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Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Take Flight with Flynn

Miranda Kerr & Orlando Bloom Take Flight with Flynn

Miranda Kerr carries her 2-month-old son Flynn through Charles de Gaulle Airport with husband Orlando Bloom on Saturday (March 5) in Paris, France.

The 27-year-old Aussie model and 34-year-old British actor were in the French capital for Paris Fashion Week, where Miranda hit the runway for the Balenciaga show.

Orly watched proudly from the front row with his mom Sonia and Vogue editor Anna Wintour.

Check out some backstage photos on Miranda‘s blog at!

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  • sadie

    Can’t pursue anything since I’m not Ozzie and don’t live in Australia and what I buy online is usually at my own risk. Heck, I was even willing to pay for shipping myself to return the products to them if I’d heard from them, on top of the shipping THEY charged when they shipped those skincare products to me. I even wrote to David Jones where the kora stuff are sold and got a reply from them that they’re not responsible for ENSURING whatever claims made regarding said products sold there are true. I learned from my mistakes, I can tell ya that.

  • sadie

    Yes, I do occasionally read that kerrazy lies website. That was where I actually first found out about the certification claim that was not.

    If you think what I’ve stated are LIES, that’s YOUR pregorative. Your opinions make no difference to me, and that rat-hole site sometimes do make valid claims, even if some are a little over the top.

  • tosch

    To the person that claims that paps don’t hang out at airports, have you never seem TMZ? Or x17? Or ANY pap site?
    One of the main places that they find celebs is at the airport.
    Or are you saying that kristin dresses like a slob, then calls the paps to photograph her?
    You don’t make any sense at all.
    And then state that they should have taken a round about way out of France? When Orlando is due at rehersals for the symphony gig?
    Then someone claims that the baby should have been left at home, instead of going with his mama?
    What was he supposed to eat?
    His food supply would have been on the other side of the world. It would take a long time to pump enough milk to tide him over for that long. Then you would be saying that Miranda was a bad mother because she left him behind. And that two months is plenty old enough to fly, and that proves that she doesn’t love him. Or maybe you are saying that a wife and mother belongs at home where she belongs, instead of having a career? Then if she had turned down Balenciaga, you would be saying that it was onlt because no one wanted her to model for them, and that she was a failure.
    You delphites have a spin for everything.
    That’s what makes you so easy to laugh at.
    But insulting an innocent baby is low, even for the likes of you.
    Sadie, I think that you are not only lying, but that you wouldn’t recognize the truth if it bit you in your fat delphi a$$.

  • http://deleted jealous biatches on here!

    Extremely adorable family. Miranda is beautiful any way you look at her. Her full face makes her look more womanly. Where is his wedding band? Notice how woman are always so quick to flash their bands and huge diamonds, but men seem to take them off as soon as they can.

  • sadie


    Wow, I didn’t know that you know me personally. Like I stated to Ally, your opinion doesn’t matter to me. I stated my experience with buying kora to bring light to the fact that kora skincare is not Eco-certified organic, 100% or otherwise, as claimed so others would realize that fact if they want to go buy it. Whether you believe it or not, that’s your prerogative. You can write to the kora team or even Eco-cert, and ask them for a list of their Eco-certified skincare if you think I’m lying…get it straight from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. I hope you someday buy something that makes claim for what it’s not and have you or someone you love pay the ultimate price, then we’ll see about recognizing truths.
    If it makes you feel so much better about yourself, calling anyone who’s not licking miranda’s behind a fat-a$$ed delphi, I hope your sad day is made. If you want to spend your monies buying her stuff, that’s up to you.
    Liking a celebrity is fact but blind worshipping to the exclusion of all else is actually quite dangerous. It’s really funny when people get called fat and jealous whenever they won’t get on the boat to KissAssVille.

