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Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran: Dinner Date

Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran: Dinner Date

Chris Brown arrives at Crustacean restaurant with girlfriend Karrueche Tran for a quiet dinner on Thursday (May 5) in Los Angeles.

The couple celebrated Chris‘ 22nd birthday. He tweeted, “My birthday resolution is to respect and love people more. Maturity is a task sometimes for me but my love is the same. Thx”

Chris also announced his birthday celebration this weekend: “Having my 22nd bday in Miami @ ClubPlayMiami Friday & Vegas @PureLasVegas on Saturday…Come celebrate with me!”

10+ pictures inside of Chris Brown & Karrueche Tran on a dinner date…

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Photos: GSI Media
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  • Page

    Hope she doesn’t make him mad. Those little short guys like he and Shia have really bad tempers and can flare!

  • Keesha

    @Page: Um, Chris is 6’1”. That’s not short, just saying.

  • BBperfume

    she’s definitely NOT a downgrade and possibly prettier than Rihanna! She is high Louboutins and what’s with the tattoo in almost identical places with his ex?

  • Laura


  • Weber from Brazil

    He looks awful and smug as always!

  • really jared

    seriously jared you turning into perez hilton
    people respected your site because you used to have values
    now you accept money from this woman beater and accept to promote this homophobic violent man?
    What’s wrong with the world?

  • offtheproperty

    He is a good guy, actually talented and truly capable of learning.

  • Shannon

    “When he get on he gon leave ya a ss for a white girl”..

  • Porsha

    homophobic twitter rant, slapping paps, breaking windows…this is what I call learning.And it’s not as if he was the first talented back up dancer…cause he is nothing but a back up dancer who can’t sing live or without autotune
    I hope that God will get him and I’m sure he will
    Karma is a BIATCH

  • mars

    Love Chris…a true hero

  • leaona

    @Porsha: Get Well Soon..if you dont like him dont waste yr time here or perhaps you hate yrself

  • cece

    Why is he going for the Sisco look?

  • LEB

    @Porsha: Since you bring up God how about opening up the bible and reading it before you make that statement because then you will know that God is forgiving and he expects human beings to do the same. If God didnt forgive then we would ALL receive KARMA each and everyday for our mistakes! Not unless you are perfect which I know you aren’t and again READ the Bible.

  • Weber from Brazil

    @Porsha: u totally RIGHT
    Chris Brown is such a douchebag… can’t believe he’s still in the music industry
    people like him shouldn’t be allowed to keep in the business!

  • Porsha

    God forgive people who regrets their mistakes not people who do over and over the same mistakes or break windows when people talk about it.
    Karma will get his azz he just don’t know yet.So he better enjoy his last 15 min of celebrity cause god will punish him for everything he did just like he punished t.i and dmx

  • Porsha

    @Weber from Brazil:
    I know but this industry is full of other women beater who supports each other SMH
    it is also full of people obsessed with money. They would promote anything for a check.This is sad. He almost killed somebody else he should be in jail or in a mental facility.When people will realize how dangerous he is it will be too late

    *waiting for him to kill his new girlfriend*

  • Emi

    @Porsha: Awww, so, why don’t you come back here right now and tell us every mistake you’ve ever made in your life that we shouldn’t forgive you for. Obviously, since you’re so amazing, you didn’t make any more after the first one. Go on now. Tell us your first and only mistake, or are you just as bad as learning from them as Chris Brown is?

  • Porsha

    I never tried to kill anybody.I’m not a violent person. I’m not a criminal. Crimes and mistakes are two differents things. You are not on probation for commiting a mistake…You are not helping him.
    If you really loved him you would say that he needs therapy and needs help instead of being overexposed to the media.
    He doesn’t realize it yet but he has a mental problem. My only concern is that when everybody will realize how dangerous he is it will be too late..

  • LEB

    @Porsha: God is not punishing TI & DMX..their own actions is what causes them problems. But hopefully they will turn their lives around. God unlike humans NEVER gives up on people. He wants EVERYONE to repent and turn their lives around. You keep wishing bad on people and wanting them to do something bad so that says a lot about the kind of person you are. maybe you need to spend more time examining your heart and why you feel the way you do so that you can become a better person. The kind that God wants you to be.

  • yay

    @Porsha since u are so vocal about this issue with chris brown ,T.I and Dmx been purnished by God. Your ass shld be able to bring up names like Chalie sheen,Mel gibson and Nicholas cage or I guess they can get a free pass from you……..Whats is going on in America?…I understand that chris brown DOING a wrong thing but he learning everyday like we human being ARE. can you just leave him alone…..Obviously you just a hater you dont care about the situation cos ur 1st comment was about him using autotune, not been able to sIng live and being a back up dancer. let me tell you this…THOSE THAT ARE STILLL HATING ON THIS BOY WERE NEVER HIS FAN AND WILL NEVER BE…..#GET A LIFE

  • offtheproperty

    God said, “Vengeance is mine.”
    Which means we don’t have to concern ourselves with it.
    So don’t.

