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Ryan Gosling & Olivia Wilde: New Couple Alert?

Ryan Gosling & Olivia Wilde: New Couple Alert?

Has Olivia Wilde moved on from her split with husband Tao Ruspoli?

The 26-year-old Tron: Legacy star has reportedly been spending time with Ryan Gosling, while he films The Ides of March with George Clooney in Ohio.

The two visited a Cincinnati aquarium where they were caught on video apparently holding hands, according to E! Online.

Pictured inside: Olivia and Ryan, 30, at a Golden Globes after party in January.

DO YOU THINK Ryan and Olivia make a cute couple?

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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • Angelina

    lil slut…

  • Ryansgirl

    I don’t know enough about Olivia but she is beautiful if they are dating I so hope it’s good for both of them.

  • Toodles

    YES PLEASE. Good God in Heaven make it happen. These two are gorgeous and not crazy…

  • e-Lulu

    Don’t know if she is into him, but she sure is inte the camera!LOL!

  • jen

    i like him better with michelle williams. something about her doesn’t seem right. she was married for almost 10 years and already dating? he seems so nice and talented i think he deserves someone who’s not so hungry for fame

  • anna

    cute is an understatement! They look amazing together, two of he most beautiful people ever! Aesthetics apart, even if it is true, I still hope he and Rachel McAdams get back together!

  • Lola*

    Omg, these two are sooo effin hot together!!!!

  • Danielle

    Yeah he’s single and all and he can do what he wants but he moved from one famewhore, Blake Lively and upgraded to another famewhore in Olivia Wilde. What happened to the days when he dated classy women like Sandra Bullock and Rachel McAdams? No one calls him out for being a slut for moving from girl to girl, they swoon and think they should be with him. Sad state of affairs. Like your acting though Ryan.

  • carrie

    i like him(he’s a very good actor) but i think he has a crush with famew**re actresses (Lively and now her)

  • juliemoon

    he’s queer, give it up already!

  • Meepmeep beep

    Wow did she leave her husband just to date gosling? Goslin seems like he wants to date a lot of actresses. Lame move, Olivia Wilde!

  • Ryansgirl

    I didn’t care for Rachel McAdams Ryan and Rae tried it twice ddin’t work out so k-Serra to that idea. She is awful young to have been married for 10 years if that was the correct to me something is off about that #. Michelle Williams is OK but I wouldn’t say they make a perfect match. Maybe if he tries a woman who is not an actress it might be better he does seem to date many in the business as much as the actress he works with.

  • Deedz

    I can deal. Anyone but Black Lively.

  • She

    He seems like such a down to earth, witty guy in his interviews. In fact he seemed to be very conscious and caring about the world around him, especially when he wasn’t so big of a star. I always thought he’d gravitate towards women like that (women with a little more substance) but it appears as long as the person is female, hot, white, and an ‘actress’ he’s interested.

    Disappointing, but then again, maybe he’s an ass in real life. Then its not that disappointing lol.

  • jane

    OMG! They are both the hottest people ever! I want them both! If people though the jolie pitts were a hot couple they haven’t heard of them!

  • sheryllz

    Obviously she split from her husband for this one. She is a famewhore and he’s an idiot. I hope she gets what she deserves.

  • Cammie

    Ewww Wilde is just another, talentless, Megan Fox can do better Ryan..someone, talented with who doesn’t need PR.

  • jill

    @sheryllz: woww..why s much hate? can’t stand that she’s hotter than y can you? Why s she a famewhore.?? She’s been married and super low profile for 10 years and we don’t even know if they’re a couple..jeez, take a chill pill

  • Called It

    I agree with Jill, why so much hate for Olivia Wilde???? Do any of you know her personally? I love Ryan Gosling, so good for him! Best of luck to them both!

  • Ismail


    She was married to an Italian Prince, and HE left her! Why are the people always assuming that she’s the one who filed for divorce! He’s dumped her, and now she’s trying to meet new people .. she’s been with the same man for 10 years!

  • Anonymous

    That is a very good-looking couple.

  • samuel

    she moves fast

  • Kelly

    dang these two look good together!

  • You

    Its funny that people think that when a couple announces a divorce that its fresh and new, I am sure celeb’s give it time to announce it everyone said with Darren and Rachel Weisz that it was so soon after but they dont realize for many people the marriage is over in peoples mind for a long time much longer then the public assumes. Like Brad and Jennifer, people dont know about discussions leading up to a split and whats going on people fall out of love or grow bored or never really were 100% devoted so stop assuming things

  • Michael Freitag

    Really cute! :-)

  • katie-elle


  • Maddie

    Please be real.. please be real!!! :D So adorable!

  • Ben

    she’s famous today but she’ll probably be nothing the next day, shes a talentless famewhore. seems like she made a bad decision leaving her prince husband of 8 years for more fame, then flaunt this “relationship” with gosling in his face only three weeks after the divorce!? whore.
    p.s. her ex Tao Ruspoli is a genius filmmaker/photographer:

  • annuk

    they would make a badass couple!

  • whatever

    They are both disgusting. Don’t get the fuss with Gosling at all.

  • lily

    Who is he NOT dating? lol I always hear he’s dating someone new..

  • spy

    He is so UGLY. And all he does is mumble and mutter. She can do better.

  • pugluv

    It’s the Newport Aquarium not the Cincinnati Aquarium!


    I am on the edge with these two – like, on one hand, I like them as a couple (both look good together), on the other- she seems a bit too … well like a famewh’re to me.
    But she is supposedly smart. If she really is, then its ok. Because a good actress she definetly isn’t. But at least she is beautiful.

  • coffee_cup

    Probably another quick fling, like with Blake. Eventually Ryan will get bored and move on to some other pretty little thing. He’s a player, after all.
    Dude gets around. I don’t think he’s had a serious relationship since Rachel. It will be interesting to see if he settles down someday or stays a player.

  • Lila

    She still has her ring on in those pictures… so she divorced her handsome prince for that?? Thats sad if she cheated on Tao Ruspoli, hopefully he’ll find someone who isn’t totally heartless. I thought she was smarter and more mature than that.. what do you expect from a typical famewhore I guess, just when the career explodes, ditch the people you think are “weighing you down”. Which is now proven since Ryan seems to be going after the current famewhores of hollywood these days. whata biiitch!

  • Stacey

    I kind of like them together. She is just super beautiful and he seems like a nice guy. But if they are, It may seem a little too soon for me, Only like a month ago she announced divorce with Tao. And all of a sudden, Bam! Her and Ryan. Hmm… Could turn out to be a good match =)

  • Km

    Uhm. Olivia Wilde is just as boring as Megan Fox. Nothing exotic or classy about her. Not even a great actress. Ryan on the other hand, completely great at acting and down-to-earth (or so he presents himself) I wonder what he is even into ?

  • Rizeefa

    Really? Seriously, Olivia?

  • brian

    hahaha. Ryan just needs to start a business and advertise: talentless, crappy actress? Single and or recently divorced? In need of some PR? Go on a date or two with me!
    I mean Blake Lively, now olivia?! he’s sunk to a new low. It probably won’t be long till he moves onto to someone younger, and in need of PR.

  • linda martin

    yeah he is gorgeous, she is hot! you go girl

  • dude

    Blake Lively is at least a better actress than olivia if you could even call olivia an actress, hotter too.. so seems like its ryan’s loss. olivia is just another megan fox, boring, talentless, and gets by on her “looks”.

  • Mdday

    Dang! I miss Rachel and Ryan =/