  • @55

    That comment about her fans kissing Miranda’s a$$ outs you as a delphite.
    That is what they label any of her fans.
    You just verified everything that tosch posted.
    Thanks for making this so darned easy.
    BTW, yes, you helped make my day.
    Laughter is a great way to start the day!

  • Jokergurl

    I wish them the best, and I wish the paparazzi would leave them alone with that baby. The baby doesn’t need hundreds of flashing, blinding lights in his little face, so I am glad that mom is shielding him from the cameras.

  • LOL!

    Delphites always make me laugh!
    They are especially funny when scrambling for ways to spin YET ANOTHER win for Miranda.

  • Chris

    Miranda looks cute

  • take a what now?

    @to 13:
    you do realize how involved Orlando is with the environment, right?
    how on earth could you ever justify consuming all that fuel just for you alone? you’re not the president. there’s no reason whatsoever for him to buy a private jet. none. even to borrow one. there are tons of flights ever hour going ever place you could imagine. why waste that much more fuel/energy/money???

  • He’s so hot!

    Orlando looks so adorable with that baby! Flynn has gotten chubby, the little cutie-pie. What a beautiful family. Miranda really has it all – great career, beautiful baby, sexy as hell husband! Bring on the jellus h8trs lol!

  • LOL!

    We can also add to the list of delphi hypocrisy:
    -Orlando and Miranda fly to Paris on a commercial jet = hypocrites because they take a fully loaded plane across an ocean, yet ask us to conserve energy
    -Orlando and Miranda conserve energy by flying commercial = they are hypocrites for not flying a private jet to avoid paps
    -Miranda does NOT fly to Australia three weeks after Flynn is born = she is not fulfilling her contract with David Jones, they should fire her because she could be there if she wanted
    -Miranda flies to Paris two months after giving birth = why is she rushing back to work?
    -Miranda does not take Flynn to Australia less than a month after he was born = why can’t she go? It’s perfectly safe for a baby that young to fly
    -Miranda takes a two month old to Paris = she is a horrible mother! Babies that young should never be on such a long flight.
    -Miranda doesn’t immediately return to the runway = she is a failure as a model, because Gisele and Doutzen were back in a month
    -Miranda returns to the runway after two months = she is only rushing back to keep up with the competition.
    -Celebs who sit front row at shows are given that designers clothing to wear = just good business
    Orlando wears Balenciaga to Balenciaga show, to watch his wife model Balenciaga = whoring himself out.
    Did I forget any of the new ones?
    It’s hard to keep up when they come so fast!

  • @55

    You made my day, too.
    Laughter, at the expense of a delphidiot, always makes my day.

  • vic

    Flynn has the same ugly big Face as his Mother.

  • @64

    Keep at it.
    You are just proving what everyone says about delphites as being the God’s honest truth.
    Only sad, hateful, despicable, human beings would EVER attack a baby.
    Are you proud of yourselves, delphi?
    You must be, since none of you have come forth to denounce such horrible behavior.
    What’s that word that people keep using to describe you girls?
    Oh yeah.
    There you go.
    It fits, doesn’t it.

  • @51

    Kora’s own terms and conditions say that you can return unopened goods and get a refund (but not of the postage costs). It says to email them and get a returns number. So are you saying they’re not honouring their own terms and conditions? There has to be a sanction against a company that does that. Some sort of consumer watchdog or body in the host country.

    I did notice when reading the terms and conditions, that there were a couple of points where it said [add link here]. And the link has clearly never been added, long after the website went live. It’s a small thing, but it does suggest that the business may be sloppily run. One administrator who was sharp and thorough would be able to notice that and make sure it was sorted out. Or maybe they are under-capitalised?

    To charge high prices, you have to have excellent service, or good quality, or both, and those reputations take a lot of upkeep. I buy from some online companies that charge high prices (eg a chocolate company) and they are really generous and prompt in dealing with complaints. Kora ought to be, too.

