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Chris Brown: Official App Now Available

Chris Brown: Official App Now Available

Chris Brown is all smiles as he arrives at The Sports Club/LA for some basketball on Wednesday (March 30) in Los Angeles.

The 21-year-old F.A.M.E. singer wore a Charlotte Hornets baseball cap and a shirt with a hungry alligator on it for his workout.

Breezy fans can download the official Chris Brown app, available for iPhone and Android. Check out details over at

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown going to The Sports Club/LA

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chris brown gym turquoise shirt 01
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 02
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 03
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 04
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 05
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 06
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 07
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 08
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 09
chris brown gym turquoise shirt 10

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  • lisali

    Woman beater in dorky glasses. Whatever.

  • commonsense

    How do you justify this JJ?

  • jess

    seriously anyone who downloads this app is basically supporting the glamourising of violence against women. disgusting. why do you feature this jerkwad on your site?

  • Annie

    JJ probably throws him up a few glowing comments with 20 thumbs up to make it look like he has so many stans – how lame. btw douchiest tats and glasses ever. Suits him I guess.

  • Leona

    OMG If you dont like him why are wasting yr time.. Chris Brown does NOT affect yr life & living his life as he wants…….ps Got mine :)

  • lalou

    He looks cute as always

  • Laura

    Chris looks gorgeous as always

  • Emma

    He brings to mind a modified version of Britney Spears’ song Womanizer:

    Womanbeater, woman-womanbeater, you’re a womanbeater,
    Oh womanbeater, oh you’re a womanbeater, baby
    You you you are, you you you are
    Womanbeater, womanbeater, womanbeater

  • marty

    Douchey little boy that needs his azz kicked to see what it’s like to get beat up on. Or somebody go to HIS house and throw a chair through his window. Piss-ant.

  • LEB

    I see all of the BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE are the first to comment. Looking good Breezy! Have a good day BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE !!!

  • Erika

    I used to like him then he beat up Rihanna!

  • hollywood

    Chris is an icon, love ya…#1 Album…well deserved

  • Mcgraw

    This doesn’t reflect well on your site JJ or any business’s who sponsor high profile supporters of domestic violence via this site.

    I fail understand why your showing support for a deeply ugly nasty violent spoilt excuse for a celebrity/role model.

    I myself will be bypassing this website during your continued support of this cretin.

    Sort it out JJ!

  • Mcgraw


  • ChrisFan

    Chris is a beautiful person. We are so proud of him. He’s living his life and enjoying it. You people are hating on him and you don’t even know him. How you hate someone you don’t even know. Chris is a icon, champion, masterpiece, legend and the list goes on.

  • King Makers

    Haha! i just downloaded it! its so Brilliant —>Haterz can kill themselves!

  • kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Throw in the sea with his frined shark

  • Justice

    What’s this d-bag smiling for? Go hide your head in shame, violent loser.

  • John

    Dear Chris, why do you always look like a douche?

  • star

    hollywood says “Chris is an icon, love ya…”

    hollywood you have GOT to be some juvenile without a brain…do you even know the definition of word ICON?

    the only thing ICONIC about Chris brown is his legendary smack down on a female’s face. nothing more.

    get a dictionary and learn your vocabulary mate!


    Here is my take:

    Chris Brown was 19 when the incident happened. That means he was a yound immature kid. He paid his dues and hopefully he understood the magnitude of his actoins. Also the ABC debacle was expected. They keep rehaching this Rihanna incident.. Let him move on already. He’s young and immature so he didn’t know how to contain his anger – so he bolted.

    His PR people need to work on him. He is not very articulate and there lies his problem. I thought he was an awesome kid and hopefully he can get his act together and move on. We are too eager in this country to tear people down – sometimes people need help, nothing wrong with that.

  • B3 Fearless

    Seriously ppl need to really think b4 they comment. Name calling and wishing death on some one you don’t even know represents YOUR immaturity level.

    It’s dumb to take the time and comment on some one you supposedly don’t care about and don’t like.

