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Halle Berry: Peace, Ya'll!

Halle Berry: Peace, Ya'll!

Halle Berry goes grocery shopping at Bristol Farms supermarket with her adorable 2-year-old daughter Nahla Aubry on Saturday (October 30) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Nahla wore a cute gray jersey dress while mama Halle wore a white hooded sweater with a peace sign emblazoned on the front.

We wonder what Nahla will be wearing for Halloween tomorrow!

15+ pictures inside of Halle Berry grocery shopping with Nahla

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halle berry peace sign 01
halle berry peace sign 02
halle berry peace sign 03
halle berry peace sign 04
halle berry peace sign 05
halle berry peace sign 06
halle berry peace sign 07
halle berry peace sign 08
halle berry peace sign 09
halle berry peace sign 10
halle berry peace sign 11
halle berry peace sign 12
halle berry peace sign 13
halle berry peace sign 14
halle berry peace sign 15

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  • Disco Woman

    Nahla is so not cute.

  • mh

    Someone who dresses her girl -as a girl- cool, not like that freak attention hoe Morticia Adams who keep wearing her littel gilr Shiloh a bosy clothes want to change her into a boy, what a fking nut seriously someone should save those kids from that lunatic psycho.

  • Jill

    Halle and Eric would have had a gorgeous child together.

  • tsc

    She’s starting to get angry with the paps..

  • ?

    @Disco Woman:
    Nahla and Suri ar the cutest, now Shiloh is she a boy or a girl? the nature wasn’t generous with her face.

  • oh pathetic one


    One of the left behind by the mainstream in society aren’t you? Poorly if at all educated, completely lacking in self confidence, low low level intelligence, below minimum wage job holder, inarticulate in verbal expression, pitifully unloved and therefore miserable to all you meet who are rightfully repelled by your vile bitterness toward those you know and those you don’t even know, LOL.

    Of course you are afraid and obsessed with a women who demonstrates superior intelligence, dynamic self confidence, is highly literate, highly praised by all who actually meet her in person as so sweet and so kind, is an eloquent speaker from her heart, and whose every inch of her person is totally loved by her partner and children.

    As if you deserve to be on the same planet as she is.

    BTW, cute Nahla is at the age where the paps have irritated her, and her mother who lied as to how she would never parade her child, is now doing just that on a daily basis. SAD.

  • Maya

    All the mothers posting here that leave your child behind when you go the supermarket, raise your hands. To say that a mom who takes her child to the store is parading her/him is the kind of thing only an idiot would write/say.

  • christy

    I used to love Halle, but she looks more and more “manly” everyday. is she gay too?

  • beetlejuice

    @oh pathetic one:

    You picked an apt name …..Halle Berry is taking her daughter shopping at the grocery store as millions of mothers do with their children on a daily basis…and you define it as parading her child? So odd…Is it not the PAPS who are the intruders?… who are the aberration in this scenario? not a mother taking her daughter with her on an errand. You have lived way to long in L.A. when its the mother in the wrong and not the PAPS!

  • beetlejuice


    Christy…you are either smoking ganja…or you are bsing us …if Halle Berry looks manly, then you own a house in Malibu and are dating Olivier Martinez….

    Go to and type in Halle Berry in Poland….look at those videos and tell me she looks manly…you poor silly puppy.

  • beetlejuice

    @Disco Woman:
    And your mama raised an idiot!

  • beetlejuice

    @Jill: Well based on Eric’s behavior…Halle and how many others would have had a good looking child with Eric the slut? Please …pretty is as pretty does…and old Eric was pretty insecure. …Nahla’s gorgeous like her mommy and daddy.

  • she’s back

    I see Halle’s Just Jared PC Nazi beetlejuice aka oh pathetic one is back and only using two of her/their aliases.

  • newsflash blowjob

    @beetlejuice: Newsflash blow job….Halle slept her way to the top and cheated on most of her partners. They’re both insecure whores.

    Has Halle paid you yet for posting for her?

  • huh?

    You mean Halle? Eric? Ollie? Who?

  • 2 huh?

    @huh?: Halle and Eric? Mirror images of each other.

  • Aww

    Nahla looks average to me.

  • Lisa

    Nahla looks angry. Thanks to her modelling dad, Nahla will look cute. Thats why Halle took his sperm to have a cute baby. Halle no comment, manly tranny with nosejob and boobjob

  • josie

    It’s actually scary to read some of the comments…i can feel your hateful bitter comments all the way here – i can literally feel your anger and it’s really frightening.
    All i can hope is that you stay behind your computers making these disgusting comments rather than go out there and physically harm her, because that’s how bad your comments are.
    Seriously people, get a life, if a celebrity can make you this angry by just taking her daughter outside and do grocery shopping you need help! and you’re kidding yourself if you think she looks like a man, that’s just ridiculous. What gives? what has she done to you to make you so angry? wow. just wow.

  • Damien Luckett

    @ Josie: EXACTLY. I am amazed at some of the crap these women spew on a daily basis. I feel second hand embarrassment whenever I read it. It’s more than obvious that most of these people are miserable shut ins who project their issues onto any beautiful woman featured here. It’s sick. And they have the nerve to call her a nut case. Oh the irony.

  • family lawyers melbourne

    Dorky t-shirt

  • 19/20

    Why are you still posting under multiple names? I don’t pay any attention to the comments.

  • michaboa

    @ josie, i completely agree. i don’t frequent here a lot, but some of the comments are frightening. some people actually beleive they know these celebrities and everything about their lives through pictures. I generally skip post of nahla and halle berry, because i don’t think it’s right for a child to be subject to public scrutiny but for some reason i was curious to read the comments. Children should be left alone.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    Gorgeous mother and child. Like beautiful Angelina and her brood, these two make a lovely picture.

