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Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch Break at Joan's on Third

Alexander Skarsgard: Lunch Break at Joan's on Third

Alexander Skarsgard makes a phone call after having lunch on Thursday (April 28) at Joan’s on Third in Los Angeles.

The 34-year-old True Blood actor is a huge fan of Joan’s on Third and has brought girlfriend Kate Bosworth along with him for lunch in the past.

Last week, Alexander was spotted going to the gym for a post-Coachella workout!

Alex‘s latest film, Melancholia, will screen at the Cannes Film Festival next month!

Kirsten Dunst also stars in the Lars Von Trier film – be sure to check out the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet!

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  • team

    He could get way hotter than Kate! she is an average blonde.

  • Shannon

    @team: Have you seen his ex Sara Tun? She’s proof he could, & has done better

  • seriously

    @Shannon: Don’t forget Izabella Miko!!! She’s beautiful!

  • Delicious

    WENN has a bunch of addt’l photos up on him as well:

    If link doesn’t work, go to WENN home page at and you’ll find them.

  • Lory

    I love his body. He’s not too lean but not a roided up mess.

    And having a pretty face also helps a lot.

  • Lilla

    Sweet Jesus…those arms…sigh. He looks so good.

  • Camille


    He has the exact body that I like, lean but toned. I hate juice monkey bodies.

  • Jessie

    Camille, you made it onto yuku comments! Hahah! Nothing bad, just that you posted the photos they put up.

  • Camille


    LOL, okay! Interesting.

  • eww

    Never get his appeal…

  • chelle

    Much better pictures to look at than the mess I have dealt with the last 30 hours here in the south. Nice way to end the horror for a few hours sleep!!! Swede dreams!!!

  • IKR!

    @eww: He’s tall and swedish.
    Don’t feel weird, he has like five fans who post and vote for him.

  • Gina

    Damn it! Why is it he is always able to get parking there? I always have to park on the street. I do understand why he goes there so often, they have good food. I’m obsessed with their salad trio. So good! Alas, as often as I go, I’ve yet to have an Askars spotting. He is looking good. Can’t wait for S4 to start!

  • So

    @Camille: Unfortunately that will get you unfairly spam’d everywhere because you know the fan site hate=on. My own view is that yuku is behind the curve because they steal from purse forum too much or WoS but everyone has fair game on what shows up on the photo sites..and he looks awesome, totally, even if he is not pleased to be pap’d, he’s one lovely man..


    @Doreen: “Having an overbite, under eye bags, and a dimple in your chin has NOTHING to do with FAS. Nor does his forehead being higher” (you forgot the close set eyes and the untied shoes).
    oooohh… I think I get it! …ASkars looks retarded, but he doesn’t have FAS.
    Well, thank you for your time, you’ve been wonderful and kind.

  • V

    You guys are pathetic!

  • Claire

    I love Alex. He and Kate are both very cool.

  • Jessie

    @R. FACE HE HAS:

    There’s only one retarded person here and it’s the person I quoted.

  • Rachel()

    “The 34-year-old True Blood actor is a huge fan of Joan’s on Third and has brought girlfriend Kate Bosworth along with him for lunch in the past.”
    Yep…in the past….

  • Rachel()

    @Bikini Kill#25: “Love his overbite, eye bags, dimpled chin, close set eyes, big @zz forehead LOL, it is those unique features that makes him very attractive, to me anyway :-)”
    ITA. I generally think guys and girls with dark hair are more attractive(I suppose I’m biased due to my own dark hair/tone)…but Alex has opened my eyes to the world of hot blonde guys..thank you Alex, thank you.
    I also, while not being attracted to Stellan, dig just how much Alex looks like him sometimes. It’s sweet.

  • Rachel()

    @chelle: I’m in the South too. Did anything hit near you? The biggest one hit right next to me, but missed. I hope you’re doing ok!

  • Nikki

    Elisa I am with you I was let down he did not get it as he would have been good as Thor but from the reviews and the trailer as well as Chris having a glowing review so I am going to wait to cast judgment and see what its like.
    I cannot wait to see it with my husband he is suprise want to go more that he does he finds my reaction weird lol.

