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Cameron Diaz Shows Off Amazing Arms

Cameron Diaz Shows Off Amazing Arms

Cameron Diaz shows off her toned arms in a tank top as she leaves the gym after a workout on Thursday (February 17) in Venice, Calif.

The 38-year-old actress worked out with her beau, Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez!

Cam and Alex were spotted working out together late last week in Coral Gables, Florida.

The couple also went out house hunting together in Florida earlier in the month!

FYI: Cameron is wearing Jennifer Meyer Thin Gold Bangles with Stones.

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cameron diaz alex rodriguez workout 01
cameron diaz alex rodriguez workout 02
cameron diaz alex rodriguez workout 03
cameron diaz alex rodriguez workout 04
cameron diaz alex rodriguez workout 05
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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • shoegal

    i think she looked best when she was with matt dillon, around the time of there’s something about mary.

  • http://Tj Sligo lambert ^__^ cute

    Look at her arms looks good

  • bubbaness

    She looks awful but I’m not surprised- ARod likes them manly.

  • akanni

    Her arms are worse than Madonnas.
    A-Rod needs to come out of closet, dating these mannish women doesn’t fool anyone.

  • -

    her arms look like of a man, ew!

  • s


  • mailey

    joker face.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Nice body

  • Hannah

    She looks like a man – arms, face, chest – everywhere.

  • yucky

    Amazing MAN ARMS

  • Nicole


  • loiu

    amazing??? looks like a man!!! women have to look like women but not so!!! not attractive in my view…soo not femine

  • Melissa

    I think they’re TOO muscular. But hell what can I say shes in better shape than me and I’m 24

  • bae

    Her arms look worse then Madonna’s did a few years back when she was dating A-Rod

  • qwertyuiop

    I like Cameron Diaz. Her arms are not toned.The man muscle bulging arms.,ek. That is not flattering on a woman.
    Life is going to go no where with A Rod too. She is not going to marriage, kids, a faithfullness from him.
    He has been there, done that. His ex wife got the best deal which is no Alex Rodgriguez.

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    I love sport ,lol =D

  • jimmyjo

    I like Cameron, REALLY do, she seems like a sweet and fun gal. But her arms are too manly and so gross. Plus I just REALLY want to know, what happened to her face in the past couple of years?? Anybody know, it can just be natural aging?? It’s so busted looking and just bad. Lucky for her in movies they can soft-focus it and photoshop pics in mags, but yowza, in real life she’s rough looking!!

  • Audrey

    this man always looks unhappy. it’s kinda weird I mean he doesn’t seem to be into her, and she seems to do whatever he want to make him proud. Odd couple

  • AH

    Those are some impressive biceps.

  • LastWord


  • Sun

    better than being fat

  • Iguana

    Steroids!!! Need I say more…

  • Melissa

    t@jimmyjo: yeah I was thinking the same thing. I think she’s just aging badly.

  • Sadie

    yikes! amazing for a man maybe

  • Endrid

    OMG! She’s really man-ning up. Her arms are awful and her face looks harsh. Is she on steroids? What is A-Rod doing to her. She is no longer feminine.

  • mwannirs
  • commonsense

    She is obviously changing her physique to suite A. Rod’s taste. I just never thought she was the type who’d be a slave to a BIG cox. Disappointing.

  • cammy you fool

    diaz is trying way too hard! to plse this man!
    arod like curvy chicks, a woman with a more natural beautiful curvy body.
    they look like a boring married couple now.
    arod looks bored already.

  • Helena

    too manly I think


    @Iguana: You said it, Iguana. I’ve been in the gym 20 years, and I know what’s natural and what isn’t. Winstrol is big (no pun intended) in ladies fitness and bodybuilding competitions because the androgynic affects are relatively minimal. That said, her face is showing signs of steroid use.

  • Tala

    It is amazing how ignorant people are about fitness. That’s what happens when your muscle is covered by disgusting FAT. It doesn’t take much to get “man arms” when you know what the inside of a gym looks like and know how it feels to get off your ass.

    None of you are sleeping with Cameron so it’s a good thing she’s not your cup of tea. It all works out. Whew.

  • carla

    Wow way too much muscle, hm, they weren’t that muscle-y a few weeks back when she was dining in sleeveless top with Clinton, so maybe is roids.

    But the big question for me is WTF happened to her face?????? Did she have work done and it wore off and then her face totally collapsed??? Or she had no work done and her face is just aging incredibly badly??? OMG, her face is just awful, awful, wonder what happened????

  • Sadie

    @Tala: you can workout without looking like a man, ask jennifer aniston

  • Lisa

    She is ugly and I agree with everyone who said she looks like a man.

  • anonymous

    Man arms but whatev if that’s her thing, she’s always been into fitness. More what’s happening to her face, yowza, droppy and harsh. Wonder if she cries each day cuz her facial beauty is gonzo and knows no amount of exercise can improve that. Seriously doubt surgery would work either, her face is f***ed looking.

  • jljlj

    she’s a tanning addict, that’s why she ages badly….

  • XYZ

    The older she gets, the uglier she is. Using the same skin cream with male hormons that Madonna is using btw?

  • Will

    It’s official. He likes Tranny’s.

  • Tala

    Sadie, I go to the gym 5 times a week. I know about fitness.

    It just amazes me the need people have to rip others. Don’t like her fitness preference? Fine, but why the vitriol?

  • Dieter

    Just came on her ass and swallowed my cum !!!!

  • Lynn

    Her arms scare me…

  • Ali

    I agree – the arms look manly. She needs to be a little careful here – A-Rod never looks happy, and she always looks concerned in these photos. She needs a good and loving man – not sure A-Rod is that. he seems more self-centered.

  • lw

    sorry if this has already been written, but…she has gaga horns on her shoulders! she needs to stop….with everything. enough plastic surgery! eat a damn sandwich – carbs eaten correctly are NOT your friggin enemy. remember when she was pretty????? i weep for those days. :( as for him…meh.

  • anna

    eew!! she looks like a tranny now! these are amazing arms on MEN!

  • Laurel

    You think Cameron’s arms are bad, you should see A-Rod’s ex-wife! She looked like a bodybuilder. I guess if you’re with A-Rod you’ve gotta kill yourself at the gym.

  • Pretty K

    In my opinion, she looks FANTASTIC!
    Her body inspires me to be more intense with my workout routine.
    I don’t see how Cam, a woman who enjoys doing different outdoor sports and yoga, would go into steroids (it’s possible, but please don’t assume it’s a fact, because we simply don’t know).

  • Wtf!?

    How can I hate on her when Im 26 and overweight? She’s healthy, go her. I’m going for a run now..thanks Cameron

  • Pretty K

    Smoking hot and always beautiful in my eyes!
    Sad how many people are quick to say someone else is ‘ugly’ or ‘gross’. I wonder what these people look like… I’m certain that some (not all) are quite unatractive.

  • LadyB

    I guess I am the only one that like her arms. It won’t look good on me though.

  • Amour

    If she was doing it for herself, I would applaud her too. But, it seems like she’s working out so hard to please ARod and fit into the mold of his type SMH.