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Katie Holmes: Weekend Workout Warrior

Katie Holmes: Weekend Workout Warrior

Katie Holmes squeezes in a morning workout at The Sports Club/LA on Saturday (December 11) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 31-year-old actress exercised at the same gym last weekend before catching a flight to New York City.

Katie‘s husband Tom Cruise recently had reason to celebrate.

Knight and Day, his action comedy with Cameron Diaz, was 20th Century Fox’s top grosser of 2010, earning $262.3 million worldwide!

FYI: Katie is wearing The T by Joe’s.

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katie holmes coffee after workout 01
katie holmes coffee after workout 02
katie holmes coffee after workout 03
katie holmes coffee after workout 04
katie holmes coffee after workout 05
katie holmes workout 01
katie holmes workout 02
katie holmes workout 03
katie holmes workout 04
katie holmes workout 05
katie holmes workout 06
katie holmes workout 07
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katie holmes workout 09

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  • poor katie

    the lonliest woman in the world. all that money from selling her soul means absolutely nothing.

  • brrrr

    she works out a lot. i wish i wasn’t so lazy. lol

  • Narnia

    I must admit she’s a beautiful woman

  • Kramer

    Pretty even without make-up. she is confident in her looks unlike the other hollywood clowns.

  • first

    depressed she looks. sad excuse of a woman…. Katie, should’nt you be smiling??

  • lucy

    Knight and Day crapped out in the U.S.. FOX only made their money back due to the insane interational promo tour by Tom and Cameron. We’re done with Tom, and the whole “TomKat” freakshow over here.

  • ————-

    truth is Katie holmes is a stunning lady. she looks young and fresh.

  • Lindsay

    Knight and day did good. even better than the new depp/angelina movie. and there’s no bigger stars in HW than depp/angie right now. love them all. peace!

  • lucy

    I agree that Katie is sad. She needs help to improve her mental health, but we know that Tom won’t let her get any. Depression is not an illness faced solely by the poor, common folk of this world.

  • paloma


  • Jen

    One Of The Prettiest Actresses. I Love Her Since Dawson’s Creek

  • G. Fulgencio

    Cara bonita con un corazon feo. (Pretty face/ugly heart)

    To quote someone from a recent string: “Her soul is gone :-( “

  • Rainy Day


    The Tourist has only been out one day. You can hardly compare the two movies. K&D did not do well domestically $76 million and was $117 million to make. The majority of the gross was international and the studio gets less money for those showings. Not saying it wasn’t a success for Fox, but am saying your comparison is idiotic since Tourist has one day of revenue AND when a movie makes most of its money in the international market, it doesn’t break even sometimes. And it debuted on rental sales at #3.

  • kris

    she looks so sad always

  • MANdonna

    beautiful face+hot body=katie holmes. no wonder people envy her.

  • taxgirl

    Funny that Tom hasn’t been showing off his loving family unit in Vancouver like he usually does when filming. Oh, that’s right. Katie and Suri have to stay away from Vancouver(haha). Tom should keep better track of celebrity news. Josh was in Paris this past week. Tom could have flown Katie and Suri up for a quick showing of what a great husband and loving father he is, then sent them back to LA before Josh’s return.
    Tom flew to LA last weekend and, hopefully for Katie, he’ll at least stop by next week for her birthday.
    Happy Birthday Katie. All of us who used to be your fans have a huge wish for you: Get help, and get away from Tom.

  • Gab

    I miss old, pretty, vibrant, bubbly Pacey-era Katie. How much longer does she have on her contract with Tom?

  • Whatever

    Are her and Tom even still married?

  • missy

    @Rainy Day:
    So what if the Tourist has only been out for one day? People had no problem calling Knight and Day a flop before it was even released! And it got much better reviews than the Tourist. I’m not saying Tourist won’t do well, but there’s definitely a double standard.

