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Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Food Truck Lunch!

Rachel Bilson & Hayden Christensen: Food Truck Lunch!

Hayden Christensen and on-again girlfriend Rachel Bilson enjoy a casual lunch together on Thursday (May 26) in Los Angeles.

The couple picked up some food from a food truck after spending the morning house hunting in the L.A. area.

Earlier in the week, Rachel went grocery shopping with her mom, Janice.

In case you missed it, check out three previews for Rachel‘s new show, Hart of Dixie, which premieres this fall on The CW!

FYI: Rachel is wearing Ray-Ban‘s Foldable Wayfarer sunglasses paired with Skyline Ankle Peg jeans by Paige Denim, while Hayden wore Persol‘s Special Edition Steve McQueen 714 Sunglasses.

15+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen grabbing lunch…

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rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 01
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 02
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 03
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 04
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 05
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 06
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 07
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 08
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 09
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 10
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 11
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 12
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 13
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 14
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 15
rachel bilson hayden christensen food truck 16

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  • lexy hates bilson

    He’s smiling b/c her ice cream ads have given her a few bucks so she doesn’t bankrupt the both of them!!
    BTW, I love how the paps follow these 2 around like they are Brangelina or Beyonce & Jay-Z….yeah we readers REALLY by that these aren’t staged!!!

  • Ahari

    House hunting? Why? They each own a house in LA, neither one is good enough? Or that’s just more planted BS, like the farm being for sale?

  • Sean

    Wow. Hayden looks real gay in that picture. Even flicks his cigarette like one.

  • Chelly

    Dude…He sits like a girl. Wow. I think it’s a last ditch attempt to see if they can truly live together like a couple. Doubt it will last…she did the same thing with Brody.

  • Elian

    How about, Rachel Bilson went to poop and there was no toilet paper !!

  • *Angieee*

    i don’t believe she drinks hawaiian punch

  • Jax

    @6, Why not? She has the mentality of a child, she probably drinks Kool Ade too. I don’t know how any guy can find this girl even remotely attractive in a sexual kind of way, especially when they hear some of the dumb crap that comes out of her mouth. Maybe she really is a beard.

  • maya

    @lexy hates bilson: rachel and hayden are sweet better then brad and engelina, but beyonce and jay’z are adorable too

  • maya

    OMG LES MAUVAISES LANGUES puuuuffffffff shut up guys you really looks pathatic

  • Amy

    Bet the next thing we hear is the engagement is back on

  • maya

    they both look so sweet, but i really miss adam brody

  • LOL

    That looks like the most forced smile I have ever seen on Hayden Christensen’s face…LOL and that is saying something.
    Just in time for JJ to plug both of Rachel’s projects again. Last night the CW starte to air the commericals for her new soon to be canceled show over and over and over again.
    Again they look distant here and trying so hard to pose “right” for the cameras.
    Rachel did make some money from the commericals,the pilot for the show etc but I doubt she is really looking to actually buy a place in LA again. Shes stayed in the same home since the OC even after it was broken into because she cant afford to move with where her career is right now.
    Also if they are “house hunting” as it was spun for press again… wouldnt a real estate agent be with them? Hmm I dont see one even in the backround.So Im going to say this is bogus like everything else with them.
    Lack of chemistry yet again is shown with these two together. It is like they are trying to live a bad sequel to Jumper since the actual film sequal got canned for good by Fox and no one is believeing it with these two anymore.
    Also the paps just happened to be there…..I mean really? Out of all the couple to follow around for hours and hours …. these two? I hghly doubt it without the paps being called to do so.
    People are much more wise to the way people presswhore than they were evevn 5 years ago… and rarely buy into staged photos anymore.
    Its like painting by numbers with these two….except its staging by numbers
    But the photos are nice for a good laugh and a head shake.While thinking…. You have got to be joking right?
    When Bilson heard Kim K was engaged and got the actual cover of People magazine for it… she must of flipped and rushed to get these pictures out… but where do they end up?
    On blogs… not covers of magazines/tabloids..

  • LOLZ

    @maya: Um…what? English please…you’re not making a point if you can’t communicate effectively.

  • dude

    Well, HC certainly doesn’t make enough to own more then 1 or even 2 places and a 280 acre land is larger then a football field. I don’t doubt he would have to sell off the land in Canada but questions is if he really wants to live in LA for any long term arrangement. If it goes bad then he is out of the house and in the dog house. My guess is that is part of her stipulation he must live with her in order for Bilson to make the press remotely like her. And when she screws him over then I guess he will wish he had that pre-nup in hand. Now days you don’t need a relator to walk with you some can view the house just get the keys and walk through it. In her case she made sure the media knew she was still a couple with him loser born everyday.

  • Troy

    Are these two STILL bearding? Pathetic.

  • lexy hates bilson

    Rachel’s ice cream job is keeping her on JJ. That money comes in handy – to help pay for these bogus PR stunts. How else do we know they are “house-hunting”

  • Chelly

    On another gossip site, there was a dude sitting next to Hayden. I’m not sure if it’s the Realtor or if it’s a friend or one of her brothers. I’m believing that she called the paps on this one. You just run into someone like this house hunting randomly.

