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LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Prank Proposal!

LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian: Prank Proposal!

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian pick up his son Mason, 7, from school on Monday (November 1) in Calabasas, Calif.

Over the weekend, couple got into the Halloween spirit with a trick of their own after Eddie tweeted a photo of him supposedly proposing to LeAnn with the caption, “I couldn’t resist.”

LeAnn later explained the pic was taken at Universal City Walk earlier this month as a joke.

“[The press has been] saying we’re engaged for a while now, so we thought we’d have a little fun!” LeAnn tweeted.

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  • Stephanie

    uuh these two absolutely disgust me, having an affair and leaving their partners. They are attentions seekers.

  • Speak Now

    I bet Gwen will be all over this ,as usual. If you spend your life putting down celeb couples like gwen does, then you need therapy.

  • Sissy

    A Halloween prank but I bet the “real thing” is coming soon. They look very much in love. Someone should compare their astrology charts to see if it’s a “go.”

  • ubercrazy

    Tired from last night’s parties and trick or treating, Around here we’re all dragging. Good luck for a happy future.


    Too much candy for me, feeling like a purge myself.

    Kids can be tough on one another, Hope Mason wasn’t teased unmercifully about his mom’s DUI.

  • gwen

    Tjh@Speak Now:

    Hey WEWE. More different names?

    Yes we know, when WEWE spends her time tipping off the paps so that she can play “happy family” with a man who can’t even keep a promise to his own kids, she needs some serious threapy.

    You are sick, pimping out those kids like that? But the more you tweet and the more you tip off the paps, the more the public dislikes you. Don’t get mad when you get huge backlash from that ABC interview.

    Hey WEWE, that album of yours must be in some major trouble since you are still piming out those kids so that you can draw attention to herself.

    WEWE, what are you talking about? The media didn’t say anything about you being engaged. The only ones that covered that fake engagment was x17, celebrity Bitchy, and a few blogs. Peope mag didn’t even cover your first engagment. Remember that was what EC told x17 the night he got into a car AFTER he had been drinking with you and your NEW and OLD friends. And surprising it just so happened to be right when he was scheduled to show up on Chase for the first time.

    WEWE, everyone is calling this second fake proposal a CRY FOR attention, as though you are trying to deflect from the fact that people don’t like you. What type of man considers proposing to the woman he loves as a joke?

    Here we go again. In an attempt to make it look like she has fans WEWE is going to post under 10-30 different names. Yes folks, WEWE is Sissy.

    WEWE didn’t EC look very much in love when he was with his wife? So as we all know looking in love doesn’t mean that EC is in love with you.

  • carrie

    Its been a year and a half or more, I think the first poster needs a purge too. Laughing, sorry just had to say it. No really, by HW standards its amazing its still on. Laughing more

  • gwen


    Or about how his father got into a car AFTER he had been drinking and both x17 and JJ has it documented?

    Hey WEWE, weren’t you involved in a hit and run AFTER you were drinking?

  • gwen

    It’s a shame that LR fanbase is so low that she has to come to sites like this just to pose as fans.

    Wow, Leann’s career must really be bad because why else is she still pimping out that kid at his school?

  • Annie

    I found it hysterical. C’mon saturnine one lift your spirits and lighten up. He didn’t leave you and maybe Eddie’ll write a book and give us the inside.

  • gwen


    Well Leann’s bank account is still full. If it wasn’t for her bank account you know EC would have left LR along time ago.

  • Rick

    Eddie appears to be a modest type of guy who, I read, likes the family life. Close to his mom and dad and good values, in general. Almost forty, so wild oats sown and he can settle in. Time tells.

  • gwen

    This is what EC said on Rachel Ray concerning his kids and the media/tabs/paps:

    1) I don’t think it’s very conducive to play anything like privately out publicly at all,” Cibrian goes on. “I mean I think it’s like very hurtful.”

    Cibrian says he tries to “shield” his kids, Mason, 6, and Jake, 2 from public reports.

    “I mean, my philosophy is to try to insulate them so they’re not subject to anything, you know, regarding the business and anything of tabloid nature,” he says.

    Cibrian also explains the type of father he is: “I go with the flow, but I’m very protective. I wouldn’t say I’m overly protective, but I’m very protective.”


