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Rachel Bilson: LAX Liftoff!

Rachel Bilson: LAX Liftoff!

Rachel Bilson holds her passport and flashes a smile at LAX on Tuesday (December 28) in Los Angeles.

The 29-year-old actress carried a bright green JanSport backpack while catching a flight out of town.

The day before, Rachel went shopping with a friend in Glendale.

Rachel recently revealed how a petite figure like herself can get noticed without wearing heels.

“All you need to do is put on your favorite dress and walk in feeling great. It also helps to like your hair and makeup that day, but don’t overdo it,” she told InStyle.

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  • dani



  • lillybell05

    Back to Canada.

  • Brightside

    There is no need to keep regurgitating Rachel Bilson’s fashion ‘advice’ from Instyle, JJ. It’s not remotely entertaining and doesn’t deserve a post. I feel that those who are so mentally challenged as to need such basic, simplistic and obvious hints will probably be fool enough to buy the magazine. They won’t need a double dose and the rest of us don’t need a single dose.
    Just confine the post to the fact that she is leaving LA as you do with others. No need to needlessly embellish the post with RB’s teaching-grandmother-to-suck-eggs approach to fashion tips. It’s boring. Really, really boring and makes her look like the worst kind of idiot. Which she is! But why belabour the point by devoting a post to it?!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    Well Natalie and LeAnn get engaged and Rachel is leaving the US…to some “mystery” location like Canada. She’s just like Jessica Simpson – only poor!
    For such a “private” person she sure does keep her PRIVATE life PRIVATE. I mean you don’t need your passport when WALK INTO THE AIRPORT.

  • Lexi

    LOOOVE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    PS – Good to see Rachel “layering” her clothing for her trip to a COLD weather climate.

  • lw

    never understood her appeal. she looks like a spoiled brat, one of those kids you just want to smack upside the head. Adam Brody was too hot for her.

  • Brightside

    Nothing pleasant about a toothy grin that exposes miles and miles of gum! That is an ugly use of the smile muscles…makes her look like gene-pool pollution.
    Advice to Rachel…if you want to look cute then leave the gums inside your lips! You’re not auditioning for a role in one of the Twilight films you know!!

  • ??

    How come some of my favorite actresses such as Hilary Swank, Charlize Theron and so on rarely get papped? Is Rachel that interesting to the general public?

  • MissAnthropica

    Oh please no one has any idea where she going. Still is all staged clearly puffer jacket just like she said in Instlye and all. Staged .
    She wants people to think she is off to Canada but unless pictures pop up of her landing in Toronto she could be anywhere. Also who holds there passport out like that for everyone to see. Like look at me look at me Im leaving the country. Wink wink,
    So obvious so fake,
    She is just looking for attention with people like Portman and even Leanna gettting alot of press today and she isnt.
    Dont fall for her crap.
    Also its fairly cold in LA today although not as bad as this time last week.
    She for sure isnt going to NYC or anywhere near it most flights are still canceled or delayed to that part of north america.

  • mka


  • yuck

    Yuck, She needs to keep her sunglasses on she looks so old without them
    She use to be cute on the OC now she just looks like an old lady soccer mom.

  • Missy

    She’s always beautiful, she’s just naturally pretty. :) Looks like she’s off to see her man Hayden Christensen!

  • lol

    Rayden fans are such idiots everyone thought she was in Canada for x mas then she turned up LA instead with a friend. Now she is flying out and Rayden’s actually think she is heading to Canada? lol
    She could be going to London or Paris for new years both are freezing cold right now.Shell turn up in a few days most likely fair from Canada and shell have played her little Rayden fans all over again. Because she knows it so easy to do so.
    Dont be such simpletons( its ok look it up im sure most Rayden fans wont know what the word means).

  • lol

    Confidence is her damn fashion advice. Walk in confident ? Thats it .
    Everyone knows that because their damn mother told them that since they were five years old.
    Worst fashion advisor ever. Instyle is so lame at least Vogue and Vanity Fair though they have very lame moments would never have someone like Rachel giving lackluster advice.

