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Kate Gosselin: Sight-Seeing in New Zealand!

Kate Gosselin: Sight-Seeing in New Zealand!

Kate Gosselin goes sight-seeing with her children in New Zealand on Tuesday (January 11).

The 35-year-old reality TV mom started off the day by taking the kids to the Otorohanga Kiwi House & Native Bird Park to play with some animals.

Later in the day, Kate and the family went to Waitomo Caves where they took a boat trip in the underground caverns.

At the end of the day, the Gosselins had dinner in the town of Rotorua.

10+ pictures inside of Kate Gosselin sight-seeing with her kids…

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  • revoltin’

    once again, no smiles detected

  • Kelly

    Haha what is she doing here?

  • Clairedelune

    What’s the matter with this fame hungry, dumb, hair weaving, plastic surgery wanna be doing in beautiful NewZealand? C’mon! Keep NZ clean from fake, brain dead Americans. She is so Z-list. Hope she did not spit and scare the glow worms in waitomo cave. She’s pollutant. (kids r cute & innocent; free admissions should be for them)

  • kids all look beaten down

    pic 01 has the witch yelling at the poor little boy.

  • 2 cute

    she looks great. kate looks better britney and she has 6 kids ,a full tme mother and she is in her 30s.

  • Eric Gibson Cartman

    Lost the kids! They’re cute now, but they’ll grow up ugly-mixed!

  • laverdadduele

    This worthless piece of garbage makes me want to puke every time I see her stupid face.

  • Freethe8

    Everyone knows now that Steve Neild is being her pap, they must have cut out the middle man and keeping the money on the pics. How dare Kate file contempt charges against Jon when she makes those kids work, miss school to do so, and miss scheduled time with their father. Did she meet Steve’s parents?
    poor Gina Neild and sons, why don’t Steve and Kate stop this farce?

  • Doris

    Kate may as well have a chair and a whip in her hands. Those kids always look so tentative and unsettled when she is with them, as if they are waiting for a command and fearful of her inevitable random angry judgement.

  • Impeach the PA Judge

    The judge that allows this creep to work these kids and keep them from their dad should be impeached. TLC should be boycotted, as should any company who advertises during her show. That is the only way these kids will get the help they need – off the air and away from this fame wh*re.

  • Michelle

    This woman is such a fame… Why Jared do you continue to support this woman by posting pics of her. No one cares! She has made her children into slaves by parading them around and putting them on tv. Just wait Kate until they legally file for emancipation from you once they turn 16 once they realize they are broke with no money since they find out you’ve stolen it all and spent it.

  • JLLI

    Poor, poor children. They will pay for this eventually when they all wind up having to see shrinks and become misfits of society due to their mother selling them out from childhood. She has no shame…using her children like cash cows. If she really loved those kids she would go back to her nursing career and let the children have normal lives out of the range of cameras and paparazzi. She decided to bring all these children into the world way before she joined reality TV so obviously she had a plan to provide for them.

  • Boycott TLC

    Repulsive Kate + endangered 8.

  • j

    She has a horrible sense of style. It’s so outdated.

  • Laurie

    Shouldn’t those kids be in school…

  • http://deleted Yay Kate

    There is nothing I love more than seeing a woman come from behind and take charge of her life and earn a good living to take care of her children. I say Yay Yay Yay! At least she’s doing all she can to take care of the children she created with her ex. BTW, where is ol Jonny Boy? Kate has also slimmed down nicely. She must look really great in person. Her arms are thin. The photo from the side view proves. She’s lost a lot of weight and her body looks fabulous now, especially since she had so many kids. She just looks so much better and younger than she used to. I’m just praying for the kids and that she will really keep an eye on them. With so many children, there are predators around every corner, just waiting for the opportunity to get to them. Kate is a good mom. At least she disciplines them. Without discipline from someone, those kids would likely grow up to terrorize the rest of us. Good for you Kate. I’m rooting for you all the way!

  • lexy hates bilson

    To bad the animals didn’t attack her!! Her kids could have cheered them on!!

