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Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' First Look!

Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz: 'Dream House' First Look!

Check out this first look shot of Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz together in their upcoming film Dream House!

Synopsis: A couple (Craig and Weisz) relocates their family to a quaint New England town. But as they settle into their new life, they discover their perfect home was the murder scene of a mother and her children. And the entire city believes it was at the hands of the husband who survived. When Will investigates the tragedy, his only lead comes from Ann Paterson (Naomi Watts), a neighbor who was close to the family that died. As Will and Ann piece together the disturbing puzzle, they discover that the story of the last man to leave Will’s dream house will be just as horrifying to the one who came next.

Dream House is set to hit theaters on September 30th!

Bigger pic inside…

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daniel craig rachel weisz dream house first look

Photos: Universal
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  • to Keri

    Libby, you have persecution complex. same words, broken record…

  • Bad Choices

    you know what is so alarming about both daniel and rachel’s relationship….is that they both really are people who can’t commit to one person…it’s as if they become very unsetteled….they might after a while with each other. When i saw rachel with darren i always thought wow she’s finally feels grounded with someone that she’ll be with forever, especially when she voiced out that exact thing. But apparently not…back in the 90′s and early 00′s she used to go from one relationship to another as if it were nothing….it was a shame then and is a total shock now that she has done this with daniel. Speaking of him, he can’t be commited to any women for very long…..HE CAN’T BE TAMED….lol. So yeah will have to wait and see but this is hollywood and when hook ups happen like this they don’t last long at all. What a shame.

  • cat

    they feed one’s eyes on a gorgeous view…, can’t wait their the premiere!

  • Bad Choices

    @to Keri: Who the HELL IS Libby?

  • Mendel

    That’s a great picture! Both Dan and Rachel are looking great! That pic is a good advert for the film, because it draws you into the story and you want to know more…

    to The Playlist

    Thanks for the link. This bit was very interesting:

    “Well, they managed to squeeze some time in last month and with a fresh fall date now planned, Universal has plenty of time to build up to the release of the film.”

    Sounds like they did their reshots then. There were rumours that because of scheduling problems, Dan and Rachel couldn’t do the reshots until March of this year.

    to Ellen

    “they have two daughters, right?”

    I think so – and I guess that the girl in the door is the older one, having seen something scary…

    Hi Guinness,

    having a good Friday with hopefully now thawed pipes?

  • KERI

    Thanks Bad Choices, WHO THE HELL IS LIBBY? Cause whoever you are I’m not who your talking about.

  • to 54

    a person afflicted with psychosis like you

  • KERI=Bad Choices

    You are soooooooooo easyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!

  • KERI=Bad Choices

    Goooooooooood inside job!!!!!!!!

  • 2 #57

    Sorry you can’t accept the truth. Looks like you are the one who has psycosis everyone else can easily grasp to the idea that this probably won’t work out. UM….meg ryan and russell crowe anyone. That happened just like this….THAT SURELY WASN’T A FALSE IDEA OF REALITY. This isn’t either. LOOKS LIKE YOUR THE ONE RUNNING AROUND WITH PSYCOSIS, since the reality that this relationship won’t last hasn’t hit you yet. i’M GONNA STICK UP FOR BAD CHOICES HERE cause there is absolutely no reason for you to attack someone that way. Suck on that.

  • KATY

    relax people….relax. seriously not that serious. Love rach in this pic though.


    One thing that I don’t completely disagree with is the whole darren having the last laugh thing….he certainly is right now.


    But i wonder, NOT LIKING THIS, is that you behind LIBBY,KERI, AND BAD CHIOICES…..hmmm one could only wonder can’t they?

  • to GAVIN

    In fact, speak of the next year, and the devil will laugh.

  • Guinness

    aawww yes, Mendel! computer fixed, pipes fixed, everythiing is coming up roses. I wrote back to you on the previous thread…I think. last night was a blur. Dan looks magnifican in thist–i remember when he was papped at toronto i had my Dan let his hair grow….he just had it cut receently! funny. and I love Dan and his hair—I would pull it hungrily any style!! Happy friday to you…be safe. and thx again for the pipe advice. *that sounds a little cheeky!!!*

    hey–btw, didn’t you post this same exact pic last week here? seriously, you and others who post a jj prepost for a thread should start asking for commission!!! rriiiiiiight! really—is it true or not Rachel was up for a bond part? no biggie, but it is getting old reading about the same story—but that is tabloids!!
    one more check for any new dan news… then dreamy dan night!

