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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Take Flight with Flynn

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Take Flight with Flynn

Miranda Kerr carries her 2-month-old son Flynn through Charles de Gaulle Airport with husband Orlando Bloom on Saturday (March 5) in Paris, France.

The 27-year-old Aussie model and 34-year-old British actor were in the French capital for Paris Fashion Week, where Miranda hit the runway for the Balenciaga show.

Orly watched proudly from the front row with his mom Sonia and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Check out some backstage photos on Miranda‘s blog at!

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112 Responses to “Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Take Flight with Flynn”

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  1. 26
    @21 Says:

    The only thing “repulsing” here is you.
    Pathetic low life that you are.

  2. 27
    @25 Says:

    Now you WANT them to be less green by flying a private jet, instead of flying commercial?
    I guess that we should let Leo, Brad, Angie, George, etc, know that they are D-list, too. Since they are papped at airports, too.
    You really are stupid, aren’t you.

  3. 28
    @25 Says:

    It’s fashion week in Paris.
    With all of the celebs flying in and out, paps have ALL airports covered.
    I guess that you expected them to walk back to LA?

  4. 29
    @21 Says:

    And very sick.

  5. 30
    Pristine Says:

    she doesnt have a models face just a models body but they are a cute family.

    and to make fun of babies is sickening just because you don’t like the celeb. Heaven forbid a model have a down syndrome child, could you imagine the gross comments? grow up!!!

  6. 31
    Kristen Says:

    Kristen Stewart did a very good job at hiding from the paps while at airports. You know, dress low key, wear hoody over head, keep head down to not attract attention, grumpy facial expression to not invite more pictures. Old clothes and day old hair. Walk fast or run. Look not like she spent hours in front of the mirror picking and choosing her outfits and putting on makeup like Kerr and other fame hungry starlets.

  7. 32
    LOvely Says:

    Paps are covered at all airports for fashion week? Really? There’s always an event somewhere or another in the world. Not Oscars but specifically fashion week? Maybe because we all know only the fame drooling stars of Hollywood would show up at fashion week to get their pictures taken? Which means they will gladly take the most busy flight route and airport to depart and arrive from. You know, so that they get more pictures taken. Shakes head…circular logic.

  8. 33
    @32 Says:

    So models who are working a show and their familes sheould not fly to Paris for fashion week?
    Uhmmmm, OK.
    I really don’t think that attempting to sound logical is your strong suit.
    And yes, during fashion week, all French paps ARE covering the airports and all fashion venues and high class hotels. If you doubt that, then there is no hope for you.

  9. 34
    @31 Says:

    “dress low key, wear hoody over head, keep head down to not attract attention, grumpy facial expression to not invite more pictures. Old clothes and day old hair”
    That’s how that girl ALWAYS looks.
    And we have seen her papped at airports LOTS of times, looking JUST like that.
    And Miranda can’t help it if she looks glamorous with minimal make-up and some lip gloss.
    With her hair pulled back, it probably took ker 15 minutes to get ready.

  10. 35
    @32 Says:

    Uhmmmm, since the Oscars are over, and nothing else big is happening in Europe, what logic are you using when you say that the paps shouldn’t be there?
    PS: Paris to LA IS a busy flight route, But how else are they supposed do get back to LA?
    Did you expect then to choose a flight that had a lot of layovers, instead? With a two month old?
    Nope, no logic there at all.
    You must be a delphite.

  11. 36
    awwww Says:

    Flynn is gorgeous, just like his daddy!
    And he has gotten so big!
    Love the entire little family.

  12. 37
    @35 Says:

    No, no , no Kristen looks gorgeous at premieres. Don’t be daft. When she knows she’s not being papped and on her own time, she looks beautiful. Candid shots of her and her friends for instance.

    There are other airports besides Charles de Gaulle in France. A nice little scenic tour around France, perhaps? If I was rich and have a lot of free time on my hands, I would do that and get to avoid the paps who are, according to you, surrounding the airport because of Paris Fashion Week. Too tell me they are very busy people. Stars are nothing like normal people who have to hold down nine to five jobs 5 days a week. Stars work for short periods and take long periods off between booking new projects.

    You come across as a Bit@h over the internet. Hopefully for your own sakes and everybody else’s you don’t come across this way in real life.

  13. 38
    @35 Says:

    Layovers with a 2 month old? Who even take a 2 month old on a transatlantic flight for work? Yup, no logic. Look who’s the DUMBledore.

