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Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler & Adrien Brody: 'Let's Build A School For Haiti!'

Gerard Butler and Adrien Brody show their support for Artists for Peace and Justice at its “Let’s Build a School for Haiti” fundraising dinner on Friday (November 5) at NYC’s Salon Millesime.

Gerard, 40, is a part of APJ’s Advisory Board, along with a handful of celebs including Daniel Craig, Russell Crowe, James Franco, Penelope Cruz, Clint Eastwood and Charlize Theron.

On the red carpet, Gerard met up and posed with Israeli TV presenter Moran Atias.

Earlier this week, the Scottish stud reportedly came to the rescue of a woman who fell on the street after tripping on her high heels.

Gerard noticed the woman on the ground after grabbing dinner with some friends in NYC and helped her to her feet!

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Credit: Dimitrios Kambouris, Jamie McCarthy; Photos: Getty, WireImage
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  • Dona

    you’re right about Chopard.
    @Like No Other:
    I’m not sure it’s really blond assistant because it’s hard to tell. Is there another picture of her?
    In any case, if it’s blond assistant, I’m getting suspicious that there is more to their relationship than just work. Why does he need to bring his assistant to a dinner in NYC? Does he need a chaperone everywhere he goes? It’s weird.
    If they are involved, they probably have an agreement that she stays out of the limelight and he acts like he is single.
    If they are not involved, it makes I hard for any woman to date him. Between Gina and his assistant showing up with him everywhere, he has no room for a real GF.

  • Like No Other

    Hope he does go home for Christmas, that’s the best time to be with family. He said he was going home to Scotland last year, but we ended up seeing pics of him in Colorado (with Dr. Apple Bob). They must have become good friends, Dr. Apple was with him in Colorado and Rio.

  • Dona

    thanks for the link of Ronnie Madra
    She is very sexy but I doubt there is anything between them. I detect more interest on her part than on his. I think GB is not interested. I find no warmth in him towards her as he had for other models he was interested in. Usually he would be laughing and more flirtatious with one he wants to pick up. Anyway, it’s just a feeling I have about the 2 of them together.

  • Question

    @home for xmas:
    what’s the link on that article?

  • Like No Other


    I haven’t checked the photos to see if Blonde Assistant shows up in any other photos, but if you hold down the ctrl key and hit the + key you can zoom the photo in as much as you want. It may not be her, but if it isn’t she has a close twin.

  • A fan

    @home for xmas: Good. I hope Margaret force-feeds him if necessary. If she hasn’t seen him in person for a few months, I wonder what she’ll think when she gets a gander at him. He could be even thinner in another month.

  • Teamster

    No question that was the blonde assistant.

    Why the sad look in his eyes in most of the photos since returning from SA? That look is either sadness or boredom could be both. He looks pale too on top of being quite thin.

    With all the injuries he has it makes perfect sense to have an orthopedic doc for a friend. Good for him.

    This new look with long hair is not a everyday look for him. The hair itself requires a lot of maintenance. It has the dramatic vibe to it so it could very well be for a role he is going to do.

  • Teamster

    Why do I get the sneaking feeling that Adrien Brody is going to play Isaac Amin in “The Septembers of Shiraz” Gerry is going to produce? Brody obviously has a man crush on Gerry and they seem to be good buds. This actually could be a very becoming role for Brody who is very good at depicting such kind of characters. He got Oscar for “The Pianist” played very well a tortured soul.

  • booboo


  • LauraS
  • Nuts


    Kaiser is so hilarious. I wish she could meet Gerry just for the fun of it. That’d make for a great blog entry!

  • well

    it is easy to love NY when you have unlimited funds and time to do whatever you like

  • redOctober

    “…feeling that Adrien Brody is going to play Isaac Amin in “The Septembers of Shiraz” Gerry is going to produce…”

    AB would be a good choice for that role .

  • dona

    i think you’re right about brody. It’s a very good guess that he’s going to be in one of GB’s projects. Hahahaha they are all working each other.
    anyway, i like Adrain. he has a way about him that’s fun. .
    @Like No Other:
    yes, i enlarged the picture but i think it could be someone else. It looked to me like she’s an older woman, not blond assistant who is probably in her 30s.
    lol, we need another confirmation it’s her…. if anyone found another more clear picture.

  • Nuts


    Well put. I love NYC but it’s $$$$ and there’s so much to jam into a few days.

  • Out and About
  • Nuts

    Looks chilly today in NYC…

  • well


    is the bed bug situation under control now in NYC?

  • Observation

    Maybe he brings blonde assistant to places to discourage women from coming on to him. This way he looks always as if he is with a date.
    Either he’s not interested in any women coming on to him, unless he does the coming on, usually to obscure women in clubs in a discreet way, or he’s gay after all.
    I think probability the former is true. I think he just likes coming on to young unknown women that will not drag him into the tabloids, as some of his more media-savvy GFs did in the past. Otherwise, why bring blond assistant to a dinner party.

  • Nuts

    Don’t know about the bed bugs situation status…and now I hear that Chicago has that same problem. Travelers bringing guests along???

  • DragonLady

    Who is this Moran Atias and is she and Gerry in a relationship with each other. I have seen her before, but these new pictures look like she might be his girlfriend. Any information would be appreciated.

