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Freida Pinto: I Love Challenging Roles!

Freida Pinto: I Love Challenging Roles!

Freida Pinto looks over her shoulder and waves as she leaves ITV studios on Tuesday (October 19) in London, England.

The actress, who celebrated her 26th birthday yesterday, chatted about her new film, Miral!

Yesterday, Freida hit the red carpet in Alexander McQueen for the premiere of Miral!

Freida recently dished on the pressure to play her role in Miral well. “I knew I had to do justice to [writer Rula Jebreal],” she told the UKPA. “Her story is not an easy one. But I love challenges and I knew I had it in me to bring it out and put it into my performance.”

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  • zoz

    She is beauty in the shot of her turning to side.

  • fag

    nice hair

  • HIH

    I like her dress :)

  • lexy hates bilson

    Nice to see this talented beauty on JJ!

  • Amanda

    She looks so pretty in this dress

  • Bellec le duvas

    I wanna f*u*c*k this mexican beauty

  • Zack morrison

    Is she indian or latina? Because neither freida nor pinto is an indian name.Most importantly she is very very beautiful.Indians I have seen in Uk and during my trip to there country are all extremely ugly I think either her dad or mom must be latina/white.

  • Jenny

    I love her hair.

  • Katrina

    Why is she dating that ugly ‘jobless’ patel?..i wish she would date a rich guy

  • Parker

    She is the most beautiful asian women in have seen in my life

  • Cinema

    @Zack morrison: She is indian you dumm !

    Little flashback: India was discovered by Vasco De Gama, a portuguese. Since then, even in sri lanka, a lot of people have some portuguese blood running through there veins and that’s why you can find a lot of d’silva, fonseca, pinto (etc.) over there.

    I’ve been to UK and i wouldn’t say indians are ugly, but very pretty.

  • Cinema


  • Elisa

    @zack morrison: freida is a high class mestiza(cross between latina and indian) girl.Except for Ms.pinto all the other indians(esp guys) i have seen looks worst than a slumdog

  • Lilakoi Moon

    You guys CANNOT be serious?! Indian women are gorgeous. I’ve seen many, many girls and women who are undeniably amazing looking, their hair are always astonishingly long and beautiful. Men though……’re right. They’re not good-looking in my opinion, too. Definitely not my type lol. But you can’t put all Indians as a whole and call them all “ugly” ’cause not all of them are! Just like every other damn community, there are pretty and ugly people! Geez.!

  • Lilakoi Moon

    She’s pretty. But I don’t feel her…

  • Anil

    Indians have no Portuguese blood in them they are India alone so what if Portuguese discovered an eastern route to India, India was there for thousands of years and did not need discovering. There are less than 700,00 Goanese living in Goa who assimilated with the Portuguese traders who came to India and some of them have European Portuguese ancestry, that is a tiny amount. Most Indians would rather claim a link to Britain than anything else. Freida looks Indian.





  • TeaBagger

    That’s because Hispanics are inferior and constantly claim a connection to people who are superior to them but don’t you let them! Most Hispanics were slaves for hundreds of years but the Asians never were.

  • @Elisa

    I agree with you.freida is no way indian.Indians are very ugly looking creatures.

  • Butter_Fly

    She has the prettiest hair!

  • Mumbai

    She looks better than those other so-called Asian Indian looking actresses who are more Persian and Afghani than E. Indian. Hopefully, Bollywood will come to their senses and start hiring indigenous Indian actresses who look the part. Caste system and color apartheid still rules in India and it is shameful that she had to leave her country to find work. Freida is East Indian she is not Goan or anything else.

  • Megan fox fan

    She is more beautiful than that bollywood bimbo a*s*swarya

  • Rani

    FYI: There are millions upon millions of East Indians with Persian ancestry and it is obvious by looking at them. Contrary to popular thinking the color range in the South East Asian community is quite extensive. Look at the Tamil people who have been in India since before the birth of Jesus. And the Sri Lankans and Bengali people who are naturally dark-skinned. The lighter-skinned Pakistanis broke off from India. My brother studied in Bangalore and could not believe the discrimination lighter skinned Indians had against those who were brown, bronze and black skinned. Some of my own relatives are shallow and prefer a lighter skinned girl with uneven skin and pimples over a darker skinned girl with a flawless complexion.

  • http://justjared Rme.

    @Zack morrison:

    You are an idiot. I live in the UK and to say that on your trip to UK that all people from an Indian background you saw were ugly is a stupid, rude and moronic commentary. There are plenty of gorgeous people over here.

  • kks

    her hair is beautiful

  • desibelle

    She’s beautiful and she’s all Indian.
    In India, Indian christians usually have Christian last names( Pinto is common last name around Goa, Mangalore etc ) and Indian Muslims often have Arabic last names, but that doesn’t mean that they are racially portugese or arab, it means that their families were converted (forcibly in many cases) during the invasions at diff times 100s of years ago by Muslim invaders and Christian missionaries.

  • raja

    @Zack morrison:

    You dumbass, there are plenty of Indians who are Christians.
    They were converted by Portugese Jesuits and took their Portugese
    souding names. Wow you are a moron!

  • Mandy


    You aren’t very nice!! >.< Calling people names is degrading and rude! Get some manners, and use proper grammer, “you dumm !” is improper!!!!!

  • Kristin

    @zackmorrison and all the other haters… How ignorant are you? This story wasn’t even about Freida’s physical appearance and you all turned it into this degrading, racist critique of how “hot” she is. News flash: people are more than just pretty (or “ugly” faces). True beauty shines INSIDE and out. In my opinion, all the Indian parents who sacrifice so much to give their kids better lives and a better education are more beautiful than a fresh-faced, busty Hollywood starlet. Since we’re breaking out the stereotypes, how about all the Indian doctors out there? I think it is beautiful that they are willing to spend so much time healing and caring for complete strangers. I think you all need a lesson in what true beauty is.

  • Edward

    @Zack morrison: @@Elisa: @Elisa:

    Liars, lol! I live in the U.K. and have been to India several of times and Frieda what the average Indians girls look like. Vast majority of Indian girls I see here are super-pretty and extremely beautiful and I live in an area with huge Indian population. Male Indians (no homo) and Pakistanis in general don’t look good though.

  • Jeena


    Aren’t you the same whore from ontd, Miami something who lives in Detroit? LOL, Indians got yo’ mind, bitch. No bolly actress looks like a hook-nosed Pathan whore.

  • cleber

    @Katrina: he may give her everything that men who are going through in your life you never studies have addressed, and in her case she and happy with him, he is probably the only man qa love and truly come to love throughout her life! I am Brazilian so you know bye.