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Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Saturday Shoppers!

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: Saturday Shoppers!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban leave their apartment in the West Village and head over to Jeffrey on Saturday (May 28) in New York City.

The 43-year-old actress and her country rocker hubby, also 43, shopped at the high-end boutique before heading out to enjoy the beautiful day.

The day before, Nicole and Keith were spotted shopping and holding hands in the Tribeca area of the Big Apple!

Earlier this week, the happy couple jetted out of Los Angeles with their two kids, Faith and Sunday.

FYI: Nicole is wearing a pair of J Brand “Houlihan” skinny cargo pants in Vintage Saraha. Keith is wearing Levi’s 511 Skinny Jeans.

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  • Jo

    Holy smokes looks like Nicole got caught in the rain shopping at the neighborhood yard sales.. LOL

  • ?


  • Anon


  • Anon

    LOL. Stop trying to spread stupid rumors.

  • realist

    I see she’s sporting the wet dog look, on her head.

  • flower

    So none of you have ever gone outside with wet hair? Give me a break!

  • keela

    I’m having a hard time deciding which on has on the ugliest shoes. LOL

  • ann

    @realist: @ realist stop being a bully….start acting like nice person.

  • Jordyn

    Nice couple. Bet they’re happy they’re not bothered by paps in Nashville.

  • Fake

    it would be nice to have an afternoon not followed by stupid paps. I like them as a couple and feel they have a real love for one another.

  • sara

    I love her pink wedge shoes! Love this couple!

  • gynny

    oh god I love nicole’s shoes!!!

  • Pipa

    Nicole, sweetie, you’re in Manhattan not Nashville.

    You don’t walk around NYC looking like this.

  • Pipa

    Nicole, sweetie, you’re in Manhattan not Nashville.

    You don’t walk around NYC looking like this.

  • Courtney

    Sadly Paps following you comes with being a star of any merit particularly a former Oscar winner as Nicole is by the way Nicole’s birthday is coming up June 20th same as Brian Wilson & Tina Sinatra amongst others

  • Dieter

    Still most beautiful woman alive. I would love to see her wearing the nude Pigalle heels Rihanna use to wear – but Keith is too small !!! She should have married a German man; the kids would have been so beautiful !!!!

  • Brainy box

    BOTOX QUEEN!!!!!!!

  • elena

    Nicole looks good with whatever she wears. She is beautiful and classy.

  • No hair dryer?

    The only decent thing about her dreadful attire is her bag.

    Her taste in casual clothing is attrocious.

  • moh123

    love her

  • Susan

    I’ve seen more pics of them in the last 2 days from LA and NY then anytime they are in Nashville. It’s a good thing they can live a normal life there with their family. You can see that they are not happy with the paparrazi. They just can’t walk around like they do in Nashville! Love this couple!

  • Just saying

    Wet hair. Not a good look. She probably knew she’d get her picture taken like that so maybe she didn’t care. If they don’t like the paps, then maybe they should stay in Nashville. Unless she or he or they both were working in LA or New York.

  • rachel

    What is with their ugly shoes? Nicole may be beautiful, but her hair looks horrific here. Must be nice to have a gorgeous face and not have to make an effort on your hair.

  • omg

    Both of their shoes are dreadful! Nic looks like a bag lady here.

  • Bill


  • shelby

    Keith! I love you, but, um, those shoes? What are you thinking? Are they white? Put your boot cut jeans and brown boots back on.
    I can’t even comment on NK – yuck.

  • caption this

    LOL at Keith’s face… as if he’s thinking “Oh No, Papz! Thanks Nic for making me wear these clown shoes”.

  • Sassy

    #19—ditto! I have always said her shirts/blouses for casual are ALL Little House On The Prairie. Dreadful is too kind of a word. Yes, she’s an Oscar winner & likes to dress down like all of us. But my goodness, buy yourself some new shirts!!!! (At least this one doesn’t have a bow)

  • kelli

    is her hair wet? she looks awful.

  • Yawn

    Wow – it only gets worse. Do they own a full length mirror? Her outfit looks like she pulled it out of the closet with her eyes closed and his boots – well um interesting and well um ugly. They’re both fashion victims and 40 plus to boot. Except your age you idiots.

  • Wtf

    What are on his feet?

  • gingerbread

    I like them together. I wish them happiness.

  • Suzanne

    I can see looking like crap around the house, but jeans and a tshirt would be much better than Nic’s look here. What the heck? Her shoes are horrible and his boots are ridiculous clown shoes. Keith, you aren’t tall, flares will balance your body and be much more flattering. They can afford better clothes/shoes.

  • objective

    Come on, Nic fans. Even YOU have to know they both look ridiculous with Nic’s wet hair, ugly pants and shoes and Keith’s clown white boots. If you can’t admit it, you ruin all your credibility. Prove you can be objective! I dare ya’. It’s okay. Nic won’t disown you.

  • irene olson

    I love this couple; do not really care if they wear silly shoes or pants that are too tight. But, fans like a connection and photos being taken are part of the business. No fans…. no music or movies. Keith and Nicole could give a little smile.

  • boston61

    So tired of hearing how beautiful this woman is. She is not. She is a mess. And Angelina has a gross old grandma body. Why the sheep mentality?

  • AEP

    LOVE HER NO MATTER WHAT! and its so refreshing to see a couple together, if you get my drift Cankle Pig girl!

  • Eliza

    .So they’re not all spiffed up, and she’s got wet hair as they walk around their neighborhood in NYC. Horrors. They’re “off duty,” just living their lives like everybody else – except no one is following us around with cameras, thank goodness.

  • taco

    haters, just…make us a pleasure…try to die. thanks.

  • so stupid

    It seems all of them came here holding hands and posted the same trash they post on other boards. They can’t even be creative! You can pinpoint exactly who posted what it’s THAT PREDICTABLE!

  • http://comcast dolores

    I see the Scientologists are at it again!!!! Leave her alone, haven’t you hurt her enough?????

  • lol


    A skeptic claiming objectivity is like a liar claiming they’re honest!

  • Advice for Anastasia


    “So tired of hearing how beautiful this woman is.”

    Step 1: move to Afghanistan Step 2: find a nice cave with some nuts already in it. Step 3: discuss to your heart’s content how Nicole Kidman is The Devil!

  • Julie2

    Well, they don’t have any brain cells functioning, so what can you expect?
    You can easily tell that it is the same few individuals who keep on posting the same no nonsense their brain is capable of.

  • Wendy

    For the fans of the Urbans who post that their apparel selection/hair styling, or lack thereof, is still beautiful and classy, ask yourself if you would honestly go out in public looking like that. If you would, you need to put down the Kool-Aid because you are completely delusional and obsessed with this couple.

  • andamentothat

    not digging the shirt

  • Wondering

    Did Donald Trump show her how to do that hair style?

  • russo

    Okay, they are technically out in publc looking a little less than fashionable, but some of you guys are being a little harsh. I agree the blouse is UGLY. I agree, the shoes (on both) are UGLY. She didn’t fix her hair, big deal, she is carrying a hat to cover it up if someone screams, “AH, shield my eyes, some woman had the audicity to leave the house with her hair uncombed.. My eyes, my eyes.”

  • toni


    WTH is he wearing?

  • rwk

    Wet hair and a cheta clip. tacky tacky. She might as well put Nickole Kidman on her forhead. It would take more than sunglasses to hid who she is. I would not go to my mailbox looking like that.
    Poor, Keith no wander he is walking ahead of her.