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Adriana Lima: $2 Million Bra!

Adriana Lima: $2 Million Bra!

Adriana Lima rocks a $2 million bra as she arrives at the Victoria’s Secret store in New York City’s Soho on Wednesday (October 20).

The 29-year-old Brazilian model modeled this year’s Bombshell Fantasy bra, which weighs in at 142 carats, including 60 carats of white diamonds as well as topazes and sapphires.

“It’s really a work of art,” Adriana shared. “I love diamonds – [they're] always a girl’s best friend!”

15+ pictures inside of Adriana Lima modeling the Bombshell Fantasy bra…

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Credit: PNP; Photos: WENN
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114 Responses to “Adriana Lima: $2 Million Bra!”

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  1. 76
    Bryte Says:

    @stfu: LOL! Adriana has worked for many High Fashion names, has made countless covers on reputated magazines and is known around the world. She doesn’t have to prove anything anymore because she has it all at such a young age, including a husband and a child.
    Moronda looks like *****, has a chickpea brain and only signed with a couple of big brands after 15 years in the industry…… very impressive!
    Not to mention that she managed to get married after poking holes in the condoms to get preggers …. genius!!!!!

  2. 77
    @75 Says:

    Everyone has different opinions.
    I think that Miranda is gorgeous! Beautiful face, svelt figure and she has fantastic modelling ability. She does great work in print and has a terriffic runway walk. Both for VS and for HF. She is also great in interviews and hosting, due to her clear diction and natural charm.
    Thanks to her implants, Adriana is limited to commercial work. The only HF she did was when they used her as a novelty act. She also can’t do hosting work, or voice overs because her accent is too thick to be clearly understood, and her mouth looks hideous when she talks.
    And Miranda is not only a nice girl with a nice family who is happily married. She is happily married to Orlando Bloom! So I think that Miranda trumps Adriana on that count.

  3. 78
    @76 Says:

    My goodness you are full of hate. And full of sh*t, too.
    At least be factual with your ravings.
    Flying off the handle and spouting lies just makes you look incredibly desperate.

  4. 79
    JARELL Says:

    Oh my god you guys are so stupid haha she doesnt have any implants.
    Its because of the bra which make her breast look big

  5. 80
    Lee Says:

    first of all we can all say we have met someone famous and how they looked in real life, but if there is no picture proof I wont believe it. I think Adriana was stunning in 2005 and before. Since then she has lost her looks BIG time. and no her fashion creds are seriously lacking for someone her age and who has been around so long. She IS and ALWAYS will be just a VS girl. not any model icon with some impressive resume. LMAO. No big time fashion people even talk great things about her other than VS people lol. She has never had Vogue US,Paris,Italia,UK covers. Spain and Brazil really do not count, sorry. and her 2-3 fashion campaigns suck and were only because curvy was “in”…she cant model. one expression/dead fish face. perfect for VS!

  6. 81
    Lee Says:

    Miranda,Alessandra and Doutzen’s careers are so much better! Adriana is like another Heidi/Tyra. Just VS girls…Fashion people look down upon girls like that..adriana has a big wide neck she doesnt look model-y and graceful in photos. the exact opposite actually….cheap + vulgar pornoish.

  7. 82
    Hypocrites Says:

    funny you love to pull the celeb thing when Adriana; dated a rockstar (lenny kravitz), dated a royal prince! (wow she’s got everyone beat on that one!) and is now married to an athlete (famous in Europe and his country) so really you ppl can’t say SHIAT.

  8. 83
    @82 Says:

    Lenny Kravitz is popular, but having a couple of hits does not make him a “rock star” of any real caliber.
    Prince? Prince of what? Not every ‘royal’ is worth calling themselves “prince”.
    And note, neither of those men married her. They dumped her.
    Athlete? yep, only famous in an AMERICAN sport in his EUROPEAN country. If he was really something to write home about in his athletic abilities he would be a star in the US, too. Besides, he is ugly as sin.
    Miranda is married to one of the most famous and popular men in the world. He was the highest earning actor of the LAST DECADE! and is truly WORLD FAMOUS. Not to mention, drop dead GORGEOUS!
    Try again, darling. You lost AGAIN!.

  9. 84
    LOL! Says:

    @@82: “Miranda is married to one of the most famous and popular men in the world. He was the highest earning actor of the LAST DECADE!”
    Yeah, right….. he made Pirates of the Caribbean, and then Pirates of the Caribbean, and then what was that movie? Oh yes, Pirates of the Caribbean!!!!
    WOWWWW!!!!! Such a versatile, talented and requested actor, puahahahaha!!!!!!!! Your desperation is so funny :)

  10. 85
    @84 Says:

    POTC, Kingdom of Heaven (which earned over 200 million worldwide), Troy, and you forgot a little group of movies called Lord of the Rings.
    It’s only desperate if you are making up stats like you have been doing.
    Orlando WAS the highest earning actor of the last decade. FACTS are never desperate, dear. You failed yet again.

