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Vanessa Hudgens: Front Row at Tibi!

Vanessa Hudgens: Front Row at Tibi!

Vanessa Hudgens hits the Tibi Fall 2011 show during New York Fashion Week on Tuesday (February 15) held at The Stage at Lincoln Center.

The 22-year-old Beastly actress, who stopped off at the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge, sat in the front row next to Saturday Night Live‘s Abby Elliott.

Earlier in the day, Vanessa checked out the Diesel Black & Gold presentation.

The day before, Vanessa‘s NY Fashion Week schedule included attending the Marc Jacobs show.

FYI: Vanessa is wearing a Cubit Cut and Lunette Cut Crystals Ring and a Glitterati Cut Crystals Bangle Bracelet in Hermatite by lia sophia.

10+ pictures inside of Vanessa Hudgens at the Tibi show…

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Credit: Astrid Stawiarz, Jason Kempkin, Michael Buckner; Photos: Getty
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  • emo21

    very pretty

  • Chloe

    I just wish she would do something else with her hair. I’m so tired of the long fake weave. She’s pretty, though.

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan

    So Stunning.

  • Zanessa/Vanessa Freak

    @Chloe: she doesn’t even wear a weave that’s her hair…..where the hell did you get that from? she doesn’t even wear extensions, you really need to get your facts straight.

  • Haters Suck!

    just a FYI I read that she’s thinking about cutting it pretty soon and making it shorter she’s just waiting till she finished filming journey so well she what she does with it. She’s been a busy girl hope she’s enjoying herself.

  • Chloe

    Vanessa does wear hair extensions. It’s ok because 99% of celebrities wear fake hair. That good because if I had the money I would change my hair a lot, too. I just want her to change up her hair more. She had this style forever.

  • Naomi

    I’ve seen this look on her before!! i usually love the way she dresses but this is boring!!

  • laura


  • marie

    @Zanessa/Vanessa Freak: LOL hahah why so mad? get a life!!

  • kami

    ♥ as always vanessa is beautiful and stylish. she’s a real fashionista. ♥

  • r

    She’s stunning. I love that blazer

  • Linus

    @Zanessa/Vanessa Freak: sorry to break it to you. she has extensions!

  • lee lee

    how many shows is she going to go to anyway. Just pick a few desingers you like.

  • lslsharon


  • Anon

    Watch out for a poster called Lola. She is going around on other sites telling people she poops her pants and gets poopstains. What kind of person does that? Lola you are one disgusting person. She also says she wants to stick a backhoe up her bunghole.

  • kaya

    love nessa

  • Vanessa Hudgens’s Biggest Fan

    I’m going to say that if the Palmer rumors are True I will Never support Zac Efron ever again Cheating asshole.

  • Bradley Bobst

    I Have to say that Vanessa is a one Fabulous and Young woman this is totally going to be her year.

  • Chip Douglas

    Please don’t be mad at me. I am not racist.I think she is not that pretty. I think she is total hypocrite for saying girls who pose nude are disgusting (on Tyra) then turning around and doing the same thing herself.

  • naame

    zac has nothing to do with story this is just vanessa being awesome dont get me wrong zac is great but let vanessa have time to shine and about the nude pic’s ill say this “dear god plz get over it she took them and wen they got out she said sorry sumthing i think she didnt have to do if her and her family and friends can move on and get over it its time u did to” that being said sweet dreams everyone God Bless

  • a

    @Chip Douglas: agreed!

  • Sparklehead

    I’m going to have to agree… she looks identical to how she looked about 5 years ago. she definitely needs to change up her looks a bit more. But her eyes are uhh-maze.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Nice she have xxxx

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Nice hair black

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She Want water on head

  • Ashley

    mila kunis look alike

  • biki so i watched the video here is it on E!on line and she never said that she is single. the reporter spoke to her ,,So now u re single woman, would u date whit 30 year old man?and than nessa made some face and she said no i wold not date with 30 year old man for that she was just joking she will not talk about her private life. and i watched when brittany was interviewed she didn’t said anything about nessa she was all the time about her and she said that she is single not nessa, she didn’t mention nessa at all. and when nessa was interviwed she wasn’t talking abot break up or zac she was just talking abot the details magazine and some other things she never said that. and plus zac and nessa are stayng in same hotel. and friends dont do kissing and see each other all the time and staying in same room. whcih means i didnt hear of them at first place when all this stupid rumor came a confirmation of them.they are just keeping it low in privacy.

  • Karen

    1. She is not wearing hair extensions.

    2. The rumor about Zac and Teresa Palmer in the nightclub is a lie and designed to given TP some PR that even Zac and his team was unaware of. He was merely asked to go to the movie’s screening, her team caused the problem.

    3. Vanessa can take any picture of herself she wants in private. She can DO whatever she wants in private just like you or I can do. The problem was someone who was out to do harm to Vanessa got access to the picture and released it. It was a private matter and never meant for anyone to see. And she never said that on Tyra Banks show.