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    Omg she like old

  • http://Tj Slig^_^

    40 years old

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    Everybody commenting on how sad she looks just makes me want to make her happy…so happy…

  • Susie#1

    Jared, it was really nice when you didn’t post anything on Holmes. She looks old and worn out and very sad. And what the heck does she have on her feet? She’s bad news. Find someone more interesting and relevant.

  • gen


  • Suri Jackson
  • lol

    her husband is worse

  • lol

    her husband is worse

  • marta

    shes very pretty though theres nothing really special in her face. I wish she could find happiness in her life but it’ll be not that easy, being Tom Cruise wife means you can loose a lot during your marriage and after divorce as well

  • lol

    her HUSBAND is worse!

  • taxgirl

    @Suri Jackson:
    Thanks for the link! I was on PopSugar this morning and missed it. Josh is just so adorable!

  • TreeTrunksoUgly

    Stepford wife has done a nose job definitely, maybe eye lift and cheek too, her face is really different, check her pict, she looks older after surgery.

  • @MANdonna #15

    Are you sure MAN that kaka homely has hot body, bwahahahahahaha……
    She don’t know how to stand.
    Who will envy to kaka homely body like this????!!!!! she has the worse posture body, shagy boob, flat ass, three trunk, short and meaty legs.,0,9

  • johnny rockets

    @lucy: more for me :)


    Looks very good for just having been working out. She does not look sad, she PISSED at the paparazzi not letting her alone. Please people, your comments are stupid.

  • lucy

    @johnny rockets:
    You’re welcome. Just please try to keep TomKat away from the US as much as possible. They make us sick.
    On a side note, All The Right Moves happens to be on tv right now (in Atlanta). Remember when Tom wasn’t crazy?

  • Lana

    @ Gioha…..are you freakin BLIND?!?!?!?! Maybe if y’all stop making excuses for the poor girl, somebody would help her!

    You mean to tell me that they don’t have a gym in that giant 10,000 square foot house they live in?? I highly doubt that!

    Second, the girl looks HORRIBLE. I work out every day, but I don’t have dark circles under my eyes and look like somebody just shot my best friend. She looks really, really BAD. Depressed, Sad, pale, drawn and sick. Its not just about the paps anymore. ALL her pics look like this unless she is on the set. SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!

    Third, I’m sure they have showers at her gym where she could clean up and get dressed if she wanted to.

    Nope. Sorry. Y’all can make excuses all you want and act like you’re blind and stupid, but Katie is not doing well. She is either sick or seriously, seriously depressed. I wish her family would step in. I wish someone would do something.

    Personally, I think her marriage is either over or close to over. They have not been seen together in months. Not even on weekends. I’m telling y’all…..something is really, really, really wrong with Katie!!!!!

  • Cooper

    She looks like my sister when she goes off her meds !!!!!
    Katie has that same deep bottomless pit saddness about her.

  • Uhoh

    they are def separated or a split is coming. its the weekend and she is in LA and he is in Vancouver. The excuse when he was in Dubai was that it was too far but Vancouver is only a couple hours away. Why isnt she up there visiting Tom?? Why does she stay in LA even on the weekend. its not like she’s working on Sat and Sun! No pics of them together for months. None. Not even pap shots. Her alone or him alone but nothing together and she did not visit him on location. Also i agree that there has to be gym in their house cause they never worked out in gyms before recently. Maybe she is not living at Tom’s mansion. I bet thats it. I bet she is not living in that house anymore. She probably is living someplace else and isnt allowed to use the gym at the house anymore.

  • Sandy

    @ uhoh

    I think you may be right. She went to NYC last weekend instead of going to Vancouver. This weekend she’s in LA instead of going to Vancouver to be with her husband. She definately didn’t go to Dubai. Last time they were together was in Prague a couple of months ago.

    She does look depressed. She doesn’t look angry as somebody else said. She looks exhausted and sad and I also agree about having a gym at their home.

    Uhoh I think you’re right. I think she may be living elsewhere. Maybe they’re trying to work it out or they’re not ready to announce a split or something.