    So how is he protecting those kids so that they are not subject to anything when in the last month or so WEWE has tweeted where and when the paps can catch her with those kids? How many times have we seen these kids with WEWE and EC in the last week or so? And not once has EC expressed being disturbed by the fact that sites like JJ are posting the names of his kids in their titles. So did he lie on RR?

    How is he shielding those kids when WEWE is making out in front of the parents of his kids’ soccer team and tweeting other parents where she implies that BG is telling these parents lies about her?

    90% of WEWE tweets about those kids end up on a blog or in the tabs, so why does she keep tweeting about those kids when she knows that it’s going to end up on sites like JJ, babyscoop site, DailyMail, and People mag?

    The fact of the matter is that these two are using these kids. It is so transparent, EC appears on CHASE and we get “happy family” photos just like he did when his Hallmark movie comes out.

    WEWE has a concert, and what did we see? WEWE at the barbershop/coffeeshop with EC and the boys. But this time she threw a fit because EC wasn’t engaging in pda with her or because he was paying more attention to those boys than he was to her?

    The worse thing is what EC said in that custody petitiion(go to E or TMZ). EC set the standard. He said that these photo-ops and the tweets were not healthy, so why does he sit back and allow WEWE to do these things. The only reason a person would sell out their kids is for drugs, money, or mental illness. We know that EC has a drinking problem, as evidenced by WEWE own tweets and the twitpics where EC always has a drink in his hand. We know that if WEWE didn’t have any money, like WEWE said when she lied about how EC squeezed her and said he loved her, this probably wouldn’t be this way.

  • Matter of fact

    It was a fender-bender in the early part of the day. Memory failing or fast and loose with the facts? How’d Speak Now call it so right on gwen?

    HELLO Speak Now how did you now “you know who” was about to show?

  • gwen

    @Rick: @<a

    Wow WEWE, you are working this “people like us” angle like crazy. No one likes you and EC, in fact many blogs are asking that you and LR go somewhere and disappear.

    If EC were modest, he wouldn’t have a twitter account, his mistress wouldn’t be tweeting about those kids, and we wouldn’t keep seeing these “happy famiy” photo-ops because Leann’s career is so bad she has to pimp out two innocent kids.

    EC has good values? He cheated on his wife and hasn’t kept one promise that he made to his kids. He lies like there is no tomorrow. And when he doesn’t get his way, he blames EVERYONE. Every week he sells out his own kids because LR money is more important than the welfare of those kids. So EC has no values.

  • gwen

    @Rick: @<a

    Wow WEWE, you are working this “people like us” angle like crazy. No one likes you and EC, in fact many blogs are asking that you and LR go somewhere and disappear.

    If EC were modest, he wouldn’t have a twitter account, his mistress wouldn’t be tweeting about those kids, and we wouldn’t keep seeing these “happy famiy” photo-ops because Leann’s career is so bad she has to pimp out two innocent kids.

    EC has good values? He cheated on his wife and hasn’t kept one promise that he made to his kids. He lies like there is no tomorrow. And when he doesn’t get his way, he blames EVERYONE. Every week he sells out his own kids because LR money is more important than the welfare of those kids. So EC has no values.

  • Matter of fact

    Whoaaa gwen You really do live in the past. Try some Bach Flower remedies “release and let go”.

    Rehashing things that no one gave you any mileage on long ago. Careful there.

    Envy is ugly. Can’t you ever be happy when love is in the air?

  • gwen

    @Matter of fact:

    Hey WEWE, are you prepared for the backlash you are going to get for that ABC interview?

    Wow, how many different names are you going to use? Your new single isn’t even out yet and you are already showing that it’s in trouble by posting under all these diffferent names and manipulating the voting system.

    It doesn’t matter, where does WEWE get off criticizing BG, when WEWE was involved in a HIT and RUN after she had been drinking. The only difference is that WEWE got away with it because she has MONEY.

    Come on, YOU are SPEAK NOW. We all know by now that WEWE has to visit these sites and pose as fans because her fanbase is low.

    HAHAHA, so now you think that you can convince people that these “fans” are different by talking and posting to yourself.

  • jessemosslover

    I agree with you 100% Stephanie. These just keep getting more and more pathetic.

  • gwen

    Hey WEWE, why are you posting under all these different names?

    1) “Whoaaa WEWE really does live in the past.”

