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Kate Bosworth: Fashion is Roleplaying!

Kate Bosworth: Fashion is Roleplaying!

Kate Bosworth steps out in a double-breasted denim dress as she explores west London on Wednesday (February 23).

The 28-year-old actress finished her look with opaque tights and a crocodile skin bag.

The March 2011 issue of Nylon magazine, which features Kate on the cover, was released yesterday!

“”It’s role-playing,” Kate told Nylon about her views on fashion. “And ever since I was very young, I had a very strong understanding of what felt true to me or not.”

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Credit: Martin Karius; Photos: Splash News Online
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    Is there a reason that this 40 something looking 28 year old person is wearing clothes that are meant for teenagers like Dakota fanning, Emma Watson and Taylor Mumford?

    Seriously, Anne Hathaway is 3 months older than Waste looks much younger and IS a fashion icon. None of her contemporaries Scarlett Jo, Natalie Portman, Mila Kunis, etc would be caught wearing half the crap this try hard loser wears. Then again, they’re beautiful, talented, critically acclaimed actors that are at the top of their game. They’re actually known and respected for their work not for famwh*ring.

  • Cheryl

    OMG – This must be the “HATE” center of the universe. What horrible comments to post about someone you do not know.

  • DailyNightly

    Let’s see, Fashion Week NYC, followed by Fashion Week London, folllowed by FW Paris, followed by FW Haiti, followed by FW Iran, followed by FW Ethiopia, followed by…….

  • please

    @Cheryl: No, it’s not the “hate center of the universe,” it’s a site where this idiot is paying to have every stupid comment she makes posted endlessly. She’s PAYING for this. She’s not some innocent person going about her life and being picked on by strangers. She’s trying to pretend that her jewelry and her fashion tips and her so-called career are important, and that we all should be impressed by it. People are tired of it, and so they comment on the fakeness of it all.

    And before we get the “if you don’t like it don’t post” comments, watching people do stupid things is also entertaining. Think of KB as a circus clown falling her on her face. It’s entertaining in a train-wreck sort of way.

    Sad but true.

  • Lia

    why are you guys so against this girl? what did she ever do? so she’s not as famous anymore, but seriously, why the animosity?

  • Lia


    and how would you know she’s paying for it?

  • DailyNightly


    Uh, because she has a new post every couple of hours….A-list celebs don’t get as much coverage as this idiot does. And for what, a lopsided head pose that makes her look like she rides the short bus and drools?

  • kami



    Someone complied a list of the 87 most beautiful women in movies on Imdb. Had some very interesting choices. Guess who wasn’t on it ?

  • burnt bacon

    D@mn Jared, are you her stalker or something? Either that or you’re her official publicist. If it’s the latter I hope she’s paying you well, because she’s got you busier than a one-legged man in an @$$-kicking contest.

  • burnt bacon

    @please: ITA. Plus, when nothing but a continuous stream of stupidity and pretention issues from her mouth every time she opens it, it’s hard to turn away from the trainwreck. If her fangirls can’t handle their hive queen being trashed, they shouldn’t read the comments, because they’re not going to make anyone change their evil Bosworth-hatin’ ways by calling us a buncha meanies.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    it is very rare in this world to find someone who just fails at everything they dio no matter how small, and the reason they fail is because they don’t care, they have been spoiled their entire life. she has stated that she is spoiled and that she is a blue bloods ( I do not think she even knows what that means).
    Cher and her work so well together, because one is paid very well to be a stylist (HA,HA) and friend Cher (who is also paid), always tells the nothing one (KB), how talented and perfect she is in all she does. these two need to wake up from their dreams, because their money and freebies will not last forever, especially with the way crap mint is goining lately, with discounts, ads all over JJ and her absolutely awful and ridiculous interviews, in which she insults their own product.
    I just wish these two would disappear.

  • The French girl

    Why you people here are so envious ?!?!? There is no doubt that this girl is a beauty. She looks gorgeous and fashionable. What is the problem if she has small breasts . Better perky small than the big saggy ones!!
    She has a great figure, her legs are adorable. Eyes beautiful(she has one different color then the other).
    I forgot to mention , love her dress!!!!!

  • BigJohnson


    I call it “never ever land”… People actually think they are getting something done with all their negativity… lol

  • Ellie

    I totally agree with you. Why hate people you do not even know? Screw the haters.

  • Huh?

    Envious of what? She’s a known cokehead who is trying to stay relevant by selling cheap jewelry and dating a hot-right-now actor. She has nothing that I want… Don’t want her disgustingly thin body.. Don’t want her failing dismal acting career.. Don’t want her boyfriend who treats her like a wh*re in public.. Don’t want her mismatched eyes (I like my matched set of baby blues). She reeks of desperation and delusion and I want NONE of it. I pity this chick for the shallow, empty, vacuous life she is leading…

  • Eresyn


    Very well said!!!! the only thing, ONLY thing i “like” about her is her eyes, and just because heterochromia runs in my family too, and i happen to have a brown spot in my green eye…But that’s all. And even having that in common with her, i still think she’s a total mess and a very bad example to young girls.