  • Just lurking

    The new Jennifer Aniston..but better looking.

  • Freethe8

    Jennifer Aniston, Kate Gosselin, T. Swift…blond and narcissistic.

  • butterflier

    Imagine spending your childhood with cameras, booms and mikes in your face constantly, all to support your mentally ill,ice-cold narcissistic bitch of a mother.
    Hey dopey Kate lovers, the children were not born for your entertainment. They deserve their privacy. And if I hear one more Kate lover talk about how great she looks, remember the plastic surgery, tummy tuck, fake boobs, botox, veneers, fake hair,fake nails, tanning and and everything else this evil witch has indulged herself with on the backs of her children, I’ll scream.

  • Maria

    She calls her ex husband money-grubbing and yet she is the one selling pictures to the gossip sites and pimping out her children’s privacy.

    Hey Kate, here’s a tip – why don’t you take the kids on a trip that doesn’t involve a camera crew, a crew of nannies and a *cough* body guard/personal pap? ? Be a REAL parent…don’t just try to play one on TV (and btw…you are doing a piss-poor job of ‘acting’ like a mom)

  • Telly

    This horrid woman who would sell her soul and her kids for fame should be getting NO attention from anyone. Shame on you JJ!

  • Just saying

    35? LMAO! More like 45. Any mother who would put the needs of herself infront of her children should not be glorified in the press.

  • http://@asdasd SJP

    This whole trip has been 1 big phony PR move. TLC are the ones taking these ‘pap’ shots and releasing them, to hype the new episodes. No one in Australia or New Zealand knows who this woman is. Get real. Jared, stick to taking cheques from Isabel Lucas’ publicist.

  • Marieme

    Uh…she looks fantastic! Wow. I mean finally. Her hair is really cute for her face. Let’s hope maybe she finds an Aussie who’s not frightened of having a large family (or bad dancers). I hope she does eventually find someone because having to worry about supporting all these kids on her own (and let’s face it, daddy ain’t gonna do much) has to be daunting.

  • Jason

    John an Kate did not go to TLC,TLC came to them!
    can any of you Kate bashers honestly say that if you had 8 children and where working 40 hours a week jobs if not more you would not Jump at the chance to have ANY television station come in and offer you your own reality series? please invite me over so i can hear you say to a producer”no thank you! i dont see where geting my story out to others and making thousands of dollars to better me my spouse and childrens life would prove to be at all benificial!!
    “Ill stay working as a waitress while my husband works a thank less factory or office job thank you very much bye bye”
    For the longest time i was on “team” John!”finally hes away from that cold bitch kate!” untill he became a womainzing lazy turd sleeping on his brothers couch!
    Some one has to have the balls in the family and i guess it had to be Kate!ive grown up around nothing but strong women and thier first instinct in a situation like that is become a rip roarin BITCH!
    Doing what she has to to give her kids the chances that they would never have otherwise! she took a chance at DWTS…and didnt do so good!…but she can make fun of herself and has proven she does have some acting abilty! but because she actually enjoys doing what shes had to do shes a “diva and hungery for fame” GO BACK TO NURSING…really are you people insane???
    Again! i want the person whos actually had some of the hollywood lifestyle decide that changing bed pans is better suited to thier needs!
    to give me a call!
    As far as the kids well being why is it always kate whos the fame monger making a buck off her kids! go scream at the DUGGERS mom for popping 19 kids out of her womb! but because thier good wholesome mormons its OK!
    or little people bigworld….they have to face the lime lite to!
    and last So what if kate is sleeping with her body guard! the kids have a strong male in thier life and kates getting a good stiff c@#k!!
    and if any one needs a good stiff c@5k it is kate!
    keep bringing home the bacon!!kate!!

  • Maria

    Kate could get rid of the supersized “Mine All Mine” house
    She could put the kids in Public School (there are many nice ones locally)
    She could get a job (on tv, in movies, on radio, hocking the latest skin cream) without PIMPING out the children’s private moments.

    She should NOT be using her offspring as little money makers. Those children need to grow up in as normal an environment as she can make them. Not be on display as HER personal little traveling Gosselin Circus.