  • abby

    @biki: i watch it ,she didnt say that she is a single ,only that lady ,she say that us a single women you like to have a date on 30 year old man ??? and she reply no.. us 22 years old it like something , i didnt understand,what she said ,she ask about ditail photo shot and like that,that is only i understand,what ever happenned to there relationship ,still 100000000000000% i will support them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kata

    Brittany Snow has confirmed it herself. She AND Vanessa Hudgens are single

  • Efron& Somerhalder

    can’t f**king stand her

  • Sunny

    @Efron$ somerhalder: Get lost.

  • biki

    @abby: when that lady said to her now that u re single women now she laughed about it and she made some face and than that lady said to her like u said on details (she was joking abot theh older man that she liked when he was puting on her oil and plus that was maden 3 days after their broke up, now reporters noe that cuz it was posted now to just again blow our minds)she said i am 22 years old now but i would not date with 30 year old man and then she joke it she said we ll see we ll see. so she didnt talked about brak up and abot zac and she didnt said that she is single. and for those who said that brittany said that both are single she didn’t said that she said taht she is single she didnt mention vanessa. u are all hearing one word and then u make a big story of that and lie.dont start rumor just like u want cuz she didn’t say that go listen the interwiev again and if u were smart to got it now ull see that britany just said that she is single not both of them.

  • Efron& Somerhalder

    she’s really annoying

  • Efron& Somerhalder

    don’t reply to my comments cause every time you will i will post another comment so don’t waste you time

  • bella

    Vanessa never said that she was single

    . lol She was only says on that interview that she would not date a man over 30

  • whatwhat

    Girl is doing rounds in NY Fashion week. Good for her!
    @Efron& Somerhalder: Yeeh, she’s annoyingly cute, annoyingly happy, annoyingly enjoying her life. And you? Hope you are annoyingly cute, annoyingly happy and annoyingly enjoying your life. :)

  • Efron& Somerhalder

    @whatwhat: piss off

  • biki

    and if that was true which its not brittany was just talking about her self i listen and she said that she is single not both of them she didn’t mention vanessa, now it would be all over the internet that interview, it is not and the break up it is not confirmed if now all of that was true both of zanessa would now confirmed like other actors and acterres are doing and plus they are at the same hotel which name of hotel is plaza and they are shareing same room, and how does if they were friends shareing the same room and kissing and wearing the bracelets which they gave each other and see all the time whcih means all of this is false they are just taking their relationship in privacy.

  • whatwhat

    @Efron& Somerhalder: Back at ya, douche!

  • Alice

    @biki: If they are still together, why aren’t there any paparazzi pictures or eyewitness acounts in New York?

    According to the information, Jack has returned to LA.

    And the information that the two are togethere is wrong, isn’t it?

    now give up

  • lei

    we love you Vanessa, if i have a power i will give you your Happiness.

  • amelia25

    Go Nessa!

  • growup

    to tall the haters: suck it up. my friend works in a hotel in nyc and he saw zac and nessa together. i’m so happy the rumors with that ugly tp are just that.

  • @…..

    @growup: untruth, Zac LA

  • http://google BARBARA

    Saw pictures of Zac, and he;s still wearing Vanessa, hair tie,and i’m happy she is having a good time in NY, and with her family, giving the support she needs right now, she looks wonderfull. I’m glad Zac had good time at the theather, watching Rock of ages, i think thats one of his favorites. By the way he was alone, the pictures i saw was at a gas station, you can see he looks sad, his eyes tell verything. Also i read Zac has a new publist, works for the same company Gina does, her name is Leslie sloane Zelnik, you can tell he’s losing weight, espiecally his face.

  • http://google BARBARA

    @ KAREN, I agree with want you said.

  • http://google BARBARA

    By the way know one wants to believe me, But Zac and Vanessa,still love each other, i know there going thru some hard times, you won’t get over a 5 yrs, and 5 months relationship, just like that, they shared alot with each other, thats a long time, there both young and there gong to make mistakes, that how you learn. I just hope they remain close friends. Also the all ready started with Vanessa , like Zac, if they are sitting next to someone or standing next to each other, the are dating each other,she is wirh her family, and Vanessa is the not type, not to jump,in to a realionship so soon, she loves Zac, i think alot of being apart, but most of all the stupit roumers took a toll, on their relationship. right now Vanessa is going to spend time on her career, and so will Zac, he seems not going to nite clubs like he was, and he is not seeing anyone, believe me the media wood know. I will always support, both of them.and he will be very busy, from now on, i read he will film NYE, staring March 1st, when was there before he has to practice riding a motor bike. then he will start filming the Gunfigher, sometime this spring. and Vanessa has to promote her movies, so she will be travling alot. i hear she is going to another fashion show this afternoon, and i’m sure she will start interviews about her movie Beastly.

  • Jen

    can you post a link to the pictures of zac? @BARBARA: where are the pictures? We’d like to see them too. Thanks.

  • growup

    zac was still in nyc till sunday. he and vaness met up for at least one night before zac left for l.a. get your facts right. and my friend works at the hotel.