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Katie Holmes: Morning Meeting

Katie Holmes: Morning Meeting

Katie Holmes holds on to a travel mug of coffee as she goes to a meeting on Thursday (April 21) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 32-year-old actress paired a Madewell chambray button down with jeans and dark flats for her visit to a local office.

Over the weekend, Katie and her husband, Tom Cruise, attended Paramount CEO Brad Grey‘s wedding to Cassandra Huysentruyt at his mansion in Bel-Air.

Also attending the ceremony were Brad Pitt and his rep, Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, and Gwen Stefani!

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  • Šiši

    bless her… she is a mess. I bet it’s coz of that crazy Tom and his scientologist cult. She used to be so pretty!

  • ck

    If you look up the word “miserable” in the dictionary, you’ll see a picture of that facial expression.

  • ace11

    looks horrible…..only 32…dear god

    its a shame

    before she married that whacked out freak….she was very energetic, lively and pretty


  • Yo-landi


  • Šiši

    @ace11: That’s exactly what I thought. She seemed to be happy, and was very beautiful. Now she is wrecked. I read up on scientology the other and it sounds very dangerous… really evil. I feel sorry for her somehow.

  • ck

    Can’t get over that first pic by the elevator(?). Was trying to think…what meeting could she possible be taking looking like THAT? Then it occurred to me…she must be trying out for a part in “The Ring 3.”

  • siennagold

    Hair is such a mess! What’s up with her? Most of the time, she’s sloppy and unkempt!

  • Šiši

    @ck: you made me laugh out loud… he heee.

  • http://Ja Sligo lambert ^_______^ cute


  • cancangirl

    I truly believe she has suffered some brain damage from spending all those hours of scieno mind scrambling and living with that batchit crazy Tom.

  • CECE
  • Lela

    Oh. My. God. Didn’t she shower before leaving the house? Who goes out without even brushing their hair. She looks like hell. IMHO only someone very depressed (or homeless!!!!) goes out looking like this. She must have made a lousy impression at the meeting she was going to. No body wants to hire someone who looks like that!

  • tooty fruity

    How do I get my name in Blue?

  • cancangirl

    Maybe Tom is making Katie’s homelife hell, because the Village Voice is reporting that his daughter Isabella is moving out of his crazy scieno house and moving in with her Catholic mom, Nicole.

    Tom & Miscavige must be going ballistic :)

  • blah

    girl, you look rough!

  • Alison McMurray

    Why do actors always feel they have to carry a coffee mug as an accessory?

  • itstrueagain

    You gotta love the “get the look” logo beneath the picture. Good lord.

  • brainy box


  • kerri

    @Ck: You are hilarious i couldn’t stop laughing. My stomach is sore from all the laughing. Katie looks crazy.

  • ()()()()

    is she on drugs or something?

  • naturegirl


  • silver

    She should pull herself together. She is giving people reasons to think there is something wrong with her. I see it now on all the tabloid magazines”KATIE A DRUGGIE BECAUSE OF CONTROLLING TOM”.


    She is truly going bonkers!!!


    Did she just got out of the mental institution???? Oh, golly she truly is going bonkers!

  • ZOMBIE!!!

    Kind of reminded me of Michael Jackson’s “THRILLER” video. She actually look like a ZOMBIE!!!

  • Crying for Help!!

    Could it be that she trying to call attention for someone to rescue her???
    Help me, please! They are turning me into a robot!!!

  • LLM

    Can she give the tight jeans a break? They are just not flattering on her. And I can’t wait to hear her two special fans spin this one — she looks “natural” or some batsh*t nonsense like that.

  • Help me????

    O Katie selling your soul to the devil was never never a very good idea.

  • bs


  • jelly

    um er um but…. I got nothing nice to say!

  • mikado

    She has a weird way of thinking that this is attractive.
    She looks horrible and doesn’t even try to clean up for the cameras she called.
    What exactly is she trying to tell us??
    One day with a smirk of a smile, the other day looking like a homeless woman??

  • ha!
  • Cazz

    If I had a client come in for an interview looking like that I would be buzzing for security. This woman just needs to go buy that pink wig now and get committed.