  • Which One is the Girl?

    Sorry, but it’s hard to tell which is Rachel and which is Hayden. This is the most girlie he’s ever looked since he finished puberty. If Rachel’s hair wasn’t darker and longer, it would be impossible to tell who was who when they are sitting down. Lower than zero chemistry between them, Hayden smoking like a chimney and she looks like a midget insect. Like maybe a flea. It’s unbelievable to say they’re house hunting. Rachel and Hayden both have houses in LA and Hayden’s is quite large with a pool in the backyard and a four-car garage. This is a PR stunt again. Maybe this time Hayden is bearding Rachel.

  • dude


    What was the other site that had the picture of them out house hunting like I said loser born every minute expecially since he isn’t even working. Love how he is still carrying the fancy little bags for her or was that for him.

  • Ahari

    Hmmm, must not speak badly of Bilson OR reference other gossip sites I guess. Way to be so positive Jared. *eyeroll*

  • dude


    I saw the other guy he is NO Relator and he was handed over that bag Christensen had in his hand. He looks like Christensen’s gay lover of somekind they both sit the same damn way and almost wish to be in each others lap.

  • Dave

    I knew that new photos of these 2 D-listers would had come out very soon…..

  • tweet

    You all make me laugh, when they were broken up, he was hot, now he is again gay because he is back with her. Get over it, they eventually are getting married, obviously know now where to live together.

  • GisforGiggles


    What other site? Post the link please

  • RF4040

    AWW such a sweet couple :) LOVE them.

  • padme

    With any luck Ratchel will hook up with someone else from her ridiculous new show, and then Hayden would be free to seek greener pastures. He can do soooo much better than this media wh0re!!!

  • Hawk

    She’s just biding her time until Leonardo DiCaprio calls her up to the big leagues.



    I say in a previous post that his farm is up for sale, I even said that I was sure that he was ready to move forever in LA with famewhore Rachel.

    All confirms what I knew…I mean what a few of us knew.

    Rachel is as snotty as Kaylen. They are both unemployed and partying hard all the time.

  • Carey


    Well it was obvious that the farm would eventually be up for sale issue is these two are as toxic as they can be. He isn’t into her as much as she leads him around by the dick. She is a snob anyone can see that as plain as day. I’m sure HC has his hand in other woman as well. Time will tell but I don’t expect anything to truly last with them.

  • Dude

    @ 24

    Go to almost any of them now they are all over like the ones of the bikini in Barbados..She is working the camera and so is he, Zero talent on both if they even try to last it will be an open relationship.

  • Chelly

    @TIME 4 HAYDEN 2 APPEAR: You were totally right yesterday. We acquiesce. Whatever you know…I’m sure it’s more than most of us. Thanks for the info too!

  • Ahari

    @TIME 4 HAYDEN 2 APPEAR, OK, you seem to know what you’re talking about. Thanks for the info.

  • LOL

    This is all a PR stunt and if you think Hayden Christensen is selling his farm your buying into it. LOL
    He talks more about his farm and how much he loves it than anything else as a matter of facts thats ALL he ever talks about.
    Just a two months ago he was in TMZ talking about it.
    Hes not selling his farm but people thinking he is sure creates an interest around Rachel her personal life and makes it easier for them to plug her awful new show?
    Get the picture?Get the game?
    Also the person that claimed he was selling his farm… also claimed his sister Kaylen is a snob and a brat? Does that sound like a mentally sound person? Nope and they also said Hayden and Rachel’s trip to Barbados was their ” honeymoon” again does that sound like a mentally stable person? No not really
    Why because if Rachel got married she would have milked it for all the press she can get another long engagement with alot of rumors for as long as possible.
    You cant believe something just because some mysterious made a comment on a gossip blog of all places.
    You have no idea what their motives would be to begin with…Far as you know they are trying to stoke the flames and get Rachel even more attention. So if you believe one part of their comment and rumors then you have to believe all of it is true. So does that mean Hayden fan girls think poorly of his little sister Kaylen? I would hope not.
    Gossip started in the comment section of a gossip blog .Got to love it.

    I do agree with what someone said earlier about how just because Hayden is seen with Rachel again everyone is calling him gay again..Thats really unfair.
    These photos are staged of course that everyone can see pretty much.But the name calling against her or him isnt really called for.
    Well besides famewhore or famewhoring because that certainly is going on.
    Most likely the whole rumors of them house hunting etc and the selling of the farm will all die down once Rachel;s new show makes air in the fall on the CW…This is all a PR stunt rather pathectic but still a PR stunt.
    All Hayden really has anymore is his farm and barn and pigs and sheep lets be honest his career isnt going so well. The farm was the reason he lost his last agent . So rumors of him possibly selling it is just another way for him to try to save his career well whats left of it really.
    And all this gives Rachel what she loves….more pictures of herself and rumors trying to stay relevant as always.
    All in all I think it is funny that Jared didnt post the pictures with the other guy that was there with them…..and the sites that had the pictures that included the other man have all pulled them down?
    Seems a bit odd i dont know.