    2)WEWE Try some Bach Flower remedies “release and let go” so that you don’t have to keep tipping off the paps to make us think that EC loves you because you stage these “happy family” photo-ops with the kids that EC says that he wants to protect from the media and tabs.

    3)”Rehashing things that no one gave you any mileage on long ago, so why are you doing that ABC interview.

    4) Careful there. WEWE was so quick to judge BG and now she is mad because people keep pointing out how she was involved in a hit and run AFTER she was drinking.

    5)Envy is ugly, just look at WEWE face.

    6) Can’t WEWE ever be happy when love is in the air? Why is she still pimping out this kids and tweeting about her sex life with EC if all is well?

    Why did WEWE have to go to school with EC? Don’t tell me WEWE thinks that EC is sleeping with one of the teachers?

  • How bout that

    Hey Annie, thats a cute doggie you have. Gettin’ kinda old poor thing.

    Will they have a small private wedding or a hoopla? I really enjoy all the coverage on this couple.

  • astro girl

    He’s Gemini, she’s a Virgo, Brandi’s a Scorpio.

    A beach wedding at sunset on the Pacific. I’m romantic.

  • Danielle

    Someone’s in serious deep denial here. Did you lose your meal tickie girl? Geeezzzzz

    It ain’t happenin’ the way you want. You must be one of the paltry 40. bwahahaaaa

    The two of them together makes me smile.

  • Danielle

    I like you LeAnn for the positive and caring person first, your voice second.


    Invite me!!!!!!!!!

  • E. Norma Stitz

    Hahah….these two are hilarious….I’ve got another one for them….A tree and two nooses….

  • Mer

    The prank proposal, how freaking funny! I love that they haven’t lost their sense of humor, love it, love it. Laughter is def the best medicine.

  • Mer

    I find it ironic that some one here on this board was accusing LeAnn of being an alcoholic, but yet it was the ex that was arrested for DUI.

    Or, and thanks JJ for the pics. Love ya!

  • gwen


    WEWE new single isn’t even out yet and WEWE is already predicting it’s desmise by showing up here and posting under all these different names.

  • cacey

    These two IDIOTS lack TACT…You don’t see Brad and Angie giving joint interviews and it’s been 5yrs for them. The wounds are still fresh and these BOZOs act like life goes on like nothing ever happened, NO REMORSE what so ever…No one is asking them to apologize 4 falling out of love with their spouses and falling in love with their CAST MATES. All they have to do is act like 2 ADULTS that broke their vows and promises to LOVED ONES and look up the word GRACE, TACT, EMPATHY and KINDNESS in the dictionary.

  • Barb M.

    Keep em comin’ troll aka E. Norma Stitz. Got a nice collection in my files should they ever be needed.

    Yes, a DUI. Maybe she was out celebrating the Shape Mag thing but maybe not too.

  • http://bettyj2u betty

    @Mer Brandi got a DUI and Leann has ulcers from drinking since age 15.That DUI can go away but those ulcers won’t. The proposals are like the relationship FAKE. Eddie bought Brandi a 5 carat engagement ring.Leann is going to have to buy one that will top that. Poor Leann she will have to pay for the whole wedding. Some prize shes won. But love conquers all especially when you don’t have to pay.LOL I wonder if Eddie is on the phone re job prospect?

  • gwen


    Really? Are you still going to keep posting under all these different names as if we don’t know it’s you?

    BTW, NO ONE thought that this was funny. People are pretty much saying that you are major attention seekers.

    WEWE, you haven’t lost your sense of humor? So why are you still posting under all these different names?

    Thanking JJ does nothing, they are doing what you paid them to do. Notice that JJ didn’t post the story about Shape giving that apology to it’s readers.

    WEWE, YOU are an alcoholic. You tweet EVERYTIME you take a drink of wine and tequila and you even post photos of the drinks that you are taking.

    The difference between you and EC drinking and BG drinking is that YOUR MONEY got you off the hook.

    If laughter was the best medicine why are you all over the internet posting under different names to make it look like you have support?


    To Barb M

    Wow, another “troll post” under yet a different name.

    Are you making threats against other posters?

    What are you going to do WEWE, go and open up another twitter account under a different name?

    Someone should tell that KH woman that Juvenile EX is LEANN Rimes.

    WEWE, how did you celebrate the Shape mag thing? By going on dlisted, CB, and JJ and posting under different sites?

