has a f*** face! And what’s with the hairstyle!? Don’t like girls like her

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