  • Huh?

    @Eresyn: Thanks! The only reason I threw the eye thing in there is those worshipping at the alter of Bosworth love to mention that. It’s not something I envy… although I don’t fault her for it. (Or you!) To me she is the example of what women should strive NOT to be…

  • chelle

    Personally I have always wanted to look like a coked out anorexic pod person no talent ho! Also I can’t decide if her dress would look better on a twelve year old or four year old?

  • Little French

    @The French girl: Oui c’est une jolie fille mais elle l’était beaucoup plus il y a quelques années quand elle avait quelques kilos de plus, et pas à la limite de l’anorexie comme aujourd’hui… et puis il faut bien reconnaitre qu’elle est bien trop médiatisée pour une actrice si peu connue (même si je l’ai adoré dans “Win a Date with Tad Hamilton”) donc ça montre bien qu’elle a besoin des paparazzi pour exister, malheureusement.
    et n’oublions pas qu’en France nous avons de très jolies actrices aussi, qui ne sont pas si maigre et si médiatisée et ELLES EXISTENT GRACE A LEUR TALENT :)

    Sorry for those who don’t speak french, little dedication to “the French Girl”, hope was a real french… :D (And sorry my english is awful)

  • @ annie+other haters


    you should stop giving fat people a bad name LMAO


    @Huh?: @Eresyn:

    Jane Seymour, Kiefer Sutherland, Dan Ackroyd and Christopher Walken also have heterochromia. People never discuss it because they are too focused to their talent. It’s the thing that her PR/stans always bring up on Twitter and almost every post. Blah, blah she is two different colored eyes…..Blah, blah she has on blue eye and one brown eye….Blah, blah she has one blue eye and one blue eye with a hazel spot.

    Her genetic anomaly is the only interesting thing about her. Pathetic.

    They also like to talk about that 10 year surfing movie when she used to be pretty with a nice body. Seems that was her career high.


    @@ annie+other haters:

    You makes morons seem like geniuses.


    ^^^ Oops! Another one of my habitual typos.Meant to say ” You make make morons seem like geniuses.”

  • burnt bacon

    She doesn’t even actually have two completely different-colored eyes. Her eyes are blue, but one has a blob of brown in it. That one-blue-eye-one-hazel-eye thing we see in non-pap pics is all Photoshop. With other actress they airbrush imperfections off. With her, they have to airbrush interesting *on*.

  • chelle

    My cat has 2 different color eyes does that make him special and interesting too?

  • @76

    I’d say yes!

  • Eresyn

    LOLOL I bet your cat must be gorgeous and healthy too!!! I also bet it must be smarter than KB…anything is smarter than her LOL

  • http://viking65 mforman

    that is seriously one of the ugliest dresses, i have seen, what are those sliver buttons, with the military type look. maybe she should start to dress her age, insteaed of wearing clothes for a teenager. with all the work she has had done to her face, i guess she is afraid to wear clothes for a 28 yr old.

  • CuteyK

    She looks cute without that old man dragging her down.

  • Fashion Icon 88


    She should wear green since envy is such a nice color on you i sppose?

  • Nicola T

    This dress is my fave she has worn recently.
    She is pretty altho tryin to deal with thinning but dont be nasty
    i had anorexia too and it ruins your hair Im 19 now my hair is still bad even now. She is doing so much better and i like her photos.
    Sunnies are nice too.

  • http://viking65 mforman

    yes, i happen to look quite good when i wear green, but i would love for you to answer me this, how come at the Burberry Show, she was speaking with an English accent, the girl is from Boston, does she think that will make her seem smarter, because i am am a natural blond, but she has the dumb blond routine down to a science. also how do you spell suppossed. because it seems like you have a spelling problem

    she is 28 years old and is wearing outfits that are made and designed for much, much younger people that have talent in this business, such as Taylor Swift, Emma Watson and look at Anne Hathaway,3 months older and she is dressed by the best and always looks so classic, you do not catch her in the same disgusting boots and short, short shorts in winter, she should grow up and dress her age, all that work she has done to her face has confused her.

    her balding is caused by number of things, her anorexia, her various addictions, her various plastic surgeries and all the things she has done to her hair throughout the years.

    at least they do not airbrush AS on magazine covers or in photos so who is the one that looks older on the magazine covers. you be the judge.

  • mforman

    sorry that i am posting again, but i need to know why when KB is interviewed by the British Fashion Media, she answers them with a British accent, it is the most ridiculous and phony thing i have ever heard and or witnessed.

  • Amelia


    Seriously????? ROTFL