    I’m not going to criticize a person who had no history of violence against women prior to Rihanna AND since Rihanna.

    It’s been TWO YEARS. He has been dating/f-ing some girl since November of last year and she’s had nothing but sweet things to say about CB as have other girlfriends from his past.

    Don’t even get me started on the countless volunteering, fundraising, donations to DV shelters and vids to fans he has done since the beginning of his career and maintained throughout the past 2 years that the MEDIA has failed to report and he has never pushed for them to report.

  • brezzy

    @jess: if u download it u supportin the music not the beatin… so get that threw ur thick head

  • brezzy

    yall chris hater are stalkers… yall comment on him more then a bigg fan of his do…. all the hater need to get off his d!ck nd stopp suckin his balls… yalll just jealous he can do things yall cnt !!! huh just learn how to forget bout the past …. anyway is not yall business wat happen 2 yrs ago …. ( STOP DRINKIN THAT HATERADE )

  • Jericho

    Is this an app where you count how many times you can punch Rihanna before she starts to bleed?

  • joceelyynn

    looking ridiculous

  • Missy


    They don’t have anything better to do but constantly click on posts made for “Chris Brown” and commenting on them. Yet they call HIM immature…

  • Missy


    It was WELL deserved! He’s worked on it for a year and deserves the success. He is multi talented. Haters are upset and rushed in first to comment on some1 that does not care for them.


    I’m amazed at the amount of people who are using their energy to speak negatively of someone they have never met and don’t know outside of magazine and television sound bites. Speaking of someone negatively is another form of abuse.

  • Kendra

    Chris is such a goof ball but that smile is undeniable. Guess he decided to leave the lambo at home and drive the cadi instead, must be nice to have so many choices! Im so proud of Chris, his album is slamming and sitting at the top of the BB charts right now, he smashed his DWTS performance, giving them their highest ratings EVER mind you and managing to fit in a good work out in between…way to go Chris Brown.

    FAME in stores now…go get it

  • GEGE

    ooooooooooooooooooooh stoppppppp with the ignorant HATE MAIL.

    people change with age. he was a teen and open to change. apologetic pleaded guilty and acted like more of a man than most men twice his senior. and it WASNT AN ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP you guys are giving a BAD message to men who have done it once. where do they grow? whats the right thing for them to do? *answer get help. be open to it. own up to your actions did chris brown do this? YES

    now cut the crap. please;)
    @star: PS hating someone bc it is a “trend” or bc of your own ignorance is not cool. one night of a mistake shouldnt make you pay for a lifetime of hate and stupid hate mail

  • fush

    @Jericho: no but there’s an app for people like you who have NEVER done anything wrong in their lives and who judge people…..from behind a computer screen mind you

  • http://google Nyamal gatluak

    he look nice love him

  • SB

    Doin his thing, love F.A.M.E.! Not a song on that album I don’t like, listen to it start to finish. Great MUSIC! Ya’ll should go buy the album, clearly it’s a winner as it’s #1 in the COUNTRY! Hell ya :)

  • Martin

    go die chris. Nobody in Europ and Asia wants you you are just a mini star in USA. Your Album flop you sell 270 000 in the first week ok but in the second week 60 000 and the thirth week 30 000 that is so small the next flop album. He is not a icon he looks like a idiot with this chicken chest and your ugly tatoos you are a cheater and beater and you had no talent please go away and make please no more musik or so bad films they flopping to. Go die more not you looser

  • Anon

    Seriously,people get a damn life
    whats wrong w/your that you are hating on his,what he does in his personal life is his damn business,get your own
    btw,if you hate him so much why the hell are you reading about,sad that your not him???
    Hating on him,still gives him attention and in the end he gets the money
    Album no.1,song no.1 soon him no.1
    if we are stans just because we like him and enjoy his music,what are you,no life haters??
    btw u people are the ones making jokes on domestic abuse not us,thats sad,very sad you people have a disturbed mind