    She’s a national joke. The kids are suffering. Jon is now trying to keep as low a profile as possible with the occasional tweet. She throws him under the bus in her ‘Kate Speak’ every chance she gets.

    She is a pathetic excuse for a mother. She uses her precious children as little ATM machines. Puts them on display when another bill comes in the mail. I actually think she may succeed in surpassing Dina Lohan. Se’s looking more and more like her every day. (Orange Skin, tight hooker clothing, bleached/straightened hair).

    I’m all for her getting a JOB OF HER OWN that doesn’t include PIMPING OUT her children’s PRIVATE moments for voyeristic adults.

  • Hope

    hope Kate and her moronic fans contract a life threatening disease

  • raaaaaaalph

    She’s starting to look like the super fugly chick Tabitha on Bravo’s, ‘Tabithas Salon Takeover’ ………Puuuuuke

  • Lorraine

    It confuses me when people say Kate is earning a living for her children and Kate is bringing home the bacon as “Jason” put it. How can they not see that he kids are the ones earning a living and bringing home the bacon? Kate is the one benefiting, not the other way around, It is all very twisted. Those children are who bought and paid for the house, her new look and her constant pampering. Other than in third world countries, it is unheard of for children to have to work to support their mothers and themselves. What a screwed up way to raise children. I see no point in insulting Kate’s looks as to me that is not really the point but she is stealing her kids childhoods away from them due to her own selfishness and that is not something a good mother would ever do. I agree with the person who said she could hawk products on informercials if she truly believes that she can;t work a regular job. Why does she have to drag her kids around with her on her quest to stay in the limelight. It is a pathetic excuse for a childhood and surely will have a terrible impact on them as they get older.

  • KC

    Does she pick through Britney Spears discarded trash bags from 10 years ago to dig up that atrocious outfit?

  • Janey

    Oh my goodness. The children aren’t smiling at the photographers that they know are paparazzi! When Alexis did smile and wave in one of the pap encounters, what did you think of that? Those paps want and love that sort of reaction, but they also love the more detached non-reactions because then people will say,’ohhhh, the kids look so unhappy.’ it’s a win for the paps no matter what! LOL Kids look like they are having a great experience in NZ! I’d love to go horseback riding today.

  • Kate Fan

    I am stupit..drooool

  • Freethe8

    Who is the PA Judge that is allowing children that have such school issues to miss more school to WORK out of the country, be slaves to Mummy so she can get more plastic surgery? As Kate said, there is never enough money! She made 3.5 million off the backs of those kids last year. When do these kids get to be kids, relax without cameras in their faces….go somewhere without cameras in their faces? Only when they are with their Dad, and she takes that time away from him….parental alienation. …is what Kate is doing to her kids.

  • carla

    i live in nz!

  • Sam

    Poor sweet little boys, never smiling, but how could they with this as a mother yelling and ordering and demanding constantly at them. Shame.

  • Katherine

    I do not understand how there are still people who think that Kate is doing right by her children by dragging them all over, filming their every move and who do not see this as being exploitation. I used to be pulling for her but this has gone on too long. The kids deserve a normal life. They did not ask to be born and having multiples does not entitle you to celebrity or a fancy lifestyle. She went on national tv and claimed she had bills in her purse she could not pay.. Were they hairdresser bills? I have en extremely hard time believing she did not have money for food and electricity. She lied about the expulsion of her kids. It makes me wonder what other lies she has told to the public and to herself. This whole thing is going to end badly for this family. The kids have lost their family unit and now they get to lose their childhoods to a mother who puts herself first.

  • mary

    maybe if we’re lucky….She will stay in New Zealand …

  • annalee


    Stuff that America can have her back thank you very much.

  • Becky

    @2 cute: You dumb shit, are you brain dead? Kate’s had plastic surgery up the rectum without a thought to how this might adversely effect her kids’ world views. The egotistical, self indulgent, inconsiderate, thoughtless and dangerous whore of a mother has probably done irreversible damage to her poor children.