  • Missy

    @lol: Well her ticket says ‘Toronto, ON’ in this picture so yeah that’s obviously where she’s going dumba$$

  • @yuck


  • Missy

    @lexy hates bilson: Do you see how stupid you sound? She doesn’t keep her private life private because she’s walking into the airport with her passport? OH WOW BIG DEAAAL!! You have such a weird obsession with her, grow up seriously. Go back to your precious knocked up Natalie Portman posts.

  • Missy


  • http://Ta Sligo ^_^ cute

    I dont like this girl

  • shameful

    Natalie Portman is all over the news with her pending marriage and baby on the way so what does Rachel Bilson do the forever want to be Natalie she runs to the airport with a passport just so someone will post about her. Anything for attention with this girl, Everyone is talking about Natalie and her three films and nominations and how she and Hayden will never be together now. Although Hayden and Natalie were never together but some people always hoped I suppose. So Rachel wants to start rumors shell be the one with Hayden instead.Since Rachel is the poor mans Natalie Portman and even then not even lolz
    What i think is funny is that these pictures were taken not long ago and JJ already had them right away. That just isnt normal. She called the one papparazzi again and paid for her posts on here as usual.

  • Missy

    @shameful: Yep, you got it. Because Rachel will be all over the news with this shocking suprise! good one honey, good one.

  • Father Time

    Ladies (using term loosely) please! Stop with the useless Rachel bashing. Take a laxative. Most of you sound constipated!

  • Rihanna

    It’s kristen kreuk look like

  • @MissytheonlyRachelfanleft


    She wanted her ticket to be seen clearly. That so obvious. Why because it will get her some attention.
    The only thing this girl loves is attention…. well that and maybe free shoes cant forget her first love… shoes :) lol

    She made sure that the pap got a picture of her destination so that way the rumors would start up all over again. Why? More attention. She doesnt have much going on really.
    All she has to do is get a ticket to Toronto, get papped at the airport today leaving and what little spotlight she can get at this point is back on her Not exactly rocket science here people.

    Just because she has a ticket to Toronto doesnt mean she is going to be seen with her FAKE EX BF again she doesnt need to…. why?
    Because Rayden fans and sites like JJ are already speculating and drooling. Shell be back in La again without Hayden in sight and will have pulled the wool over the sheeps eyes again.
    Bah!!! Rayden fans Bah!!!!!

    Unless you see Hayden pick her up at the Toronto airport today when she lands dont believe it. And even if he does all it means is he is back to being desperate enough to presswhore again with her,
    Just dissing out the same old same old tired crap again and Rayden fans happily eat it up and beg for seconds just like Oliver Twist.
    ~Please sir… can I have some more~ lol
    Too funny.

    All of it was staged. Even the post yesturday really, Nice timing of JJ to post about dressing for cold weather if you were going to travel and then sure enough the very next day there she is jacket in hand with ticket exposed to the pap she called saying she is heading to Toronto of all places and big cheesey smile on her face as she has yet again figured out another way to drag out her long since over 15 mins of fame.

    Such amazing timing and perfect pictures the paps always have with her if only all the real celebs showed off where they were going and if only the paps always seemed to know where they would be.
    But wait… real celebs dont do that…. only people desperate like Rachel do this over and over again.

    So keep eating it up and asking for more crap from her please. Its so cute to watch. Like when a dog licks your muddy boots for you.

  • Missy

    @@MissytheonlyRachelfanleft: lol you are really funny. :)))

  • KK

    @Rihanna: She does look like K.K except that Kristen was on a hit tv show for ten years almost Smallville.
    A poorly written show but still steady work unlike Bilson.
    Find of funny you said that since Kristen replaced Bilson on a tv show pilot when they didnt want Bilson it then the whole thing was canceled,
    Poor Josh Schwartz :( he has to stop connecting himself to Bilson its going to cost him more pilots for Tv from even making it to see the light of day,

  • Devorah

    I think she’s faking everyone out and heading to Mexico to be with her BFF Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard. They will be there celebrating Kate’s birthday and maybe a little something else. And ‘Nicole’, Joel Kinneman is already there partying.

