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Alexander Skarsgard: Works of Art Celebration with Joe Manganiello!

Alexander Skarsgard: Works of Art Celebration with Joe Manganiello!

True Blood co-stars Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello head out for the night to support the arts on Thursday (April 28) in Culver City, Calif.

The two stars, along with numerous others, gathered to celebrate IWC Schaffhausen and Peter Lindbergh‘s “A Night in Portofino,” a photographic collaboration between the legendary photographer, the Swiss watchmaker and IWC.

This one night event was a hit!

Also in attendance at the star studded event were Josh Duhamel, Rob Lowe, and Rachel Zoe, to name a few!

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Credit: John Sciulli; Photos: Getty, Patrick McMullan
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  • seriously

    Looking positively yummy Alex!

  • YES

    Damn. Alex is looking good.

  • Peanut Gallery

    Two lovely men! Let the crazy begin!

    Pass the peanuts.

  • AbFab

    They both look amazing!

  • Becca


  • Doreen

    Nice, two gorgeous and tall men out on the town!


    Skars and Joe look fabulous!

  • Rachel()

    Aww…cute! I usually hate facial hair on men, but I’m not minding theirs. Did they go together? I hadn’t really heard much of them being friends. You’d think there’d be a little competition between them. Joe’s gotta be the 2nd hottest guy on the show, and he’s totally after Eric’s girl.

  • dora

    Sorry Joe but you can’t hols a candle to the gorgeouseness that is Alexander Skarsgaard

  • What the fans say

    “Having an overbite, under eye bags, and a dimple in your chin has NOTHING to do with FAS. Nor does his forehead being higher”
    + close set eyes
    + untied shoes
    replies are for!

  • Delicious

    I would climb both of these men in a minute. Both. The beauty of TB is that they have loads of hot talent and we need not choose just one but load up from the buffet. Am particularly happy to see Skars out and about on an evening, enjoying himself, he’s so pretty when he’s happy and smiles…

  • Venus

    His pupils! even with the flash they’re huge. Someone is a bit high :-)
    Anyway, I love them can’t wait to see TB.

  • Venus

    JJ / Jared:
    How did I get -20 in ten minutes at night, with no comments after? How?
    Are you hiding comments that “you” don’t like?
    Is it bad for True Blood marketing that their actors are called “a bit high or tipsy”?

  • Delicious

    @Venus: Venus, I don’t know how the ratings work, but I see two actors who look absolutely normal, no problems, no “high”, so don’t know what you think you see. That might be the rating issue.

  • Venus

    I was talking about this picture: is funny, no big deal!
    @Delicious: Maybe that is, Mer… Delicious.

  • cbme

    @Venus: There is a certain member here, who has way too much time on her hands and she rates the comments that she doesn’t like really low. I bet she also visits the LeAnn posts.

  • Hans

    Kate Bosworth…


    is sexy.

  • Canuck

    Who needs a darned watch as an accessory with either of these two around? Although I personally lean toward tall, blond and a little bit sunburned…

  • lafamepoma

    My list of possible girlfriends 4 Alex:
    -Eva Green (french actress)
    -Alexis Bledel
    -Carice Van Houten (dutch actress)
    -Jasmine Trinca (italian actress,I think she’s married but not sure anyway)
    -Louise Bourgoin (french actress/presnter)
    -Cristina Castaño (spanish actress)
    Well I hafta say that I put a lot of european actresses due to we only see american like they are the most talented and beautiful and i don’t agree with that. It’s like only american can be famous round the world but ther are great talented actresses outside. Life is unfair.

  • seriously

    Well, I plan on going to ground, if jj put up such nice pictures of him this time then it can only mean we’ll be besieged with pictures of the “happy” couple next.

  • Canuck

    @lafamepoma: I, too suspect that a European might “gel” better. Not necessarily from a talent point of view, but the Europeans seem to give off less of the “high maintenance” vibe. I finally realized that’s what seems off to me re: Ms. Bosworth. In photos at least, she radiates high maintenance, whereas Skarsgard seems like the kind of guy you could invite for a beer and a BBQ next to the pool and he’d have a good time, probably get a bit swacked and dance his face off.

  • august


  • TBS4

    Past few days and outings have seen Alex much happier than when one Ms B is around.

  • AnnmarieZ

    Why can’t there be comments without mentioning you know who…can’t we just enjoy him alone (or better yet with Joe M.).

  • chelle

    @AnnmarieZ: I totally agree we should not mention the ” thing ” but most are commenting on how much more relaxed he seems when it isn’t around. He is looking extremely yummy tho…..

  • new kb/AS tweet

    yeah alex still continues to associate himself with her dispite his pissed look in public when with the shit actress, he was/is looking much better without her!!! so I will never understnd why alex continues to be with her, it’s confusing expect some happy couple shots from JJ
    Shirley Hornstein
    Chris Pine. Kate Bosworth. Alex Skarsgard. Shirley Hornstein? Love this. w/ @harrymorton @Blake @ScottJemison

    tweeted 3 hrs ago
    from The Roger Room
    370 N La Cienega Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA
    (310) 854-1300

    Melody Sandöval

    Perfect lazy day. Excellent weather, trip to the Griffith Park Observatory, lunch next to Alexander Skarsgard (!), and classic rock. #LAlife

    FROM the purse forum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BigJohnson

    @new kb/AS tweet:

    Goody, cant wait for the pics. She is so hot right now.