  • jes

    That’s pretty cruel of Orlando! Miranda is wearing her wedding ring yet he is not! and she’s the one carying the baby and everything so it’s more risky for her to wear the wedding ring. Sigh i guess orlando isn’t what i thought? #54 good call. I bet inside it makes her feel bad she pops out a child for him and he can’t even remember to wear it yet she feels the need to wear hers. At least Miranda cares about their family and marriage. Orlando NOT.

  • @66

    She isn’t saying anything.
    Anything truthful, anyway.
    She has never bought Kora.
    She has never had a problem with the products or the service.
    She. Is. Lying.
    That’s what delphites do.

  • vic

    @ 65 the what i say i have seen in a pic .and that´s the truth .The face form Flynn is big and ugly.That what i think.that´s my opinion.

  • @jes

    LOL why exactly is it risky to wear a wedding ring if you’re carrying a baby??

  • @55

    The Kora site says the products are certified organic…

  • jes

    #70 lol carrying the baby because the ring might fall off but that is VERY rare because they make the ring fit your finger and it won’t fall of on lil things perfectly so Orlando could of completely worn his! That’s just cruel on Orlandos part. Miranda probably noticed and got hurt after all your not allowed to control people in marriages but you can see . Orlando treat Miranda with more respect! It’s your WEDDING RING!! WEAR IT!!

  • @69

    To voice an opinion such as yours is low and hateful.
    You are a nasty excuse for a human being.

  • canman

    i told you the baby was ugly just lik its papa and now orlando is wedding ring hider. it must be emabressing knowing you’ve got an ugly repulsing son and you’re married to a woman who tried to trap you into marrying her. How many months prego was this bltch when they got married? poor orlando hide your ring! hide it!!

  • @jes

    You see all of these gorgeous photos with Orlando acting like a papa bear protecting both Miranda and Flynn, and you claim that he doesn’t care about his family?
    My dad has never worn a wedding ring either.
    I guess that in your mind he doesn’t care about his wife of 28 years, or his three children.
    You delphites have scrambled for new ideas, and THIS is what you come up with?

  • @74

    So now you are admitting that you are a sockpuppet!!!
    That’s HILARIOUS!!!!
    You delphites aren’t very bright, are you!

  • LOL!

    Nienna, is that you?
    Were you put out that your wish didn’t come true, and neither Miranda nor the baby got sick?
    Is that what has you so upset?
    So now you are attacking him again?
    You are one sick b*tch.

  • canman

    #75 your dad never wore his? but let me guess your mother wore hers? Perfect example of what us men do. we know you women want to trap us into marrying you like miranda in exchange well marry you and have your possible ugly kids but well get laid on the side. At least Miranda doesn’t seem to mind the ring is gone they probably made an agreement he could date out ahead of time after all she trapped him into marrying her. Trap us men all you want ladies we wont be “faithful” to you as you call it. You’ll never see many men wearing their wedding rings. FACT

  • richard

    ugly egg head

  • @69

    Well, in MY opinion you are a horrible, disgusting person destined to die sad and lonely.
    How could anyone love someone who lives their lives filled with so much hate that they see nothing wrong with attacking a baby?
    You need to step back and gain some perspective.

  • @jes

    Oh, the ring may fall off…so I guess she must never hold anything, especially not her own son. And she must never wash her hands either, the soap could make the ring fall off easily! I guess you’re just joking there.
    Orlando is supporting Miranda in everything she does, going to Paris with her for her job and looking after the baby all the time. He seems to be a good husband. That’s more important than something superficial as wearing a ring. Many husbands that wear their wedding ring treat their wives bad, and I’m sure those wives would trade their evil husband for a good, ringless husband any day.

  • LOL!

    And now the socks are pretending to be men!
    Stupid is as stupid does.

