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Cristiano Ronaldo: Family Vacation in Portugal!

Cristiano Ronaldo: Family Vacation in Portugal!

Cristiano Ronaldo goes on vacation with his family and girlfriend, Irina Shayk, in Funchal, Madeira, Portugal on Tuesday (May 24).

The 26-year-old soccer star also brought along his adorable son, reportedly named Cristiano Jr.!

Cristiano shared that he became a father back in July of last year but has not revealed the mother of the child. “As agreed with the baby’s mother, who prefers to have her identity kept confidential, my son will be under my exclusive guardianship,” Cristiano said last year.

Cristiano recently became the highest ever scorer in a Spanish season after he scored his 40th season goal!

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  • Moon’

    He’s so cute !!!

  • emma

    I’m not a Ronaldo fan, but that baby is so cute! Adorable. Look at those curls. Haha.

  • Karo

    Cristiano Jr.? Okay…

  • http://lewis Ká simply amazing !!!!!!!

    Baby ehehee cute

  • http://j carlota f.

    aw the baby is cute:)

  • lalou

    Little Cristiano is so cute !

  • Lina Gouveia

    Good to see my island at Just Jared . I was pleased to see him yesterday. Irina is beautiful

  • sea

    Cristiano Sr. is tacky as hell

  • Phie

    Adorable, however the pictures where he is holding his son are cuter!

  • http://At Sl igo lambert ^______^cute

    Nice family

  • nosham

    Hola this guy is so cute without his shirt on ….sighhhh

  • annie

    I don’t think he has had him through a surrogate mother… who wants to be a father at 26??!!! I think he just hooked up with a girl one night and she got pregnant…

  • Keilee

    no way that kid is only ten nmonths old

  • Lex

    I do believe he bought the baby, just like he buys cars, glasses, models,…
    So glad Messi came along and kicked him off his pedastal.
    The thought alone of Cristiano being the only parent this “junior” will know, really creeps me out.

  • Cristobal

    look at the little baby =)

  • Lex

    I forgot to say how cute junior looks, poor thing.

  • roronutz

    the baby is cute, he looks mixed

  • Alexa

    Awwww what a gorgeous baby boy!!!! His mother is black from what they say.

  • Amanda

    Why kind of father would not want to hold his child? I still do not like how he acts with his son, either his mother or father always have him. Cristiano never does anything with his son. So sad that this is going to be the only parent in this child’s life. An egotistical father who only thinks of himself.

  • http://deleted F.A.M.E

    HALA MADRID ! best team ever

  • commonsense

    Geez, he remembers he has a kid?

  • Allie

    He may be the highest ever scorer, but I bet he’d give them all up and this vacation to be playing in the CHampions League Final on Saturday against Man Utd

  • J

    he’s really cute.. just letting you know he is threatening leagal action on facebook to anyone posting pics of his baby,

  • cheeky

    He’s not famous at all in the United States so when Irina got the SI 2011 cover (an american publication) it was the first time I ever even heard of him. David Beckham is the only soccer player famous here and its because he is known as a sex seymbol and married to Posh, lol.

  • BLah Blah

    Why is that baby not in a car seat?

  • Elya

    He looks not mixed … He is latino as his father …

  • Susanna

    He looks not mixed … He is latino as his father …
    –Latino is NOT a race–you can be mixed and be a Latinos–I am “mixed” and a latina

  • Susanna

    He looks not mixed … He is latino as his father …
    –Latino is NOT a race–you can be mixed and be a Latino–I am “mixed” and a latina

  • http://justjared bastian

    it’s call football not soccer.

  • Phie


    There are pictures of him holding his child and shielding him from the paps earlier that day.

    And Cristiano broke the La Liga record this year of most-goals-scored in a single season, with 40. You can hate on him all you want, but you cannot deny that this man has talent. Him and Mesut Oezil make the BEST striking partnership that La Liga has.

  • Rio

    @Elya: The child is biracial and not Latino and neither is Ronaldo he is Portuguese and that means European.

  • Rio

    Ronaldo is a Lusophone European not Latino!



  • Jasmine

    OMG such an adorable child!

  • Paris

    If he (dad) has a reputation for being bad boy, i think the media should stop taking the baby pic.

  • lama

    i’m waiting foe him to come out

  • Biracial brianna

    Why do black women do this? I have been reading the urban sites, and black women are having a carnival, celebrating that Ronaldo’s babymomma is a black woman – AND! Tom cruise also had a ” Cristiano ” moment and has a child with a black woman too.

    Where is the proof that Tom cruise and Ronaldo have had kids with black women?

    Are black women that insecure ( or jealous of other races ) that they now have resorted to making things up to boost their frail ego’s?