  • juniper

    Just find it entertaining to observe 2 losers in action to the max!
    As of press time, they need all the publicity they can get – neither has the stay-power needed for long term fame or more like a surefire HW career to speak of. They will just become & be contented as “Gossip Blog Toys” – no one really & seriously cares that much if they are still in the game or not.
    Besides paps & media these days are so hot about Leo Di Caprio & Blake Lively than sticking up their noses w/ these 2 who cant even get a single acting job nowadays ( I mean w/ their own meit and so not w/ connections huh!)

  • megan

    Hey there! If you’re a fan of Rachel’s style, check out my blog

    Thanks and enjoy!

  • Lily @lol

    @LOL: Makes sense to me what is going on.More presswhoring. That is what her career has become, she use to be fun as Summer on the OC but you know that show got canceled and I can see now Rachel isn’t anything like Summer :( WTH is up with her hair? It looked okay the other day but now the same style looks crazy bad.She looks like one of those bird ladies.Maybe she just doesn’t care about what she looks like anymore?

  • Lily

    @juniper: Gossip Blog Toys lol Nice one. Notice all of this started up again once Leo and Blake started getting all the real attention and then Kim K and her new new fiance Kris getting attention and even Kristin Kavalari getting engaged and everyone giving her attention again? Perfect timing. These two fighting for their one blog post, because their careers are dead in the water while everyone else gets all the fame and glory for their private lives. Thats the problem with these two no one cares if Rayden is on or off.

  • whizbang

    From the looks of it, HayPooo doesnt need or even feel like getting a job anymore. He already did all the acting jobs during their early shoomance while BilPooo being jobless at that time & for all the time; is just in-charge w/ the dirty works in the media.
    But now, that she already got some job even if it would all poop out right before everyone would notice that it even & ever existed. Its time now for HayPooo to rest & bum w/o much disturbance.
    As all he’s tasked for the meantime is do is/are just to participate in a once-in-a-while photo-ops; and put some smile sometimes and put some pout for most of the time and wholla – some easy & little money would still comes in.
    Life still good right HayPOOO…

  • Pepto

    Why can’t people just say what they mean without all the cutesy little names? Haypoo, Bilpoo, Crapchel, all the other stupid names given other celebs. So juvenile and childish. I find this extremely annoying at most gossip sites. Why not just call these people by their names and stop the foolishness? People might actually make their way through your post that way.



    Thank you. It’s hard to say without saying to much.
    I appreciate Hayden but he’s made awful choice lately but it’s hard to tell him when others closer to him are blind or choose to ignore the truth.
    Also I know he is 100% in girls but has a bunch of very close male friends.

  • just saying,,,,,

    @ 33 LOL-

    you mean this pic?
    who are they trying to kid just proves the paps just happend to be there

  • just saying,,,,,

    any once again,
    could they look any less board with each other?

    say it all really?

  • verity

    Can they be any more fake for the cameras?!
    I could even see Natalie Portman is already winning her 3rd Oscar or popping her second child while these 2 would just probably adopting/buying a new “dog”.

    @ 42
    You mean to say its “bored” isnt it?!
    Its nothing new as its their “default” expression whenever these 2 are together.

  • Karina

    WOW these two are so cute together, it just makes me happy seeing THEM so happy! Looks like Hayden was “exaggerating it” for the paparazzi…what a bear that must be having them follow you around everywhere… and taking your picture while your eating… geez. I can’t wait to see Rachel’s new show on the CW, it looks adorable! Boy, Hayden just gets better and better looking. I loved his role in Takers, he was a bad ass stunt guy and a really good actor in it!

  • Karina

    @lexy hates bilson: Lexy why don’t you get a life and stop bashing Rachel’s. You must be a terribly jealous person.

  • just saying,,,,,

    @ KARINA -44

    the paps follow them around 24/7 do they?
    you are kidding yourself?
    ever heard of the saying the paps happen to know they are there

    meaning they have been tipped of to know where they are,

    when they are not around no one is following them are they?
    they are just two z-listers not A-listers.

  • Chelly

    @TIME 4 HAYDEN 2 APPEAR: No problem. People pretty much figure he’s a “learn the hard way” kinda guy anyway. A lot of people are blind to the obvious because they care and hope for the best even though they have been through the same type of mess. They just don’t want the drama or they don’t want to push the person away even with good, sound advice.

    @Dude, I’m pretty sure that the poster can’t necessarily say that if they are close to either him, family or friends and wish to necessarily remain that way. Talk about creating a wedge…. Everyone knows he’s acting like a fool, but hey…better to get it over with sooner than later and have this BS take over another 4-5 years. Rip that band-aid off already! I don’t think Kaylen lives on the farm any longer…I thought she moved into Toronto proper.

  • just saying…
  • laughs@god

    He makes a good girlfriend for her. So I guess he’ll make a good wife for her, too.

  • Interesting…

    They appear to be such an odd couple. I can never see the chemistry between them. They just look like friends.