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Reese Witherspoon: Intimate Wedding Planned?

Reese Witherspoon: Intimate Wedding Planned?

Reese Witherspoon goes for another jog on Friday (March 18) in Santa Monica, Calif.

The day before, the 34-year-old actress wore a green shirt for St. Patrick’s Day while running with a pal.

Reese is reportedly getting ready to marry fiance Jim Toth at her Ojai, Calif., home.

“It’s not going to be a big Hollywood wedding packed with celebrities and people they hardly know, but rather a much more intimate private wedding with only close friends and family,” a source told PopEater.

10+ pictures inside of Reese Witherpsoon out running…

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reese witherspoon jogging 01
reese witherspoon jogging 02
reese witherspoon jogging 03
reese witherspoon jogging 04
reese witherspoon jogging 05
reese witherspoon jogging 06
reese witherspoon jogging 07
reese witherspoon jogging 08
reese witherspoon jogging 09
reese witherspoon jogging 10

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  • Claire


  • http://adam Sligo lambert ^____^cute

    Oops always here that gitting vapid

  • ComeOnNow

    I cant believe she is really going to marry this no good guy.

  • Claire

    He’s not a good guy?

  • klutzy_girl

    Love Reese and I’m so happy for her and Jim! Can’t wait to see the dress she wears at the wedding.

  • aa

    Run Reese run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You fat a$$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mellisaaa

    I think this pathetic woman has lost the plot…. OCD perhaps?

  • sami

    Wenn Reese auf ihrer Hochzeit so aussieht wie nach ihrem Physique Workout,braucht sie aber ein gutes Make Up.Was ich nicht ganz verstehe ist,das sie an einem Tag ganz passabel aussieht,und am nächsten Tag sieht sie aus,als wäre sie um zehn Jahre gealtert.Ist schon komisch.

  • whatever

    What a ugly women she is

  • delilah

    “A more intimate wedding” Ha! ha! Reese is ALL about image and publicity. First they peddle that it will be intimate with only “close” friends and family. That way, we will be impressed by how high class and important they are.

    You better believe all her random “Southern cousins” will NOT be there. Parents, brother & his family, if he’s married, Random aunt & uncle or two. Granny if she’s alive. That’s it.

    As for the “close” friends? That will be the A-list from CAA. All the rich and powerful, and people with influence. All the people they want us to be impressed with. So we will see the big shots from CAA, studio heads, producers, A-Listers they’re BFFs with, and that’s all. By making the guest list small-ish, even these people will feel exclusive.

    100-150 people isn’t “intimate.” 25 -40 people is intimate.

    There will definitely be a magazine spread at some point, too.
    Someone’s gotta pay and it won’t be her. Rich people don’t spend money.

    What I dislike about her so much is how phoney she is. She should just be who she is, a publicity wh@re and get on with it, instead of pretending she’s all sweet & respectable. She isn’t. She will do anything, step on anyone or misuse anyone to be successful. Top Dog.

  • A+

    @delilah: You’re NOT invited phoney liar!!! You sound like someone who just escaped from a mental hospital & you are projecting your own misery.Life will teach you lessons.

    @sami: Due to your numerous spelling errors I suggest you spend more time in school ,Troly Trolerson.

  • http://AOL Pat

    Hope she doesn’t trip and fall. No fun to be in a cast on your honeymoon.

  • InTheIndustry

    @delilah – LMAO!!! You couldnt of said it any better!!!!!

    Sloth is nothing but a known womanizer with a bad reputation involved in shady sh^t, with the most recent crap happening just this past August 2010!!!

    Ms. Southern Belle already has is nuts in a mason jar and he is trying to clear and clean up his image! Complete BULLSH^T!!!!

    Both are ugly – inside and out!!!

    I dont give a crap either if you thumbs down what I said. So dont bother!!!

    Happy Sunday to all!!

  • k

    @InTheIndustry: What crap happened with Toth in August?

  • LP

    Rees is a class act all the way. Kim Kardashian said she got fat because she couldn’t find a gym….. take note!

  • Andrew

    Hi Reese! Big fan of your old films here. Hey, you don’t quite look like you’re running to Court’s farm anymore, but I still like you. Anyway, please remember these two words: “self-deprecating humor” (that really is only two words, Reese, because the first word is hyphenated, and it only constitues one word). BUT That’s where it’s at for you, Reese! Trust me, not that subtle, self-deprecating humor like in those rom coms, but hard core self-deprecating humor, ala Tina Fey in 30 Rock! Listen, I know what I’m talking about. Watch Tina Fey and get on board with her style. You are still cute like her, and people love cute people who can really make fun of themselves. You’ve proven you can do it in Election. Go for it, Reese!
    Listen, I don’t want to see you fade into obscurity. Take my advice…start a new career playing dorky, quirky characters, like Tina. You’d kill doing it!!! Your stock would improve three-fold! and people would generally respect you more.

    Reese, I’m not deranged. I’m actually a smart, normal person who thinks I can help you. Don’t make me tell you “I told you so” 10 years from now. Call me, and I’ll give you more suggestions and details to help you with this transformation.

    Andrew 614-309-8105

  • Jubee

    @sami: warum schreibst du auf deutsch. its a goddamn american blog. quit spamming!

  • Lexi

    To late – she is irrevelant and has been for awhile. While WFE looks interesting I am not going to see it because of Reese. She is a terrible actress and mother! That last comment was for the person who alwyas declares Reese is a good mom. Who the heck knows – no one on this board will ever meet her and if I had the chance I wouldn’t bother. Amy Adams, Anne H. Ellen Page, and Rachel McAdams are much better at their craft and are not publicity whores like Reese.