  • porsha


    I talked about his vocls hability because someone was like he is talented so he can get a pass and I replied like no first of all he is not that talented since he is not a good singer.
    and charlie sheen and all the douchebags will go to HELL just like chris brown and his mom .What are 15 min of fame in comparison to an eternity of hell?nothing
    lets be real chris brown entourage is spoiling him they are more interested in him being famous than in his sanity.Sad but true.
    But god will find him just like he found charlie sheen who went from being to top actor to a jobless with a flopping stand up show.God forgive mistakes but he NEVER FORGIVE CRIME.

  • zania

    You are really exaggerating talking about he almost killed her. Rihanna was in and out of the hospital within hours. If she suffered major life threatening damage they would’ve kept her over night for more testing and observations. This is 2011 you need to move on, Chris has had several relationships since then and nothing happen.:

  • Anonymous

    I really wish idiots wouldn’t mention God when they have no idea what they are talking about. Clearly you just want to see him fail so bringing God into your hateful and spiteful rants is just wrong. God forgives mistakes. And yes what he did was a mistake, a bad descion, wrong judgement, I mean how else do you define mistake? And you can’t say he has never tried to learn from them. True he has messed up like with the GMA thing but your mistakes don’t define you. And I thought his birthday resulotion was nice. Hopefully he stays true to his word and learns to respect people more. Now you idiots ranting about God please go pick up the Bible because clearly you are taking his words and using them to make you sound like you know what you are talking about but you don’t.

    Saying you are waiting for him to kill his next girlfriend doesn’t exactly make you the type of person that can sit here and talk about what God says. And I just find it funny how people can hate him when the person he assulted has stated she forgives him and wants him to go on to be successful. Lets see the people who matter forgave him so who are you not to? Please shut up.

    As for him having no talent. That’s an opinion not a fact. He can actually sing with no autotune. Like his performance of No BS on SNL. But again opinions aren’t facts.

  • Anonymous

    @zania: Exactly. That;s why I just shake my head at people that say he beats his girlfreinds or just think that every woman he comes in contact with he is going to beat or something. He had relationships before and after Rihanna and nothing happened. He has been dating this girl for months and nothing happened. He dated other girls after Rihanna in 09 and 2010. Certifying him a woman beater after a bad descion he made two years ago just isn’t that simple. People just can’t really be defined based off of some bad descions they make unless they have done them time and time again.

  • avlem

    sorry but he’s a little fella, i’ve seen him up close, no way near 6′ ft tall. sorry.@porsha:

  • Rihanna/CB4eva

    This poor Asian puppy is an idiot….Looks like she does whatever she’s told…Time and time again…CB makes her look like a fool when he’s up on other women. It’s clear who runs that relationship. As long as he keeps buying her red bottoms, Valentino, rolex watches etc etc…she’ll stick around..he has to keep her happy so he can do his dirt…but it’s not like she has a backbone anyway…….OR A JOB!!…..other than sukin is Peen.’re a sad puppy. Way to go CB!!!!!

  • yhtak


    hes actually 6’2 lol you must of not seen him well or you are 7′

  • report

    Yuck who wants a white chick nowadays?
    only black guys and out of jail rappers.
    no one else.

  • pigbearman

    @yhtak: who cares? he’s still a midget… an emotional stunted person… a midget

  • yhtak

    lol all the people bashing him calling him names like “women beater” based on one event and telling him to go to hell and all that stuff, do you really think that makes you a better person? does it make you feel good bashing him? One bad judgement does not define him as a “woman beater” he has been in relationships before and after rihanna and just because one relationship ended wrong does not mean thats who he is in all his relationships. it was bad judgement and a mistake he’ll have to live with but not something that defines him as who he is.

    he is not a homophobic either that is just the media twisting a pointless twitter argument in which he was just defending himself but of course ended up being the “bad guy” because that what media/blogs want him to be because it gets them ratings and hits

  • Maya

    I agree with those that say Chris has paid for his transgressions and even Rhaina herself had said she wishes him well in life and holds no hard feelings. There is only one judge and vengenance is his. No need to invoke God in your condemnation of this man. Only God knows what is in a man’s(woman’s) heart and he alone has the right to judge.

    To err is human, to forgive is devine. Happy belated birthday Chris.

  • brainy box


  • Hmmm

    @Page: chris isnt short! he’s 6ft2in at least!!!!

  • cece


    You idiottttt.!!!! everything you do in life ppl will judge you for. Im sure a man that touches a child once, ohhh just one bad judgement. I could be will my husband for many years and if he ever puts his hand on me once because of a bad judgement I should forgive him because he is clearly not going to do it again. Beating a girl once, ohhhh thats ok lets give him a freebie becasue according to you first times are judge bad judgement. We are all judged in life by our actions, he should have know that he had a switch and removed himself from the situation. I dont care what rihannna did to him, the dude bit her!! seriously WTF, punched her in the head and nose a few times. Im sure anybody who can do that in the first place is a “WIFE BEATER” and just like micheal jacksons stigma this will follow him around even after he dies. So he better get use to it.

