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Zac Efron & Chris Colfer: Backstage at 'Spider-Man'!

Zac Efron & Chris Colfer: Backstage at 'Spider-Man'!

Zac Efron and Chris Colfer snap a shot with Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark star Reeve Carney at a performance on Sunday night (February 6) at the Foxwoods Theater in New York City.

Also attending the Sunday evening performance: Alicia Keys!

Zac was spotted catching a flight from Los Angeles to NYC on Friday afternoon. Earlier in the week, he and his younger brother, Dylan, shopped at Urban Outfitters!

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102 Responses to “Zac Efron & Chris Colfer: Backstage at 'Spider-Man'!”

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  1. 76
    SE Says:

    He always looks good :)

  2. 77
    Leslie Says:

    I see you are off your meds again, Florence. You are such a child. You should pay attention more when you are in reading comprehension class. I defy you to show me ONE report EVER that says that Zac is having indiscriminate sex with anyone.

  3. 78

    Zac looks so hot in the photos – love the hair and the scarf. Yummy! And CC is adorable (perfect bone structure) though I want to fix his hair.

  4. 79
    gaga Says:

    @Rose: are right!

    Thats all for PR. I dont know why people don’t understand this…THIS IS THE GUY WHO ASKED HER GF, WHEN HE WENT TO A STRIPCLUB!!!

    He didnt cheat on vanessa or f**king around with girls…all the tweets are from gossips to make the situation more dramatc..if he has just hugged her to congratulate for the movie, it means they have kissed :D this is hollywood, the gossips have to do this **** to get attention…jusrt remember what zac answerede the many girls have you loved truly? – one :D

  5. 80
    florence Says:

    @gaga: Excatly HAVE you loved not do you love now.

  6. 81
    Lady Says:

    @gaga: you are right.zac and vanessa all about hollywood how report lie about them.vanessa and zac trust each other.and they talk to each everday.if they was together it would been say by the rep are zac and vanessa would say some by now. there are people want the name in the new.and they don’t care how they do it.this girl zac was with all she want was her name in the new becouse her movie was come out.but i think it got out hand. now she come out and say it not true.but you still don want to belive that zac have sex with all the lady his went out with.maybe zac get alone with lady better then guy. again you are right.thank you

  7. 82
    gaga Says:


    sorry, but i’m german :D

  8. 83
    Butterfly Says:

    jesus,ya’ll are overreacting,just cause there’s one pic where he looks serious you think you need to play mrs psych and analyze his life AND YA’LL EVEN DON’T KNOW WHAT’S GOING IN HIS ONE -.-
    he still looks a bit fat, hope he will loose some weight but not all of it ;)
    there are also pics where he smiles so stop beeing ridicoulus 8-)
    i hope he had fun but a girl (trustable) told me her friend in ny has a friend who went to that spiderman thing on broadway and she saw zac and told him directly in his face ‘you’re an a§§’ .. he looked shocked and didn’t say anything and went away^^
    is he wearing any kind of bracelet ?

  9. 84
    Fauve Says:

    @Butterfly: LOL well that was kind of mean for the girl to call him an ass and not tell him why, and he may or may not deserve it. No pictures = no proof. The rumors were started by a girl who wanted people to follow her then E Online took it and ran with it and every media followed suit. What ever happened to real reporting? I don’t think it’s funny to slander or defame or hurt people with gossip. Vanessa Hudgens family has been harassed via Twitter over it and so has their friends. Did they ask to be thrown in the mix no? So people need to back off no pictures = no proof. Zac has been made guilty before he is proved innocent. He has done nothing but show up or stand by someone he hugs ALL his fans does that means he is sleeping with them to? Rumors hurt and I am sure their family and friends are tired of hearing it. Zac needs to make a statement cuss everyone out and then go to Hawaii with Vanessa for a good vacation they were happiest then.

  10. 85
    lilo Says:

    when was that??

  11. 86
    laurie Says:

    I love her Hair

  12. 87
    laurie Says:

    Zac is present at the Premiere of new Vanessa’s movie : sucker punch §!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO HAPPY

  13. 88
    Lissy Says:

    @Laurie: What are you talking about? That premiere will be in mid March, we don’t know if he will show up at all!!

  14. 89
    Lissy Says:

    @Laurie: What are you talking about? That premiere will be in mid March, we don’t know if he will show up at all!!

  15. 90
    Rose Says:

    @lilo: That was last November ,in Hawaii ,@gaga: You saw it ha….ha…ha even late but it’s ok ,cuz unbelievable that they broke up ,after that,soooooo this time hopefully the people or the fans of them that,they are not trust them they will change there mine,you are from Germany ,I’m from Dubai u,a,e ,I’m the huge fan of Vanessa hudgens but I love also zac efron,and the one I love is zanessa never change!!!!!! And every time ,I’m checking @Fauve:Twitter like yesterday ,me and my friend laugh sooooooo hard for her,cuz she is so much angry to e news ,ha….ha….she the #fan of Vanessa hudgens ,so she to much dis appointed ,for the news,@Fauve:I love you ,sorry if I don’t have Twitter I’m not allowed,I want it cuz I want to follow her she is soooo cool,zanessa fan are great,I love you guys!!!!!!!!

  16. 91
    zac-is-tard Says:

    vanessa should ban him from going to her premier. he is such a douchebag. i hope vanessa’s career picks up and zac’s slumps. i hope it’s like the reese-ryan part 2 situation. i hope vanessa finds someone better, and i know she would. while zac sweeps all the hollywood girl-trash in the tank.