  • ruanyuefang

    I see her almost every time I drop by this site. She’s really patient with her jogging.

  • sami

    Wenn Reese eine ganz intime Hochzeit feiern will, muß sie eine großeAnnonce in die Zeitung setzen.Wenn keiner davon erfahren soll kann man ja auch dafür sorgen das es nicht passiert.Das ist doch alles Quatsch.Bin mal gespannt wer alles anwesend war.Man soll nicht soviel Theater machen. Es ist ja schon die zweite Hochzeit.Vielleicht folgen noch ein paar.

  • sami

    A+Zu Deinem Kommentar möchte ich Dir sagen,das ich meine Muttersprache ganz gut beherrsche.Und zu Jubee kann ich nur sagen ich schreibe deutsch weil ich Deutsche bin.

  • JT

    Oh My Fu^^ing Gosh – This full of herself, shallow, insecure, media who^e woman is NUTS! She sounds soooo friggen crazy in the interviews to the mags and blogs. Everything she is saying is not who or what she is. Its amazing!
    Mrs and Mr Withersloth will not last! Agents and Actresses are a lethal mix.
    Stick a fork in her, she is DONE!!!!
    If you want to see her in true form, check out After Lately, Chelsea Handler’s new series. Its on E! all week at different times.
    Wanna Be Southern Belle is on it! I was channel surfing and came across it!!! Funny Sh^t!!!

  • A+conscious

    @sami: Who do you try to lie and manipulate ?Pathetic post, including pathetic grammatical errors.
    Du bist ein lügner schwein.

    @JT: Another pathological liar trying to deceive us.The joke’s on you because you don’t recognize your own tragedy.I pity you if you lie constantly to get what you want out of life.

  • sami

    A+consious Ich möchte doch mal wissen wieso Du mich einen Lügner nennst.Wenn Du kein deutsch sprichst,woher willst Du wissen das ich falsch schreibe.Wenn ich Dein Schreiben Wort für Wort übersetze machst Du auch jede Menge Fehler.Außerdem schreibst Du ziemlich geschmacklos.Auf diesen Seiten sollen Meinungen ausgetauscht werden.Da für muß man aber nicht beleidigend sein.

  • JT


    I think this is a blog to express our thoughts on these folks so why are you so upset? Oh wait, either your that crazy woman Reese or your on her payroll!

    If you dont like what folks have to say, then dont come to this site!

  • A+conscious


    I speak perfect German-DEUTSCH and I can immediately tell the difference.Your text is not written correctly. PATHOLOGICAL lying is a mental disorder and should be treated with therapy.Quick, take the German dictionary!

    @JT: You are free to express your thoughts without spreading lies about her or trying to undermine her reputation.If not why don’t you take your own advice and stop replying to every comment and positive post about her?Your * folks *are like Agent Smith in Matrix reloaded fight scene.Pure pathology!

  • sami

    A+conscious Mit Deiner deutschen Sprache kann es aber nicht weit her sein.Sonst würdest Du nicht solchen Blödsinn schreiben.Ich möchte Dich liebend gerne einmal deutsch reden hören Ich wäre gespannt was dabei herauskäme.

  • A+consious

    Du bist nicht so interessant.Lassen sie mich Ihnen sagen, du bist haben wieder viele grammatikalische fehler.

  • sami

    A+consious Lese mal schnell Dein Geschreibsel und zähle Deine Fehler.Und jetzt kannst Du mich mal.

  • JT

    Im not trying to spead lies or undermine her reputation as you have put it (A+CONSIOUS) Im just calling it like I see it!

    It doesnt matter what any of us says about any of these celebs.

    They are going to act and do whatever the hell they want.

    Its nice to see that Im not the only one who thinks she is a fake phoney woman!!

    I used to like her and respect her but she has become to Hollywood and sold her soul to thad’s cult!!! lol

  • Love&Justice

    @JT – too funny!!!! lol

    But its true, she has become fake and phoney and its a shame!

  • A+conscious

    @sami: Slight improvement but you are the one writing nonsense,not me.Count your grammatical errors.You aren’t making as much sense as you probably think you are,lol.You only wrote the post in German to make it look like Reese is hated in Germany lol.Not true!!

  • sami

    a+conscious Jetzt antworte ich Dir auf Deinen Satz vom 22.03.Wenn Du so gut deutsch sprechen kannst,müßte der Satz so heißen.Du bist nicht so interessant.Laß mich Dir sagen,Du hast wieder viele grammatikalische Fehler gemacht.Außerdem schreibt man entweder Du oder Sie.Das ist alles was Du von mir hören wirst.

  • A+conscious


    Your lies will only grow worse & worse. Get help for your problem. You’ve been lying to yourself all along and you can’t win using lies.
    Next time don’t use capital letters in the middle of a sentence where they do not belong.

  • sami

    A consciousIch wollte mich ja nicht mehr melden.Aber ich muß Dich doch nochmals aufklären.Das Du kein deutsch reden kannst bestätigt sich ja wieder.Merkst Du nicht daß die Fehler bei der Übersetzung kommen?Wenn Du meinst ich schreibe Wörter groß Wo es nicht sein darf,dann irrst Du Dich.Zum Beispiel werden Wörter wie Du,Dich,DeineEure usw.groß geschrieben.Esgibt noch mehrere,aber die zähle ich nicht auf.Ich kann mir die Übersetzung hier auch ansehen.Zum Beispiel Auf,english,Sprechen,Kannst,Wieder,Viele,Mann,Oder Hören,Wirst.Das Alles wird klein geschrieben.Hoffentlich verstehst Du jetzt was los ist

  • Kukuu

    She’s sooo sexy!!!!!!!! :)