  • @78

    Nowadays no man (or woman) needs to marry anyone to get laid. If you married a lady you can’t stand and you feel trapped with only to get laid, then sir, you are DUMB

  • jes

    What’s the point of getting married then? If you don’t want to wear a wedding ring than don’t get married? duh. Why should someone have to choose between wearing a ring and getting treated bad or someone who doesn’t wear a ring but treats you so called nice. Getting married you’re suppose to be both nice and honourable to the marriage and wear the wedding ring. Also i said rings aren’t made to fall off by doing things like that. Orlando be lucky you got a lady like Miranda and honourable and respectable of the marriage for not only you but her too! Wear it! She’s wearing hers! So obviously she thinks it’s something special.

  • @jes

    But he does wear his ring.
    He wears it on a chain around his neck, along with the two (his and hers) tiny gold bands that they used to wear on their pinkies.
    I actually think that those gold bands signified their actual engagement. Which, I believe took place long before it was announced publicly.
    He also wears the leather and black pearl bracelet that is a match for one Miranda has.
    He does a lot that symbolizes their relationship.
    If he didn’t love her, he wouldn’t do subtle little things like that.

  • canman

    #83 you get married for the KIDS dumbass

  • @jes

    Uhmmmmm, marriage is more than a piece of jewelry.
    If you don’t understand that simple concept then there is no hope for you.

  • @jes

    “What’s the point of getting married then?”
    To me marriage means a promise to love, respect and protect another person, not to wear a wedding ring. At least that’s what I’ve been taught

  • @86

    Er…don’t have kids with someone you don’t love. In your case, don’t have kids with anyone, please

  • canman

    The baby is so ugly like its papa. he was trapped by miranda hate when females do this. stop trapping men! the baby is so ugly its almost ugly enough for orlando to step out and walk out as a whole. hide your ring !! hide it

  • @86

    But you don’t HAVE to get married just because you have kids.
    He CHOSE to marry her.
    No one “trapped” him.
    He could have walked away from her, without walking away from the baby.
    He loves her.
    Get over it.

  • trinilady

    all the hateful comments because Orly refused to be ‘setup’ with Maniston. Trinidadians love Orlando Bloom.

  • Isabella

    wow what is up with the crap answers on here? Miranda didn’t trap anybody and Orlando love his wife and son he maybe misplaced his ring or something. Their baby is BEAUTIFUL!

  • LOL!

    Yep, that’s Nienna.
    No one else has just that combination of hatred and stupidity.


    Sadie why buy Kora anyway, no amount of skin care can make you fattass jealous haters any less ‘repulsing’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHA go finger your smelly hairy buttthole while staring at his pics you deep fried turds

  • @95

    Vulgar but I can’t help but laugh.
    Giving them a taste of their own medicine, I see?

  • jes

    if it wasn’t so important wearing a ring MIRANDA WOULDN’T BE WEARING ONE BUT OH WAIT SHE IS!!

    You guys or fans are soo obssesed with miranda you just stay on here 24/7 denying the obvious. It’s not that long into the marriage and so early he forgets his ring. They may as well been just boyfriend and girlfriend so he doesn’t have to keep forgetting his ring.

  • vic

    @ 74 orlando has his weddingring on his necklace.

  • @jes

    “if it wasn’t so important wearing a ring MIRANDA WOULDN’T BE WEARING ONE BUT OH WAIT SHE IS!!”

    She’s also wearing sunglasses. Your point?
    Boyfriend and girlfriend status doesn’t have the same level of commitment as marriage. That’s why they married. I don’t think he forgets his ring, he probably doesn’t like wearing rings. Why do you give so much importance to such a small detail and so little to all the things he does for her?

  • @97

    You’re on with us, too. Guess that makes you an OBSESSED hater!
    One more time.
    i’ll try to use small words.
    The wedding ring is not important.
    The MARRIAGE is what is important.
    Many people around the world in loving marriages, never have rings, much less wear them.
    Many people in loveless marriages do wear their rings.
    Do you also think that the bigger the diamond in the engagement ring, the more love a man has for the woman? Is that how you look at it?
    I’m just trying to see just how shallow you really are.