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Kate Bosworth: White Hot at 'Warrior's Way' Screening

Kate Bosworth: White Hot at 'Warrior's Way' Screening

Kate Bosworth looks picture perfect in Erdem at a screening for her film The Warrior’s Way on Friday (November 19) at L.A.’s CGV Cinemas.

The 27-year-old actress finished off her look with Christian Louboutin shoes and Cartier white gold and diamond fan earrings with briolette drops.

Earlier in the day, Kate dropped by the studio for a visit.

Also pictured: Kate‘s co-star, Korean actor Jang Dong-gun, who attended the film’s junket panel with her on Thursday.

15+ pictures inside of Kate Bosworth at a screening for The Warrior’s Way

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Credit: Frazer Harrison, Frederick M. Brown; Photos: Getty
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  • Get real

    3 posts about this useless women in 24 hours? Is that a new record?

  • scarecrow hunter

    Bitch please!

  • scarecrow hunter

    @Get real:
    IKR? How much is is Robin Baum paying Jared?

  • Cinn

    The dress is very pretty.

  • muppet show
  • Cinn

    I think it would look better on a brunette though.

  • guest

    Kate Bosworth looked like a cute little doll until I looked at her bony legs.

  • Annie

    What’s up with her damn neck?

  • dragon

    I’m not trying to diss her cause she’s pretty but seriously, is she skin bleaching?

  • Stella9

    If she ate a better diet and stopped doing blow then she wouldn’t have to use all that botox.

  • blonde lover

    I wish Kate would go back to a more natural blonde. She is an attractive girl but this color does not suit her at all. It looks so fake.

  • dot spotter

    Albino + Easter lipstick

  • Broadway Babe

    @Cinn: Agree, I can’t believe I’m saying this but Rachel Bilson would look adorable in this dress.

  • Trinity

    I’m torn on the dress. I find it quite lovely but it also looks like something from Target or Kohl’s.

  • peanut

    She looks like Kristin Chenowith.

  • @blonde lover

    Actually she should stop coloring her hair(Period) She is a natural brunette….it would help her stop losing hair if she would. Instead she insists on being a pathetic blonde waif …second rate wannabe Gywneth Paltrow lol.

  • Summer

    Oh dear. I see that she is going bald. Sorry for your loss, KB.

  • gem & i

    If her skin gets any whiter, she’ll look like Michael Jackson.

  • felton

    she is prettiest white girl in hollywood
    latin man

  • lol

    My gran wants her table cloth back Kate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Trysha H.

    because now it is “out of style” to be plain white — what with jersey shore and everyone getting butt/lip implants trying to be black and brazilian, or latina
    its refreshing i can agree on some levels. She looks pretty.

  • high five
  • @ felton

    hahahahaha……………………hans/jam trolling again lol

  • Trysha H.

    No silly – she is probably going to marry that sexy alexander skaarsgard dude from Trueb lood

  • rap it up

    @felton: No way. Even an emaciated Angelina Jolie is way prettier and Camilla Belle is plain gorgeous.

  • Trysha H.

    @rap it up:
    Camilla Belle looks like a TRANNY with those caterpillar Sharpie eyebrows ewwwww
    I agree on Angelina (fed) or Charlize Theron (blonde).

  • beats

    @Trysha H.: The dude that walks ten feet in front of her and pretends he doesn’t know her? Doubt it. He’s hitting it other places.

  • Sasha

    @gem & i: Kate doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same sentence as Michael Jackson because even dead he still has a better career than she could ever dream of.

  • Taylor

    @Trysha H.: Natural eyebrows look a lot better than a tight, botoxed face. I give Camilla credit for not going the botox route like some of young Hollywood. Bosworth ruined her face by doing that so young. In a few years she’ll look as stiff as Kidman.

  • Wilson

    @Summer: She suffers from early, onset female pattern baldness.

  • Wilson

    She should speak out about it. She could help a lot of women.

  • muppet show
    what have i done??? why did i get involve with her? she ruined my carrier!! Let me drink to forget my stupied mistake!!!

  • TrueBlade

    @Trysha H.:

    Burn any crosses lately?

  • TrueBlade

    @Trysha H.:

    Btw, her lips are over stuffed with collagen . You can tell because her cupid’s bow is almost non existent. She’s wearing padded panties to make it look like her butt is bigger. She’s as flat as a pancake in the bikini shots earlier this year. Let’s see fake lips and fake butt…and that’s what being white is to you….okay. Shows your limited intelligence that you feel you have the right to define anyone by their looks.Why don’t you take off your white sheet and put them back on your bed.. Night, night.

    Btw, beauty comes in all shades, colors, sizes, ages, etc …but a hate filled pea brain like yours would never understand that .

  • Charlotte

    Poor thing, only 27 and Kate is getting wrinkles already.

  • TrueBlade

    KB with her natural lips and normal sized body. She had healthy hair and breasts too. She really messed up her looks.

  • oz

    Why is it that JJ is the only “entertainment” site that follows her every move??? Guess the other sites are just content on reporting on the real stars and not the washed out Z class!

    Now JJ if you’re going to keep sticking this poor thing down our throats, I suggest no more close-ups, EXTREMELY unflattering. I mean with her awful hair, stretched to the max – smug looking face, E.T eyes and her 2 toned brows it’s all becoming to much. I don’t think we can handle anymore.

  • NYC Model

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  • Kim

    You sound 15. How pathetic.

  • TrueBlade

    I have a flat non-existent butt so i have a lot of BootyPops underwear.
    THERE. Have a nice night!

  • Tanter

    I like the hairdo – it suits her. But it’s a downright shame to see what she has done to herself. In the closeup she’s looks plain awful and not very happy either. Also it’s pretty obvious that her forehead is botoxed. So early? What a shame she doesn’t have the guts to stay natural.

  • walking dead pt 3

    Yeah, right she has Alex wrapped around her fingers, she been and out for 2 weeks now SOLOS and Alex has been out once by himself WITHOUT her, either they broke up remember trailer he went there to say We are done zombie or he hate her guts or he is recovering from seeing her god awful movie either WAY she is solo or it is a combination of all 3.

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  • Olivia

    She looks so friggin plastic here…almost like Barbie. Oh wait, Barbie is actually grade A. More like a imitation, knock-off Barbie sold in the bargain bin at K-Mart. Really scary what she has done to herself!

  • TrueBlade


    Juvenile name stealing Trysha, KathH or whatever you call yourself next.? Another example of the mentality of KB fans. Yous should at least learn how to spell his name.It’s Skarsgard not Skarsgaard.

    I really hope you’re sterile. I hate to think the universe would allow your diseased genes and ugliness to pollute humanity. It’s sad to think of any child being in hands of a deranged individual like you.

  • hangover rabbit

    Now I really wonder if Alex slept with her, sure he was drunk and the lights were off!

  • lovekate

    kate looks very beautiful.

  • Harry Potter #1!

    She is so…odd looking?
    I dunno, no matter how she dresses up she still looks weird? is it or head or make-up? Haven’t a clue.
    But it bothers me.

  • hangover rabbit

    Granny Freeze 2.

  • If you hate Kate why…

    keep posting, JJ will continue to post her 3 times a day of you keep responding. Ignore her and she will go away, and her 2 fans will be the only one posting. I agree with most of you regarding KB , she is irrelevant, but hey you guys post the same thing, every day three times a day. Let it go, we know she is a irrelevant famewhore with a botched facelift and balding. However you are playing into her and her publicists game. In other words, you must really like her or you are obsessed with Alex, either not a good look. So stop the posting. and let her fade into obscurity like she is supposed to do.