    Tom Cruise has not had a child with black women. Neither has Ronaldo. Ronaldo baby is clearly latino looking. He use to party at Villa and dine at STK when he was last in LA. I live in LA, those places do not have black women hanging around. ALL his loves have been non black women. Get over it. Tom cruise and Ronaldo have not had kids with black women. Bring proof or hush up.

    SMH at black women..

  • Biracial brianna

    Can someone bring me proof ( solid hardcore evidence ) that Tom Cruise and Ronaldo have had kids with black women?

    This website said that Tom Cruise had a Cristiano moment. What does that mean?

    There was one sad black girls, who wrote ” please god makes Cristiano kid be with a black woman, to prove that men want us”

    THis is sick! This is why i call myself biracial and NOT black.

  • Biracial brianna

    IF Ronaldo had a baby with a black woman, the baby would look black like Heidi Klum’s kid. Why? Becuase Ronaldo is a dark ” ethnic ” looking white man. He is not nordic. His genes with a black woman, would have made a Lenny Kravitz ( who’s dad is jewish ) or Lauren lONDON ( Dad also jew) The cild would have had an afro curls too.

    Ronaldo baby momma is likely to be Latina like Jessica Alba, Camilla Alves, Michelle Rodriguez, Adriana Lima etc. It was in LA at that time, and that would be the kind of chicks he would me at the top end clubs in LA. He hardly likely to be in Compton ( where black women are )

    I use to go clubbing in Villa. There are never any black women. Just blondes / white girls and latina. Few black men from the NBA, but is was a white club – that we can agree.

  • Biracial brianna

    Even a girl from the same state as Bruno mars and Nicole from PCD would be a better choice than an African American.

    That baby does NOT have an african american mother.

  • Biracial brianna

    The mother could come from the following: Egypty, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisa, Libya ( I see a ghaddafi look to the kid) Lebanon. A lebanese girl with fake blonde hair sold her story to the sun in the uk, that she slept with C -RON. Could be her.

    Central America, Peru, Colombia, PR, DR etc. I think the mother could be that LA bases lebanese girl who sold her story to the Sun. He also use to hop to vegas and mess with girls there. Black girls are not in vegas – in that kind of way. Maybe with Gucci mane. bUT NOT WITH one of the worlds most famous men.

  • Biracial brianna

    I am from the UK ( now living in LA ) Footballers ( black and white ) never seem to like black women. They mingled at clubs where black women go. Whiskey Mist, Boujis, Maddox, Movida, Chinawhite, etc They never let black women in those clubs. Promoters only wanted white and token mixed race girls at these club.

    Groups of black girls are always seen getting refused entry. Footballers like going to marbella. You never see black women in Marbella. Just white girls.

  • Biracial brianna

    @Biracial brianna:

    Never mingled at clubs

  • Jose

    Bet the kids mom is a Mulatto [half white half black], he has some obvious black features going on there…:/

  • Biracial brianna

    If you want to see the state of black women….Just read sites like Topix, mediatakout, bossip. You see black women on their attacking white, latin and biracial women. they are urging black women to boycott Lil wayne and Kanye west because they are dating non black women.

    They call white women ” becky’s ” a make blanket statements, that ALL ( each and every single ) white man loves ONLY black women, and no other races.

    They produce these list of white men with black women. Simon cowell is on the ” list ” though he dated Sinitta over 20 yrs ago.

  • Rog


    Latino is not a race…there are asian latinos, black latinos, white etc etc. Secondly, Spanish people and Portuguese people from Europe are white people, the “latinos” in the Americas are simply mixed race people who are part black or native america. simple history classes would clear up american ignorance.

  • Biracial brianna


    Or they could have a North African Arab mother. I have been to Morocco…..they look like that in that region. The baby looks like it could be pure libyan or Algerian. That is how they look.

    There is no black african in that child. The hair in more Algerian than it is African American. The baby looks like some of the french born Tunisian footballers. If Ronaldo was not in the picture, I would think Trezuget from france’s baby.

  • Biracial brianna

    It is quite sick that black women are charging that the MOTHER HAS TO BE a black women or bust. No proof or nothing.

    He has never dated a black woman, or hangs in urban areas. Even when he was in the UK, he was dating blondes and Latin type girls. Some call girls from Brazil sold their story about sleeping with him.

    Black women want his mother to be black to prove that a young, rich hot white star likes black women, meaning that they are desired. Ronaldo went from a Spanish girl, to a welsh girl ( imogen thomas) to Paris Hilton, Kim K and now a Russian. Don’t look quite black to me.

  • Sayer

    @Biracial brianna: You are extremely ignorant.

  • Biracial brianna


    Well, it is better than be delusional lying nutjob; running around saying this baby is half black ( as well Tom Cruise having a black baby momma ) with no proof or confirmation.

    What i have said is the truth. The truth hurts.