  • Hmmm

    @avlem: I’ve met him & he is very tall. He is 6ft 2in (im 5ft4in & he towers over me by ar least 8ind!! Get your facts right before you say them!

  • guest


    chris is actually 6’3 and to page and other CB hater get a life and grow up. if chris beat a random girl u people would not care, Do not say u care all about D.V. when u only care about it because of who it was.

    For your information she could have self-inflicted some wounds. Plus why does her statement not add up to her bruises/mark? go look at the nice clear pic on mto of rihanna’s injuries and u will clearly see the marks are all on the right side of her face she was a passenger therefore the marks would be on the left not the right. She had no bite marks (according to her family), she had no abrasions/markings on her neck to indicate being choked, and her lip was split due to her own teeth.

    Now explain to me as to why her eye was not swollen and how the 2 bumps went away in less the 6 hrs?

    Don’t believe anything rihanna said cause all she did was lie and reverse the events that happened that night.

    Side note: Chris and Kae did not go to dinner alone there was other people with them.


    @Page: thts werd cause he isnt short…hes 6ft2 come on every1 knos dis guys is tall lol @ d flare prt tho..his rep is forever tarnished


    @ porsha HAVENT HERD CHARLIE SHEEN IS WINNING LOL ND secondly u talkin abt God nd all is gd but u r not doin it d right way…sayin CB nd his MUM will go 2 hell is nt sumthin a person who relies on God so much wud say… yes CB has usd autotune b4 but he actually has a really good voice…i v herd him sing accapella hundreds of times…nd sayin he is a BCKUP DANCER hmmm kinda contradicts ur judgement nw cause no1 cn deny tht he has talent(apart frm u) yh he is a douche but he has talent..wiv wt d ririr situation has done to his career trust me he has regretted it…God has 4given him,Rihanna has 4given him,his family have 4given him nd his fans hav 4given him nd they r all who matter…God also sed u should NOT judge so pls leave it 2 d superior 1..i am nt condonin wt he has done but none of us actually kno wt happend in dt lambo..nd men r nt robots if u hit them they mite jus hit bck its natural…..Hes is young and human he is jus havin a hard time cause he has grown up in d spotlight….EVERY1 has things tht they hav done in their life tht is completely shameful so he who has nt sinned cast d 1st stone..besides if karma was 2 get him it wud hav God does nt waste time..his album wud nt hav been no.1. I think he has served his punishment frm d All mighty (the graffti album flop) i just hope he gets mre help he has been in d spotlight since 15 i swr evey1 dt is thrust in2 d industry as a child has serious issues….nd dnt really nw hw 2 treat others or hw the world spins





  • Abigail

    My God, they both look depressed. He looks angry.

  • smiley

    omg people shut up if you dont like him dont go to his post i bet he doesnt care if you dont like him

  • mila

    you guys should really stop acusing him for what happend with Rihanna, he already learnt his lesson,If Rihanna which is the one who was the victim already moved on with her life and don’t touch this subject why would you do that?? I love Chris Brown and respect the fact that he admits his mistakes, he’s trying to be a better person, so you should stop the hate cause he’s a really good artist and is in a very good place right now.

  • A

    Black girls should be ashamed and embarrassed to support this guy! He doesn’t want any of you or cares about you black girls, most rappers don’t.
    They bash you left and right and you STILL support them with your $
    No wonder ppl think African American girls are crazy.
    You don’t care if they call you b*tches and H*oes because “he’s not talking about me”.- uh huh, but I don’t see any of them wifing you up or women who look like you (black) so again…who are they talking about? obviously you’re not worthy of respect or love in these negroes eyes yet like sheep, you still support them.
    You need to stop that because they are laughing AT you behind your back.

  • kassidy

    soooooo true! he won’t stay with her long she’s cute but not beautiful like other model girls he’s dated..the girl will put up with it cause he’s getting her stuff and cause since she’s an aspiring model it’s giving her free publicity and people are getting to know her..

  • Miriam

    love her dress…. does anyone know where I can get it ?

  • LEB

    @TRUTHBABE: Exactly! In the bible Peter persecuted and murdered Christians and he went on to be an apostle alongside Jesus. So yes God does forgive crimes…smh @ the fact that child is clueless about the bible and God. Porsha please READ the bible..k-thanks

  • Me

    Her name is Tran, is she asian ?

  • marshelle

    to all the CB haters talking about how chris and his mom should go to hell , yall should just SHUT UP ; what type of person wishes for somebody to go to hell no matter what they did that’s just a shame, calling chris a “woman beater” when it only happened ONCE and he has dated several other girls that did NOT get beat. The only reason people care about this is because it’s rihanna, I would give rihanna some sympathy but I’m not because she could care less about what happened to her she just wanted people to feel sorry for her and more publicty that’s the only REASON she went out with chris, since that incident have you even seen or heard of rihanna reaching out to other domestic violence vitctims ? NO , because she could care less about what happened to her