  • Amy

    to Mendel
    Well…suppose it were true, they already have done the reshoots! Is it really the case?

  • Sour Grapes

    Dr film/ libby/ noomi/ keri/bad choices
    Are all one in the same. This is the same person who tried to convince people that DC’s ex was traveling with her mother and that is why there were no pic’s of her, sad deluded fool that she is. Can’t accept the fact that Daniel dumped his gf for someone else . She really deserves pity more than anything else sad pathetic creature. Sitting at her computer writing hateful post soooo jealous she wont be a hand maiden to that homely ex of Daniels. GO BACK TO DTD, there I’m sure you will find people who share your rather pathetic view of Daniel and Rachel.

  • Amy

    I mean..Sheridan said that the reshoots was postponed by a snow problem. They were in Toronto in last month? I find it hard to believe this..

  • Baby girl

    that little girl is the cutest thing, look at those cheeks,she is just adorable.

  • low life actors

    OK two actors played husband and wife in a movie and fell in love with each other during the process, abandoing their each’s spouse and in DC’s case, gf. How tacky is that? Next.

  • Sour Grapes

    GOD! Your sad, really sad. Do you really think by posting under different names you can fool people in believing that you are different people? You are beginning to look like someone who really needs to get some emotional help, fast, very fast!

  • to low life actors

    Daniel’s case is not special. You also blame many former great actors/actresses.
    GET A LIFE!!!

  • second that

    low life actor @ 0 1/28/2011 at 9:33 pm

    wake up! relationships end; this is a fact of life. Rachel and Darren had been having problems months before the break up was publicly announced; all their friends knew it was coming. they were not married. the same is also true for Daniel and Satsuki. although their breakup was announced in February 2010 it had actually taken place weeks prior to that. why do you think Daniel bought that condo in NYC; it was a pay off to Satsuki. it’s all over and done with. Daniel and Rachel are a couple now. get used to it!! now why don’t you go back to you friends at DTD where i’m sure they are still convinced it’s not all true.


    To second that. Wasn’t dan in nyc last year for some play with hugh jackman? Is there a possibility that that is why the condo was bought? I don’t really buy that it was a pay off to sats.


    And by the way, if what you are saying is actually true that it was a payoff to Satsuki then he, to me at least, is a jack***. You don’t just do someone like that. Really messed up…..being a fan of rachel’s I hope he doesn’t dog her like that.

  • Amy

    My most favorite actress is Katharine Hepburn. She was so smart, not tacky.

  • second that

    GAVIN@ 01/28/2011 at 10:38 pm

    sorry to break this to you but the condo is listed under Satsuki’s name. she is the owner of record. as for the gay innuendo, that story was long ago proven to be false. Daniel is now with Rachel.

  • to GAVIN

    Do you hope Daniel gives Satsuki nothing? OK, that’s just fine with me! LOL

  • to Gavin

    you do know that Satsuki lived with Daniel for 5 years. that is what is called a domestic partnership. which means that in the state of New York Satsuki was entitled to an equitable distribution of monies Daniel made while they were together. so how exactly did Daniel mess up by buying Satsuki that condo? she didn’t only get the condo, i have no doubt that she also got a pretty hefty cash settlement. this kind of thing goes on all the time.

  • greedy miser

    Satsuki wanted more money. Ohhhhh, what Daniel had done with the best of intentions turned out to be harmful. Poor Dan…..


    Okay, I’ll accept it that way, but second that, if this is you or not, presented this information like daniel was obligated, no “pressed” to give Satsuki something in order to move on so that he wouldn’t feel guilty for leaving her and/or as a way to slap her in the face by giving her the condo to say “okay we’re over, so take this and leave me alone”. That’s why I said that. I still feel the way I feel for rachel though. Question for conversation, what would you say if Rachel and Daniel did have an affair and the scenario is that both sats and darren were innocent and got hurt. How does anyone of you feel about the possibility of that? That is to say if you all pushed the “Facts” aside….what do you all think? I think it’s a hollywood thing as I previously said but share please….I think it makes interesting conversation. How far could actors go?