  14. 39
    @35 Says:

    15 minutes to get ready? I doubt it. She and Orlando seemed to have color coordinated their outfits. You probably don’t know much about getting dressed up if you think it takes a girl just 15mins to get ready to look like what Miranda looks like here. Paps don’t usually wait at airports for models. They are there to take pics of celebs, who attend these events to get their pictures taken. God knows they can model clothes or wear clothes as well as a real model. But they are effective in taking away the jobs of models. These new breeds of multi-talented (or non talented) celebs are a disgrace to the acting world. They will never be taken seriously and are just in it for the fame and money, not the acting.

  15. 40
    @37 Says:

    Well, Orlando has that Philharmonic gig next next Thursday onwards so he probably wants to get back and over the jetlag and to rehearse. He doesn’t have nothing to do.

    And you seem to be expecting people to spend days wandering around the country to avoid paparazzi or else they are famewhores? Is that right?

  16. 41
    @40 Says:

    France, being one of the most visited countries in the world has international airports at all of its big cities and regional airports in almost all parts of the country. Bloom needs over 2 weeks to get over jet lag so him and co. will leave France immediately, but he will bring the 2 month old baby on a transatlantic flight? For the paps? No logic.
    I wouldn’t call it wandering around the country. France is beautiful for sight seeing, especially if one does not live there. People don’t just go to France to work, then leave. They want to see the country side, the historic museums which can be in another city, and the wine yards. A celeb has that opportunity since they always travel for work and have long stretches of breaks in-between projects, unlike a normal person who has to be back to work after the weekend is over and only has 4 weeks vacation a year. With their money and time, everything would be a breeze, and no stress from the paps.

  17. 42
    unknown Says:

    what is delphites?

  18. 43
    . Says:

    Kirsten Stewart always looks homeless, premieres are the only occasions when she dresses up, and I believe that looking like you’re hiding attracts MORE attention, not less.
    If Orlando and Miranda had taken a private jet for a transatlantic flight you’d be bashing on them for polluting, and for the first time, you’d be right to do so.
    Charles De Gaulle is the Paris airport with the biggest air traffic, it doesn’t make any sense to go to another one. That’s the airport everyone uses to leave or arrive in Paris, for transatlantic or any other kind of flight.
    And making their stay longer than necessary just for that reason is silly.

  19. 44
    @41 Says:

    What do you mean, over two weeks to recover from jetlag? The first performance is five days from now, on March 10th.

    In the past he seems to have got very nervous of stage performances and done a lot of preparation and rehearsal.

    You seem jealous of their supposed easy life. But we really have no idea what obligations they each have,

  20. 45
    Mike Says:

    Ugly chick.

  21. 46
    canman Says:

    honestly the baby is ugly just lik its papa

  22. 47
    sadie Says:

    You KNOW this is a call in when JJ posted the link to the kora website on this article. JJ, I hope you’re getting paid good for this. And I always wonder how they can get papped at an airport unless it’s a set-up, it’s not like the pap hang out at airports in hopes that a celeb passes thru.
    I used to like miranda until I found out that her kora stuff that she kept claiming for nearly 2 years were Eco-certified organics(of which I actually bought a few) had never been certified, by Eco or any other certification institute, and she was fraudulantly making money off her fans with these skincare. I asked her straight out on her blog if these products are certified organic, before I bought them, and she STATED CLEAR AS DAY, ‘yes, they’re all Eco-certified 100% organic’. That got my goat when I found out it was a total lie. I wrote 4 times, asking for a refund and never heard from any of them.

    Now, everytime I see any article or pic of miranda, my first thought ALWAYS is ‘lying ******’. Not everyone who doesn’t buy a ticket onto the boat bound for KissAssVille, is a fat and ugly jealous hater. To me, orlando is a b-grade actor, I’ve never watched any of his movies except of LoTR, so I really couldn’t care less who she’s married to.

  23. 48
    @47 Says:

    IF your account is true, you ought to pursue them for a refund in the way you would any other company. As they’re not answering your letters, you will have to escalate it. Does Australia have a Trading Standards authority or relevant consumer law? Or you could try threatening them with the consumer press.

  24. 49
    Jamie Says:

    seen photos of another site and bubba has his moms cheeks. so frkn adorably chunky

  25. 50
    Ally Says:


    You must be over here from your kerrazy lies website are you? *yawn* So boring. Please return to your rat-hole website and stay there with YOUR lies.

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