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Gisele Bundchen: Beach with Benjamin!

Gisele Bundchen: Beach with Benjamin!

A bikini-clad Gisele Bundchen hits the beach with her adorable son, Benjamin, on Sunday (October 10) in Miami, Fla.

The 30-year-old supermodel held on to 10-month-old Benjamin as he happily splashed in the water. Ben played in the water wearing a red baseball cap – but no swimming trunks!

Also pictured inside is Gisele heading to a photo studio last Tuesday (October 5) in Miami.

10+ pictures inside of Gisele Bundchen and beach baby Benjamin

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gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 01
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 02
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 03
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 04
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 05
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 06
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 07
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 08
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 09
gisele bundchen bikini benjamin beach 10

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  • jason


    sure they ain’t minding with gisele around, lol

  • sea

    There’s something wrong in those photos…. she isn’t stunning as usual :(

  • haters=power

    wow 3 pages already, LOL. as always the most popular first page topic…
    I think I will barf if people criticize her for this next…(that I see so many moms/babies doing every summer its not even funny…..make me puke if this becomes an “omg end of the world” internet controversy. lol
    probs will though, since she is the last supermodel. at least SHE seems to be carefree and enjoying life. maybe that will wear off on some of you. great for the mind to have a carefree attitude. try it sometime! cute babies swimming naked,really should be the least of your/our worries LOL. I can think of 10 million other things to worry about right now concerning children…

  • fashiondream

    aww I think its so cute, lol.

  • LOL

    before she had her boobs doen she should have had her nose done do you see that pix of her profile? ugh

  • Solange0

    Instead of making something that really isn’t a negative into a negative lol how bout focus on the good things instead? we need more positive people in this world. so many depressed,bitter,negative,angry souls out there. The woman takes this little guy with her everywhere. No nannies,panning off to a family member everyweek to go party,etc…Like some moms (regular and model ones) do all the time….I think by now Benjamin is her best friend lol and that’s cute. The brunette girl in the photos with her is her midwife from Brazil I believe. She is also Gisele’s very close friend. Benjamin is well taken care of and there shouldn’t be one care in the world in those regards. This baby boy is happy and healthy and full of life.

  • where is it?

    and what happened to her b-u-t-t? where did it go sorry she lost it all

  • Joe

    cute hunny hunnies sugar bums

  • Anon

    Her husband is hawt!

  • Karol

    my mom said I used to strip down and take all my swim clothes off, lol. even have many pictures of me sitting in the pool naked as a baby. with a little hat like that as well! lol except mine was white with frogs on it. well I hope people didn’t criticize my mum! she is/was the best mom in the world.

  • lisali

    Its perfectly normal for a baby to swim naked.. Gisele & her little fella are adorable!

  • Just Interested

    LOL why is her baby naked??

  • lightenUPpeeps

    beautiful mummy and baby <3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lol

    cute baby & tranny mom

  • Greta

    Gisele is a German from Brazil and Germans are never prudish like the British.

  • hm


    sorry you and your 10 bloated double chins feel that way. get well soon. lay off the soda. its not normal to be a bloated chipmunk face. unless you are a man on steroids of course., lol
    beautiful worlds richest supermodel who ever lived and son!

  • hollyboob


  • http://Pam Gisele

    Ben is really cute. When he is 14 and his friends make fun of these photos, (there are some on the net where you see Ben’s butt) they will not seem so cute.
    Wonder why Brady is never around, the Patriots do not practice until Tuesday.

  • Ihateph

    where are his swim pants ???? lol

  • ginger

    do people really care how she raises her child and what he wears doesnt wear? lol I mean at the end of the day does it bother you? I sure hope not. Let her raise him however she pleases who really cares. he is a cute little happy fella! twitter sitings reported tom and gisele going out to eat last night. hi is there, maybe resting in the hotel room.

  • Charlotte

    She’s so pretty and cute with her baby! God bless them :)

  • SD

    Gisele is a definite MILF! If even a fraction of the women that I associate with on a daily basis looked like her, I would feel like I died and went to heaven. But instead they look like your stereotypical soccer mom that is stretched out from three kids, or is just dowdy in general. Tom is a lucky man in more ways than one.

    He needs to get a haircut! He’s unattractive as it is, but looks downright fugly with the long hair. Tom, you’re not good looking enough to pull off the mop haired look.

  • Fartface

    If you think the US is so crappy don’t use our websites.