  • mya

    Nahla is growing really fast. She’s gonna be a tall woman later !

  • julie

    WOW, some really nasty, mean peole leaving their comments. The BULLIES are out. Yep, this is what bullies think and say and feel. I feel so sad for them, they must be so insecure and unhappy in their own lives.

  • Gia

    Same troll posting over and over again using various names so just ignore. Nice to see normal dressed moms like Halle. Jennifer Garner out with their children doing regular things like grocery shopping.

  • @mya

    @mya: She has gotten big over the summer. Definitely has Gabe’s height.

  • sassy

    you cannot pretend she hasn’t changed. if she is another gay actress come out and get it over with. she doesn’t look very female anymore.

  • @Gia

    @Gia: Definitely ignore

  • SSDD

    SSDD same idiots posting under several names. Don’t even respond to them. Hard to believe that Nahla’s getting very tall. Looks older than 2 1/2. Don’t blame the kid for being ticked off.

  • Annie

    Why should Nahla have to suffer for her choices, any good parent would protect their child. There are celebrities that you never hear or see , they have moved way out away from the craziness. I wold leave her at home or have some one else go to the grocery store, she is doing this because she wants to. She has the money.

  • Annie

    The child is clearly upset, it’s probably loud and madness going on. Why would you subject your child to the madness. These nuts only want to make money and you have a choice. How much do I want to protect my child? She did not choose this life, you did. Leave her at home or move like other celebrities do when they want to have a normal life.

  • Annie

    She never seems happy even with all that she has. She knows that her career is really over, they want a young Halle now when her agent tries to get her a job. I feel sorry for her sort of.

  • beetlejuice

    @newsflash blowjob: newsflash….and just how would you know?…sitting in the room taking pictures…you silly people ought to get real about how pathetic you are…window peeping this woman’s life and soooooooooooooooo envious…all you can do is snark!

  • beetlejuice

    @Aww: hahahaha…and who do you think you are? how she looks to you? ARe you people on something? This isn’t about you sweetie…you are window peeping someone else’s life and you think anyone cares what you think about a child…but by the way… high five for winning the scumbag award for dissing a three year old!

  • beetlejuice

    @family lawyers melbourne: It would probably pay your rent for 6 months.

  • beetlejuice

    @sassy: you think short hair means gay/lesbian?….dumb, dumber, dumbest… take your pick

  • beetlejuice

    @Annie: Annie, do you have children? Your child does not want to left at home…besides you don’t know how many times Halle has made that choice in a day or week. The idea that you would know better how to deal with HER child is the height of arrogance. We don’t know why the child is upset…your’s is pure speculation. Her mother may have told her she couldn’t have something and the PAPS yelling exacerbated the situation. We don’t know…so stop speculating…

  • beetlejuice

    @Annie: Annie needs not only a therapist…but someone to read the papers for her…Halle is hardly at the end of her career. Her studio is pushing one of her completed films for the oscar race for best actress. She had completed DARK TIDE and is contracted for three more films and a stint on Broadway.
    Go to YouTube and type in Halle in Poland and Halle in Germany and look at the crowds in those country who came to see her and buy her perfume. Some Americans are so pedestrian…Halle has global appeal…she is a smart woman making the most of her time in the sun. All actors have to do that because careers can be shortlived.

  • beetlejuice

    @newsflash blowjob: no need for her to pay me silly puppy….when I came on here a couple of weeks ago and saw such sick sad nastiness being spewed by a bunch of loser/haters like you…it was easy to see if you can take what you dish out. Even your id…shows how truly silly sick you are…people like you get on the internet and because you believe you are anonymous, you say the most vile things you can come up with…clearly what you say has more to do with your sick brain and lousy life, than it has to do with Halle. Interesting you don’t get that!

  • Alex

    The only person I feel sad for is that little girl! That must be scary to see people stalking you with cameras and you don’t understand why.
    Nahla almost always looks stressed when she is out with Halle.
    I feel bad for her. She’s just a baby! She might grow up with some serious trust issues. I hate to see kids put under unecessary stress!
    Each case is different for each celeb but in general, stalking to get a photo of a child should be against the law. Would you let a stranger walk up to you and take a photo if your child? No. Most of us woudn’t but Hollywood is an abusive and delinquent place and it makes me sick to see fear in her eyes just after getting out of the car!!!

  • Alex

    I know you can’t hide from the world when you are famous. I just hate seeing her be under stress and she is so little.
    Some other celebs kid’s seem to not be stressed by the paps. Like Brad and Angelina. Their kids always look like they are cool and collected. Do you think the child is taking clues from the parents and that’s why they react so differently to the paps? Brad and Angelina seem so relaxed when they know they are being photographed, same with Celine Dion. Could it be that because Halle seems stressed and looks kind of pissed off a lot of the time, Nahla is picking up on that?

    Just a question…..hmmmmm

  • ^^^^^^

    That little girl is not pretty at all. She looks just plain weird.

  • Lavito

    Nahla is a beautiful baby girl. Even when she looks she might be tired and cranky. I love to see her growing up, thanks Halle for sharing your daughter with us.

  • WOW

    I can’t get over how huge she is for a 2 year old. She’s not just tall, she’s big.

  • joe

    What’s with those freakish looking eyebrows on Nahla? Is that part of her halloween costume?

  • oksana


  • Eli-7

    @beatlejuice/bellabella/other: If UR going to be Halle’s #1 trolling fan, at least be original when posting under your many aliases instead of posting the same crap on several threads.

  • Eli-7

    @oksana: I knew you’d be happy!