  • lexy hates bilson

    And KK had a endorsement deal with Neutrogena b/c she was a natural beauty!
    The press was talking about Natalie LONG before the baby and engagement – they were talking about her PERFORMANCE in Black Swan and her possible Oscar nomination. I think that’s why she dropped the bombshell now – b/c people people know how talented she is and she’s kicking butt in her movie!!! Natalie’s probably on cloud nine.

  • wth

    How the hell did JJ get these pictures so fast?
    The only flight that left from LAX to Toronto today on American Airlines if she even went was at 10:05- 10:30 am pacific coast time and JJ made this post at 2 pm east coast time.
    So thats means he posted it at 11 am pacific coast time just minutes after she would have been spotted at the airport with the ticket.
    Its clearly light out in these pictures and the only flight today from LAX to Toronto was at 10 am that just isnt possible for JJ to have gotten the pictures that fast without help. Wth is going on?
    Maybe it was a fake out after all would make more since and she did go to mexico instead with Kate.B o.0

  • MissAnthropica

    Just being honest here but this is the picture

    Reese Whitherspoon engaged.
    Natalie Portman engaged and pregnant,
    Lilly Allen engaged.
    Chris Hemsworth just married.
    Leanne Rimes engaged.

    Rachel Just trying to come up with some way to get talked about.

    Kate and Alex are suppose to be up to something in mexico themselves wouldnt be surprised if Rachel was invited to that .

  • RonRon

    You guys are pathetic, she’s at an airport just living her life going to see her boyfriend, you say “rachel” is trying to get into the media, you guys are just making up stories trying to pull her into the media.

  • maya

    she’s so pretty this girl always modeste adorable keep smiling i just admire her

  • maya

    she’s going to canada :))))))))) no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Fandango

    Well being on the east coast it was on CNN that the international flights were all held up on the tarmac for 34 hours b/c the customs agents can’t allow them to come off the plane. And there is no available flights out now till January 1st. that is the soonest flights that ppl can take anywhere. They showed LAX as one of the hold up flights so either Rachel left yesterday and still she might have been held up on the tarmac on the plane as far as anyone would know. Or if she did leave today and JJ is sliding hints of her going to a cold place well Hallelujah JJ if ppl are not that dumb but again he is working for Bilson so he will co promote the woman as per her agents request. Very sure she went to Canada she has NO where else she can go to she need HC w/o him she is a full total zero. For those that thought she was hiding her ring finger b/c of a ring well she isn’t wearing any and I don’t really think she will either when she comes back. It’s the same old shit different year they are doing the cross country visitation.

    If she got out and not still sitting in the LAX airport she might have be rerouted and sitting somewhere waiting to get into Canada. If she did get there again she needs the press time she has been w/o it for over 2 weeks. And ppl are sick of hearing of her so called ex to beard b/f of hers. I’m sure they will have their token pictures done of HC picking her up again it’s only the same shyt again just different year.

  • janey 1

    the girl is gorgeous no matter what she does how she dresses or how she smiles shes just got it! and you dont hater!

  • HC and his LA Dog in Uxbridge

    The Tadpole is back to Canada to beg Hayden’s love.
    the guy is so over her.
    Looks like she washed her dead hair.
    HC has never been got so much bad luck and bad comments since he associated himself to the Zlister.

    Time to make a change Dude before it’s too late/ even a non celebrity would be better that this pap; plain Jane, average looking girl and so untalented.

    Portman has got talent at least and a decent French guy….HC is just score this chick!

  • RonRon

    @Fandango: You are weird, @HC and his LA Dog in Uxbridge: and you are jealous.

  • Michelle

    Hey Kristin Kreuk is naturally gorgeous and in a whole league of her own. That’s an insult to KK to be compared to RB. All RB does is shop what else is new… I do think Ryan Gosling and Kristin Kreuk would make a cute couple and they’re both Canadians.

