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Megan Fox: Long Beach Grand Prix with Brian Austin Green!

Megan Fox: Long Beach Grand Prix with Brian Austin Green!

Megan Fox attends the Long Beach Grand Prix on Saturday (April 16) in Long Beach, Calif.

The 24-year-old actress was there to support her hubby Brian Austin Green, who was participating in the Celebrity Race.

Also participating in the race: Kevin Jonas and Frankie Muniz.

True Blood‘s Stephen Moyer was supposed to participate, but he pulled out of the race after his car hit the side wall and flipped over during Friday’s qualifying round. He made it out of his car uninjured.

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Credit: Fixed Focal; Photos: Splashnewsonline
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  • Mllef

    The joke about the stain on her shirt is way too easy…
    …but I want so much to say it…:)

  • Andie

    Like she’s the only one who has a stain on her shirt…..

  • jane-lee

    She had a natural beauty before surgery

    The time when she played in “Hope and Faith”

    Her eyes are beautiful but the rest seems so retouched, it’s unfortunate

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She need agien surgery

  • Kaya

    She’s aging but still gorgeous.

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Where she eyes ? i see not compelet surgery

  • jane-lee

    Maybe she wants absolutely like her idol, angelina jolie, but now I think it is going too far

  • Sweet

    Congrats to Brian Austin Green, he came in 3rd as a Pro for the Pro/Celebrity Race out of 5 guys and overall 8th, out of 18.

    At least he won as a Celebrity last year. Good to see Megan out and about supporting her man, she’s looks fantastic. I love them as a couple.

    I thought Stephen Moyer was going to continue, he looked fine when he came out. I bet his wife said hell no after that crash – don’t blame her. Shame, he probably might have won this year or in the top 3 for the Celebrity section.

    Important thing – they all raised solid money for charity.

    I love these events – next year Brian (4th time lucky).

  • http://Jta Sligo lambert ^______^ cute

    Hay sick go back in home

  • ciara

    i dont care what people say i think shes gorgeous

  • Karih

    I hate what she did to her face, she used to look gorgeous.

  • http://Ta Sligo lambert ^_______^cute

    Fake woma better go sleep in street

  • Hanne

    Well at least she doesn’t call the paparazzi at any opportunity.

  • bgf

    well I think her peak was 2007-2009 but she is still SO beautiful! Love Megan!!! not afraid of what to say and says it. Not some fake PR product like alot of hollywood stars who are on constant damage control.

  • Jess

    Everyone needs to give her a break. She never goes to places where there’s known to be a lot of paparazzi unlike 80% of the rest of female Hollywood.

  • Sun

    perfect eyebrows!!!

  • jane-lee

    Most celebrities are seeking attention, that’s why they are famous

  • http://J Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    Go back in hospital

  • I’m from Korea

    what happened to her tattoo?

  • Kaz simply Amaazingg !!!!!!!!

    She like from korea
    @19 take megan with you

  • WTF

    Megan and Brian are such a NORMAL couple compared to majority of the Hollywood set out there, which makes them even more unique.

    She always looks great don’t care what the haters say. Transformers 3 will not be the same. Everytime, that other girl appears I will be thinking that’s Megan’s place move yourself.

    It’s great to see a star like Megan with a stain on her shirt and confident going about her business. I would say, it’s more important to be there for her husband than being worried about what the world thinks about a stain on her shirt. No panic mode give me a new shirt etc. This is why, I like her even more everytime, I see her and Brian together.

    They always keep it real.

  • Bee

    I think its funny what @WTF perception as well as others perception of what a good person is and who is down to earth. Just because you care about fashion doesnt mean your materialistic and obsessive. you can care about art and culture but not be consumed by it. People thins she is easy going which may be the case but that doesnt have any correlation between a jeans and tshirt girl. SHe also is very calculating as she has noted she plays a character because she doesnt want people to know her true self. she is trying to project the image of a cool chill girl because it sets her apart. She wouldnt war makeup or go to spas or get her nails done if she didnt care for her appearance as most girls do.

  • hello


  • WTF

    @Bee: Maybe, I didn’t make myself clear but the likes of Victoria Beckham coming out with a stain on her shirt would seem unthinkable. I don’t know her, so I could be seriously wrong.

    Some, Hollywood stars from interviews try way to hard to follow script and come across as perfect. Megan doesn’t appear to be the case, she speaks her mind for better or worse and I love that; as well as Brian in his interviews.

    Seriously, I’m not counting stain shirt or jeans as Megan being a good person per say, just that she looks like she’s enjoying herself and supporting her man. She comes across in interviews as a grounded down to earth person and not falling out of clubs etc.

    “SHe also is very calculating as she has noted she plays a character because she doesnt want people to know her true self”, ok this is truly a WTF moment. Unless, you speak to her on a regular basis you don’t know what you are talking about. We as fans play guessing games but that’s ridiculous even if you don’t like her.

    Of course, she does everything a normal girl will do like go to the spa etc but she doesn’t over do it like 90% of Hollywood ladies.

    She seems to understand a time to relax in day wear and when to dress up for the red carpet events. Her end goal doesn’t appear to be dressing up 24/7 in a lot of fake makeup i.e. she can separate work from family time.

    I hope this is a little clearer.

  • twofools

    Angie not her idol. angie seeks out press, meagan fox doesn’t not, or cheat with men that are taken.