  • thebest

    Having a great time @EpicHotelMiami at Zuma restaurant with Tom Brady and Gisele over a charred Tiger Prawn.


  • Lua

    @hm: Could you not pick all the superficial things that are good about her all the time?

  • Zoe L

    I am not horrified that he doesn’t have swim trunks I don think he even wears diapers I know she practices EC with him.

  • lol

    cute little butt!

  • lala

    Gisele’s haters/fans/members-presidents of her hate/critic club..whatever you wanna call them…sure seem to love looking her up.googling her,finding news about her…sometimes even more than her own fans do, lol. its kinda freaky. like the psycho emo chicks who practiced voo doo dolls everynight on the skinny thin popular rich blonde chicks. they couldnt stop thinking about beautiful sally,yet beautiful sally didn’t even know they existed. awwww. same case scenario here.

  • Effi

    BEAUTIFUL mom and baby!!
    So cute!!

  • Ginger

    Hmm… I don’t usually see naked toddlers at the beach… I thought it was in Brazil cause they do go naked there… but they’re in Florida… Benjamin would’ve look so cute in some swimming shorts… Either way, he’s too cute!!


    Good thing he did not make a gnarly poooop!!!

  • Nina

    The most sweetest mom & baby of the celebrities!!!

  • Glamourous

    @Shawna: HAHA…. it’s the beach you re tard. Do you know how much bacteria and other crap is in water? If you knew half the chemicals that’s in lake, river and ocean water you’d never go in. A little poop is half of your problems. What a dumb comment.

  • Shawna

    @Shawna: Thumbs downing my comment due to scientific fact? lol wow, you people really are stupid!

  • Cutie

    put some clothes on that baby you freak.

  • hateMe

    How cute!

  • CJ

    I think Tom is back home in Boston with his other little man getting ready for week 5. I know Brady’s assistant Will was on Jack duty during a game few weeks ago at Gillette .

  • Kimmy

    I think its cute and could care less. the baby feels good, let it be. He had clothes on in some pics. who knows babies love to take their clothes off. I used to always do the that when I was little (and yes Im from America ) most people would oohh and awww over it, not have complaints. Maybe the prude in the Flower dress and big hat with her kids who looked like they couldnt have a more boring life and should be in church, not the beach…. While My parents and I were laughing taking pics and catching some rays. No one knows if he refused his trunks or what and quite frankly should not even really care. lol

  • Callie

    It looks like Benjamin is lucky and got Mommy’s skin type. Daddy and Jack both have to wear rash guard at the beach those Irish genes are just not beach friendly.

  • Leeee


    No he is in Miami as well. He and Gisele were out to eat last night. He is probs relaxing in the hotel room, with Gisele’s rockin bod Im sure she wearsss him out…lol sure they have one salacious sex life. He already is in talks of wanting another baby so they say.

  • Jennifer

    SWEETTTTTT another A list Vogue shoot for Gisele! she rocks. always getitng the best model work possible her whole entire career. Never unknown stuff and if so, once she’s done with that brand, they aint unknown anymore. POWER. just like Forbes concluded.

  • Jennifer

    oh cool she is also the 4th youngest person on the list as well. WOW

  • CJ

    I am pretty sure that Brady is back in Boston. He did an interview yesterday about Randy Moss and they had practice this morning.

  • Trace

    Ugh- @Name- the saying goes “coincidence? I think ~not~ “

  • anna

    @hatersgonhate: I think you replied to the wrong person, hahah..they’re so pretty, i love giselle and her baby

  • fake inside and out

    shes a real phony and puts on a good show for the paps and believe me she has not 1 but 2 nannys for the kid my friend lives in boston and is a huge fan of brady gag and sees the nanny with the kid all the time please give me a break shes a prima donna that needs a nose job

  • omg shut up

    AHHH chubby little baby butt! So cute!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Pam Gisele

    Luckily the older Ben gets the more he looks like tom. Gisele is pretty but no boy wants her nose.

  • Lisa2

    I have mixed feelings about Ben being naked on the beach. Although he is just a baby, I don’t think he should be naked on a “public” beach. If they were on a private beach, maybe in the Hamptons or Malibu I could understand that it is just” family time” with no one around. I also think it draws more attention to them when she doesn’t have a diaper or a suit on him. I know he is just a little baby, but if other people on the beach are wearing a suit, then he should too.

    Ben is cute as a button though……….

  • Blake!

    her face is ssssssssoooooooo fug