  • HC and his LA Dog in Uxbridge


    Sorry hon, just lucid.
    She’s the next Jennifer Aniston just less talented and fun….
    A girl should never beg a man’s love. Her mom didn’t teach her that obviously.

  • http://hel Fandango


    You clearly don’t listen to the news if you did you wouldn’t be so brain dead over how the airlines are doing on the eastern seaboard. Hears something try to watch the news you might learn something. Besides who truly cares where RB goes it’s a congeal visit anyway.


    Your right no woman should beg a men for affection she certainly proves how desperate she is for a man or this man who currently like her is unemployed I don’t think this new agent is actually doing much for him after what 6 months nothing filming always attached but never working.

  • RonRon

    @Fandango: No I didn’t watch the news 24/7 today just to see what time Rachel’s plane made it to Canada. Seems alittle weird you would since you don’t seem to like her. And OMG like stfu, do you know Rachel or Hayden???? Do you know their relationship at all?? What the eff are you talking about when you say ‘no woman should beg a men for affection’?? How is she begging him for affection?? You don’t have to be a fan of hers or haydens, w/e but seriously just shut up, you sound so incredibly stupid. You act as if you sit on their shoulder and you know every detail about them. What details do you have on their relationship? You have the same as everybody else…PAPARAZZI PICTURES, which gives you NOTHING.

  • http://hel Fandango


    Is that the best you can do is copy other comments that ask the same retorical question you forgot did she run over your dog or scew with your b/f. I don’t have to know her shes typical LA Valley girl an she proves it each time she talks or pays the press to empoy her pictures. Well if you don’t broaden your interest in world news and events it’s showing how limited you think. Keep in touch with the news you could learn a lot. Seems your the pot calling the kettle black you are here as well and last I looked this isn’t a fan site know one here has to love Rachel to voice and option it’s a free country so get off the soap box understand there will be ppl that love her and hate her. I’m not telling you not to like her thats your pain not mine nor am i to anyone else who doesn’t like her. Seems if a person grazes and comments more then a few times we are living on a board please..RB is the one who put her ass on jj payroll so if she wants attention ppl are more the willing to comment about it. Best live with the options or get over it.


    Cute! Cute!! Cute!! Adorable! I wanna be Rachel!

  • Kate

    SO glad to see Rachel going to Canada, certainly HOPE it’s to see Hayden Christensen and his family. They all got along together so well, and I just love them together. She’s a beautiful gal and Hayden is a hottie. Hayden has helped with so many charities this year. I know of one little girl that was SO thrilled to meet him even though she was in a cancer unit in the hospital. They drew a picture together and everything! God bless you Hayden!

  • Karen

    This is the difference between an ”A” class actress and a ”Z” list actress : UPDATE: Nat tells EW, “I have always kept my private life private but I will say that I am indescribably happy and feel very grateful to have this experience.”

  • lol

    @SCANDALMONGER: lol You want to be Rachel lol You want to be an out of work actress that walks around town all down with a blank look in her eyes and on her face.
    If you want to be a brunette actress best known for being on a teen age soap opera then at least aim for Leighton Meester the new Bilson.
    Leighton at least is still employed and has a career at the moment with Gossip Girl.
    Sadly though Leighton knows what her future is once GG ends….. shell really become the next Bilson. She must dread that day.

  • tom

    Out of work actress gets on plane. my god. fascinating. really JJ, you are pathetic. And Rachel, why don’t you at least brush your hair for the paparazzi you hire to follow you around.

  • RonRon

    @Kate: I agree :) They’re soo cute together!!

  • Brightside

    It’s a shame that there are a few deluded people who would want to model themselves and their image on Rachel Bilson. Instead of choosing someone both beautiful, inspiring and talented to model themselves on they would rather choose a puffy-eyed, round-faced, slack-jawed d-list idiot with next to no talent and very little left in the way of anything that defines a career. I do feel sorry for such people as want to emulate her….why aim so low?
    Seriously, why bother? And what a waste of someone’s life wanting to be Rachel Bilson!!!