  • greedy miser

    No wonder Sats is not going to work for her living herself. To put it briefly, she has no ability to speak of.

  • to GAVIN

    ARE YOU KIDDING??? Who knows the fact on this thread?

  • greedy miser

    Darren wear a mask so that no one should recognize him. He is a sanctimonious hypocrite, and embrace an opportunity for an Award.

  • Amy

    We never know how it came about. We are neither the parties nor their people.

  • to GAVIN

    if Rachel and Daniel did have an affair and the scenario is that both sats and darren were innocent and got hurt.
    crap! your interpretation of this matter is too one-sided. we cannot learn the truth unless we hear what both parties have to say. sats and darren were innocent and got hurt? ha!! what was the basis for your delusions? there’s no evidence to back that claim. to theorize in advance of the facts biases one’s judgment. stop your illiberally biased way of thinking!!


    I said “what would you say “IF” which I believe is the key word…..I never at any point suggested that there was evidence of it , SECOND THAT, it was a What if question…because I don’t actually know.

  • to GAVIN

    I’m NOT second that. At least, there are three people arguing against you.

  • Daniel in LOVE

    I don’t care a judge wannabe. Either way, it’s none of our business.

  • Daniel in LOVE

    We saw some pics of Rachel. She maintained a calm manner. Good for her!!

  • julliona

    I take pleasure in seeing the film.

  • the little girl

    is sooo cute!!!!! what’s her name??

  • to the little girl
  • the little girl

    how cute! i could just eat her up.., thanks a lot!

  • Last Night

    The hater is upset/desperate, and very interested in Dan’s assets. So creepy!!!

  • Cassy

    In consideration to your responses, What if we are all wrong? I mean none of us were there so how can we be sure? How can we be sure that rachel left her partner for daniel and vice versa. How can we be sure if they waited to end their relationships?How can we be sure there relationships had already ended before they were in this one? We’re not. We could all be wrong about this. ALL of us. People who believe that rachel and dan hooked up after the respective breakups with their spouses could be wrong. And people who believe that they cheated could be wrong. My point even though we feel the way we feel about this, it really doesn’t matter because we weren’t there when these four people broke up, we can’t be sure. I think it’s a hookup that may or may not last based on certain trends. I could be wrong….I freely admit that, but all of you can be just as wrong. We come here to share our opinions…let’s come here with an open mind that our assumptions about a situation could be wrong, even these so called “facts” that we try to back them up with could be wrong. So in sharing that, can we please stop this bickering on who is right, who’s wrong, share our opinions, and just admire the post that my baby (lol) Jared posted. Cause seriously I am so done with reading all this bickering crap.So not Even necessary. Love ya guys.


    Since we are sharing thoughts on this whole scenario, let me suggest this. Maybe this is all a pr stunt, maybe Daniel needed someone to help squash the gay rumor so they enlisted Rachel to help. Her career has not been going that well ,her last movie, “The Lovely Bones” didn’t do that well at the box office. She needed to generate some more interest in her career. Daniel ditched his beard and got caught making out with some dude at gay bar, maybe the producers of Bond, suggested he get involved in a high profile (faux) romance. If anyone cares to notice the gay rumors disappeared. They certainly didn’t want reporters at press junkets and red carpet premiers asking him about that night in Venice. And what better way to sell a movie (Dream House) that may have serious production problems. Both movies (Bond and Dream House) would benefit tremendously , not that Bond needs any real pr help. But imagine this, what if, Rachel Weisz is in the next Bond movie, can you imagine the buzz and the and the media attention?, the press would go crazy, not to mention fans. Box office receipts would probably break all records. Bond 23, would go down in history as the biggest and the most profitable Bond in history.
    Please people , don’t lose your


    MIND over this post, just thoughts

  • And Then There Were None

    Too bad…..
    The hater (Libby) kills Dan’s thread…..

  • And Then There Were None

    Some DTD members wanted this……