  • gwen

    The news about WEWE ABC interview is hitting the internet.

    Now with the backlash from Shape interview still fresh in people’s mind, does ABC really think that this is a good idea to air her interview or even show the previews?

    She is basically doing the same thing in that ABC interview that she did in that Shape interview. So how can WEWE not see the backlash that is going to come her way because of this?

    They asked WEWE what was her low point, again as if she was the victim in all of this. This is why those people objected to the Shape interview. Poor WEWE, she just doesn’t know when to shut up, stop posting under all these different names(RACY as reinvented herself as MER), or when to stop tipping off the paps.

  • Barb M.

    Isn’t it nice that KH now knows the true colors! Precious! It’s a safety thing keeping track when threats are made. Smartest thing to do. Promise! Try it, oh never mind you’ll come up empty handed.

    Did you have a good Halloween?

  • offtheproperty

    Congratulations on finding Love LeAnn.

  • Stephanie

    @jessemosslover: Thankyou Jesse !!!! I cannot believe how many people think it is okay for people to just go around having affairs. His two children are the ones that are suffering and I feel for them, they are in between this mess and we shouldn’t blame anyone? What is this world coming to. The vows of marriage are not there to be taken lightly.

  • Tania

    I am going to laugh my azz off when he ends up cheating on her too. What a couple of lying, cheating famewhores.

    The thing is, most marriages that start from cheating, because both of them know the other is capable of cheating and feeling no guilt.

    Mark my words, this isn’t a love to last the ages. Just wait until Leanne starts acting like a wife. Tramp.

  • cacey

    LEAN = WHITE TRASH and writing stuff hear about her self is PATHETIC…HOME GIRL has no class and no real FANS… She is hated by everyone I know…And she is not the 1st person to ever cheat on her HUSBAND.. She just lacks TACT!

  • Barb M.

    .azz as in Jazz. Good to leave signatures.

  • gwen

    @Barb M.:

    Hey WEWE, so your album is not doing well, neither is that new single, and now you are gearing up for some major backlash?

    WEWE, YOU are the one making the threats.

    Someone even informed KH that Leann was constanly tweeting to 3 horses and juvenile ex even though they have been so mean and nasty to BG.

    We already know that you are saving our posts, you told us this when you were posting as CBME.

    You are not fooling anyone. All we have to do is see how many different names you have to use/site because with each photo-op you are going to get slammed.

    Shame on ABC for even bothering to do that interview where you once again rehash your affair with EC while he was still married, you act like you were the victim, and even talk about those kids.

    The sad thing is that you are doing the very same thing in that ABC interview that Showbiz Tonight slammed you for the other day. So are you going to use the bully defense when people write ABC to tell them how disappointed they were with your interview and how they condoned your bad behavior with EC?

    WEWE, we know that you didn’t have a good Halloween. You really thought that EC had proposed to you didn’t you, and then someone went and told you that he had the wrong hand so now you are trying to play it off as a joke.

  • Sheana Fan

    Eddie will cheat – and when he does (and he WILL, he cannot help himself, it is part of who he is to seek female attention ALL THE TIME)
    - it will be UGLY – because he and Leann were so messy with this split.
    SLOPPY LEANN. You could have been more sophisticated – but between you old broke a/ss Eddie and his 50 year old c/okehead ex wife brandi – you all end up looking like TRASH.
    Trailer Park to tha MAXXXX

  • Barb M.

    And Karla looked for herself and found no truth in that falsehood. Minus for you again. Try out for a dervish role.

  • Barb M.

    Goodnight Annie! bwahahaaaaaaaaa

  • Go Ask Alice


  • shallow hal

    This piece of shit LeAnn Rimes is going straight to hell

  • gwen

    You can always tell when RACY(aka WEWE) is on some other site doing damage control because when she leaves the voting system becomes stable. Notice how the posts not in favor of WEWE will be positive? Then as soon as WEWE returns to JJ, they quickly start to change to the negatives?

  • Piper
  • Piper

    Wow pictures of Leann and Eddie picking up Mason. She tweeted today she was going to do this. This is how she sets up the Paps for these photo ops.

  • Piper

    Eddie really is living the cushy life! He was so busy today lounging around with his Sugarmama he didn’t take off his black nail polish!

    What A Man.