  • roger

    that’s the fertility clinic offices.

  • Toria

    Oh my god. Does she really think this looks good? And what is that blue thing in her pocket or tied to her purse strap?


    Not bad, really. Actually GOOD, for Holmes a miracle.

    I give credit where it is due.

    For the first time in years, her clothing matches perfectly.
    Classic American sportswear. She appears lean and put together, without looking like she tried to hard.

    The hair, well, a brush would solve that issue, however, the obvious needs to be stated.

    She left her house with wet hair and drove on the freeway in her convertible, i.e.,California hair.

    A normal woman would fix her hair in the parking lot, but she choose to not have her photo taken while grooming and walked quickly to the elevator before additional paparazzi arrived.

    I’d guess it’s a dentist appt or some such.

    Hair shiny and skin glowing. No smile due to rude intrusion on private moment.

  • Milk


  • Romeo

    Link me, #14.

    Not her fault people don’t have lives, #22.

  • gennifer

    Don’t be stupid. You can’t tell if someone showered, by looking at a picture. You sound so juvenile.

  • gennifer


    Catholics are no better than Scientists.

  • simone


    Everybody wears tight jeans. Your comment is ridiculous.

  • gennifer

    @cancangirl: #10

    Correction: Catholics are no better than Scientologists.

  • please …hair cut!

    She should cut her hair…I like the bob on her.. she was so pretty and cute… now shes back to where she started before they labeled her a style sensation BLAH.. the long hair take away from her entire stature a nd she looks like any other girl.

  • annie

    @Tim Gunn
    Oh my gosh , can’t believe you actually wrote something positive about Katie for once. You always reserve your good comments for you know who, and if you happen not to like something you know who has on……you’ll say ….”.points are given, that they don’t really care and threw on whatever–that takes confidence.” So I’m really in a tizz you said that about Katie.
    She looks like she’s on her own -without security, and looks uneasy about the paps being there.
    The mags don’t need much ammo to come up with various articles about her.
    For the person who wrote about her couple of fans coming out to defend her………where is the poster who gave us all the negative lowdown on the Kennedys, not to mention all the negative publicity on how bad it is , but its been nominated for a best mini series at the Monaco Nymph awards, and there seems to be quite a few tv mini series around at the moment. Amazing how quiet all the critics are all of a sudden.
    And by the way , don’t paticularly like these pics, seen better, but her hair is naturally wind blown spectacular, just look at it !

  • @annie

    The Monaco Nymph awards aren’t exactly the Oscars. And aren’t exactly known for quality. This is basically a $uck up award.

    And Annie, it hasn’t won yet.

    Her hair is wind blown spectacular? Oh please. She wanted the publicity her hair would bring. Notice there are no pics of her leaving anywhere. No pics of her driving. And then voila, suddenly here she is and wow here are hte paps. They were called and they were there to capture her “wind blown” look. She knew perfectly well this would cause publicity because it was such an awful look. It looks like she got up and couldn’t bother with a comb.

  • Pooter

    This airhead thinks she is hiding. Suri does the same thing…hides in her hairt. Katie has no clue to how she is viewed.

    Such an airhead

  • Pooter

    oops………her hair. LOL

  • zzzz

    “Windblown spectacular”, annie? LOL! She looks like I did at 21 after a rowdy all-nighter with the girls and a big bottle of vodka, but I was still in bed when I looked like that. The hair would have at least been brushed before leaving the house. This is not a good look on a thirtysomething wife and mother.

  • FFer

    Smoking hot…

  • Rainy Day

    She looks like she was “Rode hard and put away wet.” Is she so caught up into her perceived ego as a fashionista that she feels she can go out looking as though a brush never touched her hair? Someone needs to take this girl aside and explain in simple terms that she could be awesome, amazing and wonderful (well maybe not) if she would only do some minimal grooming. Over the last few months we have seen her in ill-fitting clothes, clothes with colors that don’t accentuate her features or complexion, clothes that are too tight in all the wrong places, clothes that are stained and wrinkled. Hair, clothes and body that look unwashed and dirty. Dirty hair. Messy hair. Ugly top knots. And now this. Is this Britney Spears, Version 2?