  • angelsrock


    I love visiting NYC. Not sure I’d want to live there though. I guess having unlimited funds would make any town more fun.

  • curiousmamma

    does anyone knows, where exactly in new york he lives?

  • well


    Everyone knows.

  • hellotheregb

    @Out and About: OMG!!! That ridiculous plastic bag coat has made another appearance. I sigh and shake my head. That Gman so dapper in his suit so silly in his day wear. LOL
    I think Blond asst. is behind him in this pic ?

  • ummm

    I have no idea if it’s assistant or not in the pictures, but if it is, maybe he just brought her because it was a fun night out and she works hard for him and sometimes nice bosses do things like that for their employees? Don’t think it has to be some complicated reason…

  • stcrispian’sday

    @ummm: @ummm:

    Absolutely! The same might also be said about why he brought Jeannia to the Global Poverty event. Take a friend out to a fun event. What a concept! It’s hilarious how the guy can’t do anything right. He brings a guy friend, he’s gay. He brings a female friend, they’re dating or shagging.
    The funniest thing I’ve read in a while has to be “Who’s Chopard?!? Does anyone know who the woman sitting next to him called Chopard is?! Are they dating?” (I have embellished, but not much.) The speed at which some ppl become hysterical around here is really alarming (and very amusing.)

  • gotta be kidding


    amusing the most to him, i’m sure

  • well

    @gotta be kidding:

    Is it kind of rude that they put the company’s name (Chopard) and not the guest’s name? Kind of gives the impression that they didn’t even bother to find out who the person is, and don’t care! Shouldn’t they have written “Sally Smith, Chopard”? That would be nicer.

  • gotta be kidding

    shows you she’s just a cash cow for the company 1st, a person after, like most spokespeople/celebs

  • InnerCircle

    Blonde assistant was there because it was an official event for him. They had to meet the press. I’m sure Paul Haggis, Russell Crowe, Adrian Brody, Susan Sarandon and the other celebrities attending all had assistants at hand to set up their interviews with the medias attending the event. She was there to work.

  • PsychoB

    I would imagine that his assistant is at every red carpet event. I don’t think Gerry would touch his assistant I would think finding one that sticks around is impossible . The one that was on Twitter didn’t last. Blondie must be a saint to still be there.

  • InnerCircle

    @PsychoB: If you’re talking about Angie, she left to follow her own film producing career, I believe.

  • PsychoB

    Exactly what I mean, most people don’t stay a PA. It’s not a job too many people make a career out of. They are either looking to break into entertainment or they think it sounds like a glamorous job and when they find out they are nothing but someone’s b/tch they quit.

  • Mr. Giggles

    So ….. Apple Bob ….. is actual Apple Andy ?!??!?

  • Mr. Giggles

    If G is seeing the Doc for treatment …… then Apple Andy should not be fraternizing with his patient …… it’s bad medicine
    :( :( :(

  • CJ

    Apple Bob…54 years old..looks really good for his age..

  • Out and About
  • justsayin’

    @Mr. GigglesThe ties the bind – Oxycontin?

  • karen

    @Out and About: OK. This girl thinks she gazed into the most mesmerizing BLUE eyes she’s ever seen. Other people have said they have gazed into his gorgeous GREEN eyes. What the heck color are his eyes? In movies, they vary. The only time I have thought they looked really green was in the balloon scene in TUT. What is he, a chameleon?

  • A fan

    @justsayin’: Not too funny. Feldman is a respected physician and author. He’s ranked as the #1 orthopedic surgeon in NYC and he’s the main overall physician for the Rangers. We aren’t talking Dr. Feel Good here.
    Anything for a joke? Lame. I don’t get angry too often on here, but that was below the belt.

  • Question

    @Out and About:
    from when are these pix
    Maybe RedOctober can translate for us

  • it’s in the eyes

    @karen: I think they are green. But they are light green and reflect what predominate colors are around him. I thought it only happened on film or in photos, but apparently it happens in person as well. Guess it also depends on the lighting. But my bet is a light green.

  • hellotheregb

    this was a translation from her twitter page!!LOL
    “Gerard Butler dancing naked on my side brunch!! He heh liiiiindoooo”

    clearly he was dressed but you have to love google translation!

  • InnerCircle

    @Question: Saturday brunch at Lavo, in NYC.

  • Think about it

    @A fan: Didn’t Anna Nicole Smith go to respectable doctors? And Judy Garland and Michael Jackson and Elvis and Marilyn Monroe and Heath Ledger etc. etc.

  • Out and About

    @Question: Kind of confusing. My bet is Monday night. She dated it Nov. 9, but it was posted Nov. 8. Maybe she does her blog a day ahead? Anyway, he looked good in a blurry kind of way. Had the hair combed back and not all poofy like he did at the formal gig. He can keep it long if he continues to comb it back. LOL. I’m sure he’s interested in my take.

  • Question

    @Think about it:
    but they were all on drugs, are you implying he’s also on drugs?
    he has injuries from stunts and that’s why he has this Dr, but he’s not on drugs

  • hellotheregb

    @Out and About: from her twitter it was the Lavo Saturday brunch. fun time

  • hellotheregb

    @it’s in the eyes: I have the same eye color. Blue most of the time my eyes are blue but when irritated, crying or just on occasion (color of cloths I wear) they are very intense green. just happens.