    Sad. I always said she could do better than Tom and now maybe she will. I also hope she hooks back up with her family and gets out of Tom’s religion which seems to be awful weird.

  • lucy

    I think you’re right.
    Lainey Gossip mentioned that Tom flew out of Vancouver, presumably to LA last weekend, and he was back in Vancouver on Monday.
    So: Tom flew to LA and she flew to NY. Maybe she’s still living at the estate(because of Suri) but left when Tom came to town.
    Ditto on the gym in the house. We’ve never seen Tom go to a gym. Katie is desperate for human interaction.

  • Star Fox

    You’ve been singing that song for years now, #6. They’re here to stay. Accept it and move on.

    You’re a paranoid idiot, #16.

    Right, #19.

    They’re not breaking up, #38-#40. If they were seen together a lot, you’d then be saying it was all just for show.

  • Danielle

    @Star Fox:

    I’m sorry Star Fox, but you are the idiot. Whenever Brad and Angelina aren’t together everyone cries “DIVORCE.” Same with Ben and Jen. Jen and Marc, etc. And these headlines are on all the rags. Very few rags exclaim DIVORCE for Tom and Katie–because they are afraid Tom will sue most likely or the Cult of crazies will come down on them.

    What is most amazing to me is that more rags, blogs, and posters aren’t screaming SEPARATION or DIVORCE. TomKat is rarely photographed together anymore. And when they are one or the other often looks stiff and posed. Katie is lookin’ more and more like Spears before her breakdown.

    If this was any other HW couple–everyone would be all over the fact that they aren’t seen together.

    You are the one that is delusional.

  • Rainy Day


    I didn’t say the Tourist was a good movie. I didn’t say it wasn’t going to bomb.

    What I said was that it was silly to compare a movie that is now in rental release to one that is out one day. This is hardly statistical validation you know?

    The only way you can fairly compare the two movies (which both got poor reviews) is to wait until the Tourist is in rental kiosks and then compare the revenue for theater showings.

  • JC
  • Jackie

    The Tourist is going to bomb according to pre-estimates. It didn’t do as good as Knight and Day, critically or financially. I bet Katie is a lot happier than the mean, depressed people on Just Jared.

  • Jokergurl

    She looks depressed, it is too bad this young woman doesn’t have any friends to hang out with, SHORTY took care of that for her. According to SHORTY, depression doesn’t exist, she lost her sparkle along time ago.

  • Cali

    OMG, these pics are so sad! I miss old school Katie…the one who was vibrant, quirky, sassy, and full of life. Now she looks like the life has been sucked from her. I do hate how her and Josh are not close anymore. They were great friends even after their break up. I remember him saying in an interview once that he and Katie went out to dinner weeks prior to her meeting with Tom, and he hasn’t seen her since. Ugh. Tom just ruined all of Katie’s true friendships. Now she has substitutes. Does she even hang out with Posh anymore? All I have to say is that Nicole should consider herself lucky that Tom divorced her b/c now she looks happier than ever!

  • annie

    I think she is one of the prettiest cutest most adorable girls in Hollywood. I have always thought that since DC.
    Before Tom all her pics were taken at a distance, now the paps are very close. There are times when I miss the old Katie, there are times when I really like the Katie of now.
    I wish she would go out there and promote herself , and her clothes , some of her designs are so nice. She’s 10 times prettier than Victoria Beckam, much nicer than Madonna and Nicole Richie, and more appealing than ultimate poser Jlopez, they go out and promote themselves and their stuff. Katie holds back, for whatever reason.
    I think people who have followed Katie over the years will tell you she is no show off, but I think she should be out there, just a little more, so that people can see the beautiful young woman she always was and is!

  • Tom

  • bubu

    she is always so sad , with sour image in her face. so boring, she is not happy that is the fact …. she has no good actress ans she has no happy privet life…. that is what she’s got from her marriage wit tom cruise, but that means nothing, because ” tomboy” is happy and that is the most important thing… get off this boring woman