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Taylor Swift: 21st Birthday at the Recording Studio!

Taylor Swift: 21st Birthday at the Recording Studio!

Taylor Swift heads to a recording studio on her birthday, Monday (December 13), in Nashville, Tennessee.

The country star turned 21! Happy b-day, Taylor!!!

On Sunday, Taylor celebrated early with party hats and a pizza decorated with 21 candles that two of her bandmates brought over to her place.

“I don’t feel older all of a sudden. It’s a state of mind thing, how you see the world, being excitable, staying excitable and impressionable and doing your best not to become jaded or bitter,” she told Nashville radio station WSIX.

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  • sharylmj

    LOVE TAYLOR!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! you are awesome, sweet and beautifully talented.. keep up the great work carnkin’ out the hits!!
    Hope your birthday was relaxed and peaceful… you deserve some rest!!

  • sharylmj

    I meant “crankin”… sorry..

  • sharylmj

    I meant “crankin” sorry!!

  • Steve

    all her music sounds the same.

    if her new album is about BOYS AND BREAKUPS i will go mental. she is so overrated.

  • LOL

    US weekly is reporting today that Taylor didn’t spend her birthday alone. Her friends told the magazine she had a small party in her place with Jake Gyllenhaal along. She and Jake were cuddling the whole time. It’s funny that people still think she is a virgin and she sent a tweet to her fans pretending she was spending time alone in her place.

  • Allison

    Yes U.S. weekly has the low-down on her birthday party with Jake. He flew to Nashville and stayed at her condo. She gave this radio interview in the morning then partied with him that night at home.

  • mousart

    @Allison: have you the link ?

  • mousart

    @Allison: have you the link please?

  • Drew

    Hi Taylor I am only 10 but I think you are the best singer in the whole wide world. You are so pretty and so lucky. I hope you have a GREAT birthday and I hope I can meet you someday. I want to learn to play the guitar like you.

    Happy birthday Taylor. =D

    Love, drew

  • mousart

    @Allison: sorry, the connection is a bit f**ked up

  • eatyourheartout

    how was she pretending? she sent that tweet during the day…her birthday party (like every party) started in the evening.

  • Frida

    lol, she talks like she’s 50 years old… please girl you’re only 21.

  • Allison

    I don’t think Jared allows links. If you go to and click celebrities a copy of the original story is there. US weekly has taken it down. Taylor and her handers are working over time to kill the story. People mag has a cleaner version saying she partied with her parents at their house with family. Gossip cop also changed the story and says Taylor had a party at a music studio without Jake. Her people want the PR of the relationship without her young fans knowing that they have little sleepovers.

  • Strange

    Some sites are claiming he was there and others like People say he wasn’t. They said Taylor was at her parents home and he was in LA. Also sites about him getting the golden globe nom state he was at his home in LA when he got the calls and emails. That’s what I hate about these sites. They all have conflicting info.

  • Gross

    she must really be a hoe and lying on top of it trying to act like some innocent little girl.

  • big girl

    @Allison: she is a liar!

  • mousart

    *big sigh* Pathetic.

  • julia

    What’s weird is they had all that press when she came to LA last week and it said she went to his home. Why are they trying to hide it now? Seems a little late for that anyway.

  • Ashley

    What’s the big deal anyway? She’s a grown woman so why can’t she have a guy spend the night? All these other celebs do it so why should it be different for her? I could see if she was only around 18 or so but she’s 21 and what she does with a guy is up to her and him. I don’t understand why people are making this sound like he’s with an underage girl when it’s not true.

  • Somebody’s lying

    Jake said he was home this morning in Cali when he got the call about his nomination. Cut the bs you two.

  • justine

    Love Taylor, but I don’t like Jake. BTW he suks in LAOD. Why in the h*ll was he nominated? I can see Anne, but not him.

  • Allison

    @ julia: remember after the paps reported that she spent the night at Jake’s house in L.A. they tried to shake the paps from following them. they called the police. Taylor Swift’s fan base is tweens and teens she wants to sell the fantasy of dating a famous guy but having their parents know she is having sex with these boyfriends will have them turn on her. They like to believe she is a virginal rolemodel for their children they don’t want to hear their children talking about taylor swift having sex with a 30 year old man. Showmance is cute, real sex is a no-no.

  • Allison

    P.S. I remember when news broke out that she was dating John Mayer, her handlers contacted People mag at that time too to say that they are just friends. Gossip cop also did a rumor kill of the story and said there is no Taylor + Mayer hook up. We all know now that they were both lying for her.

  • julia

    @Allison: that fling with John Mayer didn’t last very so maybe this whatever it is with Jake Gyllenhaal won’t last very long either. I agree with you she isn’t a very good role model for little girls so maybe she should start doing some more mature music now that she’s an adult.

  • Jimmy

    But she never posed for a mag shoot with Mayer claiming they were in love so why does she have to go in hiding with Jake if they are in love? Even tweens these days know grown people in love have sex.

  • Allison

    @Jimmy because MOST of Taylor Swift’s fanbase thinks she is DIFFERENT from other 21 year old girls and that’s what they love about her. She is supposed to still be virginal, not drink, not smoke, not go clubbing. They like that she is attractive enough to get attractive boyfriends but she doesn’t let them go all the way. She is the anti-Miley who is the sexual one. Anyway she is going to get caught being a hypocrite soon if she doesn’t stop playing these games like the Disney stars.

  • Jacob

    Jake was in La Tuesday morning and afternoon after Golden Globe nom. The US weekly story was taken down because they fabricate it ahead time. There pictures from pap of Jake driving around La on 12/13/10 in the afternoon following Golden globe nom came out. He did interviews that day. Just like with Taylor Lautner they making more out of it than it is really. Taylor is not perfect and she should not act that way but who is perfect. Judging people the way some of you people are is so wrong. I don’t understand why you bash her so bad. She is not judging any of you for thing you do. Get over! She grown let her live her life. She has never said she was a virgin or staying to marriage. People assumed that when she was dating Joe Jonas and look at him now. He is not perfect either but yall are not bashing him.

  • http://googleaccounts teena

    Happy Birthday have a blast i loved your 18 birthday party that was awesum as the same make your 21 birthday party awesum