  11. 86
    Hypocrites Says:


    oh I think you misunderstood me, lol. Adriana fans always like to say Miranda ,etc.. only got this/that from dating a celeb…well I was trying to say; that Adriana is just as guilty . so they cant say sh*t. That’s what I meant. (hence why I call them hypocrites)

  12. 87
    meh Says:

    Aside from her amazing eyes her face is nothing special at all. chipmunk head,crooked teeth…meh

  13. 88
    cori Says:


    actually I have never once seen a Gisele “fan” even mention Adriana lol. They dont seem to hate her like Adriana fans hate Gisele. weird. I think it shows the age group of most Adriana fans…

  14. 89
    LOL! Says:

    @@84: Well, think he was so great and famous if it makes you feel better….. facts are that he was (and still is) a HASBEEN.
    The person who listed him as the most paid actor in the last decade forgot some “little names” like Leonardo di Caprio, Tom Hanks, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Ben Stiller and even some newbies like Daniel Radcliffe, Adam Sandler and James Franco.
    So, guess who failed, dear? LOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

    PS: You say that he did Troy? I watched Troy a couple of times and never noticed that Bloom was in there? In fact I don’t think he was, and if he was nobody cares because the star was Brad Pitt, just like the star of Pirates of the Caribbean was Johnny Depp.
    So funny, because that’s the only movie people think he acted in and he was not even the biggest name there, LOL

  15. 90
    lolx2 Says:


    and Adriana’s man is the most famous best athlete? lmao…

  16. 91
    @89 Says:

    You just kind of make things up as you go along, don’t you .
    Ignoring facts just makes if more obvious that you are an immature child.
    Facts are facts, you can’t escape them, even if you wanted to.
    It wasn’t a person, but a magazine that named him the highest earning star of the last decade. They were not talking about salary (even though his are substantial), they were talking movie grosses. He is on top!
    Facts are facts.
    Oh, and the comments about Troy are just further proof that you are a child. It’s the equivalent of sticking yout fingers in your ears and screaming “I’m not listening”.
    Really pathetic.

  17. 92
    Lala Says:

    OMG what has Adriana ever done to you guys??? If you have nothing good to say..Then don’t say it at all, it makes you sound like haters. And it doesn’t matter whether Miranda and Ale are more high fashion models because Adriana is still MORE famous and makes MORE money than both of them.

  18. 93
    Lala Says:

    @Lee: but heidi and Adriana still makes more money them all three of them, so why does it matter?

  19. 94
    @92 Says:

    Hmmmm, I don’t know about the “more famous” part.
    Miranda may have just edged her out. Adriana has been an angel longer, which automatically earns fame, but now Miranda is Mrs. Orlando Bloom, and having his baby. She is in the gossip rags, as well as on the cover of fashion magazines.
    She has earned world-wide fame just by saying “I do”.

  20. 95
    Lala Says:

    @@92: yeah but thats prob. only because she is married to bloom she wouldn’t be as famous and Adriana was very just before getting married and without having a man by her side. Adriana just modeling alone made her famous

  21. 96
    Lala Says:

    @@92: Yeah but thats probb. only because she had ties with bloom. Adriana was just as famous before marriage and without anyone knowing who her man was. Adriana is very famous for just modeling alone.

  22. 97
    @95 Says:

    No matter the reason, it still makes her more famous than Adriana.

  23. 98
    Lala Says:

    @@95: The reason does matter if people on here are saying that miranda is the better model just because she is ‘high fashion” makes you more famous when obviously thats not why miranda is more famous than adriana.

  24. 99
    @98 Says:

    High fashion models are usually not very famous when you are talking about name recognition to the general public.
    Commercial models and ‘celebrity’ models are usually much more ‘famous’ to the average person.
    Heidi and Adriana are perfect examples. They are indeed famous to the average Joe, but they are not versatile models. You will not see their names mentioned in articles that talk about the BEST models, Famous does not always mean “best”.
    Miranda is becoming famous for her ability to cross over to High Fashion. HF is where models earn the respect of the industry. It takes a good model to do HF shoots, and the fact that Miranda has done so many, and that she has been on numerous HF covers, indicates that she is indeed a very good model. She is well known in the fashion world, and is also becoming even more well known to the general public than Adriana thanks to her marriage to Orlando. As one article put it, she has become the “rare celebrity model”.
    Adriana is pigeonholed as the voluptuous VS lingerie girl. Miranda is famous for being a model. Big difference.

  25. 100
    Lala Says:

    @@98: Either way you look at it what people who are against her isn’t right they have some unusual ignorant hate towards and using miranda as an example against her. Adriana is the better model IMO HF or not.

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