  • Alexandra

    Alexander and I would make such a great couple, we would be Alex squared.

  • Canuck

    Well hello again Mr. Yummy!

  • Sookie

    Please explain why this complete nonenity gets like 2 pages of comments and then like, 8-9 pages when he’s seen with his nasty beard/girlfriend? Is catty BS more popular with you guys than appreciation?

  • Canuck

    @Sookie: I think you answered your own question when you used “nasty” to describe his girlfriend.

  • Rachel()

    @Sookie: What’s a nonenity? (It really takes the sting out of a burn when the poster doesn’t know how to spell)
    And to your question, yes, yes making fun of KB is more popular with me. We can only make three pages of posts about how hot and talented Alex is(that’s more than most actors can say), but there is unmeasurable evidence of how much Kate sucks for us to discuss. I’m not really sure why you’re talking about appreciation when you’re calling A a “nonenity”.
    SPOILER: Sookie and Eric end up together! You’d better start warming up to Alex quick or you’re gonna have a rough time this season.

  • new pics of alex

    new pics of alex and joe at IWC Schaffhausen, thursday night, gosh alex is smiling, what a beautiful smile, I almost forgot about it, I am so used to seeing him grumpy when around that shit actress KB , joe is also looking mighty fine, but alex can do wronge, simply beautiful.

  • seriously

    Did anyone see the Ted C. piece where someone suggested Alex for the role of the Hunter opposite Kristen Stewart? I think he would be awesome in that part, agree?

  • chelle

    @Rachel(): some places around us were pretty messed up but work has been very bad.Lots of people being transfered to our hospital. It’s awful. I’m glad you are ok. I’m headed back to work now.

  • +15 MERRICK


  • U “girls” have bad taste
  • Who is she?

    Who is Alexander having lunch with? That does not look like Kate Bosworth sitting across from him. Her hair actually looks washed and brushed, she looks healthier and has an arm tattoo? More photos are at Ability Films.

  • Elle

    I was missing him!! Thanks for all the links guys :)

  • who is?

    @Who is she?: Interesting. And at his right is the boy friend.

  • Who is she?

    @who is?: he is even smiling & laughing at this mystery blond! So it cant be KB, right?

  • Brenda

    I think the blonde is Lisa

  • Who is?

    I’m not sure. Skinny blondes with egg heads look all the same from the back.
    And I don’t think she looks healthier at all, just bones and some hanging flesh.
    Alex is smiling because he’s with his boy friend. :P

  • Hott in here!

    He’s calling me ;”D

  • Camille

    That’s defintiely not KB. She’s a bit bigger and obviously eats. Plus, she has a tattoo around her arm. Does Lisa have a tattoo? I thought her hair was darker too.

  • Emma

    You guys are pathetic! haha I’m swedish and know Alex.
    Skaffa ett liv era jävla nördar!!

  • Debbie


  • Becca

    who the hell is lisa and whose boyfriend?

  • aaaaaaaa

    wow, looser,

  • Camille


    I’m going to follow Rachel here and say that misspelling your burn really takes the point out of it. What’s looser? His pants? It’s loser, not looser.

    Becca, Lisa is a friend of Alex’s. She’s the wife of one of his closest friends, Bjorne. I’ve no idea who the “boyfriend” is. I assume someone is trying to make a “hilarious” comment about Alex being gay.

  • British Latin American

    God, how I love those shoulders, those arms, and those legs! And he’s talented and sexy too.

  • seeshay

    he just looks better and better. Thanks to those who posted links to other pics — nice to see him relaxed and smiling, obviously having a good time. Have no clue who the girl is but she doesn’t look like either KB or Lisa to me. I don’t think any of the people in the lunch group were identified on the other sites either.

  • Canuck

    @Emma: Well, I’m Canadian and know Doug and Bob McKenzie. So take off eh…

  • Canuck

    @seeshay: I sincerely hope that if he looks that good in a t-shirt these days, that they have him without one for most of Season 4.

  • chelle

    @Elle: go to Santress website she always has great pictures. Can’t post link cuz I’m on my mobile ….sorry ….just google her name.