  • Canuck

    Think it’s safe to assume that AS doesn’t know how to cook more than a boiled egg? LOL… He’s always out in restaurants!

  • Venus


    ;-) I know, just imagine the effort it takes to make a comment she (or he) doesn’t like -15 or -30 !

    We should pray for her sad life… :D

  • Doreen

    That seems like a really random group of people IMO.

  • Venus


    Alex + Eva Green: fire! but I think they wouldn’t last.
    Alex + Alexis: sweet, so cute! maybe she’s too lady-like for him.
    I don’t know the other, shame on me. But, I like Eva and Alexis, they’re no paparazzi seekers and they’re known for they work.

  • Jessie

    “Shirley Hornstein
    Chris Pine. Kate Bosworth. Alex Skarsgard. Shirley Hornstein? Love this. w/ @harrymorton @Blake @ScottJemison”

    What does this even mean? She listed some people and then put her name with them and a question mark afterward? Then she lists other people too. I don’t get it, is she trying to say she was there or is she saying this would be an ideal list of people to hang out with.

  • Jessie

    This just goes to show you how people get things wrong and post that they see Alex, when in fact they haven’t.

    BritRick09 Ricardo Garcia
    by ASkarsMeatballsI love that Alexander Skarsgard keeps coming into Quiznos now. We’re in conversation terms now

    The guy then goes on to say that it was someone else who looks like Alex.

    BritRick09 Ricardo Garcia
    @ @Heydense he’s an actor who plays Eric on True Blood but this guy here looks IDENTICAL to him.

  • seriously

    @Jessie: I remember seeing a link at SN that was about a guy who was amazed that he keeps getting mistaken for Skars, it’s really funny. Wish I could find it, have to keep looking.

  • seriously

    Found that link for the guy that keeps getting mistaken for him, I think it’s funny!

    Copy and paste if this link doesn’t work!

  • Camille


    I saw that too! A lot of the time I wonder if it’s that guy that people are mistaking when writing these tweets. Then of course, there is always the fact that you could say you saw someone when you didn’t, just to have a cool story.

  • Venus

    ^ “they are know for their work.”
    ;-) my awful typing.

  • seriously

    @Camille: Yeah, it explains how there can be pictures of him doing promo tours in Europe but someone in LA tweets that they sat next to him at lunch. I can’t blame those people ’cause if it was me I’d be tweeting too.

  • Camille


    Or how he could be in London at Piccadilly when he was shopping for groceries in his blue hoodie back home? LOL! I don’t believe a lot of those tweets, but que sera.



    What’s really sad is posting people’s baby pictures and stating it shows of FAS.

    You’re making fun of babies and people’s developmental problems, yet you’re praying for my sad life?

    F.A.S. FACE HE HAS @ 04/28/2011 at 7:08 pm
    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.
    Really, how blind are fangirls?

    R. FACE HE HAS @ 04/28/2011 at 11:15 pm
    Hidden due to a low comment rating Click here to see.
    @Doreen: “Having an overbite, under eye bags, and a dimple in your chin has NOTHING to do with FAS. Nor does his forehead being higher” (you forgot the close set eyes and the untied shoes).
    oooohh… I think I get it! …ASkars looks retarded, but he doesn’t have FAS.
    Well, thank you for your time, you’ve been wonderful and kind.

    Btw, I find it more than worth my time to mark down nasty comments about babies and people’s real developmental problems. I can;t even begin to understand what kind of base mentality would make fun of babies and serious ailments.

    *********What a piece of sh*t you are***********************

  • Camille


    Totally and I don’t get what having your shoes untied has to do with anything. Plus, it’s usually wide set eyes, not close set. Whatever, people who keep making fun of it are retarded.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: I suspect his closet is much less crowded than a certain someone’s closet. And he seems to own only about 4 pair of shoes, some t-shirts, dress shirts, some suits, and probably throws things on last minute. And looks just fine.

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: And a tux… :)) Although I wasn’t really thinking of closet contents as an indication of high maintenance. Unless it’s accompanied with a a fanatical obsession with being the first or one of the few to have this or that piece. I imagine that Victoria Beckham is that sort of high maintenance…

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: True. I think he likes to look good, but doesn’t obsess over it (note the occasional appearance in a stained t-shirt).
    And Mrs. Beckham, oh she does scream high maintenance, doesn’t she?

  • Canuck

    @ladybug: Posh Beckham looks like she’d stab you in the eye with a fork if you offered her the wrong brand of imported bottled water. Scary woman…

  • Canuck

    @Camille: His boots aren’t untied, they are tied around the back. Sort of like ice skates often are.

  • ladybug

    @Canuck: I think that’s why I don’t like her. It’s one thing to want to look good. It’s another thing to be hung up on appearance (whether it be clothes or the ‘right’ bottled water or car) over almost everything else.

  • seeshay

    OK I’m shallow. I preferred the black tee shirt pics. Although it is nice to know he has an interest in art photography. I like this look he uses with tee shirt and jacket.

  • Camille


    I know that. I was referring to the post Merrick made where someone was suggesting that he has issues because of untied shoes.

    Seeshay, I prefer the other pics too. I think it’s because his eyebrows look too light in these ones. He almost looks like he doesn’t have any, just a little tuft at the beginning. I wonder if they fill them in when he does TB, they usually look darker on tv.