  • SpeakindaTruth

    1 operation or 10, she’s still got it. She may not be as beautiful as she once was but you got be stupid or just friggin’ blind to not think that Megan Fox is the Most Beautiful and Sexiest woman in Hollywood.

    I think Megan is very cool and not out there to be fake and dumb like the rest of H-town. Megan can just as easily be sleazier and bubblier and retarded like Cameron Diaz, Eva Mendes and Blake Lively, to appear more likable. But she doesn’t. She’s Megan Fox, we’ll like her for her looks anyway so she ain’t gotta try hard. Kaz and Slingo need to get lost and find those ugly dried up ducks from Vicky’s played out secret to discuss. I heard Vicky saw Candice’s ribcages and forced her to gain weight or she was terminated. Ain’t that a shame. Gi could showcase her ribs all day long it won’t a problem cuz she WAS and STILL IS & ALWAYS WILL BE… Victoria’s REAL Secret. Dem dumb teeny boppas they got over there now sure ain’t convincing me to buy dem draws or bras either on them flat butts and busts.

  • Stacey


    Megan’s been with BAG for almost 7 years and going strong.

    I’ve never read stories of her jumping from man to man so that term is kind of stupid when it comes to Megan.

    Megan looks hot hence you called her slut, well that was original.

    How fat are you and do you hate your body that much.

    @ Bee, isn’t every Hollywood star including the ones you like calculating to point? Some fans just wish to ignore this, whilst pick on others.

    Well done BAG you gave a good race.

  • O

    She mess up her face and now she looks like she always smells something bad. What a travesty. She was beautiful in that show with Kelly rippa

  • Angela

    CAT FACE. Shame what she did to herself. She looks better though compared to the Golden Globes. Only if you’re her size can you pull off shorts that tiny…wowza. I really thought she was going to be a huge star… her fame has severely fizzled since the michael bay incident. There’s always lifetime movies, Megan

  • Andie

    Jolie is the SLUT here afterall she STOLE Brad from Jennifer Aniston.

    Megan may have had surgeries but at least she hasn’t stolen Brian. That shows GOOD CHARACTHER and respect .

  • jane-lee

    Or maybe brad dropped Jennifer for angie

    Does that know your really on their privacy?

    What I see is physical
    There I see tattoos, face retouched

    I have nothing against megan fox, on the contrary I think she has really beautiful eyes but she did not need surgery, it all seems artificial

  • bob

    @Andie: love is not a sin

  • Andie

    No, Jolie STOLE Brad from Jennifer. Aniston herself insinuated it in a interview. The fact that Brad agreed on this is irrelevant. The fact is that Jolie hit on a married man. So she’s the S L U T, not Megan.

  • Andie


    Who said it is?

    I said that it’s not fair to call Megan a S L U T since the REAL one is dear Jolie. She was the who hit on a married man and stole him from his wife (the poor guy couldn’t resist)

  • jane-lee

    So, Brad really liked Jennifer? Otherwise they are still together
    Brad had to make a choice, he did well and even since he had 3 children with angelina

  • Moi

    FFS stop making this into an angelina discussion. they are nothing alike and only had a brief comparison because of the tabloids.

  • bob

    Jennifer is a liar, the marriage was indeed in 2003 ! and she said Brad was not the love of her life.
    we don’t know what happens behind closed doors (for example courteney and david).
    It’s Hollywood, the show must go on !
    Angelina has never hidden his past or his feelings. She told the truth.

  • jane-lee

    I like angelina since i was a little girl and now, i’m a young women, and i still like angie

    I do not care whether a celebrity couple in such a way

    They are first and foremost, an actor, not their private lives than they look

  • Andie

    It doesn’t really matter if he has done the right choice or not.

    The fact is: if he didn’t really like Aniston, he would just have to get a divorce and THEN be with Jolie.

    But nooooo, everyone knows they got together while he was still married to Aniston. That’s why Jolie is a S L U T. Because she knew it. She shuold have told him to get the proccess of divorce ready and then be with her. But no, they got together while he was married to Aniston, while Aniston still believed there was nothing wrong with their marriage. Aniston insinuated it in all over the place andthat’s why it was a shock to her. It was somethig she was not expecting.

    So Brad cheated on her and because Jolie knew he was still married with his wife being cheated, that makes her a S L U T.

  • jane-lee

    Andie: These things happen every day, to anyone

    Married men cheat on their wife and still remain with her

    Only, when two celebrities do, it caused a scandal

  • bob

    Aniston is a LIAR

  • k

    I like meagan but she looks old

  • bob

    she asked for a separation in december 2004
    Separation = divorce
    Brad is not John mayer, he never returns back.
    She lost.

  • O really

    @Andie: what interview? Read brad pitt’s rolling stone Interview where he admits he fell in love on the set of mr and mrs smith. Not that it matters anyway…

  • O really

    Also, don’t know why andie is getting so mad at Angelina on a Megan fox thread lol weird. Megan luvs her some Angie .


    someone needs to feed her….where pictures of Frankie Muniz

  • woohoo

    @I’m from Korea:
    she lightened her tattoo..maybe full removal soon…maybe she realized it looked ugly

  • Kiki

    I actually thinks she looks great…fresh looking, not as plastic as she did last year. I understand the “look” she’s going for, however that shirt is a no-no:)

  • lola_uk

    did anyone else notice that she’s getting her “marilyn monroe” tatto removed? it looks significantly lighter

  • i love u

    I love u megan, i see u in my dream , i make love with u in dream