  17. 92
    s Says:

    @gaga: all for PR, you’re right.

  18. 93
    Lady Says:

    my god people zac did some dum.but new that people was watch him.and vanessa and zac love each other. why are behide he.the report was wrong. the rep say so.but still say think about him.they both know hollywood.this old new now.let zac and vanessa deal with this.the report are going to say anythink about people.look how is was with vanessa and them picture. which still come up. and zac be there with her he did run, i belive vanessa will be there for all not help.vanessa went out party and dance but you did hear about that becouse she was in hollywood.she out do a movie.gave a brake.went they be came a star they need think like this would happy.the report want to rumin there face,and some report don’t like vanessa and zac. becouse they be together for 5yr.

  19. 94
    anna Says:

    @Butterfly: Tell that B*** she’s an A$$ :)

  20. 95
    Tabitab Says:


  21. 96
    lilo Says:


    get a life, hobbies or some friends man…you suck..

  22. 97
    chris Says:

    There’re some eyewitness accounts that they saw them.

    If this rumor is not true, why their representative dosen’t deny it?

    Hate Zac Efron

  23. 98
    Lyla Says:

    OMG, how old are you? I hope you aren’t thinking of quitting school. Nothing you write ever makes sense. It’s just rubbish. Do you ever go back and read your posts? I’ve seen some poor grammar and spelling in a lot of posts around the net, and I try not to comment on that. But, geez, you absolutely take the top prize.

  24. 99
    florence Says:

    @zac-is-tard: Could’nt agree more, Zac should go no where near the ‘Beastly’ premier especially since it was his film that caused it to get set back in the first place, and all the pap’s will focus on is him and not Vanessa and to some point Alex, who seems to be getting more in the spotlight for his movies and not his personal life, unlike Zac who is only getting known for his clubbing, drinking and hooking up ways. Work has gone way down the bottom for him.

    So NO zac stay away and let Vanessa and everybody else from ‘Beastly’ have their night of being in the spotlight, you’ve had yours it’s about time someone else got a chance.

    You’ve sucked up to the press and kissed ass and how do they repay you now by printing all your goings on in the press for the world to see, so maybe your not so much the golden boy anymore, well boy in the way your beahving yea, a man no that’s a long way off for you yet.

  25. 100
    Rose Says:

    @florence: Baby,why ?you so mad at zac,that issue is so old now ,did you read the people mag,in touch mag ,e news,Hollywood life,?tell me if the same they are written there ,ITS A BIG NO…..NO…….NO…. THEY MADE UP ,NOW YOU SEE NO BODY CARE ABOUT TERESSA F…..K. FUGLY!!! And you ,you are easy to believe what you heard from none realable scoures ,and how many time we are explaining you,that this is only a PR ,AND WHY?you don’t want ZAC IN NESSA PREMIER WHY YOU ARE NESSA OR ZAC THAT YOU ARE NOT LITTING HIM TO COME ON HER PREMIER ,THEY ARE SUPPOTING EACH OTHER ,WE DONT KNOW WHAT IS TRUHT TO THIS AND NOW YOU ARE POINTING YOU FINNGER ON HIM,YOU ARE SO SAD LADY ,OPEN YOUR MINED AND THINK ABOUT ‘IT,EVERYTIME YOU COMMENT YOU,SO MAD AT HIM ,WHEN THEY MAKE ENTERVIEW BEFORE IN THE PROMO OF CSC WHAT ZAC HE SAID,HE SO PROUD TO HAVE VANESSA IN HIS LIFE ,AND THEN NOW YYOU HEARED ONLY THIS NONE SENSE ROMUR YOU WANT NOW TO EXFLOUD,BEFORE YOU WRITE THINGS TO HIM THAT CAN HURT SOMEBODY,THINK ABOUT THE PAST WHAT HE DID FOR NESSA GOOD,WHEN NESSA IN TRUBLE DID ZAC RUN AWAY FROM HIM?DID ZAC COMMENT OR ADDRESTHE NEWS BEFORE NO!!!!!!!!!HE DID’NT SAY ANYTHING CUZ IF HE SAID SOMETHING HE KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN THEY WILL MAKE ALL INVERTTED ALL WHAT HE SAY,RIGHT NOW YOU SEE HE NEVER ADDRESS THIS ROMUR MACH BETTER THAT THEY KEEP QUITE CUZ THEY DONT WANT TO ADD MORE FIRE IT WILL MAKE THERE RELATION LIKE THEY ARE SELLING TO THE MEDIA RIGHT, THEY HAVE A PRIVATE LIFE LIKE YOU ,YOU WANT SOMEBODY WILL TILLING WHAT TO DO FOR YOUR EVERY LIFE?they want to be a normal couple that they have some up side down,this is real couple ,they know what they are doing,like my mom and dad they are far away from each other but,everyday my dad is calling my mom in the phone he is asking what going on ,now they are marreid for 30 years ,but still they love each other when my dad come home they more excited to see each other ,like Vanessa and zac,they are mattured ,they know how to handle’it,the most important in relationship is TRUST…………TRUST……TRUST……IF YOU HAVE THIS YOU WILL SUCCED ON YOU RELATIONSHIP,DONT THINK ABOUT THE OTHERS THINK ABOUT YOUR SELF,THIS IS THEY RULE,ZANESSA IS LOVE AND TRUST!!!!!!!!!!!!

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